Changing to Japanese locale on Windows 7

1.Open control panel (start->control panel)
Japanese Locale on Windows7 1

2.Select “Clock, Language and Region”
Japanese Locale on Windows7 2

3.Select “Region and Language”
Japanese Locale on Windows7 3

4.Change to “Administrative” tab.
Japanese Locale on Windows7 4

5.Click on “Change system locale”
Japanese Locale on Windows7 5

6.Open drop-down menu and select “Japanese(Japan)”
Japanese Locale on Windows7 6

7.Confirm with “Ok”
Japanese Locale on Windows7 7

8.Restart windows
Japanese Locale on Windows7 8

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  1. Can someone post a Windows Xp japanese versión copy so you can install it on Virtual Box? Most Vn should work on XP

  2. New to this, and new to PC’s (this is my first laptop/PC). I’ve only ever played 3 h-games and they were already english patched from the start, so I downloaded applocal but never used it. Please humor me, I know this must be the umpteenth time you’ve seen this question.

    1. From what I read changing ur locale via control panel is something different than using applocal? So, I do one OR the other, right, but not both?

    2. It looks like changing ur PC’s locale to Japanese is better to do than using just applocal?

    3. I’m running Windows 8.1, all info I find (ANYWHERE) is on windows7, vista, and XP. I read on this page (nowhere else, yet) that you NEED to have Japanese language pack installed and these are ONLY available in “Ultimate” and “Home” editions (still a little fuzzy on that). Am I shit out of luck?

    Any help would be very appreciated, and if possible please enplane step-by-step as I am very new to everything PC. Thanks in advance.
    By the way, friggin’ LOVE this site!

  3. I played/read Umineko some years ago while it was still being released and Witch Hunt doing their translation. For me using AppLocale was not enough for installation – it bugged.

    I had to do the change the system settings as described above.

    After installation I could change the settings back (were annoying/causing troubles with other software so I wanted it back to my main language again).

    Playing/reading actually worked with AppLocale.

    If you have similar problems you might try the same (if installation is buggy with AppLocale change your settings but later after installation you can try … playing/reading might work with AppLocale).

  4. So do I only have to do this once or everytime I try to start the game? Also would I have to go though the trouble to change everything back in Japanese or will everything look to be in english(or whatever language I used previously)?

    Cuz in that case that looks like a whole lot of work and I can already say I’v fucked up my PC if I can’t find my way back…

    1. then it’s easier just go to control panel, around the hour and date you have languages and just add the japanese package wait until it’s downloaded and activate it in the task bar.

  5. I use Window 7, I can’t change to Japanese local. After restart windows to take effect, it return English United States. I have tried many times but it isn’t working. Please help me!

  6. So Is there just no support for anyone using Windows 8/8.1?

    I’ve tried looking everywhere and still can’t get this to work for Windows 8.1 . Am I just SoL when it comes to this? I’ve changes my system locale to Japanese and nothing installs or launches.

    Wtf am I supposed to do?

  7. I know how to set up my pc to play vns on win7 but I’m still lost on how to do it for win8.1. Is there a fix or am I f’d?

  8. I’m having trouble still after changing system locale to japanese, but the game still crashes.Ive read the read me, and it says to change locale to japanese before I do anything else.I have also got the new Windows 10 and idk if there’s just a minor thing I have to do running.

    1. Yes, please do that. Unless it’s the same for Windows 8. Is it? Also, do you need to download Japanese language pack? Is there anyplace to get this without getting some fancy Ultimate version, or is that not a problem with Windows 8? Please help, Admin I really want to get Ef and Hara Para running!

      1. Ultimate is required to change language of ENTIRE system, ie. all text displayed, like “My Computer”, error messages and so on…
        Locale is completely different thing and works on all versions; No language pack download needed.

        I’ll add the tutorial for Win8/8.1 and 10 soon – FAQ section needs big overhaul – but the process for 8/8.1 is very similar to Win7.

    1. but isn’t it hard to find the right buttons if everything is japanese or is not everything japanese?

