Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters

Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters

Oberu, an illegitimate son between a dark elf father and a human mother, is being treated like a lowly servant by his very own family. However he is fine enough and feels privileged being able to live in a fancy household together with his beautiful but disdainful elder sisters.

One day the oracle reveals that the child that will be born between Oberu and the woman he’ll love will rise on top of all dark elves and bring glory for a thousand years. Unwilling to pass such opportunity to other aristocratic families, their father orders that he must marry one of his very own elder sisters.

7 comments on “Namaiki Dark Elf Sisters

  1. kinda liked it. Did well in building sexual tension if you are into this kind of genre (sadistic women in power being degraded and falling in love with you). Humor was fine, not too silly.
    thanks for the upload!

  2. Playing it now. It’s alright, and some of the humor works really well, but I could do with humiliating and “breaking the haughty pride” being less of a thing. And I wish two of the three sisters were characterized and fleshed-out a bit more; as it stands only the eldest really fully develops all her premises and backstory elements before the main thrust of the game is underway. Though it is a nice change of pace for the over-the-top kinky stuff to be what starts us off and the lovey-dovey happy sex to be the reward for a job well done.

    Also, while it might just be the Kyonyuu/Funbag Fantasy fan in me talking, the political machination stuff’s not bad, but parts of it are a bit *too* ridiculous. And I speak as someone who’s been a bit disappointed by some of the stuff he’s heard about 3if before having a chance to get too far in it.

    Oh, and a warning I hadn’t seen before I played: there’s a fair bit of pee in the game, including one scene of someone being urinated on, and another scene that takes place in an explicitly-feces-reeking outhouse. There’s no actual poop stuff (at least, not that I’ve seen), but there it is.

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