Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things. In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked. One day, when he chats on the internet, a man suddenly contacts him and gives him an URL. He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case…. On the next day, it really happens….

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  1. Strada says:

    Hello, admin. If Committee of Seven manage to completely translate Chaos;Head Noah in the future, will you upload it?

  2. LoliconXD says:

    where is the chaos;child game admin?

  3. TOBACCO says:

    “Chaos;Head” isn’t a game, it’s a survival guide for the modern world. Chaos;Head is a lesson that it’s better to be a hikikomori than to not be one. The world is a dangerous place and we must force are asses to the seats, hiding in our rooms and playing EROGE, watching harem anime, and doing other such productive things.

    Make sure to stock up your man-cave with beverages and food.

  4. eeeee says:

    what’s this LCS thing? I only got the game, cracked it and then installed the RC2 thing. Do I need this LCS patch or what?

  5. kainlegacy535 says:

    I Restored my OS and lost all exe from my novels folder, if anyone can pass me the exe of this, I would appreciate it.

  6. Qiury says:

    Hello! a human from 2017 here (probably no one’s gonna see this comment.. but if you see this and know any solutions pls help T_T)

    soo… it was running fine .. but after around chapter 7 it crashes and when i try to load theres this error ”セ一ブデ一夕をロード中燃こェラ一ヵゞ雜しました-
    グ一ムを終了します” or something like that .. then the game closes .. any solutions?

    • Qiury says:

      nevermind… found the solutions (like some minutes after commenting)
      it’s looks like the patch’s problem where u can’t load save file during chapter 7 so i suggest to pass chapter 7 before u save and quit ^^

  7. NoThreat says:


  8. ANONY says:


    I learned it the hard way ):

  9. AnimuDude says:

    I’ve followed all instructions exactly, at first I was missing one of the parts. But after I downloaded the other one and reinstalled everything still have the same problem.

  10. YOk says:

    Can someone upload crack, I accidentally deleted

  11. Lokekh says:


    The game isn’t in English. Can anyone help? I have followed the instructions.

  12. Lokekh says:

    There appears the disclaimer and black screen afterwords with sound…

    How to solve this err?

  13. arevain says:

    I have same problem with that translation, maybe the cause is connected with that Jast and nitro+ had asked to stop translating the game in order to publish it in the NA market?

  14. Jinxe says:

    Having issues with the translation. Only part of the game seems to be translated. I installed everything as directed and it runs fine, but the opening scene is in Japanese, then it switches to Engligh. Then once chapter 1 begins it goes back to Japanese. Help please.

  15. Smokinbird says:

    i tried installing the patch many times but it failed due to no cmd spawning while istalling the patch. i freaked out till i found out that the patch file was just 40MB so i tried downloading it again and the n i found out that the link is kinda broken every download stops at c.a. 40MB admin pls help i can’t wait to play this game >.<

    • Smokinbird says:

      now it works 🙂
      I dunno if the problem was on my end or admin just fixed it but i still want to say thanks.

      Thank you Admin :*

  16. Yuuki says:

    i finished installed the translator for chaos;head and well in the game after do start the game it appear a black screen and im again in the menu what should i do for start the game without problems ? and if someone know how to put fullscreen the option mode doesn’t work 🙁 thanks for the link and for who respond at my question and sorry if my english is bad XD

  17. Itha-san says:

    Okay… well… I’ll try to get this running… but not today, and not in the near future. I need a day when I have lots of positive feelings, energy drinks and time. Also a lot of patience, or my keyboard might suffer… I don’t want that.
    Finally I may need some weed to keep calm enough… at least after reading all those comments I’m sure that I’ll need it… ._.

    Whose eyes are those eyes.

    ~ El Psy Congroo ~

  18. taku says:

    Can anyone upload the “crass-”

  19. Mehiel says:

    Hi guys, the links for the Underwear patch are all dead, could someone re-upload them please?… thanks!

  20. tagg says:

    I’ve downloaded this game on this same computer and it worked fantastically. Unfortunately, I took the computer to a specialist to get it checked for a virus and then man checked it, confirmed the virus, and proceeded to wipe my laptop. My files were encrypted and he couldn’t recover them. So now, I’ve downloaded the game again, but I got the black screen problem this time where the background music plays and I can’t close the program without restarting the laptop. I followed what squiddy said and it’s working now, but it’s a little frustrating knowing that the CGs will be in Jap. Is there any way I can get the game working like it had been in the beginning? Could I be missing something?

  21. squiddy says:

    To those who are getting the black screen with music after starting Caos Head, what you need to do is take the cg.npa file out of the npa backup folder and put it in the game folder. When you start the game you will get the warning in japanese and all the stuff will be in japanese till you press start. The text should be english from there on. Unfortunatly all the cgs will probably be in japanese but the cg folder from the patch will have all the translated ones so reference it. The controls will be in japanese but again, reference the cg folder from the patch. Also part 7 is bugged and you will need to play through the entire chapter thing in one sitting. This is just a cruddy work around but it satisfies me.

  22. subhajit says:

    I wonder if there is an alternative suitable ending to this game other than Takumi getting killed by Rimi in the end.

  23. Alias says:

    okay so i got this working on my XPS-M1530 Running Vista OS
    And it seemed to be working fine until the murder scene
    towards the beginning when it started the pausing/lagging
    then this became continuous during the scene where takumi’s sister was introduced, so i took all of the necessary files and moved them to a crappy win7 laptop and the lag went away
    but the sound(voices and music) stopped working,so again i moved it to an older laptop with XP and it solved the lagging/Pausing but it refused to render part of the opening
    and the opening movie.

  24. Friscoboya says:

    Can someone help me?d after a certain point in the game, whenever i save in a game, when i try to load it, theres en error.

  25. Shogun says:

    I followed all the instructions properly and got the game running. But as some of the others have already said, I don’t see the sprites (I can’t believe I realized this after 5 chapters in) and there are random pauses between some lines.

    Any help is appreciated.

  26. alden_0023 says:

    Can anyone help?

    I was able to install it but when I run the game, it crashes shortly after starting the first chapter. I can’t seem to figure out what happened. Any assistance would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  27. Daiki says:

    yea! it happened to me too!!! >:(
    you fuo d out the solution yet?

  28. Fate says:

    Why is everyone so fucking dumb?
    this is easy to install and run compared to other shit.

  29. Blaxk says:

    Figured out Full screen. I did everything, the game plays great. But the only part in english so far was the conversation when she was stabbing him on the ground did I do something wrong?

  30. Blaxk says:

    I can’t get mine to go full screen

  31. ultimatesaladdressing says:

    Is it just me or is the opening video supposed be only using 1/3 of the screen when in full screen?

  32. CASIS55 says:

    Same case like Akawani
    I followed all the instructions above and the game ran.But when I click on ‘Start’the screen went black and then returned to the main menu…

    • CASIS55 says:

      Never mind, i fix my problem xD

    • Nano says:

      I’m having the same issue :O Could you please share with me what you did to fix it?

      • Nano says:

        XD nevermind…I found out how to get it to work…though the music doesn’t seem to be working…

        • EP01 says:

          Did you get it past the start menu by running it through AppLocale on Win7? It’s not even starting when I try that.

          • EP01 says:

            Ahh, think I found it. In Region and Language Settings, I was setting the language dropdown to Japanese under the Formats tab, when I actually needed to do ‘change system locale’ under the Administrative tab (Language for non-unicode programs) and restart. Oops. After that it works regularly and through AppLocale.

  33. EdgertPoot says:

    Was just wondering if anyone who had it working has had issues with seemingly random long pauses in between dialogue. Majority of the game works with no issues, so this has left me drawing a blank. Only happened early on with conversation with his sister but then happened later a few other times and right now it’s seemingly non stop later in the story with Rimi and the two detectives.

    This issue is pretty much gamebreaking as I don’t enjoy reading 2-3 lines and then having to wait 1-2 minutes to see the next repeatedly for hours.

    Haven’t really had problems with any VNs or other software so I’m drawing a blank here. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, this has been one of my favorite reads and would be really bummed to drop it because of this.

    As always, I apologize for the long post.

    • ultimatesaladdressing says:

      Same problem here, it get’s annoying with those unreasonably long pauses and all. Any help would be appreciated.

    • その目、だれの目? says:

      The long pauses between dialogues are caused by missing sprites. I had the same problem and the LCS Patch fixed it.
      You probably have the game set to Lingerie mode despite not having installed the above patch.
      From the title screen, click on Config and go to the menu for Display Settings/Version Info. Look at the bottom of the screen, there should be a small section called \Lingerie Conversion System\. On the left site of that section there are two options: Normal mode and Lingerie mode. If Lingerie mode is checked, then that is causing your problem, you have to check Normal mode. If Normal mode is checked and you still can’t see any sprites during the dialogue, then you have to download the LCS Patch.
      As the Readme suggests, you need to install the LCS Patch before the translation, so you’ll have to reinstall your game. After applying the patch both Normal and Lingerie mode should be working and you can finally see the girls that you’re talking to. In their underwear.
      Further proof that eroge is the most artistic medium of our time.

  34. Dudeski says:

    Game doesn’t work for me. At all. If I run the installer, it pops up in the task manager for a few seconds, and then shuts down immediately. I downloaded several preinstalled games from other websites, and have the same issues running the EXE. Help?

    • tsutsu says:

      I have the same problem! I don’t know what the problem is. The strange thing is that I had this game running fine a couple years ago then uninstalled it. And now it won’t even do the initial setup properly.

  35. EpixAura says:

    I just get error 1522 every time. I’ve reinstalled it several times, and am using Japanese locale. Any help?

  36. Croxion says:

    Is this for the 15+ one? I want to make sure before advancing through the game without knowing that there is mild content somewhere along the way. Violence is okay, but I’d prefer not to have the mild content and would like to consider this a work-safe game. Seeing all those recommendations just urges me to play it.

  37. RedSky says:

    Uhh, the sprites won’t show. I think it has something to do with me not having the LCS patch (btw, this happens regardless of whether I turn on LCS or not). The mediafire links provided before are dead.. can someone reupload please? thanks

  38. ナイトハルト says:


  39. paolo says:

    wtf, how to download this? it sucks when i click the link and choose regular download wont start -_-
    any other download link ?

  40. Jose says:

    hello, i have done everything as the last guide says…the game ok a can see the intro and the opening of the vn but after tha opening there is a little intro (i dont know) that says whose eyes… after that when he is sit and look that moment the game down and appear a window “CHAOS;HEAD stop working” and it doesnt run anymore :S
    someone who can help me please. i wanna read this vn and im trying since 3 days ago to play it T.T

    • Jose says:

      i forgot… when i installed it worked fine but that night i fall asleep and i dont know who i saved tha game when he was explainig about him…in morning i loaded and it didnt worked…since then i couldnt back at that part of the story because it close before that :S.
      i have window 7 and it is a netbook.

  41. Akawani says:

    I’ve done everyrthing according to the guides posted above and it actually works (it starts and the main menu is on english and stuff). But when I click on ‘Start’, the screen shortly becomes black as if it would start but then goes back to the main menu … any help? :/

    • RedSky says:

      same case here. I followed all the instructions above and the game ran. however, after start, the screen went black and then returned tot he main menu… help please

  42. Xalty says:

    So, I downloaded all the parts and have done everything up to the part where I need to replace the crass-folder. However, the link in the install-guide no longer works, as mediafire claims that the archive is damaged. Thus, I can’t get my hand on the updated version which I need.

    Any help? Like someone who still has the file might be able to upload it anew? Iunno… I really wanted to try this game, since I was so disappointed with the anime-adaption. ;<

  43. KaykoSan says:

    Hey guys have Windows 8 64bit and a little problem here. Could install the game and get it to work with english text, BUT i cant get the Videos to work, which is a major problem. Cause alone in the beginning Scene i cant read half of the text, it just skipps this whole scene, then it skips right to chapter 1, so at least 1/3 of the initial scene is missing. Pls help im desperate to play this

    • Saxz says:

      Instal CCCP?

      • KaykoSan says:

        Ok… I`m really dumb eh…
        Downloaded it together with the K-Lite but only installed K-Lite, now it works perfectly fine, only problem is I`m so embarrassed now I`m gonna Kill myself.

        But thx for the help^^

  44. Saxz says:

    It seems I can’t load my save game at chapter 7…
    It always crash and so on…
    Did that happen to you all??

  45. JayVeeDee says:

    Hey there is a problem with part 6 ? I can’t download it 🙁

  46. HikariNoYami says:

    *Repost of Helvetica Standard’s post*

    Helvetica Standard says:
    July 11, 2012 at 3:24 am
    To all people with trouble here’s a condensed guide in order to run ChaosHead on Windows 7/Windows vista.

    Thanks to HikariNoYami, for most of the info
    here goes:

    before installing and all, make sure of the following:

    -Change your system locale to Japanese language
    do this under control panel/language settings
    (any doubts on this google it)

    -Update DirectX! (seriously most of you don’t know this or you simply ignore it)
    -Update your video card’s drivers (this should be common knowledge!)
    *IMPORTANT: LOW END/SOME INTEGRATED CHIPS/VERY OLD VIDEO CARDS WON’T WORK WITH THIS GAME (your best bet is to update your hardware, sorry.)
    -download and install the latest audio/video codec packs (divx codec packs work great)

    -Make sure you are the admin/have admin rights
    -if possible avoid running apps or other background programs while installing/playing.

    Download the fixed patch crass- (Hikari provided a MF link, browse the comments to find it. If you’re feeling lazy here’s the link he posted:

    ( http: ) //www (.) mediafire (.) com/?i42heldagc6na2t
    Delete all the ( )s and spaces

    Hold onto this patch for now, we will cover it in the guide.

    Now we can proceed to the guide:

    -Mount ISO with Daemon tools (if you don’t have it google it and download it, I personally recommend “Daemon Tools Lite”)
    -Run setup exe
    -enter serial 000-702-000-114
    -Install normally, don’t launch game yet
    -Put English patch english translation RC2 in game folder and run it.
    -A CMD window will pop up.When prompted to press any key to continue DON’T DO ANYTHING, instead open the newly created “patch” folder and erase the “crass” folder
    -Remember the fixed patch that i told you to hold onto? well, extract its contents then copy the newly extracted folder called “crass-″ to “patch” folder and rename it to “crass”
    -return to CMD menu and press any key, then wait for the
    patch to be applied. Press any key when prompted
    -Replace the exe with the cracked version (it’s the exe that’s inside the “Crack” folder)
    -Launch the game
    if the game’s not in english:
    a)you screwed up during the CMD installation. REMEMBER TO follow the instructions and BE PATIENT don’t close the damn window!
    b)your language locale is not japanese, make sure it does and leave it like that.
    -FOR WINDOWS 7 USERS ONLY! (do this if you have trouble launching the game(NO game screen/window visible upon opening the exe)
    -run the game “as admin” and under compatibility mode for “Windows vista””


    Thanks for helping the other players out like I wanted to Helvetica Standard .. If you see this post then know that you have my extreme gratitude and that I would like to add you in my FB account ..

    • anon93 says:

      You guys are life savers. I would have gone insane trying to figure that out myself. Im horrible with comp stuff

    • Kudryavka says:

      Okay, thx a lot for posting this, but…
      I’ve followed ALL of your advices, but when I click on “Start” the screen turns black 2-3 seconds and then shows the menu again.
      Moreover, when I press my “Escape” key, there are the yellow “DO NOT CROSS” lines but no pop-up to quit the game…

      Any idea how to fix it ?

    • binhbinh says:

      Thank you, you’re the best !!

  47. HikariNoYami says:

    *Repost so that new comers can see*

    I’ve finally figured out how to install Chaos;Head after half a year of stocking this in the far reaches of my
    Hard Drive ..

    You’ll need :

    The game ( all six parts )
    The most recent english translation
    and the version of crass you can find in the comments ( just search through the past comments until you find a download link ( I’ll also
    try to upload it somewhere after I learn how to do it ) )

    First thing you need to do is make sure you have a ” Japanese ” locale installed .. If you don’t know what that is,
    go to your ” Regional and Language ” settings and select ” Japanese (Japan) ” from the drop down box in ” System Locale ”
    ( Don’t confuse it with ” Formats ” and ” Current Location “, You’ll find it if you look hard enough ) ..

    Now that the ” base ” is done, extract the ISO you get when you extract the 6 parts you’ve downloaded and select the CHSetup.exe

    That’ll start the install wizard, just do what you normally do when installing .. For convenience’s and organizing’s sake,
    choose another loaction for the game ( select ” browse ” when a C: something appears in the install screen .. )

    Enter the code you activation code you’ll find at the top .. If you’re too lazy, it’s ” 000-702-000-114 “, when
    that’s done, just wait for it to finish ..

    Next thing you’ll need to do is put the ” English Translation RC2 ( That’s the english patch you’ve downloaded ) ”
    in the folder you’ve chosen ( the default is in ” C: Program Files(x86)-Nitroplus “, just double click it, select yes
    when prompted, and wait for it to extract, after it’s finished, the cmd will appear, DON’T PRESS ANYTHING !!, just leave it like that,

    Go to the folder that should appear after you’ve run the English Patch named. well. ” patch ” .. Delete the ” crass ” folder ..