  9. Im using W7 ultimate and i’d succesfully changed my sys. locale to japanese and but how do i install the game/VN to my PC without cracking my computer?

  10. Guys, I changed my locale to japanese, but my games still don’t work.
    I changed the locale back to default and even used AppLocale to try opening the programs, but without success.
    I tested it with two games in two different computers with Windows 7 Ultimate.

    I’m getting the following error:

    Any ideas? =(
    I’m a little lost here since everyone is saying that just changing the locale should work…

      1. Ok, already solved.
        My path contained special characters. Just changed the folder to a different path and it worked.

  11. Is there something different about Windows 8.1? I’ve tried changing all the settings I use on my Windows 7, but I’, still running into issues. If there’s something extra that I’m missing besides what’s listed here, I’d appreciate it.

  12. So I’ve done this without any issues on my Windows 7 Premium OS, but I’ve got a question. Is there any way to prevent certain programs from not using Japanese characters? I ask this because when I right click my desktop, my Intel Graphic options are all in Japanese. (It bothers me :/)
    I understand that I could change it back and forth from Japanese to English locale, but that would require me to restart my computer each time. For convenience, I just leave it on Japanese locale for the most part, since everything else seems fine. Was just wondering if there was a workaround for this. If not, that’s fine as well. (I’ll just deal with it)

  13. Changing the system locale / language for a specific program, without restart:

    Microsoft AppLocale (free).

    1. Download tool
    2. Install tool.
    3. Start AppLocale and select the executable (.exe) of the game you wish to run with Japanese locale / language.
    4. Select locale (language) you wish to run the game in.
    5. Select the automatically created shortcut to start the game with your settings.

    Download link:

    1. Correction:

      The tool does not automatically create a shortcut.
      Instead it executes with the configured settings (after step 4 in my previous post).

      You can however check the checkbox to additionally create a shortcut with the current settings before executing.
      You can manually specify the shortcut’s name.
      The shortcut will be created in the executable’s directory.
      That means if you choose the executable (.exe) in “C:\Programme\Visual Novel\Visual-Novel.exe” the shortcut will be created in the directory “C:\Programme\Visual Novel\”.

  14. yo!

    I am having a very huge problem with this system locale changing. I did change mine to japanese but when after restarting my netbook crashed and said there was an error starting windows. It then asked me to insert my OS cd to fix the problem, however, I’m using an Acer netbook and with Windows 7 ultimate. I don’t have my installation cd with me though. So, any other solution that could help me on this one? Thanks

  15. Locale to other languages on PROFESSIONAL or HOME:

    1. Get the Laguage pack for your Version of windows (32 or 64 bit)
    (just google for \Windows 7 SP1 MUI Language Packs (Official Direct Download Links)\)

    2. Unpack .exe to .cab using a Program, just google \ exe2cab\
    Choose language pack and namig new file rememberable like \\

    3. place new .cap in rememberabe folder (for example e:)

    4. start cmd with admin rights

    5. Type \dism /online /add-package /\ and just wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

    6. get \Vistalizator\ (google it) and run in COMPATIBILTY MODE for WINDOWS 7 (if not it will not start at all, find it in the options by right clicking)

    7. choose your recently installed language pack in the list below and hit \change language\ then hit \exit\

    8. wait for the system to reboot an enjoy your localized version

  16. So I changed my System Locale to Japanese last night. HUGE mistake because I have Windows 7 Starter, but I didn’t know. I restarted my netbook and it wouldn’t start. I am currently trying to access the control panel using command prompt x_x

  17. Does anyone know if u can run VNs normally on Windows 8?… also would like to know the way to install jap language on it…id liek to try running school days and kamidori but im freaked that something stupid might happen… Please answer

  18. i heard that if you keep changing the local back and forth so many times it will lock itself, and you will only be able to use that regions aplacation, do you have anythig to stop this?

  19. I have switched my system local to Japanese as advised and the game does come up and play now, however it is all in Japanese! A game in Japanese is of little use to me as i cant read Japanese what am i doing wrong?

