Stealing a Monster Girl Harem

Stealing a Monster Girl Harem

Kozo’s daily life in a boring country town is transformed by a terrifying attack by a marauding army of Monster Girl warriors. While trying to escape the sexy and scary Mea, as Kozo is trying to avoid Mea’s magical explosions the cave system collapses sending him deep into its uncharted depths. As luck would have it this newly revealed area of the cave contains the magical treasure of a legendary thief, The Silver Rat, through which our hero is bestowed with the skills of the master thief! After turning the tables on Mea and successfully seducing her with his own brand of sexy skills he sets out on his own quest to steal the loyalty, and virginity, of the entire Monster Girl army and to claim his very own Monster Girl harem!

Dark elves, Onis, Wolf girls, a dragon and more! With the powers of The Silver Rat on your side all the sexiest monster girls are yours for the fucking!

3 comments on “Stealing a Monster Girl Harem

  1. You know it’s not a good thing when you start being able to tell at a glance that an eroge is a Miel/Norn release.

    Seriously, all their games are rinse and repeat, there’s no variety.

    1. yeah, and f*ck for whoever said this kind of game is good for newcomer. it’s feel like p*rnhub step sister stuck again all over again. btw norn got more story than miel. at least some of it works

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