Harem Game

Harem Game

In the year 20xx pregnancy has become a status symbol. Girls that are virgins are stupid, right?

On the first day at his new school, Hiroki is falsely accused of underwear stealing. While moping around on the way home, he picks up an unfamiliar game. When he tries playing, it seems to be just a trash game, but he’s completely absorbed in it nevertheless.

The following day at school, he encounters the “White Lily Club”, where young ladies get together, being ridiculed by some girls from another school for being inexperienced with males. And then suddenly:

“Looks like one of them is crying! What will you do?”
⇒ [Help] *beep*

It appears that he has been turned into some kind of “protagonist” in the real world. Nonetheless, after helping with their little problem, he is asked to join the club to teach them about males.

And thus he decides that, with skills accumulated from playing eroge, he will capture all the club members and build his own harem.

18 comments on “Harem Game

  1. For a game that tries really hard to be a nukige its pathetic that they still use mosaics. Even pure love story games these days don’t use those stupid Minecraft dicks anymore.

    1. It i the japanese law, they censor genitals in all porn. Some localizers and fan translators decensor, but it is the exception, not the rule, for now.

  2. Just search the title in VNDB if you want to know about more in-depth details like amount of choices, unlockable routes and stuff like that.

  3. Thanks for uploading this, translation wise its not so bad. But turn into a complete mess half way through the game, mc is a dick head who only think about fuck,fuck,fuck and fuck all the time, instead of saving his heroine by solving her problem. Anyway 6.5/10 if not for the dick mc

    1. well that convinced me… I don’t like mc that thinks with his dick only… so I’m gonna pass this…

  4. Admin, please start tagging kinetic novels. It’s impossible to tell the difference at a glance between a visual novel with actual story choices and branching paths, and a kinetic novel, basically an anime that you read. I love visual novels and loathe kinetic novels, so it would save me, and many others who feel this way, a lot of time if they were properly tagged. Also, people who are specifically looking for kinetic novels would also be pleased.

    1. Also tags with Uncensored, mosaic cencored and big-freaking pixels cencored a-la-minecraft. Some others like Cat Girl Alliance cencored some words instead of pictures…

  5. I’ve played worse translations then this but it still have some issues as many have pointed out.
    Can you still understand the story? Yes you can but sometimes it won’t flow as easy as it should.

    Also who ever did this translation really loves the word “Shit”

  6. Is Kinetic Novel and the translation is not perfect, but it’s that bad either but leaving aside that and the CG repeating here and there it’s quite fun to read. I enjoy it.

  7. Be WARNED! this game, story aside. The translation quality is worse than an amateur, i think google translate even might done it better. Not all of them (passable for me) but there is quite a lot

      1. Usually is just not so bad, but simple, but there are times here and there when it seems like a japanese was the one translating and didn’t knew the right words.

        1. It’s more like machine translation without editing whatsoever, in some parts of the game. Like a person name “Mikoto”, with translation it means “priestess and” and they just put it there.
          Like someone who worked on that part is the laziest person on Earth

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