    After doing that, extract the crass that you’ve downloaded and move the ” crass- ” to the ” patch ” folder
    ( I don’t know if it would matter, but rename the crass- to folder to ” crass ” ) ..

    This is the nervous waiting period before the moment of truth .. Select the cmd that you’ve left untouched and press any key .. Wait until
    you’re asked to press something again ..

    The Moment of Truth is here .. Run the CH.exe, Pray, and if you see that the 5pb logo is gone and the disclaimer is in English,
    Congratulations !! you can now play this piece of art ..

    I hope I helped ..

    P.S. You’ll probably want to save a copy of the whole game folder in a hard drive or something, for safety and paranoia
    purposes ..

    ( Disclaimer : I THINK ( big emphasis on THINK, so try it without messing with your computer first )
    this might not work on Windows 7 Professional unless you’ve downloaded and run the directx_Jun2010redist
    from Microsoft ( which is very easy to do ), cause, well, Professional wasn’t made for games to begin with .. )v

  48. Nonenglish says:

    Hi,did someone have a problem with the RC2?? it keep saying something about the \xcopy\, and then when i try to execute the chaos;head.exe, i get a blackscreen and the game close.

  49. Idiot 121 says:

    Found my problem!

  50. Idiot 121 says:

    Hey guys, hopefully there is still someone looking at the comments. I can’t seem to get the setup for the english translation to work. Every time I run it it says that it was denied access to several directories. I have tried to run it on admin, but then it says that it is not in the game file. Thank you in advance if anyone knows what to do

  51. M1xell says:

    Hi, I downloaded the game but I have a problem, when I click “Start” in yhe Main Menu, the screen turn black, after that it returns me to the Main Menu.

  52. Keio says:

    Hi, first of all thanks a lot for sharing this game. The patch worked wonderfully and also thanks for the “crass guide” back there. But I have one small problem, this probably seem like silly question but how do you go into fullscreen mode? The usual Alt+Enter does not work for me and there aren’t any fullscreen/windowed option in the config menu either. Thanks in advance.

    • Keio says:

      Ah nevermind, that was silly indeed. I figured it out already. >.<

      • Sam_as always :D says:

        Finallllllllyyyyyyyyyyy… I can play this VN.
        The art is great. Sound is terrific.
        But i will play it later, i want to finish cross channel and clannad first.
        To everyone who can’t install this just follow the step above. I’m using Win 8 and so far is good.
        And don’t forget to make sure your directx is new one coz this is 2008 VN. Just try it. 😀

        • Mace of spades says:

          cross channel was definitely a good one, love the concept behind it. I am currently watching the anime to clannad, one of my friends that is a bit newer to the visual novel scene said he needed a walkthrough for clannad though XD

  53. lucifer says:

    please help me he told me to install a device

  54. MadNinja says:

    Got the game working on my first try. If you’re having trouble, HikariNoYami’s post near the top (the first page) really helps. The crass file is found on tranlator’s page (Google Chaos Head Translation and it should be the first link). Hopefully, you should get it working by following the instructions. For me, I have to run the exe using Applocal (run japanese with admin). Absolutely great story. Too bad it had a terrible anime adaptation. Definitely a game I would recommend. Keeps you on your toes and messes with your mind.

    whose eyes are those eyes

  55. Raykorn says:

    Actually, after translating it does not work. If someone know how to repair that problem I’ll be glad if he could contact me.

  56. wahyu says:

    i just downloaded the game but i had the same problem with rootless prophecy except the game wont close by it self and it start saying program not responding please help me…. what should i do??

  57. Rootless.Prophecy says:

    I downloaded all the parts and the English patch, but when I opened the set-up of the patch it gave me an error message, but when I hit enter again a message that I couldn’t read (it disappeared too fast) came-up, then closed itself and took away all the programs, leaving me with just the game.

    When I double-click on the game it opens, gives a black screen, then closes itself out. I have no idea how to fix this.

  58. kundol says:

    i’ve install the game , but it wont start >< everytime i click start it wont start, anyone can help ?? thx b4

  59. Panxo says:

    Downloading, thanks for upload in 1 link.

  60. yukki says:

    hey thanks . i downloading right now LOL. by the way it’s really tough way to install this . but once again thanks 🙂

  61. radicalbunny says:

    Sorry. Okay, so. It’s working now. I had to reload an earlier save. Also, I read somewhere that you cannot save on Chapter 7. That’s the reason why every time I try to load a save, it crashes.

  62. -Ren- says:

    man, this game is problematic..

    my problem is, after the op at some point in chapter 1, the game crash.. running on Win 7, Professional, 32 bit..

  63. Hyuji says:

    Please help! I accidentally installed the game, then uninstalled it because I’m an idiot who didn’t read the readme. After reading it and getting everything done, I tried to re-install the game and it keeps coming up with a box with a whole bunch of question marks and a 1.

  64. radicalbunny says:

    Thanks for the upload, it works for me. Anyone know what’s the diff between Auto and Skip mode?

  65. excel says:

    can someone tell me where it makes the save file on windows 7

  66. MDWines says:

    awesome game, enjoy it =)

  67. La Hookie says:

    can someone upload or share a link of the underwear patch, the links provided here are dead, thanks

  68. Shadow says:

    Is this a hentai game?

  69. Bob says:

    I can’t get it to work, at all, on Windows 7 x64. When I hit the “Install Game” button, nothing happens. The installer shuts down. There’s no black screen, no error message, nothing. The whole thing just…stops.

    I wound up getting a preinstalled version elsewhere, and the game doesn’t start up at all, with the same issues as the installer. No error messages, no pop-ups of any sort.

    My system locale is set to Japanese, I’ve tried running as an administrator, I’ve tried AppLocale, and I’ve tried every compatibility mode in the list. Any ideas?

  70. shiro says:

    does this have h scenes?

  71. nda says:

    base prob, lackin in care,
    my old war lappy need total reinstal actualy, or rplacemen ehehe
    il try some other time then when got free time
    thanks anyway Helvetica 😉

  72. nda says:

    umm.. i had problem installing this
    at about 5% of its progress , it stop.. said:

    エラーコード: -5003 : 0x8004ace8
    >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (1001)

    also same prob on hanachirasu
    help pls mates,, tnx b4 🙂

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      You’ve some libraries missing.
      Update your .dll files and also update directX
      try to update NET framework 1 as well.

  73. Black Angel says:

    Hey! I made a tutorial on how to install this game, so if you need any help downloading and installing it, please visit out blog! You can either click my name or go to!

  74. Helvetica Standard says:

    For those who are returned to the main menu after pressing start game:

    There’s not a clear solution to this (that’s why there are no answers on how to work around it) however some possible causes might be.

    -Use of Jap locale program or a similar one

    -local language is not japanese
    I know it should be obvious, but please double check if your local language is indeed set to japanese.

    -Faulty video codecs
    Download as much video codecs as you can, LOTS of em.

    -Admin/permission rights
    you’ll need an unlocker tool of sorts and apply it on the game’s exe. (not yet confirmed if it works or not)

    -DVD iso image load
    you need a no DVD cracked exe, otherwise the game will kick you back to main screen. alternatively, keep the iso mounted on daemon tools you’ll be able to load the game that way but you’ll need to mount the iso everytime before you play.

    -Win vista/win 7 x64 bits
    Not confirmed if this is an issue or not (the game runs fine on both my x64 PC’s..

    • Ailmaster says:

      A: Applocale works perfectly with the game as long as you have installed jap language (though i havent finished the game yet and im doubtfull if it will crash on the famous chapter 9)

      B: Obviously needed xd

      C: Usually works with regular codecs and the main comunnity codec pack

      D: Being admin is necesary on higher versions of windows… when you think something does not work because of that, right click, run as admin.

      E: This site should have the NoDVD patch for download… i found it uberly necesary

      F: I cant comment on that

      I hope you people keep at it and can play this amazing story have fun

    • Ailmaster says:

      By the way helvetica i have to thank you a lot 🙂 you ve been here for everyone with problems and gladly answered back to all of them .I wish someday we can post a full installation guide here… i could probabbly help through my experience
      (although i still fear the crash on ep 9… though i havent reached it xD)

      P.D: i love nichijou xD your name is awesome

      • Helvetica Standard says:

        Chapter 9 crash occurred only with the beta english patch
        Beta english patch also caused the game to freeze if you tried to save your game while on chapter 7, other common bugs triggered crashes and freezes if you tried to read the glosary tab and config options from the ingame menu.

        RC1 english patch crashed randomly though lesss often and the patch didn’t work on 64bit systems.

        RC2 english patch (The one provided here) has no issues or whatsoever, you’ll still need the underwear patch if you enable LCS since if you enable it without it character sprites will be missing.
        The only reall problem lies with the noDVD cracked exe
        which is NOT provided here (I believe this to be the main cause for the kickbacks to the mainscreen at gamestart.)

  75. shinpan says:

    I have this same issue with the start menu repeating, and so for a few people said the solve it, but no one has posted how they solved it or up a step to step thing to do. Can someone post it up what they did so I can do it too. Because I’m becoming lost what to do.

  76. Black Noise says:

    I tried the links for the English patch and Part 7 but I just get HTML files rather than the exe and rare files, respectively. Fix please?

  77. orimura says:

    can upload the crass file can’t find the download the site says file removed by user or is missing

  78. Ailmaster says:

    i have the game running perfectly till now i dlld it a million years ago and just installed it but im curious… many people say that the game just dies on chapter 9… is this true? i dont want a story that will crash me at the ending

  79. lst says:

    hm i did exactly what hikari said(i took me installing and unstalling about 5 times until i undrestood what he said)… but for some reason when i press the start button it goes back to the title again..

    • lst says:

      hm i saw that kaugummi had the same problem as me i also changed the exe with the crack but the problem is still not gone =(

      • Feng says:

        My god, how frustraing, i go through all the installation procedures as stated, open the game fine, yet when i click ‘start’ i keep getting returned to the main menu.

        • Feng says:

          actually, i solved the problem that we are having.

      • lst says:

        i solved my problem by myself 2 it just took me some more hours of deep thinking and realizing how stupid i was

  80. Kaugummi says:

    I have the problem running win7 enterprise i did everything as told but cant do anything in config and when i pusj the start button i see a black screen und little time later i will back to the main menu its really frustrating

    • Kaugummi says:

      and the point “Replace the exe with the cracked version (it’s the exe that’s inside the “Crack” folder)´´ frome the installation guide i cant make becouse i didnt have this folder

  81. Deathfire says:

    Part 4 is down 🙁

  82. HikariNoYami says:

    The parts are sometimes NOT available .. Just try it in different times ..

  83. sunaro says:

    please reload the part 7

  84. purdin says:

    Part 7 seems to not be working

  85. hiroko says:

    Is this game worth playing if you’ve already watched the chaos;head anime?

  86. saisse says:

    i can’t even start the game… i’ve replaced chaoshead.exe with the patch exe and when i try to run the game i get the message “Please turn off debugger! and try again.”. i’ve googled for answer but couldn’t find any. what to do? 🙁

  87. Monostazis says:

    Mmm, I fail to see the problems people have with installing this. For me it was just Install game->Install patch->It works?

    Using Win 7 btw, just recommending to people trying out all these methods to try doing the basic install first, it just might work for you.

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      YEP, basic method worked for my second PC…
      I wonder what kind of obscure assembled rigs these guys with trouble have… :/

  88. Nijano says:

    I have had a problem. When I pressed “start game”, I had returned into the start menu

  89. luikun says:

    I have a problem here..
    I have smoothly followed the instructions posted here and successfully run the game but there’s no sprites!!
    I suspect is it because of LCS patch? Because I didn’t have it or installed it along with RC2?

    • luikun says:

      Ah, crap! I noticed my problem was already posted here..
      tl;dr -_-
      btw, can someone post an existing file of LCS patch?
      I tried googling it but I can’t find any.

      • Helvetica Standard says:

        here are the links to the Underwear patch (5 parts in rar)

        (remove the parenthesis)
        broken or deleted links, tell me so I can reupload them 😀

        • luikun says:

          Thank you Helvetica! \(^o^)/
          You’re truly a big help!
          Currently downloading them now.. thanks so much~

        • luikun says:

          Umm, one more thing: Should I patch this right away with my game or do I need to reinstall with the LCS being first?
          If it’s the latter then I wouldn’t mind playing all over again (I’m currently at chapter 3) because playing with no sprites isn’t satisfying at all >_>

          • Helvetica Standard says:

            you can install the underwear patch and still conserve your save data.

        • Alter says:

          Could you please re upload the underwear patch

        • help says:

          the links are broken. it gives back error page. please reupload.

        • RedSky says:

          umm, links are broken.. can you reupload please? thanks 🙂

  90. saligia says:

    I’m having a problem installing the english patch. I do everything that the instructions says and I always get the same error message from the CMD window. The CMD window never installs basically, the error message itself states that it’s not in the game folder and it cannot download, when it clearly is. Now I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game many times trying different combinations to get pass the error but it always says the same thing even though I have it in the game folder. I’ve even tried moving the setup.bat file to many different folders within the game folder and that didn’t work. Any ideas of what’s going on?

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      the english translation RC2 file MUST be placed in the CHAOS;HEAD installation folder before attempting to run it. Otherwise it won’t work.

      • Helvetica Standard says:

        also you must rename the crass folder to simply “crass”.

      • saligia says:

        No it’s none of that, I’ve tried everything and it’s not working for some reason. I’m going to try and re-download the english patch again and if that doesn’t work I’m going to give up and learn japanese! D:< Thank you for helping though, I know there have been quiet a bit of problems trying to run this game and I know everyone's been trying there best to keep up with all the questions XD

        • saligia says:

          I figured out the problem! One thing that I kept doing was treating the patch like a zip, so I would manually extract then move it to the game folder. It wasn’t till I started to re-download it that I realized it was an exe file.

      • That Guy says:

        So it needs to be within the ISO file?

  91. retsebs says:

    I keep getting a black screen when I try to play it. I have tried on 2 computers now, following the above instructions as carefully as possible. The music plays but the screen is all black and I can’t even close the game, as a box shows up but no words in it.

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      directX/video codec problem/old video card/ NON COMPATIBLE VIDEO CARD. (some Intel chipsets DON’T work with this game, some invidia cards have broken video, etc.)

      • retsebs says:

        Thx, I updated direct X but that didn’t work, so it has to be my video cards. I guess I’ll have to try on a third one and hope for the best.

  92. Yui says:

    Can anyone upload a 100% Save data on this?
    Can’t really seem to get 100% CG and am too lazy to play this again and again :p

  93. Ryukami says:

    Hello, I have a problem with this game so help me please, if you can.

    So this is the problem: I did everything as was instructed, but I did not get a crack folder, i thought that maybe it was not necessary, so I started the game and it worked, but the problem is I can’t do anything in the config and when I star the game it just takes me back to main screen.

    so I ask you again, please help if you can.

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      ermm, crack folder comes with the ISO file.
      are you sure you didn’t delete it or something?
      if you really don’t have it, I can provide you with links to both the cracked exe and if you’d like, the underwear patch too.

      • Ryukami says:

        found it, thanks
        i re installed the game according to the instructions given by ,Helvetica Standard, in a earlier post, but the game still wont let me use options and still returns me to the main menu after i try to start new game, so please if there is a solution to this problem please help me.

      • Ryukami says:

        I would appreciate that, but the now the problem still lies in the fact that when i press new game it shoots me back to main menu and the wont let me chance any settings in the config. maybe if i could get a save that is the first words spoken or the first thing that happens in the story, i could try to bypass the actual starting of the game but still be able to play it fully.

        • Helvetica Standard says:

          @Ryukami: you need the no DVD cracked exe.
          you have it? if not here’s a link to it:


          [remove the ( )]

          • Ryukami says:

            i downloaded that, but still it keeps sending me back to the start menu when i try to launch the game. (i have my region set to Japan and i’m running it as admin and in vista compatipility mode.

          • Rai says:

            I have the same problem running win7 enterprise i did everything as told but cant do anything in config and start button shows the screen go to static then bumped back to the main menu its really frustrating

          • Hoeruokami says:

            The no dvd patch link appears to be dead. Can you re-upload it?

          • help says:

            the link is dead. please reupload

  94. ogikumo says:

    ok its a bit embarrassing but it seems its cuz i had the lingerie mode on which doesn’t seem to work that the sprites didnt come up lol >.> for some reason whenever something goes wrong with with one of the games i dl from here it can usually be fixed by retracing not my steps but my libido…tho i doubt im the only one with that prob >.>

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      That’s because the underwear patch is not included here.
      If you want, I can provide you with download links to it. 🙂

  95. ogikumo says:

    hi i managed to download this game and it was working fine but for some reason all the sprites have stopped appearing i looked at game play on youtube and sure enough they were there but not on mine ive got windows 7 home premium and ive played the game with admin rights and in compatibility for win vista like it says in the comments but its not working and i cant figure it out thanks for your help

  96. Ben says:

    parts 4 and 7 seem to be down from the DA-free game download link. Any help or updates on that?

  97. Zeenof says:

    *Sigh* I’ve been trying to get this game to work, on and off, for about a year now.

