Princess Maker 2 Refine

Princess Maker 2 Refine

Princess Maker 2 Refine offers a unique life simulation gameplay where the player takes a role as a father for a young girl and raise her into adulthood. Players have freedom of choices on how to raise the child, but each choice will impact on the outcome of what she will become.

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  1. Is there a major difference between this file and the one on steam? I saw someone talking about waiting till this is patched like the steam one but I was curious if there would be any major differences.

  2. Thanks admin, you are the greatest! PM2 always had sweet spot in my heart, and im glad i can play it without dos version’s loading screen or having to manage midi options. the graphic are also nice, cheats or no cheats! The added voice acting is…
    well, i can go on and on but there is only one thing i can contribute to this discussion:

    >no ‘Raising Simulation’ tag

  3. Admin, if you get the time, please upload the patch that allows you to SKIP the opening movie and better English translation. Please

  4. Admin,+when+you+have+a+moment,

  5. Reminds me of princess battles, which is down/missing. I like games like these where you take the role of a parent and totally dictate a kids life.

  6. After a bit of searching it turns out that they got rid of the cheats cause they were left in by mistake by the original developers and they probably didn’t want it to be too easy

    1. Sounds like they broke the game then.

      I’ve tried to play the original PM2 legit dozens of times and its godawful. You’re forced to either play in a specific way or write off entire portions of the game (ie. There no way to do adventuring without raising combat stats)

        1. Have you even tried playing the game without cheats?

          It has nothing to do with ‘everything’ but how you’re forced to do ‘next to nothing’. Between the need for income, slow stat gains and the high requirements for some endings, its literally impossible to get some endings if you don’t use an online guide and/or follow a strict path (and lets not forget those hidden stats!)

          1. I played the old version multiple times without cheats, yes. Sure, some of the endings are incredibly difficult to get, but that doesn’t necessarily make it an awful game. I’m not sure why it even matters, since there’s only a few ways you can really ‘lose’. Without a walkthrough, you’d probably never even know about half the endings (easy or not) unless you put some serious hours into the game.

            And it’s not like cheats are gone for good. If you really want to cheat, just do some memory editing. Or grab an already hacked save file from the steam community.

          2. “Without a walkthrough, you’d probably never even know about half the endings (easy or not) unless you put some serious hours into the game.”

            Thats idiotic. If you didn’t know there are multiple endings, why would you put “serious hours” into a game in the first place? Or are you a cheater who immediately looks up an online guide for any game they play?

          3. …the rather obvious reason for putting hours into a game, I thought, is because the game is fun.

          4. That’s cute coming from someone who came to this website searching for Eroge, while commenting about other people being an obesse otaku and whatnot…. do you know about irony?

  7. Yay, I was wondering if this would be posted here. Does the remake remove or change anything from the original such as the cheats or choices?

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