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    1. no, it’s an old anime series called please twin!, i couldnt find information of it being an visual novel

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  3. I keep getting an unexpected error message when trying to extract the game. this has been happening for multiple games and i have already gone through making sure my computer is up to date. I’m running on windows 11.
    Please help.

  4. I keep getting an unexpected error message when trying to extract the game. this has been happening for multiple games and i have already gone through making sure my computer is up to date. Im running on windows 11.
    Please help.

    1. Admin has been gone for a while, I guess we should just be grateful that the site is still here at all. He may come back, I think there’s a link to the forum tied to this site… you can ask there.

      1. Thanks Bro. I’m so grateful for this site, i’ve been using this site over three years and is this best site so far. I Hope the Admin come back and bring more H-Game for us.

  5. Admin, seems like downloadani . me is down, the entire website. Nothing can be downloaded.
    Please advise if you know of any alternates.

  6. can anyone tell me what the site’s background pic is? I know half of the characters are from R.O.D. the TV, but I can’t put a name on the other gals

  7. Do these games work on mobile? I tried downloading nekopara 3 but i couldnt seem to figure out what to do

        1. The games from this site are almost all .exe files (for windows) unless otherwise specified… I think there’s at least one NDS ROM for example.

  8. May I humbly request Etsuraku No Tane? I’m sure it’ll be a fine addition, and it doesn’t clash with any pf the games on here.

    1. It’s very sad, but OP has been AFK from this site for a long time. Who knows if they’ll ever come back, but until then we’ll just have to be thankful its still up at all.

    1. Agree. This is a great TBYB site for many. Is everything alright?

      Seems like a while since any additions – longer than I can recall ever seeing.

      Cheers and hope all is well, regardless of the site itself.

        1. I’m with the rest of them, I don’t mind the site being inactive, but I do hope it isn’t for a serious reason.

  9. Has something happened??? for over a week i`ve not been able to get on this site, and now i`m on it i can`t download anything. It`s the best site i`ve found for Hentai, don`t have to deal with ad`s or pop up`s it`s a great site.

    1. I would also like to know what is going on, tried several browsers not working. I wonder if it’s the download site itself?

    1. This website doesn’t handle money, it doesn’t host files, and is in no way affiliated with the hosts to the downloads. It’s just an archive that points to the download pages using links. If you are having problems then it’s with one of the file download hosts and you will have to talk to them about login information.

  10. Dear Admin,
    any chance we’ll see more Empress titles like DominancE being uploaded in the future?
    Thank you for your work.

    1. I’ll copy my comment from “I’m gonna nurse you” You can try it and maybe it’ll help. I replaced some of the name of files but it’s still not 100% the same thing. The most important part is replacing the EXE from Come see me tonight with the one from Come see me tonight 2. Step 4 is probably not necessary but I’ll leave it there just in case.

      Don’t know if anyone still needs that, but here’s what i managed to gather from the discussion here as well as from a russian site and personal experimentation.

      1) Install the game using disk 1.
      2) Use the crack from “Come See Me Tonight 2” it’s called KONY2ML.EXE , rename it to KONYAUS.EXE and copy it to game I’m gonna nurse you install directory.
      3) To make the voices work you’ll need to run it in Windows XP compatibility mode ( if you don’t know how to do it, look it up, it’s easy)
      4) To make the music work you’ll need to mount disk 2, but also you HAVE TO copy the contents of dick 2 into the game directory ,overwrite when prompted. When you run the game you’ll still need disk 2 to be mounted.

      That’s how i managed to get it to work with both sound and voice. Good luck. I’ll come back to see if there are any questions if I don’t forget, thou seeing how it’s been 2 years since last comment i doubt it. The game’s kinda important to me since it was my second ever VN, the first being I’m gonna nurse you 2.

      If it doesn’t help and you respond I’ll redownload the game and try to see how I did it in the past, since it is currently working for me and I don’t really remember EXACTLY how I did it.

      1. Sorry, a type in step 2, it should be
        2) Use the crack from “Come See Me Tonight 2” it’s called KONY2ML.EXE , rename it to KONYAUS.EXE and copy it to game “Come see me tonight” install directory.