    I redownloaded everything tonight and I was excited because everything finally seemed to work. I was even able to start the game. I then managed to get through all that dialogue with the main character was on the ground. Then the whole screen went black and (I’m assuming) a video started playing. Thing is, I couldn’t see anything, and I lost the ability to click on anything related to the game’s window, including the “X” to close out the game. I could still hear the dialogue and everything. Eventually the dialogue ended (I’m assuming an opening would of had music, right? Well there wasn’t any music during this time)and I regained “control” of the game and could click things again. Problem was, the screen was still completely black, and now, also, without sound.

    I’m assuming it’s some kind of codec issue with playing the movie. My Codecs are all up-to-date, however; likewise, I’ve never seen a VN whos’ opening I couldn’t play, that didn’t crash. So I’ve no idea what the problem could be. I’ve looked around and didn’t really find any answers. Maybe someone here can help me.

    Screen goes black as if I can’t play a movie, however the VN doesn’t crash and I can still hear the audio. HALP!!!!

    Is there suppose to be a “video” folder? Because I don’t see one.

    • Zeenof says:

      Now I’m far, far, far more confused before. I uninstalled everything again then reinstalled… again. I ran the game in Japanese and everything ran fine. The scene with the Pink haired girl played, then after all of that the OP played. All was well. I (after about 3 or so hours) was finally able to instal the English patch again. Yet the same exact problem persists. Suffice to say, it definitely isn’t anything to do with my codecs. It’s something with the English patch, only, I’ve no idea what.

      • Helvetica Standard says:

        either your videocard sucks/haven’t updated your videocard drivers/u r using windows7pro/u didn’t update directx/ God hates you.

        your best bet is to update your hardware. Sorry-
        you can also try running the game on a winxp/winvista system?
        also, download an apeshit of codecs. It doesn’t matter if you think you have them all, download as much as you can and install them.

  98. HikariNoYami says:

    ( http: ) //www (.) mediafire (.) com/?i42heldagc6na2t

    Delete all the ( )s and spaces .. This is for that crass I’ve mentioned ..

  99. omegasrevenge says:

    Part7: Error-> page seems to be down 🙁

  100. Chaos says:

    can someone help? i downloaded all the parts and clicked on the chaoshead.exe file which was in the crack file and nothing happened the chaos head application came up for about 2 seconds then closed and that kept on happening every time i clicked on chaoshead.exe

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      To all people with trouble here’s a condensed guide in order to run ChaosHead on Windows 7/Windows vista.

      Thanks to HikariNoYami, for most of the info
      here goes:

      before installing and all, make sure of the following:

      -Change your system locale to Japanese language
      do this under control panel/language settings
      (any doubts on this google it)

      -Update DirectX! (seriously most of you don’t know this or you simply ignore it)
      -Update your video card’s drivers (this should be common knowledge!)
      *IMPORTANT: LOW END/SOME INTEGRATED CHIPS/VERY OLD VIDEO CARDS WON’T WORK WITH THIS GAME (your best bet is to update your hardware, sorry.)
      -download and install the latest audio/video codec packs (divx codec packs work great)

      -Make sure you are the admin/have admin rights
      -if possible avoid running apps or other background programs while installing/playing.

      Download the fixed patch crass- (Hikari provided a MF link, browse the comments to find it. If you’re feeling lazy here’s the link he posted:

      ( http: ) //www (.) mediafire (.) com/?i42heldagc6na2t
      Delete all the ( )s and spaces

      Hold onto this patch for now, we will cover it in the guide.

      Now we can proceed to the guide:

      -Mount ISO with Daemon tools (if you don’t have it google it and download it, I personally recommend “Daemon Tools Lite”)
      -Run setup exe
      -enter serial 000-702-000-114
      -Install normally, don’t launch game yet
      -Put English patch english translation RC2 in game folder and run it.
      -A CMD window will pop up.When prompted to press any key to continue DON’T DO ANYTHING, instead open the newly created “patch” folder and erase the “crass” folder
      -Remember the fixed patch that i told you to hold onto? well, extract its contents then copy the newly extracted folder called “crass-” to “patch” folder and rename it to “crass”
      -return to CMD menu and press any key, then wait for the
      patch to be applied. Press any key when prompted
      -Replace the exe with the cracked version (it’s the exe that’s inside the “Crack” folder)
      -Launch the game
      if the game’s not in english:
      a)you screwed up during the CMD installation. REMEMBER TO follow the instructions and BE PATIENT don’t close the damn window!
      b)your language locale is not japanese, make sure it does and leave it like that.
      -FOR WINDOWS 7 USERS ONLY! (do this if you have trouble launching the game(NO game screen/window visible upon opening the exe)
      -run the game “as admin” and under compatibility mode for “Windows vista””

      • Shawn says:

        I did everything you said to do in your post but whenever I try and run the game with the crack.exe the game will run for a few seconds and then the window will close. I have the newest video card on the market AMD HF 7970 and all my drivers are up to date as well.

      • Serah says:

        Thank you Hikari and Helvetica.

        I try to play Chaos Head in english since 2010 and i’ve never managed to do it before.

        It seems the original crage.exe from “crass” folder inside translation patch RC1 & 2 didn’t work on Windows7(64bits).

  101. Hikari says:


    This is the crass I mentioned .. Since I have no clue if this will work .. Please help me .. Oh .. I’m also only scarcely online .. So you’ll have to have to try your luck ..

  102. mediafire songs says:

    I am a 12th class student. My school wifi connection does not allow me to download video files larger than 10 mb. I have tried downloading using certain proxy sites. IDM starts downloading the file but the process is terminated admist , hence i am unable to download anything of my interest. What should i do to download files larger than 100 mb using my school’s wifi connection?

  103. Ieyasu says:

    I downloaded the DA-1click: Game Download and the English translation patch but when I open the Application it opens for about a few Seconds then closes itself what do I do?

    • Gabyhi says:

      You have to replace the .exe file for the NoDVD patch and it will run perfectly :3 you can find the link to the NoDVD patch in past comments (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ

  104. Tsukidana says:

    Would someone please upload the crass file mentioned by Hikari? I’ve looked through the posts and apparently the original crass file was hosted on MU…

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

    • blams says:

      Try go to and navigate to tools. There’s a collection of VN-related tools, including crass.

  105. Gabyhi says:

    Hi! (sorry for my english ( >Д<;) ) I’ve installed the game and runs perfectly in japanese but I have a problem with the english patch ( >____< ) I've been looking for the crass download link but it is host on megaupload ( u__u ) and we know what happend with it ( ;A;)

  106. ego says:

    well somehow i installed the game but i can’t play.
    when i press the “start” button and i get in the main menu of the game … i don’t know what to do now

  107. ego says:

    i can’t find the crass can you put the link please

  108. ilovepork says:

    The 3rd rar is not working plz fix it.

  109. HikariNoYami says:

    I’ve finally figured out how to install Chaos;Head after half a year of stocking this in the far reaches of my
    Hard Drive ..

    You’ll need :

    The game ( all six parts )
    The most recent english translation
    and the version of crass you can find in the comments ( just search through the past comments until you find a download link ( I’ll also
    try to upload it somewhere after I learn how to do it ) )

    First thing you need to do is make sure you have a ” Japanese ” locale installed .. If you don’t know what that is,
    go to your ” Regional and Language ” settings and select ” Japanese (Japan) ” from the drop down box in ” System Locale ”
    ( Don’t confuse it with ” Formats ” and ” Current Location “, You’ll find it if you look hard enough ) ..

    Now that the ” base ” is done, extract the ISO you get when you extract the 6 parts you’ve downloaded and select the CHSetup.exe

    That’ll start the install wizard, just do what you normally do when installing .. For convenience’s and organizing’s sake,
    choose another loaction for the game ( select ” browse ” when a C: something appears in the install screen .. )

    Enter the code you activation code you’ll find at the top .. If you’re too lazy, it’s ” 000-702-000-114 “, when
    that’s done, just wait for it to finish ..

    Next thing you’ll need to do is put the ” English Translation RC2 ( That’s the english patch you’ve downloaded ) ”
    in the folder you’ve chosen ( the default is in ” C: Program Files(x86)-Nitroplus “, just double click it, select yes
    when prompted, and wait for it to extract, after it’s finished, the cmd will appear, DON’T PRESS ANYTHING !!, just leave it like that,

    Go to the folder that should appear after you’ve run the English Patch named. well. ” patch ” .. Delete the ” crass ” folder ..

    After doing that, extract the crass that you’ve downloaded and move the ” crass- ” to the ” patch ” folder
    ( I don’t know if it would matter, but rename the crass- to folder to ” crass ” ) ..

    This is the nervous waiting period before the moment of truth .. Select the cmd that you’ve left untouched and press any key .. Wait until
    you’re asked to press something again ..

    The Moment of Truth is here .. Run the CH.exe, Pray, and if you see that the 5pb logo is gone and the disclaimer is in English,
    Congratulations !! you can now play this piece of art ..

    I hope I helped ..

    P.S. You’ll probably want to save a copy of the whole game folder in a hard drive or something, for safety and paranoia
    purposes ..

    ( Disclaimer : I THINK ( big emphasis on THINK, so try it without messing with your computer first )
    this might not work on Windows 7 Professional unless you’ve downloaded and run the directx_Jun2010redist
    from Microsoft ( which is very easy to do ), cause, well, Professional wasn’t made for games to begin with .. )

    • Ivän says:

      Dude of what crass are you talking about? you say: delete the crass in the folder of chaos head and copy the crass you downloaded but i dont find any crass dont you mean the crack?

    • H1111 says:

      Thanks Hikari, it worked. Though the cmd was stuck for me and I had to start the .exe prematurely to get it patching. Then close the .exe and reopen it after patched.

    • ttrt says:

      tried that.
      using the newly renamed crass folder caused problems.
      the one included in the RC2 patch worked just fine.

    • Evilpillows says:

      Much appreciated dude! Helped me out a bunch.

    • ottkaji says:

      Just so your aware the needed language and region drop down is under Languages for non Unicode programs and not System Local in Win XP. It seems no one provided any information for Windows XP users so I thought I would remedy that.

  110. NEEXT says:

    plz help me i can’t save my game and im still in cahpter 1 !!!

  111. Homura says:

    hey Ivan do you have underwear patch for this game??? only thing that is missing.

  112. Alex says:

    Am haveing a problem it seems that when i save on chapter 7 and try to load back i keep getting an error messegae, anyone know how to fix this?

    • superpowerwave says:

      It’s a bit annoying but I think there is no solution so far.
      You must play the entire chapter without saving. Then you can save again when you reach chapter 8.

      I hope you kept a save at chapter 6…

  113. KuroLiebelMG says:

    I have a problem with chapter 3 u,u
    Admin, please fix that chapter~ TTuTT

  114. NP-3228 says:

    on the screen I can’t see any characters when they are talking in the text box. Is that normal? I don’t see how the underwear patch will work if i can’t see the characters except for during cg. If im suppose to see the characters, is there a way to fix it because i don’t even know what the characters look like as im playing. T.T

  115. joe says:

    hey admin, I was wondering if you were gonna get robotics;notes when it comes out, and if it’s gonna be translated right away

  116. Appo says:

    i read the comments above about problems with RC2 translation patch but i myself hv no issue with it.
    im using windows 7.

    all i need is to install the game then extract the noDVD crack.
    after that i just run the RC2 translation patch, wait some minutes and done.

    the game work fine and there are no Spirit/CG issue at all.

  117. Derpy Hibie says:

    Okay… so I figured out that the downloading parts problem was just I can’t download more than two of the files from that site at once… I’m an idiot… I don’t know how to add the english patch… or really I don’t know where to put it.

    • superpowerwave says:

      Once you have downloaded all the parts, extract and you’ll obtain an ISO file. Don’t forget to change your computer to Japanese in Configurations -> Regions, then you can install the game.

      To do that, you need a software like Daemon Tools (you can find this one the net). Run Daemon Tools and open the ISO file with it, then you’ll be able to begin the installation.

      Durng he Installation, it’ll ask you a Key. It is 000 702 000 114.

      I don’t remember if the the Crack is provided with the Translation patch. If not, it’s here somewhere, move the launcher to the Folder, replace the old one and run it. You can see if the game works.

      Once you did all that, next step is the Patch. Open the folder where the files are installed and extract the Winrar Translation Patch in it. Run the setup and a black screen with indications will show up. Just press enter and the patch will run (it can take a long time). The window will be totally black but no worries that doesn’t mean it froze.

      Then once it’s installed, you can run the ChaosHead.exe and run the game.
      If there are things you don’t understand try the readme. I remember I had problems with the patch, it didn’t want to run because it didn’t locate the game somehow but I persisted, decompressed it again, tried some random stuffs and it worked.

      Don’t forget do NOT save the Game during CHAPTER 7, because the game will crash, so you’ll have to play the entire chapter 7 without closing the game. You can save again once you reach chapter 8.

      Now find your Di-Sword and find your Blue. You’re (not) alone.

  118. Derpy Hibie says:

    Seriously though, please fix part 3.

  119. Derpy Hibie says:

    If you’re not sure how to install the parts, just download WinRAR and it’ll do it for you. It took me a while to comprehend that, so I almost screwed up my Shuffle! and Higurashi no Naku Koro ni visual novels. Just download WinRAR, download all the parts then go into one of the part’s RAR files and right click the folder. You will get an option to extract everything in it, just do so and WinRAR will automatically extract all the other parts too. You’ll notice while WinRAR extracts it says “Extracting Part1.rar” or whatever then it will say “Extracting Part2.rar” or whatever.

  120. Derpy Hibie says:

    There’s an issue with downloading Chaos;Head’s part 3. It says the file has been removed. Please fix this, I really want to play this VN as I really liked the anime.

  121. baka_kokosei says:

    if my memory correct… isn’t there a sequel from this series??? if you could, would you upload it even if in category partial translate? thanks before

    • Darkbikes says:

      Steins;gate is the sequel. It’s fully translated and on the site already, there is basically no connection between the 2 though, beside the council of 300 or whatever they are called. Although I think Chaos;head’s protagonist Cameo’s in the spin off for Steins;gate (the 8-bit one)

  122. KuroLiebelMG says:

    Anyone… What is the means of these download links? I’m confused~ :/

  123. shin-chan says:

    @klekle9 You have to extract them w/ WinZip or something else to combine the files. Then mount the ISO on a virtual drive and run the set-up exe. I use Daemon Tools lite for this but there are others like Alchohol 100%. Of course make sure that after you install Daemon tools or something similar first create a virtual drive so you can mount the ISO w/c is basically a virtual DVD.

  124. Garry says:

    Hello everyone !

    I had a problem with characters that dont show after dialog with the “friend” at school.

    The problem comes from the “underwear” option in the game settings. The problem is that de saves got corrupted the moment you activate this option… You have to start a new game without the underwear option to be able to see characters… ( tried just a moment ago to confirm )

    The other problem that ocur with this option is that there’s some random and long freeze during dialogs. Without the option the freeze time mostly disapear ( there’s always some but it’s less than 1sec and doesnt hurt the game ).

    I think the problem comes from “missing links to characters CGs” in the english patch ( i’ll confirm this if i start a game without the english patch, but at the moment, i’m lazy xD )

  125. Chaos says:

    I have a problem when i extract the game with Daemoon tools and start download , i not have problem but at one stage of downloading, they ask me 4 codes to 4 digits

  126. klekle9 says:

    how do i install the 7 parts?

  127. KuRoMiZu says:

    i’ve followed&tried all the instruction here but i still can’t play the game….each method always ended up with a black “CHAOS;HEAD English RC2” screen and it’s stuck until i end it with task manager
    someone please tell me what should i do…..

  128. taindakia says:

    is part 1 rar working? Every time extract it gives me ” data error chaoshead\CHAOSHEAD.ISO file is broken”.
    Am I doing something wrong?

  129. klekle8 says:

    if i download all the smalled parts…1-7, how do i put them together?

  130. Knight-hart says:

    btw The only time character’s appear in dialogues is when I first met Misumu-kun.

  131. Knight-hart says:

    Hey Admin
    when I installed the patch the character’s aren’t appearing. they only appear on CGs.

    It’s kind of a bother.

    Can anyone fix this bug or something.

    I hard patch it.

  132. Knight-hart says:

    Make a walkthtough!! XD

  133. Sorai says:

    The part 7 download doesn’t seem to be working properly.

  134. sato says:

    I got it running on the first try, I just used applocale. for the translation, as the guys said above, you have to copy it to the folder you installed it in and run it from there. Oh yeah, it’s a good idea to not install it in the Program files, as for me, I installed it to my external drive.

    but I do have one problem… When I got to his room, it’s all blurry, it hurts my eyes. Could it be a hardware problem or is it really like this?

  135. Nyx says:

    Give us mediafire links please. ty.

  136. ssjokg says:

    To everyone that has the “Crage.exe” problem.
    I had the same problem and I assume that you like me, have Windows 7?

    if that is the case:
    -install the game in your pc(anywhere).
    -copy the crack in that folder
    -copy the RC2.exe in the same folder but do not run it yet.
    -copy the folder into a usb drive.
    -plug the usb to a pc/laptop with windows vista.
    -run the translation patch.
    -when the patch finishes transfer the files back to your computer.

    I only saw the prologue and OP video.When the 1st chapter started I stopped playing so I dont know if there are any errors later.

    I dont know if this will work with windows XP.This is the first time I had to do something like this.(Vista work,7 dont wtf?)

