Wanting Wings: Her and Her Romance!

Wanting Wings

At Seiyou Girls’, an all-girls boarding school, there are rumors of an angel. Our story begins in the second term, just before Christmas.

Hina, Rin, and Fumi: three girls that become roommates in the spring, when they started school. The three all come from different backgrounds and have completely different personalities, but they share one strang similarity.

They all saw an angel when they were young. And they all gradually begin to suspect that one of their roommates might be such an angel…

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        1. Make sure you are going to the “start” option and not just loading from a save to choose different options. That is how you get to see Fumi and Rins romance as well. From there, you should have four memories to choose from. Once you finish the final memory you will unlock the sequel which the game will take you to.

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