Harem Hunter: Sex-ray Vision

Harem Hunter: Sex-ray Vision

Our hero had nothing going for him until the day he was lucky enough to be reincarnated in a fantasy world like he’d always dreamed.

Unfortunately, he didn’t get any of the special powers that usually entails, so he was still just an ordinary guy.

Eventually he was subjected to a magical drug trial by the ill-tempered mage Luka — and it worked! His power awakened! The power to see a girl’s most sensitive spots and fetishes. A rousing success!

With his new ability, all the beautiful adventurers in the world can be his!

3 Responses to “Harem Hunter: Sex-ray Vision”

  1. deguach says:

    The game is what you would expect. But the writer has an obsession with pee. The MC couldn’t cum once without peeing right after. XD

  2. Young-Man-Afraid-of-His-Horse says:

    THEIR BOOBS ARE TOO DAMN BIG. Just shoot those knockers with a shrinkray.

  3. Matricule says:

    Thank for uploading!
    There is just an error with the .exe that you put first, it’s not working.
    For next users, you have to launch it from the one who is in
    gamefolder/ lib/ windows-i686/ haremparty.exe

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