Yumina the Ethereal

Yumina the Ethereal

“The Student Council Election is your only hope. Fight, win, and change your destiny!”

Midorishita Yumina is a junior at the prestigious Jinbu Academy. Far from being a model student, Yumina skirts the precarious line between barely passing and failing hard. One day, a young man named Akashima Ayumu transfers into her class. Ayumu claims to have been sent by his father, an eccentric and possibly delusional man who ordered Ayumu to find and protect Yumina, whom he believes will one day save the universe.

Ayumu and Yumina are at odds from the moment they first meet. They bicker endlessly, day after day, until finally Yumina goes too far and starts a fight just before a critical test. Her failure dooms her to repeat the year.

But just when it seems all hope is lost, a mysterious girl named Kurokawa Kirara appears and invites Yumina to run for Student Council President.

According to Kirara, whoever wins an Election War and becomes President will have the power to change any school rule he or she likes. Realizing that this is her only hope of becoming a senior, Yumina agrees to join the race, and drags Ayumu along for the ride!

Thus begins an epic tale of love and friendship in which youthful passions run high and debates shake the foundation of the heavens.

Who will emerge victorious!?

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430 Responses to “Yumina the Ethereal”

  1. croPath says:

    any1 got a good strategy vs rishane on 3rd playtrough (Ai route) he just keeps spamming his unblockable healing skill the most i got is when he had 30% hp left before he just uberspamms it and you can’t outdamage his healing

    • lol says:

      get Aoi’s Null silencer skill to the hightest you can get and get chain stasis for kirara and activate both at the same time when he is about to use it

  2. Falschen says:

    If you are on you’re third playthrough, I think it should be easy enough. Unless you activated hard mode, that is. You probably need more level and increase in stats to leave a debilitating damage or just have updated skills.

    Usually, I’d require Ayumu Diselementaler as it is one of the most damaging yet most costly as well. I struggle when using it as it needs the right amount of Approval… Well, if anything, just spam the boss until it’s usage is… well… used up.

    • croPath says:

      yeah im on super hard becouse im getting all the leaves and im nearly maxed out(all lvl 90) and yeah its not enough

  3. anon236 says:

    ADMIN new patch has out!! The Latest Patch is ver 1.04 (size 78MB)

  4. anon236 says:

    10/4/13 – v1.04
    – Fixed graphical error in the credits.
    – Fixed more typos and description errors.

    9/25/13 – v1.03
    – Fixed Kuogalm Chimera and Kongamato Dos quests.
    – Fixed more typos and script errors.

    9/18/13 – v1.02
    – Fixed crash when turning in quest “A New Alloy.”
    – Fixed errors in some scripts and descriptions.

    9/3/13 – v1.01
    – Battle scripts can now display four lines of text as intended. This resolves the “Glint in the Dark” crash.
    – Translated the “cannot skip unread text” system message.
    – Fixed minor errors in final story script.

  5. GreedXIII says:

    From 3,912 only 1 code work for these one WTF T_T took me for almost 6hrs to narrow it down…

    • Innocent Reader says:

      Based from the picture that you show on your comment, is it the address 76955294 that works?

  6. Abudz says:

    why in game Ayumu didn’t have a voice ? anyone know about that ?

  7. Last Son of Lilith says:

    Is anyone working on translating the FanDisk or is that not going to happen for some reason?

  8. Vivus says:

    New patch can be found here—>\http://jastusa.com/blog/2013/09/03/yumina-patch-info-updated-9313/\ without \s of course.

  9. anime_junkie says:

    can someone post a 100% game save for me plz?

  10. VN_Guy says:

    Hmm Okay, I need information on progressing with the quests: Mysterious Mushrooms, The Undying Troll, and Making Talismans. All three point to Mizelts tomb, but as to what floor, it doesn’t say nor give a hint. What floor should I start my search? Especially that Troll quest thing

  11. Carrot Kid says:

    Is there sex scenes in this game like rance?

  12. NitzkieX2 says:

    I do not know how to get the feathers, i’ll have to get back to you on that (currently busy with Elsword Online). But I think (at this moment) that the quest is just a side quest; the game will progress without it.

    Advice on Rishane: sorry, I’ve forgotten how I beat him. It wasn’t easy though but I pulled through after only one encounter. I don’t remember if you have Ai’s ultimate support skill (Eternal Phantasm) then use Heartbeat skills to fill up the Blue audience and Freeze it. Then use Ai’s Excessive Force on the boss. As the heals are (almost) always dependent on Green audience, having Yumina deplete them first can be risky but necessary because Rishane is also dependent on Green.

  13. NanoDesu says:

    I get how your weapons updates itself based on certain improvements of the characters abilities, I also get how it has 4 updates/improvements to choose from, but, in the grand whole of things, is it better if I opt of the ethereal power improvement over attack improvement?

  14. Kusabi says:

    Guys, I have a problem regarding the patch 1.05. After applied the patch, I quickly tried to complete Kongamato Dos quests. But, same as before, 1 of 4 targets still not counted after I defeated it. How to apply patch 1.05 correctly?

  15. blackdog says:

    Please help

    I’ve already patched the game with the latest patch (yuminapatch_105) but I got error code 80004005 when the game tried to go to day 1. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    I’m using windows 7 64-bit

  16. Bored guy says:

    so long i didn’t check here …… didn’t know about got patch ever now already v1.05 , but i already finish 3 route ending and true end . Most shock i get is GreedXIII showing cheat image all max …. (-_-) ….. well, i guess i just bored guy and want to waste some time …….. at least i enjoy the story “Yumina the Ethereal” . It worth to play 😀 Thank you Admin , you the best

  17. ManlyTears says:

    Weird game , but good overall . What was a little dissapointing is the True End , not what i’ve expected , but i could’ve been a lot worse .
    It is a nice way to lose 100 h of your life , ofc that is if you want to see the ‘ Conclusion ‘ .