    • Anon says:

      I can confirm that running patch through an XP operated system then porting back to Windows 7 works as well, and thank you I didn’t even think of trying that. Just a shame there’s no fix for pure Windows 7 users. (majority of my computers are windows 7, had to use an old junker one that had XP on it to do this lol)

      • nitzkie says:

        I’ve yet to install this game so I wouldn’t know any error but if it means anything, don’t ever install any game in the C:// drive of your computer. And I think Windows 7 doesn’t have any problems running this game except using Applocale to simulate the environment for Japanese-locale games.

  137. Anon says:

    I am having the Crage.exe issue with the english patch, I have read over the comments listed here and nothing posted has been able to help. During the patching it’ll tell me Crage.exe cannont be installed due to whatever issues, and then the patching goes through anyways. When I boot up the game I get the black screen when it goes to the menu, with the music playing but nothing else.

    What I’ve done is:

    -Installed the game
    -Put english patch into game folder and ran it (this is where the error occurs)
    -Put the crack into the gamefolder overwriting the previous one

    I have also tried just using crack and game and the game runs fine in japanese, so it is definitly an english patch issue.

    Also yes I have set Locale to Japanese. Any help would be appreciated.

  138. aManThatDied says:

    please help i downloaded all
    then i did english patch it
    then i copied the cracked to the folder
    and now i open it. it say : “please turn off debuggers then try again”
    i dont have any debugger on processes. still dont work
    help please T_T

  139. Fred says:

    the MF files were removed due to violation 🙁

  140. Agustinus says:

    Where is MEdiafire file plzz Upload again mediafire

  141. sukidayo says:

    What does the underwearpatch do?

  142. TheLunaticNeko says:

    All the MF download parts are down, can someone please reupload this? I’d love to play this game. thx in advance.

  143. InvaderCrimson says:

    I can’t go any way beyond the menu. This never happened to me before. o.o

  144. anyone know says:

    where i can download a the underwear patch

  145. arghh says:

    ive replaced the normal chaos head.exe with the one from the patch and its still in japanese, can anyone tell me what ive done or am doing wrong

  146. Random Guy says:

    all links are dead

  147. awes says:

    mediafire links are dead! please re-up thanks 🙂

  148. EDFFFFDFDFD says:

    Y cant they just do it like the other ones i downloaded and have it already patched for me? this is making way to many problems

  149. Gust says:

    Links are dead. Is the english patch still buggy? I installed it a while back and I had a lot of trouble with it. For example, you couldn’t save on the 7th chapter and the patcher wouldn’t let me patch the game on win7. I had to use my old winXP to patch it and transfer the entire game file over using an USB.

  150. shisha says:

    I’m kinda curious I recall a patch that made the female characters be in undergarments is that included in the patches link?

  151. *Stingz says:

    Game crashes when I get to a certain point… Is there a way to fix this? I seem to be unable to go past this point. Game simply closes.

  152. Kotomibro says:

    It appears that a fixed version of the patch has been uploaded. I have installed it and the game runs perfectly as far as I can tell so far.

    Gotta say, it was worth all of this effort so that I could see the un-adulterated, not de-gored for TV version of Chaos;Head.

    And with that I bid you fellows adieu. Many thanks towhoever uploaded the fixed patch.

  153. eldricht says:

    out of all the games in this site… this is the only one i cant seem to make work…

  154. Bikes says:

    After working on trying to get this game to work for quite a bit I think I’ve figured out a few solutions to problems people are having.
    1: Patch not installing because game is not there. My guess is you didn’t copy and paste the patch into the game folder, this is so far the only thing that has ever prevented the patch from working for me.
    2: Unpatched game refusing to open or patched game’s menu is just a black screen. Make sure you’re replacing the exe in the game files with the cracked version that’s in the first file.
    3: The game gets past the first bit and plays the intro video only to crash when you get to the room. My guess is this might be caused by your computer being bad, I tried with all my might to get past this on my windows xp netbook, but nothing I did would fix it, my windows 7 gaming rig never ran into this issue though. That might not be the issue, but changing my computer is the only thing that fixed it, and the room seems to be rendered in 3d so that could be why it’s not as easy to run.

    I should note that I got the underwear patch installed, so I don’t know if that effects anything since by the time I got the game working I was just installing each reinstall, if you really want it there’s a torrent I found using google that contains it.
    To summarize installation steps:
    1.Download everything (plus the underwear patch from another site if so desired)
    2. Extract the first rar.
    3. Set computer locale to Japanese (proabbly can run installer using aplocale if desired but I didn’t try that)
    4. Run underwear patch if you have it.
    5. Put English patch in game folder and run it.
    6. Replace the exe with the cracked version
    7. Launch game (Locale needs to still be Japanese)

    I think that covers everything and I hope it helps.

  155. AshuraKnife says:

    I was having probles too, my solution is: Install and use the AppLocale and run the game with it. It worked for me.

  156. lolotaku says:

    game running ok.. just the patch translation.. that translation no yet complete.. its just translate opening scene and menu only.. other word all still in japanese.. please add new patch translate english please

  157. xber says:

    sigh…just….sigh ive tried and tried and tried followed these directions…those directions…and they all result in the patch saying “THERE WAS AN ERROR the game is not here”

    screw it ill just go watch the anime.

  158. ErogePlayer says:

    Admin do you have the underwear patch? If yes can you by any chance upload it 😛

  159. nikky says:

    OAO i cant play it!!!

    the game when opened (not patched yet) just says not enough space and closes itself!! (when i opened it) HEEEEELLLPPPP

  160. Killerpanda says:

    People seriously need to reply to some of the issues at hand one in particular is Kotomibro who is speaking for MANY of the people here who are having problems with the game. Crage.exe keeps crashing for some of us trying to install the game and we want to know why and how to fix it.

  161. Palypso says:

    There is sometimes a fatalerror when you load a save, the game will crush when the error pops up.

    To work around it simply load a previous save.

  162. Anon says:

    I have Windows XP and I can’t find the “Glorious Installation.bat” file I keep reading about and every time I try to run the patch it says game not found

  163. Kotomibro says:

    I can install the original game and it works perfectly. My system locale is already set to Japanese.

    The problem arises when I try to run the patch.
    I have copied the RC2 patch program into C/ProgramFiles (x86)/Nitroplus/Chaos;Head and then run the patch as administrator.

    This opens the program for the patch which runs normally until Windows says “crage.exe has stopped working” and closes the program. This happens twice and the patch program crashes or closes, I am unable to tell.

    After this I try to open Chaos;Head and the translated disclaimer pops up and then there is nothing but a black screen instead of the main menu but I still get sound. When I try to exit the program the dialogue box that asks if I wish to exit pops up but contains no options and I am forced to end the task through the task manager.

    The original untranslated .npa files have been moved to a backup in the directory but there are no new files to replace them causing the game to function incorrectly.

    There are folders that mirror the files that have been relocated in the CHAOSHEAD directory. Upon further inspection one of these does contain the translated cgs and I assume that the other two contain the translated script and the system configurations. However, it seems the game will not recognize these files.

    If anyone can help I would be most appreciative.

    • Kotomibro says:

      Upon further inspection into the older comments it seems someone else had the same problem and fixed it by altering the crage.exe files in the RC2 patch installer or something to that effect. Unfortunately they uploaded their fix onto megaupload so it appears to be lost at this time.

      If someone has it re up please.

  164. Whoa says:





  165. souless necromancer says:

    Do i need the English patch(RC 2)that is given in this page only ?I find your guys saying about RC 1 and other similar things ? Do i need them to play the game?If they are required, please give me a link to download.

  166. Peophin says:

    Is it possible to play this game on Mac? I’ve been trying for several hours and I can’t figure out a way to do it.

  167. Palypso says:

    0.) You may need to be in adminmode or have folder right(vista/win7)
    1.) download
    2.) extract
    3.) change to jp unicode
    4.) mount
    5.) install
    6.) crack
    7.) move “Chaos_Head_English_Translation_RC2” to CHOAS;HEAD/dx and extract
    8.) run setup.exe

    Worked for me, have XP SP3.

    No errors so far, played the game around 20min.

  168. krocolatos says:

    it seems link 5 is still dead. the download won’t start for me.
    is this only happening for me?

  169. Tsukasalink says:

    Anyone? A way to get after the third melt? And start the 10th chapter?

  170. Neeko says:

    Ok. I am overly confuzed. I’ve read through all the comments and mine still doesnt work. I have already successfully installed the japanese version and i am trying to do the english patch. I tried just combining the pastch files into the original game and it didnt work. i still got japanese. i tries reading the readme file and it didnt tell me anything. what is a LCS? also what is the Glorious Instalation Batch that people have been talking about? i have been trying to get the english patch working for about an hour…gave up and is now looking for help…please help.

  171. Saddened says:

    admin some people are having serious issues running this game. i have tried several methods recommended by others here, and nothing seems to work. i am running windows 7 64 bit, any advice or help?

  172. karanus says:

    Thank you for upload this awesome game, but I have a problem with the translation patch.

    When I run it into the game folder, it ask me to press a key to continue, I do it an then a window appears saying that crage.exe has crashed, here is a screenshot:

    At the end the patch say that there is an error and the patch windows get closed, when I start the game after that the menu screen get all black and I cant even close the window

    I need help, please, I watn to play this Visual novel D:!

  173. John says:

    For some reason around Ch 7 and up , any new save get corrupt, everytime i try to load them it gives me an error and shuts the game. anyone know how to fix this?

  174. Nekomimi says:

    Am I too stupid? >_< "crage.exe" doesn't work :< The error appears when I try to install the RC2 patch

  175. VALve says:

    If the files are corrupted you just redownload them. I downloaded all 7 parts at first part 6 was corrupted so i redownloaded the corrupted parts and my game is working smoothly now

  176. VALve says:

    okay nevermind i found the code its 000-702-000-114 those with product/cd key problems just type control F on this page and type key. it should direct you to your nearest comment. Thanks much

  177. VALve says:

    Excuse me I cant seem to install the game. I downloaded everything and succesfully extracted the ISO. i opened the iso with winrar archiver and extracted the CHSetUp.exe. but I can’t install because the Japanese installer requires some sort of CD.key

  178. Genzel says:

    I am unable to extract the files. It says part 2 is corrupt, so the ISO file won’t extract.

    • Genzel says:

      I tried the RapidShare download instead of the MediaFire download, and it works. I think the MediaFire files are improperly named or simply corrupted.

  179. ChairMan says:

    I tried the RC2 and it crashes in the middle of installation. crage.exe has stopped working. Does this happen to anyone else?

  180. smogon says:

    I have downloaded the game and followed instructions but for some reason I keep getting this error that starts with Direct3D. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you!

  181. Caelistas says:

    What the hell are you people smoking?

    Only things you need to do in order to install this:

    1.Mount dvd
    2.Install Game
    3.Install English patch exe (copy it into your installation directory first c:/program files/nitroplus/chaos head)


    Works 100%

    • cncgamefan says:

      I have trouble mounting ISO
      Apparently there’s an error in the command line
      The parts did finish DL 100%
      so I’m not sure what the problem is…

  182. Caelistas says:


    asked yesterday if you could reup chaos head and you did :p


  183. BT says:

    I’m not too far into the game but there seems to be something that is really slowing down the text loading. I first noticed this when his little sister checks up one him. During the scene, sets of text seems to take a very long time to play, sometimes taking 10 seconds to a minute to continue and then when he goes on a “date” with Yua the same long intervals return.
    I’ve play around with the settings and played on different computers but still same issue. At this rate I’m spending more time waiting for the text to appear than actually reading it.
    Is anyone else having long text loading times usually during scenes when he with a girl?

  184. Jen says:

    Hello dears,
    I also had the problem with the black screen in the intro but I don’t want to keep my secrets for myself:
    as previously mentioned you can install CCCP- Codecs Pack but I didn’t do that (if you have another codecs-pack installed and you have forgotten and you install CCCP it may crash your computer – that’s why I didn’t want to install).
    Instead I simply pushed the “STRG-button” to skip the intro somehow. It didn’t work the first time, so I tried several times, then the intro skips (you also miss a few sentences the girl said, but it didn’t bother me)and the game runs neatly.

  185. Yeyis says:

    So far, I’ve tried quite a couple patches and ways to play this. For some odd reason, applocale won’t let me run the installer (error about “applocale was unable to launch the , so i have to run it under normal settings. after i do so, I copy-pasta the NoDVD .exe, then patch the game (tried with all of the patches available). Then, I proceed to run the game without applocale, and I get the problem in which when i click on start game, i go back to the main menu, so i run it with applocale, but absolutely nothing shows up on my screen. The process, however, does show in the task manager > processes, so i can stop the proces, but i can’t get it to show up. Any help is much appreciated.

  186. AAA says:

    Theres a better anti-fail english patch lurking around the internet.Find it, and may your days of suffering finally come to an end. (^_^)

  187. peachykeendramaqueen says:

    This game was AMAZING. I thought it’d just be something to pass the time…and the first part of it was slow/creepy, so I really wasn’t expecting much…but W-O-W. I’d place this game second after Ever 17…it was THAT good!!!

  188. sry... says:

    i get an answer that i should patch it with rc2 but where do i find it..

  189. Tsukasalink says:

    Why! whywhywhywhywhywhy!
    My game crashes after finishing chapter 9, third melt!
    Just goes poof!

  190. sry... says:

    i dl it .. i wanted to try it first without the english patch but when i start it it open with a balck screen and it closes..
    can you help me pls

  191. Bluegreenman says:

    Also, you need to change your locale settings to Japan to install the game. I’ve heard you can do this with AppLocale, but many operating systems let you do this without an additional program. In Windows, you can usually change this through the control panel. Just look up “how to change locale settings in (your operating system)”.

  192. Yashiro7 says:

    Aww qq, is this game in english? for me worked perfectly but its in japanese D:

  193. Cold says:

    every time I start the game it try loads for to seconds and then the window close

  194. kura-kura says:

    is this H-game??

  195. warrof says:

    Okasy so I’ve got everything downloaded and extracted. Currently trying to install the game with my locale set to Japan. However the game asks for a CD Key. Where do i get that?

  196. PortalLighting says:

    I have downloaded the game, but it won’t install
    Can anybody give me some help?

  197. Reeves says:

    Well I got mine to work,by playing in a different resolution! As i mentioned above,my game kept crashing at a specific part…but now for the hell of it it I tried running it at a higher resolution than 800X600,and it is working fine! As soon as i change the resolution back, it crashes again! WTF? Using RC2 by the way.

  198. Hikari no Yami says:

    How and where can I get the RC2 patch ?? Can someone please help ?? Those who managed to make the game work please don’t keep it all to yourselves ..

  199. IronScarecrow says:

    Okay, so I’ve installed it properly. The english patch works, too. But the game crashes sometime after the start of Chapter 1. At the part where the room is shown and “the backrest of the chair I was leaning against creaked” Then, the game stops responding. Can anyone help?

  200. Snow Days says:

    does anybody know if there is a walkthrough out there

  201. Fordy says:

    Right im running RC2 patch, and locale is set to japanese ive got it all running with some ease but in the game menu when i press the start button it just goes black and returns to the menu someone help ive tried everything and its not like im new to this i have 40 + eroge games all working fine… plz any help will be grateful

    • kenshin22 says:

      I have the very same problem that you have, and i think the english patch RC2 is way too better than RC1, so please, answer this simple question: how do i get this patch (RC2) work on windows 7??

      Thanks, whoever answers this…

      • Kenshin22 says:

        I solved it bro!
        I just had to change the language for non-unicode programs in the control panel.
        Everything worked at the first try after that!

  202. spaz says:

    i get it to install but the crack wont work. it opens a black box and has an error then closes. Like i get all the way to the screen asking for an activation code but then Im screwed

  203. Sonoseriesfan says:

    I give up on trying to install this!

  204. ShoujoGirl23 says:

    Okay new problem. The game appears to be working just fine but when I get to the last part of the prologue and opening movie I only get a black screen with sound and no picture or subtitles. I am so frustrated. How may I fix this?

    • ShoujoGirl23 says:

      okay everyone who has an issue with the opening movie, listen up. In order to make it work, you need to download the latest version of Combined-Community-Codec-Pack. Just download and install it, start the game from the beginning and it will work.

  205. ShoujoGirl23 says:

    I’d like to know, do I need to extract all of the English patch files and is everything and crass in order for the game to work? Please advise. Thanks.

  206. baka34 says:

    Sorry,post what in system32,I dun get it…

  207. DukeGrimm says:

    It does work. Problem is that you need to put some files from the patch into your system32 folder for it to work.

    Simple instructions for patch.

    1.) Extract all into a new subfolder in Chaos;head
    2.) Copy all contents that were extracted.
    3.) Paste all into the Chaos;Head folder.
    4.) Navigate to system32 folder (i.e c:/windows/system32
    5.) paste into system32.
    6.) Run Glorious Instalation Batch
    7.) answer to question is “trickquestion” without the quoutes.
    8.) If you don’t know what soft or hard subs are type Hard.
    9.) next question type yes
    10. Wait for batch to say its finished.
    11.) Run C;H Crack exe.
    12.) Enjoy your paranoia.


  208. DukeGrimm says:

    It did when I was playing it a few months back. I never got around to finishing it though as I got interrupted by some new games. Having just beat Steins;Gate and loving it I think I’ll be trying this one again since it was pretty fun the parts I played.