    1. I’m sorry for replying to you two months down the road… but are you just… that stupid? The title of this is “Changing to JAPANESE LOCALE” not “translated Japanese games into English automatically”.

      This changes it so Japanese games can run and display the ORIGINAL Japanese text properly. If the game cannot run properly, or display the proper original text, then the English patch will not work. Sometimes the GAME won’t work at all without doing this.

      I know it requires effort, but think before you type.

  20. I’m using Win 7 home premium, and I haven’t had a problem with switching languages at all. Didn’t need to install anything extra.

  21. Wat about win vista
    when i changed the locate it said require to restart
    then i restart and it still not change

  22. applocale is still works in windows 7 if you use xp compatibility mode their is also a tool called “Vistalizator” that can allow you to instal language packs in the basic and home premium versions of windows 7. you can also use SBapplocale if your good with the command line. but using a language pack switches your whole system to that language. so I’d recommend creating a partition with windows xp installed. it’s alot easier and why they had to make it so hard in the newer versions I’ll never know.

  23. I really do wonder how to do this because all pc’s running win7 in this house wont even install the japanese local settings…. And if i manually install them, it will still crash ath the restart.

    1. It is available only in Ultimate or Enterprize version. so, if you have a Professional version or something, reinstall the OS.

      1. Or if you are using WIN7 Ultimate and Enterprise but didn’t find the Japanese Locale Language, You can try Windows Update, Under that is the OPTIONAL, try checking for it, and you will see Various Languages e.g. Spanish, Dutch, Japanese, etc,
        Try to Check JAPANESE and Download and Install, It should now appear in Locale Settings ^_^

  24. Could somebody explain to me the importance of changing the Locale to Japanese and all programs required to do so without f*cking my computer? If I DO change the Locale to Japanese, what does this to do my computer exactly? What will happen to my OTHER programs O:?

    Since I’m running Windows 7 should I still get AppLocale? I’d appreciate all help 😛

    1. Will changing the Locale to Japanese do anything if I don’t have the Japanese Language pack installed? The person above said it could potentially ruin your computer.

      1. Every system starting from windows vista already has various language packs installed by default – you just choose current one.
        Changing locale is totally harmless – it just lets windows know how it should handle non-english characters in programs that doesn’t use unicode characters sets – you will see absolutely no difference if you’re using only english programs ( apart from “\” character in directory paths, which will look like yen symbol, but it’s just cosmetic change. no idea why it does it ). If you’re using programs with non-english letters, that weren’t written with unicode, they will display some characters improperly, but everything will go back to normal once you change locale back to previous one.

        1. By the way Mr.Admin….
          I use window 7,If Change locale to japaness are some bad effec to my aplication and my computer,…?

          Sorry for my silly question,but please reply me.

          1. Reicher: Changing System Locale is Totally Harmless, Though there are some applications like “Corel Video Studio Pro” and Bandicam, etc. that has no Language Setting,because some PRograms depends on the System Language, so If you have a Program like I said above, even if you install it in English, Once you change your Locale, the Program will run in Japanese Characters,,, But its not harmful at all,
            You can Switch Back to the default locale if you feel like it 😀

  25. …All I could say is, that if you don’t have installed the Japanese language pack, this will only result one HUGE errors & crashes when you restart your PC…if you can restart it of course.
    And I tried to use AppLocate too, it wont work if you don’t installed them beforehand.
    So I suggest to install them first…

    1. Major of the Visual Novels Today requires Computers to be Japanese Locale, since AppLocale may not enable the Visual Novel to work.

      Even if we successfully installed a game via AppLocale, Executing the program (even with Applocale) may have different problems, like, Black Screen in the Game Window, Error Unknown in executing the program, or Unstable/Random crash of the game.

      AppLocale = changes the system code reader to Kanji/Harigana when just Executing the program, There are lot of case that the Program also Execute other program which cant be read by AppLocale and that will cause Errors.

      When We change to Windows JApanese Locale: the default System Directory Separator “/” will be change to its Japanese Default, That means Every PRogram the Program will execute will be in the Proper Address/Directory and the game will run smoothly.

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