Honey Select 2 DX

Honey Select 2 DX

Honey Select 2 Libido is an 3d eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. Though it’s a successor to Honey Select gameplay-wise, on the technical side it shares many similarities and is cross compatible with AI Shoujo.

Honey Select 2: Libido. The sequel to Illusion’s 2016 release of Honey Select will include a similar premise of its predecessor in which you are greeted by a new lady named Für who introduces you to a love hotel where you can find the person of your dreams. Feel free to spend sweet and hot moments with your partners or feel free to fuck like animals and put them in situations which your partner may or may not agree to.
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Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away

Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away

“So– what if you had sex with me, like now?”

Three years after joining the workforce, high off the success of a recent client engagement, your boss takes the team and you out for a night on the town. In the fervent night, that cliche teasing question comes up again. “Have you gotten rid of your virginity yet?”

“I can’t believe you’re being made fun of just for being a virgin. Doesn’t it frustrate you?”

A chance reunion with Himukai Chihiro.

“Why don’t you graduate from your virginity with me and go to work tomorrow as a new man?”

I haven’t seen her in 3 years. And while we may have been close during highschool, it wasn’t anything more than that. She has to be messing with me right? But as one thing led to another one, I ended up in her room.

“Don’t be weird, just call me by my first name… ok?”

That night was the first time I held a woman. Skin softer than I could imagine, and a sensual moaning voice that I never thought I would hear. Unexpectingly– I wasn’t the only one who graduated that night; as the blood on the sheets would show.

As fast as it all happened, it ended even faster. With a standoffish, yet coquettish voice: “Just because we fucked once, don’t go thinking you’re my boyfriend.”

A bitter-sweet reunion story of two adults who were too distant to be lovers, and yet too close to be called friends. This is a story of a relationship that starts as vague and ambiguous and its equally vague and ambiguous development. Read more »

My Horny Housewife Friend’s Sexual Awakening

My Horny Housewife Friend's Sexual Awakening

Freelance writer Kazuma meets Misaki for the first time in ten years at a high school reunion. After hearing about her dead bedroom situation, he jumps on the chance to bed her under the guise of a “concerned friend.” They start out at a love hotel but things quickly progress to secret dates and rendezvous, even creeping into Misaki’s own home. What’s more, the longer their passion continues, the more Misaki remembers the pleasures of being a woman, until… Read more »

Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail

Horny Housewives Booty Call Blackmail

The young son of a rich family is forced to live alone in the countryside after his family finds out
about his depraved behavior. One good thing came of his new situation, though… he was able
to meet the elegant yet busty housewife Maika, as well as Kyouko, the strong-willed wife of
the local grocer. He decides to use his money, power, and influence to make them his…

To keep their families safe, the women have no choice but to give in to his will… and soon their
own latent lusts come to light as they lose themselves to the pleasure… Read more »



A Peaceful Home and the Forces of Pleasure…

One day, Nishikujou Takeru, who was caught in the act of molestation by Morikawa Koichi, attempts his revenge.

“Being punished for someone like you… now I’m the one paying the price…?”

Unleashing his desire on his wife and her daughters.

This “ordinary home” will fall apart…

PlayHome (プレイホーム in Japanese) is an eroge created by the Japanese H-game company Illusion. The game was released on October 13, 2017. The game focuses on destroying a whole family of the guy who once accused the main character as a molester. Following previous play/rape (プレイ/レイプ) series from Illusion, the game illuminates dark atmosphere and may not be appropriate for certain audiences. Read more »