Princess Battles

Princess Battles

Unwilling to be replaced in her position as a minor kingdom’s princess by a popular and semi-perfect rival, Lillian has to fight other ladies in raising sim themed card battles.

‘Work’, ‘School’ and ‘Item’ cards all raise stats and the goal is to raise all the stats to maximum before the opponent does.

Will she manage to defend her position as the kingdom’s princess and prove to the world she’s the best girl for the job?

9 comments on “Princess Battles

  1. I wonder if this company is strict about free links to their game because I tried another site and that didn’t work either. Hopefully there will be a link that works eventually…or a sale for it on steam.

  2. Will it be possible for you to upload the steam version? I’m so curious about the update. Thank you in advance!

  3. A brand new version of “Princess Battles” is now available on Steam.

    The Steam version includes:
    – extra stories that unlock after certain endings
    – updated graphics
    – a new minigame
    – new achievements
    – new cards (that can also be traded by playing online)
    – some new NPCs
    – minor bug fixes
    – a Mac version

  4. My comment about this visual novel has a lot of potential. o3o I like the special affect, costume for the main princess, and the game card rivalry battles. Reminds me of “Angelic Layer” by Clamp but the point system is fun too and many challenges.

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