  18. WaffleNinja says:

    how’s the gameplay? is it fun?

  19. Crapio says:

    Windows 7 32bit here, installed the game, cracked. No voice.
    No voice at all. Music and everything works but no voices whatsoever.
    Is it perhaps that i installed the game with japanese locale or something?
    I’m gonna need some help.

  20. Tymon says:

    I think my only real disappointment with this game is the fact you can’t really like… ‘grind’ on it to level your characters up a bunch in the traditional way. You can surrender and restart the round, and retain all the stuff and all but… I don’t see why they didn’t let you just go into dungeons without passing ‘time’ in those cases. Seems silly.

  21. Kuuhaku says:

    For those who are having Error Code: hr80070002, all you guys need is a Registration Entry (Registry file) by of this game copied from your old USER or from someone else. Yes, you guys will have to make a new USER and copy Reg. File from old USER to the new one. Steps:
    1) From old USER or someone elses’, Type Regedit on SEARCH
    2) Click Regedit
    3) User Account Control pops up, Click continue
    4) Double-click HKEY_CURRENT_USER folder
    5) Double-click Software folder
    6) Scroll down, right-click Will folder
    7) Export and give a filename
    8) Copy/transfer the exported file to new USER
    9) Go to new USER and double-click the exported file
    10) Click yes to everything that pops up
    and TARAAAA~ Good job!

    Skip the old/new USER steps for those who are new. There might’ve been an easier/fastest way but, I hope this helps. Have fun playing 😀

  22. Jumioh says:

    I got a problem with my game and I can’t seem to find anyone out here having the same issue.
    I played through the Kirara route, then started a NG+ on hard, this time going for Ai.
    I managed to get on the Ai route, but after progressing to chapter 6, I can’t continue.
    That means, there are 3 events available on the first day, Combat training with Ai, some kind of meeting on the bridge and training.
    Whatever I select, after finishing the event I get the message that the ED’s defeated mankind and a Game Over screen.
    It doesnt matter what event I select, I always get game over and can either restart the chapter or go to the title screen.
    Nothing seems to work here and I’m kind of frustrated, could someone pls. help me?

  23. Aikawa says:

    Does anyone know how to get Yumina’s full CG?
    I’m missing: 6, 7, and 8
    1 2 3 4
    5 x x x
    9 10….

  24. trainheartnet1133 says:

    Having the same pro here, does anyone have any ideas?

  25. Excalibreaker says:

    is this JAST USA?

  26. ngng says:

    Anyone still playing this game? I will give you some help. I took my time translating all the abilities from the JP site to evolve your character’s weapons in a specific way. I recommend Ethereal weapon as your final weapon evolution though because the Stage 6 add 60 Ethereal power to your stat. Ethereal power boost your damage by percentage while atk/def stats boost damage by number.


  27. ngng says:

    100% save data including all Lv10 ultimate skills and characters’ unique equipment.


  28. Cangak says:

    i have a problem, hopefuly someone can solve this for me.
    I just playing the game and right after the battle tutorial (i believe it’s still in day 4), it always getting crush with message “Error 80004005 exiting application”. I tried to reinstall it the couple times but always get the same result.
    Can Anyone help me solve this? i want to play this game so badly and it starting to get my nerves.

    Btw sorry for my grammar.

  29. G093 says:

    Guy need help i cant download the Fan Disc.
    Im close to finish the game and i want the sequel.

    when i click the fan disc link it says website offline.

  30. Iloveeroge says:

    please someone help me, where is the fan disc version?? :O

  31. G093 says:

    Admin is there a game same as this one? I really like this type of games where you can fight turn based and has a mix of “H-scenes”. Can you name a few games similar to this, in this Site.

  32. persona4 says:

    very good game tk

  33. LoneWonderer says:

    Can anybody help me? I played the game it worked fine but the next day when i wanted to play i got an a error. It was error hr8876086c, all i did was restart the game and got this

    • LoneWonderer says:

      Also i uninstalled everywhere i think is related and reinstall but still nothing is working, i now get this error at start up.

    • Lohnegrim says:

      I had the same Problem, and it vanished after some time, but came back later.
      As a workaround, I was able to start the geam in Fullscreen mode and switch back to Windows Mode (Alt+Enter) directly after starting.

    • stupidbaka says:

      It’s some registry values relating to Directdraw and Direct3d that cause this error. Had it myself.

      Go into the Registry editor and search “Yumina”. Delete the one that has “fullscreen” and “direct3d” in it (forgot the specific one). You can also delete the “directdraw” ones that have Yumina in them.

      • icebolt says:

        So yeah, deleting every single yumina registry did nothing. Reinstalled the game, reinstalled directx (the one that comes bundled with the installer), nothing seems to do it. I kept my saves just in case, but this is getting crazy…

  34. Deranged Madman says:

    Game is actually pretty hard if you don’t grind a bit in dungeons. Struggling to get to chapter 6 for my second playthrough with all my characters at lvl 29. At least you can replay chapter 5 over and over if you lose/surrender the student council finals.

  35. HarukazeYuki says:

    The part 8 in the dowload is corrupt D:

  36. f41547 says:

    can anyone tell me how can we play the fandisc ver….????

  37. Jay says:

    All the parts are corrupted!! Is it just me? Should I redownload all? ==

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