  11. I don’t understand how to properly install “Shin Matai Toshi”. When i launch the .exe the window is in an unreadable language and the game won’t start.

    Do i need a font or a language pack of some kind to make it work ?

  12. PurePure requires a font to be installed that is not included with the Download. I can provide the missing file, but how should I do so?

  13. Hi, can I ask what’s the password when you need to extract the games? I have kept my .rar files but need to install it again. I can no longer remember the password tho.

      1. I used password for archives at the very beginning (2009-ish), but stopped after first few months. Password for those archives was “ErogeDownload”, but none of those files have been available for download for over a decade, since i replaced all old links.

        If archive asks you for password, it is most likely due to corrupted file.

  14. on Mamono Musume – Paradise with Slime and Scylla’s 2 last parts, there are two files that have the same name, but the one from part 2 are heavier than part 3’s ones. I can’t put them all in at the same time (they have the same name), but most of the backgrounds and the character icons don’t show up.

  15. hello im asking if i could play vns in android using emulators? would it work? or like it has to be just on pcs?

  16. Hey, I tried changing to japanese locale on windows 10, but the game still says “Syntax error” when I try to open it, how do I make it work?

  17. Hi,
    are the sites under the Links section (Hentai RPG, erogegames) all sites from the admin of erogedownload?
    So safe to download from?

  18. Hello everyone
    I was wondering if the games were safe to download, especially the older ones like Bible black and Narcissu.
    Thanks in advance

  19. When I try to log on its says I have entered the wrong password. When I click to reset my password a message says that an email has been sent to me but no email ever comes.

  20. Hello Admin, I’ve noticed that not all games are being shown on the downloads section of this website (immediate ones I remember are I walk among zombies 0, I walk among zombies 3, Iro Yoridori. I normally go to downloads and ctrl+f if I want to find anything specific as that’s the fastest way, but it isn’t really going to work if the downloads section isn’t updated.

  21. Dear Admins, I love your website and played a few of your games!
    I am a big Otome fan but I saw the last otome game you ever uploaded was in 2018 I believe.
    Will there ever be a chance you upload more? I would love to see more <3

  22. Cheers, Admin. I’m loving your dedication and I have been enjoying these for a long time.

    Regarding the latest site’s UI update, although this might sound presumptuous of me, mind if I give suggestions?
    1. Put the circle tags in each of the games (if possible), both the developer (JP) and publisher (EN localizing team),
    2. Adds a tab for games from the same developers in the game details

    This way, when visitors really like an eroge and wanted to check their other games, it will be easier to navigate, since at the moment anyone needs to know the game’s title (or a part of its title)


    1. Unless the eroges are fitted for an android devices, OR your android can somehow booted up a desktop client, then NO is your answer.

  23. hii im not really sure waht to do about multiple parts,
    do i just put everything in one folder or is there soemthing else i have to do?

    1. Yes. Put all parts in one folder then open first part and extract from it – your archiving software will automatically pull data from following parts.

      1. i know its stupid but can you explain a little more?
        im using 7zip and when i select all of them and select extract here it extracts only the first one

        1. As long as you put the multipe parted zip fiels in 1 folder, e.g
          When you start unzipping the first part (gamexample.part1.zip), the archiving software (in your case 7zip) should automatically detect that the main files (gamexample) are divided into several parts (.part1. ~ .part3.) and thus spares you the hassle of extracting each part one at a time.

          So your statement regarding it only extracts only the first one should be correct and the game should be playable then.


  24. How do you get prenium for downloading? it aint working for me, says error after correctly putting in card details

  25. Hello, I can’t seem to open the app that I downloaded.
    I already extracted the file but when I open the app there seems to be an error.
    There’s ???????? appearing on the screen.
    Does anyone know the problem?

  26. Hello this is my first time using the site cam you please explain how free downloading works I don’t know what to do after getting both parts do I put them in one folder or something?

    1. You need to extract them using programs like WinRar or 7zip. Install one of those and open the files with them, then select to extract the files.

  27. Hello I am new to this and don’t know how to download.
    The site always says “unexpectedly closed the connection”.
    Is it just my internet connection or am I doing something wrong?

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