  209. project omega says:

    does that game actually work? because after reading all the comments i’m starting to feel insecure about it

    • Ludalfa says:

      this works trust me i have it running on my computer. it took some time but it works fine. i installed it on a friends computer and did it quickly and it also worked fine and im going to install it again on another friend’s computer

    • ttrt says:

      it’ll work fine
      It takes a while
      and maybe some trial/error
      but it made the game more enjoyable
      (for me anyway)

  210. reeves says:

    I am using RC2, and my game keeps crashing at the same spot. After leaving the hospital and getting back to my room, it crashes soon after. It gives me that common windows popup that says the program had an error and “would you like to report this to microsoft?”.

    I was surprised how easy it was to get RC2 all set up, I simply clicked it and it took care of the rest…but now this happens. Help PLEASE, I love this game!

  211. Zizi says:

    I am so confused. Let’s start with the base game: I tried doing the plain old game installation and I tried DirectX installation then the game installation, but when I try to start the game I get a 1503 error. Please help!!

    • ShoujoGirl23 says:

      Have you moved the crack folder contents to the main game folder? Inside the crack folder there’s another game icon. Move it to the game folder and overwrite the original game exe file with it, and it should work. Hope that helps.

      • Zizi says:

        Thank you so much!! Haha I feel really dumb now. XD

      • Zizi says:

        Okay, now whenever I do the patch and everything and I start the game, it just comes up as a black window and I can still hear the music from the title screen, but there’s no way to close it or do anything for that matter. Do you know what to do about that?

  212. Jigoku Shoujo says:

    anyone, or hopefully admin,

    i got a problem wherein the game crashes just after the opening movie, wherein he turns his gaze up from his chair in his room, it crashes then a “dont send or send error report” shows after the game closes. anyone who could help me will truly be my savior thanks guys,…

  213. ShoujoGirl23 says:

    I installed the game but when I try to install the english patch and enter the liscence number, I receive an error saying that the script test failed, error at line 2252. Please advise how I can fix this. Thanks.

  214. Gary says:

    Does anyone know if this game is any different from the anime show?

  215. Haniho says:

    This is the only game from this site that i have problems with. Has anyone got this to work on Vista 64 bit? The black screen bug is driving me insane.

    • stigma says:

      I think the bug is on the cg files from the translation patch(i have the same problem black screen with sound right?), to be able to play it just put the nss.npa on a folder name it whatever you want or dont just name it at all (cg.npa must remain on game folder). After unpack the do not touch or glorious installation file, then unpack all rar file from the TOG or GI files. but some cg are not in english though. OH well as long as it works perfectly fine, hope that actually helps for you because it works for me,,,,,,,,,,,….(“,)(‘.’)(.”)

  216. Unkown says:

    For all who have problems with starting the game (click to start and back to start menu).
    -install the game and do not crack it
    -use Antifal patch
    -in Control Panel/Regional and Language Options select Languages tab and check Install files for East Asian languages (cd for widows is required and restart)
    -start game with AppLocale select japanise

    for error 1200 something… do not exit game in fullscreen mode change to window and then exit ( if needed reinstal game and repatch it). Works on XP

  217. Garo says:

    Everything installed fine for me. Although i do get that black screen bug, everytime at about 1 minute into the game. I’ve reinstalled a few times now and it keeps happening. The RC2 and 3 patches dont seem to be out anymore either. So if you have this bug, are you basically out of luck?

  218. c;h says:

    ah loll. just watch the anime. get confused with so many errors

  219. doruk says:

    where on EARTH can I find rc2?

    • doruk says:

      And when I run the BATCH file from rc1, I get an error:

      “Please reinstall the game; an error was detected at ChaosHead.exe at line 2252”

      I tried this with both toe original exe and the cracked one. Please help me, I’m a fan of these series.

  220. stigma says:

    Woah!! the main character was a super paranoid coward, huh

  221. Caged+Alchemist says:

    Phew got it to work….I had to use AppLocale. Man what a bother, oh and the menus aren’t translated but I understand a bit of it so there shouldn’t be a problem. Unless there’s another way to fix that….

  222. Caged+Alchemist says:

    Okay Got the game to start, but now the text is still in Japanese….somebody please help me out.

  223. Caged+Alchemist says:

    Ummmm….Game installed fine, but after I did the patch and everything the game ran but when I clicked start it just when right back the same menu?! What?!

  224. munchy says:

    and so.. I follow the instructions.. run the patch… run ChaosHead.exe… and VOILA! BLACK SCREEN with sounds… T_T plss anybody help me how to get rid of this black screen thing~~ my OS is win 7. ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED~~

    • munchy says:

      nevermind prob solve… stupid me. I should’ve read the previous comments… btw, LOL at the patch and readme FAQ. ^^

      Thank you for the game admin!

  225. park says:

    RC2 patch is the last patch. this is will do…

  226. Xehanort says:

    I’m having the whole time a 1503 error.. what does that mean?

  227. TeenyDratini says:

    I’ve installed the game and the patch, but when I try to start the game up, I get an error.
    Would someone mind helping?

  228. croPath says:

    it seems that the guys translating went to work in just USA so no more free translating from now on also they took their patches offline

  229. Tree says:

    Sooooo, I’m trying to install it, but it keeps asking me for a key that I don’t have. I’m kinda new to these kind of things.. I must be missing something, right?

  230. Eric says:

    I have gotten the game to the point that it will run in English with the RC1 translation patch. The only problem is that when i save and quit the save file is not present when i try to load it. I have changed the .exe file to allow me to run in xp service pack as well as run as admin. I have also changed applocale to do the same. I have tried everything possible but I still cannot seem to save. Any tips are appreciated. Thanks.

  231. Me says:

    I can’t consider this game an eroge… It’s a great visual novel. Ok, I know that there only are 2 main routes, the good ending, and you killed… But this one makes you think. If you can understand Takumi’s feelings, you might even begin doubting about your belief of reality (Not so far as the novel, but you will surely think about it). Manga and anime versions are… easier? I would really like to play any other visual novels like this one…
    (Don’t talk about kara no shoujo… It doesn’t change the slightiest your way of thinking, nor makes you doubt about everything)

  232. Kani says:

    2) Game starts. Config menu all translated but unclickable. Click new game then game just returns to title screen.

    You have to install Microsoft AppLocale Utility and run the .exe through it:

    I didnt get the config menus translated but this helped:;Head:Graphics:System

  233. nocopolatozallowed says:

    erm..Admin sir, have you played it before? if so, could you explain a bit about the installation? thx before

    • Mystro-X says:

      The installation is relatively easy… but make sure your system is set to Japanese Locale or at least (not recommended though) have Microsoft AppLocale installed on your system.

      –> After un-raring the files, you will get a iso (or a similar kind of disk image file).
      –> Make sure you have Daemon Lite or Alcohol 110% (or 52%) like software installed on your system.
      –> Double clicking on the file wil load that disk image in a virtual CD-ROM.
      –> An autorun box should automatically appear.
      –> If it does not, go to the virtual CD-ROM drive and run the setup from there.
      –> Install the game.
      –> Copy the nodvd crack and overwrite the original executable in the installed folder.
      –> Run the patch from the bat file, and make sure you have the contents of the patch in the same folder as of the game…
      –> Answer the trick question…
      –> Sit back and relax as the patcher do it’s thing…
      –> If you want, you can download the Underwear patch, if not just run the executable and voila… the game will be up and running…

      • nocopolatozallowed says:

        Thanks a lot sir!, usually I don’t ask before trying it myself.., but, since most of the comments I read said that the Installation might be a little tricky…
        I thought there was an ‘How to’ guide here before…

        one more thing sir, those links above contains everything necessary right? or do I need something else? someone mentioned about an RC2 patch…
        thanks in advance..

        • Mystro-X says:

          RC3 (Release Candidate 3) is a better version of the English patch as it fixes many grammatical errors and even adds compatibility for underwear patch…
          Hope it helped!!!

  234. Theiva says:

    Thanks alot to whoever uploaded and made this website, it really saves me alot of time.

    You guys whoever you are have my earnest gratitude

  235. chfan says:

    for me it didnt translate at ALL!!!!!

  236. chfan says:

    i dont even get it how to patch and i cant find rc 2

  237. JD says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to put a definitive instillation instructions into the downloaded files or posted somewhere instead of letting everyone guess at it? I’ve waded through these comments and none of the numerous “solutions” I’ve tried have helped. Here are the examples of some of my outcomes.

    1) game starts. Config menu partially translated. In game text is gibberish.

    2) Game starts. Config menu all translated but unclickable. Click new game then game just returns to title screen.

    3) Game won’t start at all.

    I have RC1, RC2, antifailpatch. I’ve tried every which way there is on those patches. I’ve tried applocale. My regional setting is on Japan.

    Please if anyone has the game working and translated could you post how you got it done. Beginning with installation step by step. I would really appreciate it and i’m sure there would be no more posts on how to get the game working after that.

    • Mystro-X says:


      Try this:

      –> Uninstall the game…
      –> Turn Japanese Locale on if you had switched to English Locale
      –> Restart the PC…
      –> Install the game again…
      –> Then install the English patch and play…

      PS: What OS are you running?

      • JD says:

        I’m running Win7 but have it set to run as admin and compatibility at WinXP. Right now I’ve got half translated configuration menu. The in game is still gibberish. In Japanese with dashes and dots thrown in with random English letters. It crashes after the Intro at the image of the students walking in to school.

        • Mystro-X says:

          This was the same error I used to get in my XP when my system locale was set to English… even my game crashed at the point where your crashed…

          This is the same problem I had read so much about and unfortunately the problem still remains a mystery… the last I read someone using a 64 bits Windows 7 got this error and till this day it is unsolved…(and I haven’t installed Chaos;Head on my Windows 7 yet… but I will do it tomorrow and let you know…)

          I had read the script myself… and the original Japanese text is in comments and the English text is set to display. so it is most probably the executable file screwing something up…
          Try to play the game with the original executable… not the cracked one which let’s you play without asking for a DVD… as it might be the root cause…

          Try NTLEA too… it is… umm… you can think somehow as a better version of Microsoft AppLocale… Google it, if you can’t find me, post here… I will upload it… and try to download the latest version, it’s in the 0.9x series…

          And if I can get Chaos;Head to work on my PC, I will tell you step-by-step… till then, let’s keep our fingers crossed…

  238. Ryan says:

    do u need the anti-fail patch for this game?

  239. Blarg says:

    I finally got it installed but now I’m having the same problem as Oldguy. Can somebody help?

  240. saberspeed says:

    Hey guys I’m just wondering ( I got the game to work English patch and all ) but how come I’m missing the extra button in the main menu? Do I have to complete the game or something?

  241. Blarg says:

    I’m sorry but your instructions aren’t very clear to me.

  242. Quake2 says:

    Can anyone help me?
    I’ve installed the game and all and it works, but once I get past the intro movie in the part where the view of the MC shifts to the ceiling of his room the game stops the crashes.

    Can anyone give me advice on how to fix this?

  243. Romdeau says:

    Ok I am clearly missing something here, I have followed the instructions, read the readme and I’m having problems. I can run the game just fine, it loads and runs but the patch hasn’t been properly installed. What I did was basically unzip the entire contents into the game folder of the original installation and that was it. I tried using the installer but it kept coming up with an error saying there’s a problem with the launch app (which there isn’t). So what the hell am I doing wrong and why is the game still displaying Japanese?

    • Romdeau says:

      OK I kind of get the feeling admin read my comment and ignored it, but really I’ve looked around and found no information on how to install the new patch. There’s tons of material for the old one, but the patch I downloaded-the great installer isn’t working for me. Do I extract everything and then run it? Or what, I’ve tried several variations and nothing is working.

  244. MadScienticeSoCool says:

    I couldn’t find an apropriate place to ask, so i’ll ask here:Why don’t you upload files on places with no waiting between downloads like RapidShare or MediaFire? Or are they supposed to be payed for?

    • admin says:

      I answered few times about this already. let me quote my previous reply:
      Mediafire has 200MB file limit, meaning that some games would have to be split into 40+ parts. It’s blocked by many ISPs. I get terrible upload speeds ( ~600KB/s on 1GBit connection). Last thing – i work very closely with filesonic and fileserve on all my sites for a quite long time. i have convinient scripts written for those that let me upload to them by writing single command, i get messaged when any of my files get deleted due to DMCA complaints etc.
      Since i’m using two mirrors you don’t have to wait while first part is downloaded – you can start downloading second part from other host. mirrors are interchangeable.

  245. MadScienticeSoCool says:

    is the menu not translated or i did something off?

  246. fang666 says:

    I have a problem with the game after i install it and try to play an error message in japanese and the only words i recognize
    are direct3d and directx.i don’t know what the probleem is but i played this game a year ago and it worked but since than my computer was rebooted and when i installed the game recently that error appeared for the first time can someone help me with this problem because i really want to play this game again.

  247. neko says:

    Links to parts 3 and 4 are broken 🙁

  248. Oldguy says:

    I followed the instructions and when I press start on the menu, I get a black screen and it comes back to the menu. Any ideas what’s going on?

    • FrisbeeManiac says:

      I dunno if you fixed your problem or not since its basically November now, but here is my solution. my problem was that I forgot I switched the system locale back to english like two months ago. So check to see if your system locale is set to Japanese, my problem was fixed. If your problem isn’t this then sorry I couldn’t help

  249. sasori231 says:

    who to use this translation,i don;t know how to use,if u got this game crack in english post in hotfile,rapidshare or filesonic,other than that been disable in my country like fileserve,megaupload,…………….

  250. Onigenki says:


    Ok, I finally got game to work, but now I have another issue I got all the way to chapter 6 and I’m at the skyscraper scene where takumi is being forced to find his Di-sword. I got through the yes/no part of it and at the emotion choice scene after that and no matter what I pick be it green red or niether right after seira says you don’t want to die, right-o? It goes to the start menu every time… has this happened to anyone else and/or does anyone know of a solution?

    • Onigenki says:

      Alright, forget what I wrote… apparently I guess I wasn’t answering the choices right and kept getting a bad ending and according to the walk through I looked at was a noted bug…. I feel sorta dumb now.

  251. admin says:

    This is known bug, and it doesn’t seem like it’ll be fixed anytime soon. just save before you enter that chapter, and play until you reach chapter 8 – you’ll be able to save again.

  252. Zellrang says:

    *sigh* if I still didn’t manage to use the english patch I have to learn Japanese than… cause this game is also made by Nitro+ that also made Demonbane and Stein’s Gate… both of it have some mysterious storyline has a really good ost X3

  253. Zellrang says:

    I could open the game and all but uhh… I don’t understand about the English patch

  254. Joel says:

    And Whats Cg.npa I Downloaded it and never got something like that 🙁

  255. Joel says:

    Yea what Kei Said. Could someone explain it? I installed it and everything and i get some kind of error like 1507 or something.

  256. Kei says:

    Where is Rc2 anyways? The voices and BGM won’t work when I download and crack it either. The translation also doesn’t work for me for some reason. Could someone please tell me what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it?

  257. Dagon says:

    For those who stil have problems.

    1- install the game
    2- make a copy of “cg.npa” in game folder
    3- run patch RC1
    4- unzip patch RC2
    5- get back the previously copied file “cg.npa” in game folder

    it’s a pain but perfecly works for me.
    the cautions informations are still in japanese but the game’s full english translated.

    • kraytor says:

      what do you mean unzip rc2? do i just unzip it in the folder and not touch it?

      • Dagon says:

        yes just unzip it in the folder without touch it

        • no working! says:

          unzip rc2? i thought i found an unzipped rc2 somewhere in these comments, do you mean unzip something and the result is rc2.exe?
          so you’re saying that i need to download both patches?

          • simplastic says:

            can someone please help me i cant get it to work at all wen i did what Dagon said i could not find “cg.npa” he was talking about and when i did what Mystro-X i did not get the “nodvd crack and overwrite the original executable in the installed ” im really new to this and im running windows 7 32-bit when i tried to start the game [1512] and some other stuff i dont get could someone please help me thx

    • nikolas says:

      hey i already installed the game and all but when i extract the english patch there are a lot of archives and i dont know what to do

  258. D3nn1s10 says:

    this is just dumb, for some reason deamon tool will not accept the ISOs. so can someone plz explain to me y this is happening n tell me how to fix it -.-

  259. japong07 says:

    For those who are having problems try upgrading your CCCP then try installing again…that worked for me!

  260. SeerHu says:

    Hello Admin,

    Could I ask what is the version of the English Patch of Chaos Head ?


  261. ButsB says:

    maybe its help… in applocale choose- 日本語

  262. not_working.. says:

    for some reason i tried this :
    1. run applocale as administrator, then install this game
    2. run applocale as administrator, then install LSC patch
    3. run english translation RC2 as administrator
    4. run chaos;head with applocale

    and then, boom!
    nothing comes out, ever
    the program works if run without applocale,
    but then the start button does nothing, except redirecting back to title page

    any idea what’s wrong?

  263. AmayaWolfGuardian says:

    Am I the only one here who isn’t having any problems with installing/playing the game? Mine is working perfectly 😐

    Thank you for this upload! ^-^
    Do you know if you will be putting up Steins;Gate?

  264. celestialbeing says:

    I’ve already downloaded everything already. Can run the game in original jap language with the voice everything ok. but when I try to run the setup for the eng patch, it says game not found even though I extract the patch to my game folder directly. btw I using RC2. any ideas?

  265. Eternalflamz says:

    Ummmmmmmmmmm hello, so far i have “Installed it used the antifail ect” But when i go into it its all in japanese, im kinda nooby so how do i get it to be in english. i know its not in the settings or whatever 🙂
    Please help~

  266. Rishadan Port says:

    oddly enough the issue I have with this game seems to happen near the end of chapter seven (I believe), in which I’m no longer able to load any saves after a certain event. I was wondering if anyone else had this issue and had it fixed.

  267. bob not reall name says:

    ok i’ve done all that now i run the Glorious Installation and it tell me to reinstall the game becase there was an error in line 2252 i have reinstalld the game but still says the same hlep pleas

  268. bob not reall name says:

    i need help a couldn’t download the NoDVD patch

  269. bob not reall name says:

    what do i do with the .ISO i have download everything

  270. CelestialBeing says:

    I seriously cant download from fileserve. damn they always say I’m currently downloading when I havent even download anything. gt other mirrors?

  271. CelestialBeing says:

    Cant download part 3. Seems like its broken. thx

  272. caembanget says:

    Please upload Yami no Koe series …

  273. Reiajade says:

    Please help me i download the game and installed it. my problem is the patch i patch the game and it’s still in Japanese with English letter every now and then please help me i been trying to play this for the better half of the day.

  274. Alex says:

    There is this one problem I have with this game, I’m sure it’s a stupid mistake on my part but anyway.

    When i start the game it runs perfect with the patch and all, but the CAUTION text in the begining is in Japanese and it’s the same for the movie in the intro

    Can anyone help me?

    • admin says:

      This is normal – patch doesn’t translate opening movie.

      • Alex says:

        Im sorry maybe i shouldn’t have called it “the movie in the intro” i meant that first the english text works perfectly then after awhile under the part that you can’t skip-read, the text is in Japanese.

        I read that someone had the same problem but he figured it out, so i thought i did something wrong.

  275. Josh says:

    For some reason i tried everything changed my language to japanese, got all these patches and other stuff and yet Still! my screen goes black and returns to the menu after i press start idk what im doing wrong its just depressive ._.

    • ButsB says:

      sign change Japanese\lang- its some programms and paths will japane words.. in any case problem into local\settings maybe this
      is answer

  276. Gray says:

    I keep getting an error when I try to use the Antifail installer.
    It says that there is an Error in ChaosHead.exe at line 2252.
    How can I fix this?

  277. Jkares says:

    Follow I215’s comment. It worked for me on windows 7 64-bit.

  278. ButsB says:

    to Onigenki go to Control panel\ Regional and Language settings- then third tab and choose Japanese, reset pc and game will run OR just use applocate.
    From my imagin I am end the game rout A i think..was set this patch(easy install and translate switch underware)^_^ oh yeah – do not switch if underw. not install
    +underwear patch(not necessary its bad for gameplay and hard to find, only on torrents like isohunt 2gb game(patch 480mb)^-) WELL! trouble was on 8 chapter(good if you do save game on darth-spider) cant save game\load\crash, its fine just not to save until chapter 9, then save correct.
    imaginary route BB not tried yet..need time for begin new game.

  279. Clannad3 says:

    Hey, I got the game working after two days of fiddling around with it. However, the english patch doesn’t work. Tried the antifail and RC1. Changes nothing.

  280. Onigenki says:

    Ok, I read through the thread and looked at the different suggestions to get the game to work, including using applocale I still have no luck. I have also tried 3 different translations files… Translations RC 1, RC 2 and antifail patch. It still does not work. Each time I run through one of the translations The game loads up The beginning Caution that is normally in Japanese before Trans. is ran, doesn’t show up. Nothing shows up. It goes straight into the start menu. When I try to start the game it does the normal sounds effects still goes to a black screen then returns back to opening menu. Someone please enlighten me as to what I am doing wrong

    • Ria says:

      How about go to your folder, right-click the game. Press properties, press the compatibility tab, check the box, “Run this compatibility mode for:” [Windows XP (Service Pack 3)] and look down at Privelege Level, and check the box, “Run this program as an administrator.” If it doesn’t work, remove all files and start all over again. I can help you.

      • Onigenki says:

        The problem isn’t getting the game to start, it starts up fine. I certain the problem is when I try to put in the english patch. Before I try to put the patch in the game starts and runs fine all except it being in english. I click start and the game begins. But when after I try to run the english patch bats is when the problem starts. As I stated before, The game keeps returning to the start menu after clicking start.

        • Ria says:

          Hmm…I’m not sure how I pulled this off–since I’ve played a game a certain time ago. Wait, so the .bat file doesn’t let you extract the English files?

          Um, I’m not sure how to figure that one out. It took me at least three hours to resolve the installation by myself. And surely, I think putting the game folder at best should be in the desktop or in the documents. And have you changed your language to Japanese for your system locale? Hmm, and you’re not supposed to have several errors for it.

  281. Ava says:

    Part 4 has something wrong with it server side. I’ve tried downloading it from two different locations, and it does not work either time.

  282. Ria says:

    @ Ziogen: You’re right, you should manually delete the remaining files in your Chaos;Head folder, if you happen to see any. And you would have to uninstall it then install it again.

    As for downloading it, I figured out a way for the game to work properly.

    First of all, I downloaded all the game parts. Then. I downloaded the NoDVD Patch. Second, instead of the Glorious Installation, I downloaded the old English Patch, the Anti-fail Patch.

    Anti-Fail Patch:

    As you install the game, you’ll notice it’s in Japanese, and it will ask for the Serial Number. Concluding that, if your computer is a Windows 7 or Vista, it’s not a good idea to extract the game folder into Program Files. The right way would be sending it to your Desktop. After that, there will be a Japanese question-poppy thingy, and I believe it was asking if you want a shortcut. Click “no” since the game is still in Japanese. Then click finish.

    Then, I followed the instructions in this video:

    Note 1: You must follow the user’s instructions consistently.
    Note 2: You shouldn’t drag the anti-fail patch like he did. Extract it into your game folder instead. It should extract successfully.
    Note 3: Drag the folder to your Program Files this time.

    Then double click Antifail Installation.bat.
    Follow his instructions from there.

    And that’s what I did. The game worked out fine for the most part, but there are certain bugs you should be aware of.

    For the walkthrough:

    Happy Gaming!

  283. Ziogen says:

    For some reason when I open the downloaded parts, I get the “Unexpected end of Archive” error.

    My wifi is a complete pain, so I’ll try downloading again, but until there, anyone have any advice or something?

  284. ButsB says:

    You should change regional settings to japan.. some programms will be in japane, but its the only way or just use Applocate- emulate japane ( show the way to exe Chaos_head)

  285. Shiki no Kurai says:

    someone help me plz 🙁 .. i did everything .. but when i click to start the game .. it shows a black screen .. and after few seconds it disappear .. what should i do ?
    and thx

  286. Ria says:

    I am able to play the game, and the dialogues are in English. But how come the text for the CAUTION screen (In the beginning of the game) is still in Japanese as well as the menu? Also, how come the CGs (Example would be the websites that Takumi looks at, the essay in his 4th grade class, etc.) are still in Japanese? Is it suppose to be that way?

    I have the pictures all installed in the game folder, and I would see it’s in English. But how come it’s not when I play the game?

    J’ai besoin de l’aide! >.< *sniffs*

  287. swayze101 says:

    Can somebody fix this problem: After i see the OP, Chaos;Head crashes after about 10 lines of text then it freezes after i hear the protagonist stand from his chair. It also crashed at the beginning of chapter 2 after the first scene in a very similar fashion when the protagonist is at his computer screen.

  288. Makina says:

    I am using Windows 7 and have followed every single instruction of installing.

    But when the game is loaded, the Caution text appears first, skipping the Nitro+ Logo. Then the black screen with the menu music appears, and nothing happens. Only can be closed through Task Manager afterwords.

    Anyone know a solution to fix this?

  289. Ayame says:

    I’ve tried the instructions on Antifail Installation.bat but it always end with “extracting from movies.rar
    Cannot create ./dx/mvOP.ngs
    Acces is denied.
    Cannot create ./dx/mvINTER01.ngs
    Access is denied.
    No files to extract
    Deleting RAR and extraction files to clean up space
    ./crass/, Are you sure (Y/N)?”
    What should i do?
    Both of them deleting the extracting.
    Then i clicked the chaoshead.exe from no dvd and nothing happened.

  290. Ark_Kronuz says:

    Make sure your PC is set to Japanese locale

    If you are using Windows 7, you should not install it with the default installation directory that the setup provided “C:\Program Files\Nitroplus”, instead of taking that one,
    create your own directory in download folder (documents folder or desktop)

    provided by the serial 000-702-000-114

    After installation, copy the NoDVD patch (ChaosHead.exe) and place it in the directory you’ve made
    (ex: “C:\Documents\Ark\Nitroplus”)

    After coying the NoDVD patch, extract the “Chaos_Head_English_Translation_RC1” the game folder but don’t extract the “everything.rar/do not touch.rar”!!” file!


    Read “Read Me.txt”

    run the Antifail Installer.bat also called the Glorious Installation.bat
    Answer to the question: “trickquestion”
    Then just follow the other instructions
    after that you can play the game with english subtitle!

  291. The_Pretender says:

    Can u upload it to Megaupload and add link to Chaos_Head_English_Translation_RC2?

  292. I am wondering if you could include descriptive instructions to your Instillation instructions. I have daemon, and Extract Frog as programs. Windows 7. Just curious on how to do this whole thing.

    • silly_christian says:

      Perhaps someone could have a youtube video on mounting, and extracting and ‘cracking’.

      • silly_christian says:

        Okay, I’ve learned how to mount, installed the game..

        did everything to the letter, did the batch file thing..

        but I haven’t been able to make the english patch to function

  293. Ray says:

    When I try downloading the 3rd part it keeps ending before the whole file is downloaded. Is the file corrupt or is it just my computer? o.o

  294. Larissa says:

    I just mounted and installed the first part and…it seems to be working just fine. What do the other parts do then?

  295. Folsense says:

    I just installed it and it was running fine until it stops playing. I’m looking at a close up on the main character’s computer screen after you take a look around his place. What I see is the ‘name’, ‘color’, and ‘reload’ with ‘current members’. I’m pretty confused, is it frozen for do I have to press some button for this?

  296. Healingsmite says:

    I downloaded another version through a torrent and I get the game in full Japanese characters, I runned a English patch but since I’m on a vista even with running the BAT file on admin it still denies access to those certain files which I’m guessing is the English patch… everything else works flawlessly except for it not being in English (I tried hard and soft subs both don’t work ((My sub filter is retarded)) anyone got a fix for this?

  297. Vertin says:

    I followed instructions and did everything precisely as it said but the game turn out to be still in Japanese, not in English. I installed the game, and I copied the crack into the folder where Chaos Head is installed. Then I tried to install the English patch of the game (The patch from TL Wiki). I ran the game again and saw the first few lines not in English but in Japanese. So I thought it didn’t work and I tried redo everything up to the part where I have to install the English patch from TL Wiki but instead of that I used the Antifail patch. But everything pretty much stayed the same as the first few lines of the game are still in Japanese. Is this what its suppose to happen? Or did I do something wrong in the step where I have to install the patch.

  298. divine says:


    excuse me but the installer isn’t working.. it says it needs something else.. any other link..?

  299. Kaze says:

    For any of you who just had trouble figuring out how to install this in general, follow this vid:

    It seriously helped me anyway… :3

  300. king98765 says:

    i successfully install it, but when i click start it goes back to the same page. not matter how many times i tried it is still the same

  301. lilsly2fly says:

    i installed it but i cannot find the directory to copy the patch. does any one know where it would be on a vista or whats it called?

  302. Analogman says:

    Excuse me. I tried installing the RC1, then when I clicked start in the game menu, I just got back to the main menu. Then I tried the RC2 and just got the same problem. Help please.

  303. Tzz says:

    thanks so much… 🙂

  304. Tzz says:

    excuse me… anyone, can i ask for help please?
    i’ve installed the game, the no dvd.exe, then the patch RC2 version… the game works… but then, when i click the start menu… after a few dialogues… it all suddenly goes black… anyone can help?

  305. Arcane says:

    One problem after another *sigh*… Alright I somehow managed to get the english patch to work using sparenoone’s RC1 ver but now I get a black screen with sound from the menu and when I try to exit, the exit menu is completely blanked out, it’s just “Close the Game?” with no Yes or No…

    • Sherine says:

      Had the same problem with RC1. Go for RC2

      • LazyAzn says:

        Yea…. I’m having the same problems as Arcane. Using RC2 didn’t really make a difference for me either.

        When the game is loaded, the Caution text appears first, skipping the Nitro+ Logo. Then the black screen with the menu music appears, and nothing happens. Only can be closed through Task Manager afterwords.

  306. Fishi says:

    Well I got the game to work finnaly… Im using wins 7 and the way I fixed it was move the whole entire chaos head folder to like the desktop. Then I ran the .bat file after that was finished I moved it back into the programs folder where i had originally installed it.

  307. DaemonFlow says:

    Hello guys.
    Firstly I got the same prob mostly the same with all of u. I tried some of the suggestion above and succeed. this is the detail about how I did it.

    1. Install the game
    2. Copy ChaosHead.exe to your Chaos;Head folder, overwrite the .exe that’s already there.
    3. Copy all the data in the english patch to your Chaos;Head folder
    4. Edit the Antifail Installation.bat

    find this line
    set /p myon=(Soft) or (Hard):

    Create a new line after that and enter:

    cd C:\Program Files\Nitroplus\CHAOS;HEAD

    Please note that since I was forced to fix the filepath in the script, IT MUST BE RUN IN THE CHAOS HEAD FOLDER.
    Save and exit after you have finished editing.”

    However if you’re using windows 7 it’ll look more like
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\NitroPlus\CHAOS;HEAD

    5. Run ‘Antifail Installer.bat’
    answer the question
    ? License
    ! “trick question”
    ? Softsub or Hardsub
    ! If you have the latest vsfilter answer “Soft” if you don’t “Hard”
    ? npa_backup
    ! “No” if windows asks how to open a file, click “Cancel”
    After that wait a while for the file to be extract
    ? Deleting RAR and extraction files
    ! “Y”

    6. Play the game
    Play the game in Applocale under 日本語 or use a Japanese non-unicode setting.

    P.S Sorry for my english

  308. Anonymous says:

    I keep on getting error 1512 anyone know why?

  309. darkrise says:

    There is no 18+ version. Never was.

  310. L says:

    Is this the +18 version or the +15 version of the game?

  311. helpme says:

    I have a Real Problem here T^T I did all that stuffs, and now, when I run the game, I click start button, but a black screen appear, and after it I have only the main one, with start another time :/

  312. bapo says:

    how do i install this properly? i tried everything in the comments but none worked…

  313. RyokuchaMochi says:

    Hrm, so I did everything right (I hope) up to setting the English patch. I did read the readme and follwed the instructions, but where exactly do I put all those files so the game will actually be in English? And what files do I move?

  314. Sherine says:

    I found a solution to the problem. The Chaos;Head English patch RC1 didn’t go so well for me, even after I tried sparenoone solution the patch finished installing but then the game became completely blank. Later I found an updated version of the english patch on google. I downloaded it, installed it and then my Chaos;Head worked perfectly fine with the english translation. For people who are still struggling you can get the Chaos;Head English Translation RC2 here

  315. cerealkiller says:

    Anyone got any tips on how to run this with Fedora or Kubuntu or am I just SoL?

  316. Arcane says:

    When I have to create a new line after
    “set /p myon=(Soft) or (Hard):”

    Would it be like this?

    set /p myon=(Soft) or (Hard):
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\NitroPlus\CHAOS;HEAD

    • sparenoone says:

      Yeah, that looks right.

      Make sure you save afterward though. Then run as administrator or else 12 (I think it’s 12) files will fail to be moved (due to permission).

      It may say something along the lines of “oh boy, an error has occured, ignore it?”

      You’ll want to ignore the error and continue installation.

      • Sherine says:

        Hi I am having the same problem. I added the line and it seems it was successful, but now another problem occurred. For some reason when I open the game I get a blank screen, I can still hear the audio, but nothing else is showing.

        • skyvory says:

          yes, I’m having the same problem here.
          can anyone help??

        • skyvory says:

          Looks like I got it now.

          While You’re running Glorious Installation as Administrator,
          at the end, it says ‘Now this will look like it’s frozen. It’s not.’

          At this rate, you can’t do nothing except close it.
          NO, DON’T CLOSE IT (close it and black screen is what you got). Just wait a little longer and it’ll continue, inserting scripts… Inserting CGs… etc

          • Sherine says:

            It finished for me but the game became blank, but I found another solution to my problem.

      • Arcane says:

        Nope, still doesn’t work. =/

        Any other suggestions? I also tried Sherine’s patch and all I keep getting
        “The game is not here. You must run the patch from the game folder”
        And it IS in the game folder… I even tried moving everything to any Chaos;head related folder and it’s all the same…

        C:/Program Files/Nitroplus/CHAOS;HEAD

  317. sparenoone says:

    For those with windows 7 having problems (able to play the game, but is still in japanese) you’ll want to follow mark’s post.

    “Heads up, the script was fucked for me. To fix it right click glorious translation, click edit.
    Now find this line
    set /p myon=(Soft) or (Hard):

    Create a new line after that and enter:

    cd C:\Program Files\Nitroplus\CHAOS;HEAD

    Please note that since I was forced to fix the filepath in the script, IT MUST BE RUN IN THE CHAOS HEAD FOLDER.
    Save and exit after you have finished editing.”

    However since you’re windows 7 it’ll look more like
    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\NitroPlus\CHAOS;HEAD

    After that run the batch file (glorious installation) as administrator. The installation should would fine then. Except I messed around a bit more so the menu is still in japanese, game is in English though.(not sure if its supposed to be like that).

    Also, for those wanting to know how to go to into full screne, start up the game, right click, go to “F”.

  318. Deathnoteb says:

    How do you put it in fullscreen.can’t find the option

  319. wild_one says:

    For all those hoping to play this on Windows 7, and have at least Pro or greater, the way to play this game is through XP Mode running through VMware Player. Just grab Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode from Microsoft, install but do not run XP Mode, install VMware Player, then have it import the XP Mode you just installed. Now you will have a virtual machine that supports DirectX 9.0c!

  320. BiGnIcK_54g says:

    i’m still a little confused about the sub prob can some one explain a little bit more about that glorius file?

  321. Retret says:

    I can’t play it either. Nothing’s been translated and the game doesn’t start 🙁

  322. Bob says:

    @Jan Mikaeel the answer is
    trick question
    good luck

  323. Jan Mikaeel says:

    and also when i try 2 run the setup exe its asking me a password code what is the password there??

  324. Jan Mikaeel says:

    is the antifail needed 2 dl 4 this game??

  325. Bob says:

    @Arcane looks like were the only 2 who cant play :/

    At everyone, keep the suggestions coming im trying all of them

  326. Arcane says:

    I’ve got windows 7 too and I’ve never ran it as administrator either and it still doesn’t work. I even tried Mark’s solution and it’s still very much the same.

  327. Pau says:

    @Bob’s problem

    Try not to run the glorious installation.bat as administrator (it worked for me in Windows 7). I dunno if it’ll work on earlier versions of Windows, though.

  328. Mark says:

    For the lazy, use this instead of the zipped installer, again it must be run in its default folder with everything else in the zip file in the same folder.
    (which would be C:\Program Files\Nitroplus\CHAOS;HEAD)

  329. Mark says:

    Heads up, the script was fucked for me. To fix it right click glorious translation, click edit.
    Now find this line
    set /p myon=(Soft) or (Hard):

    Create a new line after that and enter:

    cd C:\Program Files\Nitroplus\CHAOS;HEAD

    Please note that since I was forced to fix the filepath in the script, IT MUST BE RUN IN THE CHAOS HEAD FOLDER.
    Save and exit after you have finished editing.

  330. Arcane says:

    Yeah I’m having the same problem as Bob. =/

  331. Bob says:

    Ok if anyone can help me then bless the gods.
    (Just want to say that i have tried many many times. I can count how many times i unistalled then installed.)

    My problem is that After i use “glorius translation” (I used the password and everything) I click the application, or i started the game, but no matter what i do the text stays in japanese….. (Oh yeah i forgot to say that my system locale is Japan)
    If anyone could help thanks

  332. Traze says:

    Also,how do you get it into fullscreen mode?

  333. Traze says:

    Okay,there’s no longer an antifail installer,now there’s a Glorious Installation.bat file instead.By crack he means just put in the NoDVD Patch.The “DO NOT TOUCH.RAR” is now “Everything.rar”.DO NOT EXTRACT THAT FILE.

    The answer to the question that the .bat will ask is NOT “UNRAR”.”
    The correct answer to put in is “trickquestion”.
    If you don’t put that in,it will lie by saying that there’s some 2252 error.(It’s test to see if you can read or not.)

  334. Lilsly2fly says:

    can you upload these in fileshare there all removed on hotfile

  335. Phox says:

    you have to set your pc complet to japan and than all j-games will run smoothly :3 i don´t re answer any questions 😛

  336. sosharuhichan says:

    @Arcane umm.. there’s no problem with my english patch though. I’ve already patch it n play it rite nw. Prbbly there’s somethin wrong wif ur ChaosHead….just try reinstalling it n try the patch again.
    P.S sry 4 poor english, english is not my 1st language.

  337. Arcane says:

    nvm, but I have a problem with the engish patch, I tried running the batch file and I keep getting “Please reinstall the game; an error was detected in ChaosHead.exe at line 2252.”

  338. Arcane says:

    Um, I just tried installing this game by clicking CHSetup and all I get is a warning message saying “The requested operation requires elevation.” 0.0

  339. sosharuhichan says:

    admin reupload the link 4 english patch plzz…T_T

  340. Retret says:

    hotfile file is gone 🙁

  341. Melon Bread says:

    The link for the English patch is down, anyone got a mirror?

  342. Endo says:

    admin i cannot find NoDVD patch (a .exe) too

    also i can’t download the english patch because the file has been deleted…

  343. athrin says:

    admin i cannot find NoDVD patch (a .exe)

  344. Rayne says:

    Uhhhh I tried doing the steps, but I don’t have any cracks or anything. The game runs, but I can’t get english. My nitroplus folder with Chaos;head then another folder called 1.00 which just has two folders: images (empty) and common (which has two files, not sure about them.) I put the english patch stuff in the 1.00 folder, went through the process, it did some stuff, I tried running the game again. works fine, but no subtitles. I opted for hardsubs, I don’t have the thing required for softsubs. This is my first time ever having an issue patching a game.

  345. Mikotey says:

    I am using Win 7.
    Every time I try to run the Antifail Installation, it seems to progress as normal. It asks if I have npa_backup and I type, “no”. A box appears saying it is confused about how to open a file and I click cancel. Afterwards, a window pops up and says, “crage.exe has stopped working.” I click cancel, close, and OK several times; the installer continues. When I try to run the game, it shows the caution in English but no menu; I get a black screen with music. When I try to close it, I get the red box to close, yet no options to actually leave. I read the previous conversation by Chaos and Astral, however; the steps did not solve my problem. Can anyone help?

  346. gcsasuke says:

    Hey the game doesnt have any english words even though I applied the patch. Can anybody explain why?

  347. Moonfree says:

    Is this an h-game?

  348. Pirce says:

    Can somebody give me a link to NoDVD patch (a .exe). I can’t seem to find it. Is it even included?

  349. Asashi says:

    Found solution,just need to download k-lite codec pack and problem with movies will be resolved

  350. ..... says:

    dont understand how to intasll it and where is the crak ???, can somebody explain it ??

  351. Asashi says:

    Same for me,in that place should be video but it shows only black screen only voices can be heard

  352. In Hiding says:

    i got a weird problem here the game just suddenly stopped showing the char. sprites and i tried to reinstalling it but the same thing happened, can someone help me?

    Thanks for the uploads!

    You rock admin!

  353. Kyou says:

    well thing is i don’t know where is the no DVD patch thing if you could kindly tell

  354. syran says:

    same thing happened to me

  355. Decadence says:

    Wait a sec, do I NEED to use app locale because I tried English and Japanese Unicode settings and the very first part had these weird characters (I don’t know if its supposed to or not) and then it was in Japanese. Anyway seems to be working otherwise, thanks for the upload, and hope for a solution (or I need app locale).

  356. king98765 says:

    i was wondering…where is that NoDVD patch/folder? i can’t seem to locate it in the game or the English patch. i wonder if it was me who did things wrongly.

  357. king98765 says:

    install success!! after i start 10~15 sec it turned off. then .exe went missing!!!

  358. loq says:

    another is install cccp codec pack

  359. loq says:

    for the black screen… change your pc colour quality to 16bit………… it works for me…….

  360. JL says:

    this is really weird. I have different save files in the same slot on the other computer I’m using…

  361. darkwings02 says:

    any solution on the black screen with voice only?

  362. JL says:

    ok installed and patched, but I have this [1522] error. Anyone got ideas? Much appreciated.

  363. JL says:

    is the antifail patch more complete or the RC1 more complete?

  364. Yoseph says:

    I can’t get the applocate installer even though the antifail installer has finish installed.
    What should i do to get the apllocate?
    Please help me!!!!

  365. Yoseph says:

    When i run the Antifail Installer.bat there’s question about license of the antifail installer
    What should I answer it?
    I don’t know about it
    Please somebody help me

  366. Yoseph says:

    When i run the antifail installation, there’s question about crass with question and when i answer it with or , the question still poop out. If i press the enter, it still poop out, and when i just click yes, it finished but in the crass.rar there isn’t applocale installer
    I really confused with this
    Can somebody help me pleasssseeee????
    what should i answer the question with / question
    I really need help here

  367. jklumn says:

    i can’t install applocale help

  368. SeriousSamBG says:

    hello, I installed the game, and when I try to launch it, I get an error: Debugger Detected. close debugger and try again… I don’t know what debugger I have to close, I tried disabling the visual studio jit debbuger and turning off my antivirus but I still get this error and can’t play the game. I would be very grateful if someone helps me with this.

    • Turin says:

      You need to install the game on C:/Program files, or move the installation folder there. I had the same problem and that fixed it.

  369. TallOne says:

    Ok nevermind, it works perfectly.

    Thanks a lot for the upload

  370. TallOne says:

    is the Unrar.exe file supposed to be with the DO NOT TOUCH.rar file because in the readme.txt it said it should be under the DO NOT TOUCH.rar file but I got it separately. Does that change anything?

  371. Shirayuki says:

    i don’t know about that in particular. i messed with setting this game up for a few days to get the feel of things but i cant get the English sub patch to work. it says i am missing part of something so it deletes all the temporary files. help would be much appreciated. thank you for your time

  372. OneManArmy says:

    I have the same problem with the vids only black screen and sound. Does anyone know a solution for that problem?

  373. ??? says:

    The NoDVD.exe patch is not included anywhere in the links of this page…Maybe this is the reason so many people are having problems installing this.
    For all those who can’t get this to work:
    Google ‘Chaos;Head NoDVD.exe patch’,download it, and paste it in your ch folder (overwite the original one) this should fix the problem, it worked perfectly in my computer.

  374. chicome says:

    hi, I download the 4 parts, but then what should I do,please help me I’m not sure how to run this stuff,

    and by the way thanks for the game ando your response n_n.

  375. sasori says:

    somebody,where to get this game noDVD.exe.I’m searching it bot never been found it?

  376. sasori says:

    I give up this game installer because i install it never work.

  377. Melfice says:

    @ keita and rei:
    try running the failsafe patch as administrator, if this does not help: turn the windows “control system” (which asks you to confirm every little action you do) for the installation process.

  378. Rei says:

    @Keita “Run the program as Admin”

    My Installation.bat can’t open “DO NOT TOUCH.rar” when I run the patching process. Can somebody help?

  379. Me says:

    Where is the NoDVD patch? I have downloaded the 4 parts and the english patch, but there isn’t anything to overwrite… It’s not in the CD…

  380. Person says:

    Just wondering, can’t there be a video tutorial for this stuff? because i downloaded all the piece and try to run this with applocale but it is still written in japanese ;/ please and thank you if possible

  381. DarkAnima says:

    There is no Crack I googled one but I can´t find it 🙁 (I will never use torrent^^)

  382. Keita says:

    I can´t install the English Patch on Vista. While running the Antifail Installation I get the error “access denied”. Can someone help me?

  383. shinserph says:

    Don’t you have the underwear patch for this by any chance?

  384. Astral says:

    “the video disappers for me after about 10 min and theres only the sound help >.<"

    Maybe you forgot one of the followings? V:

    -Install game to desktop (or my documents).Not to (C: )disk
    -Get the noDVD.exe and paste it to Chaos;Head folder.
    -Be sure to replace the .exe inside the folder with noDVD.exe
    -Get the english path, and extract it directly to chaos;head.
    -Do not unzip “DO NOT TOUCH” rar
    -Run Antifail batch.
    -After is done, the only zipped file is “crass”
    -Get applocale installed.
    -Run the game with applocale.

    • Yoseph says:

      Please help me
      When i open the antifail installation there is some questions
      Should i answer it or just press the enter?
      Because when i just press the enter because i don’t know the answer oh those questions, there’s question like this “deleting RAR and extraction files to clean up space
      .\crass\,are you sure ?”
      When i just press the enter again, the question still poop out, but when i answer it with or the question still poop out too
      So what should i do?
      What should i answer the question?
      Please reply
      I need your help

  385. Astral says:

    google “NoDvD.exe chaos head” and click the “taring” link from the results, scroll down and there is a “NoDvD Patch” link. Download it form there.

    What you need to overwrite is the application that runs the game, which is the .exe

    Just paste the NoDvD.exe you got from taringa, and replace the one that is in chaos head folder. Then you are done cracking

  386. Sokz says:

    And what i have to overwrite… all files installed are .npa and .ngs. Only “ChaosHead” is not.

  387. Sokz says:

    I can’t find the crack file… T_T

  388. mushyroom says:

    the video disappers for me after about 10 min and theres only the sound help >.<

  389. Chaos says:


  390. Astral says:

    yes quite a bit (like 1 hour), is okay it was fun
    Your welcome, so hope you enjoy the game ^.^
    Im gonna play it too

  391. Chaos says:

    Oh, eh ok. It opens it auto so no big deal I guess. FUCKING THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME….How long did we work on this-_-

  392. Astral says:

    waaa yay ^.^
    if you want to create a short cut for the game you need to use applocale. It should ask you if you want to create a shortcute(it does to me).

    Yes you need to run applocale to play the game, if you use the .exe directly from chaos;head folder, it will not work.

  393. Chaos says:

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU- it works. YATTA!!!!!!!*throws hands in the air* Soo, if I want to create a shorcut for it. Can I do it from the Chaos;Head folder or do I have to run the game from AppLoacle from now on?

  394. Astral says:

    mm i didnt get that, but yeah launch it

  395. Chaos says:

    Launch it?

  396. Chaos says:

    Ok…now says…Your current system settings can already accommodate the target application in the language you have selected. Click Finish and AppLocale will launch the target application without any compatibility support.

  397. Astral says:

    game running okay? > . <
    you should see caution now in english, everything should have music, you can change things in config.
    and when you click start you hear the voice of the guy too

  398. Astral says:

    yes :3

  399. Chaos says:

    Ok…has the same kanji…click next:3 ?!

  400. Astral says:

    im crossing fingers ,0,

  401. Astral says:

    click the chaos head (application)

  402. Chaos says:

    So don’t click anything. just open it?(aka don’t click the chaoshead application?)

  403. Chaos says:

    Yeah, I got it installed already and when I hit the browse my chaoshead folder popped up with:

    and ChaosHead(application)

  404. Astral says:

    yeah you need to browse chaos;head folder, the one in desktop
    then check the language is set to 日本語

  405. Chaos says:

    It the browse and my chaos;head folder popped up

  406. Astral says:

    you got it installed already?

  407. Chaos says:

    At the locate the application

  408. Astral says:

    now to applocale

  409. Chaos says:


  410. Astral says:

    yes you can exit it now

  411. Chaos says:

    Ok, it went to the credits…should I just exit out of it?

  412. Astral says:

    that asks to delete UnRAR and other files that you dont need

  413. Chaos says:

    Should I type yes on that? (Is that asking to delete the unrar files?

  414. Chaos says:

    Ok, waait. It now says. Deleting RAR file to clean up space then crass. Are you sure (Y)/(N)

  415. Astral says:

    i dont think you messed up.

  416. Astral says:

    okay maybe the difference is because, you put “no” when it asked to delete the unrar files. and i put “yes”

    maybe it doesnt matter, so lets try with applocale

  417. Chaos says:

    * I didn’t miss anything.
    Sorry about that. Sooo…did I mess up?

  418. Chaos says:

    *Praying that he didn’t miss anything. was a bitch to type out*

  419. Chaos says:

    Well mine looks more like this:

    Antifail Installation(batch file)
    ChaosHead Antifail patch(zipped)
    UnRar_License(txt document)

    That’s what’s in my Chaos;Head folder

  420. Astral says:

    so that means it looks like this? :3

    cg (folder)
    dx (folder)
    npa_backup (folder)
    Antifail Installation (batch file)
    ChaosHead (noDVD.exe)
    crass (compressed file, dont unzip)

  421. Chaos says:

    Oh, darn. Well, after clicking no on the cg.npa not being found. My folder now has the npa.backup nss and cg folders

  422. Chaos says:

    Here’s two links. one of my folder and one of the anti fail where I am now.

  423. Astral says:

    i think every link needs to be review by admin before other plp can see it

  424. Chaos says:

    I’ll just link it.

  425. Astral says:

    ah the msg is normal, just click cancel when it does

  426. Astral says:

    yes, how you want to sent the picture?

  427. Chaos says:

    As soon as I typed that. a msg came up saying windows can’t open this file: cg.npa

  428. Chaos says:

    no, it asked if I had one. typed no.

  429. Astral says:

    and voice.npa
    No npa_backup

    so is the “DO NOT TOUCH”rar gone?

  430. Astral says:

    in the antifail.batch, it asks to create a npa_backup folder, did you click no?

  431. Chaos says:

    Is it ok to send a tinypic link to you of what my folder looks like or no?

  432. Chaos says:

    Ok, I have

    and voice.npa
    No npa_backup

  433. Astral says:

    and your folder looks like

    cg (folder)
    dx (folder)
    npa_backup (folder)
    Antifail Installation (batch file)
    ChaosHead (noDVD.exe)
    crass (compressed file, dont unzip)

  434. Astral says:

    is the only zipped file “crass”?

  435. Chaos says:

    Ok, looking in my folder now.

  436. Astral says:


  437. Chaos says:

    Stupid question…but should I type it out as (Hard) or Hard?

  438. Astral says:


  439. Chaos says:

    Shoould I just go with hard subs?

  440. Astral says:

    i sent the file link but is waiting moderation to show up..

  441. Chaos says:

    Ok, I don’t have VSFilter/DirectVobSub(have no clue what that is)

  442. Astral says:

    it will ask for the license number first

  443. Astral says:


  444. Chaos says:

    Ok, at the folder. Run the anti fail program?

  445. Astral says:

    exit it.
    then go to the folder

  446. Chaos says:

    As the game is running or exit it?(He’s laying down being emo)

  447. Astral says:

    okay run the antifail. batch now

  448. Astral says:


  449. Chaos says:

    Nope, goes straight into the rain falling and Mr delusional talking.

  450. Astral says:

    when you click start, does it sent you back to menu?

  451. Chaos says:

    So I have the game running…now what? Before I didn’t start the game and just ran the anti fail patch.

  452. Astral says:

    lol i wonder why i didnt have music..

  453. Chaos says:

    the game?

    K…running the game. I’m in the menu with the epic music playing.

  454. Astral says:

    you will see the same nitro sign, but no caution and a black screen(a bit long) before the menu.

    check that you cant change anything in config
    click start, to see if it send you back to menu

  455. Astral says:

    wait run the exe first

  456. Chaos says:

    So run the anti fail instillation right?

  457. Chaos says:

    Ok, did it.

  458. Chaos says:

    K…its under the voice.npa extracting it now.

  459. Astral says:

    to the chaoshead folder

  460. Chaos says:

    Ok…that’s opening the antifail zip…do I extract it in the chaoshead folder or on the desktop(don’t think the desktop)

  461. Astral says:

    go to the chaos head english file, and extract it direclty to the chaos;head fodler

  462. Astral says:

    well lets install the english patch now

  463. Astral says:

    oh music 😮
    well maybe i didnt have headphones at that moment.

  464. Chaos says:

    Ok, got the menu(with music playing along with sound effects) and I’m able to change things in the config.(didn’t since I don’t know a lick of japanese.

  465. Astral says:

    you should also be available to change things in config, and to start the game

  466. Astral says:

    you should be available now
    you will see a nitroplus sing then another sing, a caution screen, then the menu of the game (with no music i believe)

  467. Chaos says:

    Should I try playing the game?

  468. Chaos says:

    Ok, I replaced it.

  469. Astral says:

    yup, it should ask to replace a file, *replace*

  470. Chaos says:

    Or copy paste?(copied and pasted)

  471. Astral says:

    i would prefer copy and paste, just in case you may need it again

  472. Chaos says:

    Just drag it from my downloads to the folder right?

  473. Astral says:

    thats normal
    when you try to run the japanese game is going to bring that error asking for the cd.

    now you need to noDVD.exe that you downloaded.
    copy and paste it to chaos;head and replace the .exe that you just run.

  474. Chaos says:

    Ok…I just got an 1512 error…

  475. Astral says:

    just so that you know, if the game gets installed in (C: )disk,
    when you run the “antifail. batch” it will not decompress the files of “DO NOT TOUCH”rar, it will say that the installation is done but nothing will be change.

    thats why the game has to be set to install at desktop.

  476. Astral says:

    yes leave the box checked.
    thats for making a shortcut
    and the last box is for running the game

  477. Astral says:

    just watch out when you see, “programfiles(86)…” something like that.
    when it asks for it, thats when you change to install desktop

  478. Chaos says:

    Should I leave the box checked?

  479. Chaos says:

    At the install wizard part.

  480. Astral says:

    yes the installer is in japanese (if thats where you are)
    just to verify, which step are you doing
    and your welcome

  481. Astral says:

    okay, just checking if it was okay “C:User Nekonapper Desktop”
    okay now you can extract the english patch

  482. Chaos says:

    Doing this step by step. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

  483. Chaos says:

    eh…comes up with some japanese…should I just click yes?

  484. Astral says:


  485. Chaos says:

    Ok, I placed it on my desktop.(Says C:User Nekonapper Desktop

  486. Astral says:

    nah i dont mind at all ^.^
    just game install
    im pretty sure your computer has directX installed, is used daily

  487. Chaos says:

    Also, should I just game install it or directX install?

  488. Chaos says:

    Ok, sorry(if you don’t want to walk me through this…again. I understand. Not -_-;;)

  489. Chaos says:

    Ok, in my downloads. I have the Chaos;Head.Exe from your rapid link and the antifail patch…mounting the iso dvd file thing now…

  490. Astral says:

    okay then start installing it ^^

  491. Chaos says:

    Ok, didn’t delete the rar files 1-4. Everything else is gone.(just the english exe and the antifail witch I’m have in my dock now)

  492. Astral says:

    if you used daemon tools to install it, you can mount the .iso file again and open the installer window. You shouldsee the option to unistall from there.
    Dont delete the files you downloaded from here, but you can delete anything else you extracted from them

  493. Chaos says:

    I should just need to delete the anti fail patch right?(shouldn’t need to download the exe again right, should I delete the chaos;head folder?(don’t know if its there still gonna check)

  494. Astral says:

    ye i was going to suggest that

  495. Chaos says:

    Alright, I’m going to uninstall and try from scratch.

  496. Astral says:

    Okay lets go over the important steps
    -Install game to desktop (or my documents).Not to (C: )disk
    -Get the noDVD.exe and paste it to Chaos;Head folder.
    -Be sure to replace the .exe inside the folder with noDVD.exe
    -Get the english path, and extract it directly to chaos;head.
    -Do not unzip “DO NOT TOUCH” rar
    -Run Antifail batch.
    -After is done, the only zipped file is “crass”
    -Get applocale installed.
    -Run the game with applocale.

    so do you see something that you think you forgot?

  497. Astral says:

    im thinking ;/

  498. Astral says:

    aww :/

  499. Chaos says:

    Ok…I did…and still a black screen with the music playing*BAWLS*

  500. Astral says:

    i like this game .-.

  501. Astral says:

    no wait D:
    dont delete “crass”
    i mean the antifail chaos head patch zipped

  502. Astral says:

    the only file that should be zipped is “crass”
    try deleting that zipped file.

  503. Chaos says:

    The only thing I have in the Chaos;Head folder besides all of that.(Don’t have VSFilter.dll is the AntiFail ChaosHead patch zipped along with the antifail installation.) If that didn’t make sense, I have everything in the above post except that after the Anti Installation I have the Chaos_Head_AntiFail_Patch. After that everything is the same except I don’t have VSFillter.dll

  504. Astral says:

    It sounds like you made a mistake while installing the patch

  505. Astral says:

    “and does your folder looks like this”*

  506. Astral says:

    you did run antifail batch right?
    and those your folder looks like this ?

    cg (folder)
    dx (folder)
    npa_backup (folder)
    Antifail Installation (batch file)
    ChaosHead (noDVD.exe)
    crass (compressed file, dont unzip)
    VSFilter.dll (i downloaded this then pasted)

  507. Astral says:

    If you selected to install to desktop, there should be a folder called chaos;head. You need to extract the english patch to there.

  508. Chaos says:

    Also, when I try to close the game. It says close game…but that’s it, nothing else comes up just red space and no buttons.

  509. Chaos says:

    Ok, I was able to get it to run in japanese, now when I did everything.(applocle said I was already able to run it, didn’t ask if I wanted to make a shorcut.) Now that I tried it again. Got the english warning sign. It goes past that and then to a black screen with the music playing and nothing else. What did I do wrong?

  510. Chaos says:

    As in, just drag it into the chaos;head folder?(got the game working in japanese X3)

  511. Chaos says:

    Wasn’t done-_- which would be in the nitroplus folder…or the one on my desktop?

  512. Chaos says:

    Ok, for copying the anti fail patch. Do I copy it over to the nitroplus folder or to Chaos;Head folder?

  513. Astral says:

    haha i clicked submit by accident…
    “chaoshead application”
    then click next, it will ask for the language of the application next. Just check that the image matched this 日本語, click next, then it asks if you want to make a shortcut.Lastly click finish ^_^

    The game exe will run, you will notice that where there was a long black screen before now there is a caution screen in english.

    Also the menu has music this time and you can change things in config.

    The most important thing is that when you click “start” it doesnt send you back to the menu screen.

    Lastly, something not so important, when closing the game from the menu, click exit not the “x”.

  514. Astral says:

    OKay now that Antifail Installation is done, some plp would think the game would be ready to play.

    You can open the exe. and a nitro logo comes up, then a black screen for a few secs. Then you get to the menu of the game, however if you click “start”, a black screen comes up and then you are back the the menu… also you cannot change anything in config, and the load screen is also bugged.

    The reason why the game doesnt run properly is because you need one last thing, “Applocale” which you can search to download it.

    If you are using windows7 you need to do some extra work to install it. However, try installing it and if a message saying “the program couldnt be installed because a program needed is missing” (something like that) try the following.

    Here’s how to install AppLocale on Windows 7:
    1. Place the AppLocale installer (apploc.msi) in your C: drive.
    2. Go to your start menu, type cmd in the search box.
    3. Hold down crtl+shift and click on cmd.exe.
    4. Select Yes when a dialog asks if you want the program to make chances to your computer.
    5. The command prompt should show C:\Windows\System32.
    6. Type cd\ and press enter to navigate to the C: drive.
    7. Type apploc.msi and press enter, the installer will appear.
    8. Install the application.

    from -

    You should be available to install it after doing this.
    then you are done ^_^

    To play the game, open applocale(go to start menu, search bar -applocale-, click it.

    In the applocale wizard click next, launch an application should be selected, then click browse, go to chaos folder and select the noDvd.exe (isnt called that,”chaoshead applocation”)

  515. Astral says:

    so I downloaded the four parts then extracted them to a folder in desktop using winrar.

    the only thing inside is “CHAOSHEAD-isofile-“. I opened “Daemon Tools” and mounted the isofile.

    You need to install Daemon tools in case you dont have it. Then just click the picture of the disk that says “add file” and find the folder where you extracted the game.

    When you find the .iso file click open. Under image catalog, you will now see the file, double click it. You should now see a picture of a girl with pink hair at the bottom.

    Now you can close daemon, then go to my computer. You should see a “BD-ROM Drive (E:) CHAOSHEAD”, double click it and the game installer will come up.

    If you are using windows7 –DONT install it in (C:) disk. Anywhere else is fine, like desktop or my documents.

    After you install it, you can try running the game but an error will come up. Now you need to get the noDvd.exe

    Im not sure if you can get the noDVD.exe from the game download. I got mine from here

    Get the “noDVD.exe”, then copy it and paste it in the chaos;head folder. When you paste, be sure to replace the .exe that is there. (you are asked to replace)

    You should be available to play the japanese version with noDVD.exe some of the beginning has english subs.

    Anyways we want it in english, now we are gonna use the english patch.

    Find the place where you downloaded it, then extract it directly to the “chaos;head” folder. The new files are: Antifail Installation, DO NOT TOUCH.rar, readme, unRar.

    You can take a look at the readme file.It also got the instructions.

    Now it says you can download the latest version of vsfilter for softsubs. Im not sure what “softsubs” are but if you know go ahead, just download it and paste it in chaos head folder.

    Time to run the Antifail Installation. A win32 windows will come up. Read and then it will ask for the license of the game which is the giving here, 000-702-000-114, it will descompress the files from the “DO NOT TOUCH”rar. It will ask you if you have a folder “npa_backup” and is gonna ask for other files too. just answer yes or no then enter.

    It will ask to delete the unRar, i clicked yes

    It may take a while but wait until it says that the installation is done. The incompletes credits will be at the bottom.

    now chaos head folder looks like this:

    cg (folder)
    dx (folder)
    npa_backup (folder)
    Antifail Installation (batch file)
    ChaosHead (noDVD.exe)
    crass (compressed file, dont unzip)
    VSFilter.dll (i downloaded this then pasted)

    –Im continuing in next post

  516. Astral says:

    I mean everything so far, i will post how i got it later

  517. Astral says:

    mine is working V:

  518. Chaos says:

    But always a black screen-_-

  519. Chaos says:

    Got the game installed and everything.

  520. Chaos says:

    Should have mentiond…I’m also running this on windows 7 and every time I start it after running the patch it opens to a black screen then crashes.

  521. Nick Dean says:

    UH instructions on how to get this to work on vista run no dvd goes to black screen and shuts down I hate vista

  522. xHaremx says:

    i used the antifail patch and the game runs in english, however for the first 2 cutscenes (where rimi realboots her sword as well as the opening for chaos head)there is no image but the sound plays in the background
    ive been stuck on this for a long time

  523. Chaos says:

    It seems one of the files is missing?

  524. Chaos says:

    When I tried the NODVD patch, it just went to a black screen and crashed

  525. VanLienH says:

    No wonder it doesnt work i couldt find the nodvd patch is it missing or do we have to download it ourself?

  526. Chaos says:

    Once I’ve downloaded the rars, separately what do I do with them? Create a Chaos;Head folder or just download the English patch? Please respond when you have time. Super new to this. Thanks again.

  527. Sellos says:

    how can i play the game in fullscreen mode?

  528. Lior says:

    Having a problem.
    When I`m in the game and I press start, it just won’t start!
    Goes to a black screen for few sec and then back to menu…
    How can I fix this?

  529. Kensaku says:

    install the game*

  530. Kensaku says:

    I have install the but i don’t find the nodvd patch where it is?

  531. AuG says:


    Thanx for this ^^

    Anyways, I suffered the same problem as Gimlye-sama. So I installed VSFilter and opted for soft subs which seemed to solve the problem. I hope that helps anyone ^^

  532. CampingHero says:

    Witout Patch it works but when i aply the patch it don’t work

  533. CampingHero says:

    And i don’t get a main menu i get a black window and the the game crashes

  534. Yuki says:

    “Anyway, now I can run the game and such, but when I click start the game goes to a black screen for a moment and later just return to the main menu, furthermore, I can’t change any option on the Options menu. : (”

    This is my problem too. ;__;

  535. CampingHero says:

    Now i have a crack but after the game starts it quits itself

  536. CampingHero says:

    Wait no it’s an 1511 Error

  537. CampingHero says:

    I have the problem that i don’t find a crack on the Disk and when i install the Englsih Patch the Game give me the 2100 error.

  538. Jackal says:

    Alright. i got the NoDVD patch. by running the antifail.bat on hard and softsub. now my problem is that after the opening scene plays. the game has a ‘has to close’ error and closes T_T

  539. Random says:

    Well actually I found it on another site. Anyway, now I can run the game and such, but when I click start the game goes to a black screen for a moment and later just return to the main menu, furthermore, I can’t change any option on the Options menu. : (

  540. Random says:

    I know this sounds dumb but, where do I get this “NoDVD patch”? I may have missed something but as far as I know the only links available on your post are the game itself and the English Patch.

    BTW, this blog is actually great! Keep it up, : D

  541. Jackal says:

    Alright. i get the 2100 error code if i try to run the game from its file. if i try to run it from my computer, i get the error code 1512. i dont know what to do plz help me T_T

    • admin says:

      Both errors mean that game can’t find the disk – You need to copy over “noDVD” crack and start game with it.

  542. Shadowman says:

    i don’t know*

  543. Shadowman says:

    i have a error 1512 i don’t want what it is

  544. Gimlye-sama says:

    thanks for your help but it doesn´t work

  545. Gimlye-sama says:

    hi i have done all things from the Installation instructions
    but something is wrong with the antifail instellar.bat
    firstly the game works but it isn`t in english, except of the menu
    secondly after the opening credits and the movie, the game crashs
    I hope you can help me

    Sorry for my bad English

    • admin says:

      If you get some errors during patching then usually it’s some file permission problem ( probably in your case patcher added English menu, but couldn’t write to scripts file, to update them to English as well ) – this is especially the case in vista and 7 systems. Try installing game in directory different than program files or run patcher as administrator.

  546. admin says:

    Oh, right. Looks like patch link got somehow missing during site move. I’ll reupload it right away.

  547. ShikabaneOuji says:

    once again i am sorry you know where can i find the patch….just wondering i am new so i have no idea

  548. ShikabaneOuji says:

    sorry to bother once again but is this game both in english and japanese or just in english

  549. ShikabaneOuji says:

    i installed the game but when i run it shows an error message 2100

  550. admin says:

    Oh, right.
    The Serial Number is 000-702-000-114.
    I’ve updated first post with this information aswell.

  551. alex says:

    I started the installation and it wants a serial key…but there is nothing (crack or serial number) in the ISO file.

  552. OvnY says:

    Thx for the eroge

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