Dark Elf

Dark Elf

In the time of war, a dark elf mercenary of stunning beauty lives a unspeakable and promiscuous life with a teenage boy named Ruse she accidentally saved. They live together and lead a rather peaceful life. But due to darkness in others’ mind, their life is endangered.

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  1. PROS :
    Good ending is good ( lol )
    handfull of skill set
    good character progression
    Good art and character model for the main character ( ONLY )

    CONS :
    HORRIBLE AUDIO DESIGN especially in the H scenes. Looks like they needed to finish one day before the launch

    Not challenging at all

    The bad audio design made me completly lost interest on the H scenes

    Army dudes using sniper rifle on this scenario… REALLY??!?!
    Naked dudes running around with demons… WTF??
    You can 2 shot everything including the bosses

    Really if you want a good rpg maker game, this is not the one. Go play Melty’s Quest, its waaay more polished and well designed

  2. so far (3h in) it is just a very basic RPG with overpowered spells. Protagonist is likeable and voiceacting is good. I can only guess that in order to unlock the H content I have to be defeated by “dildo slime” or “penis swinging dude”. Wouldn’t download again.

  3. Is it possible to upload the uncensored version of The Heiress (or Botsuraku Reijyo) on this site? Steam has already released the game for $3, but the uncensored patch on their unofficial page is garbage.

  4. Is anyone else having FPS-issues? as soon as I enter an area with many moving NPCs, like the first city, my FPS drops to 15 or below, which makes the game almost unplayable. Any idea how to resolve this? Also it´s most likely not my hardware.

  5. She doesn’t look very dark skinned for a dark elf. Not that her light skin tone is a bad thing. I find light skin tones to be more attractive, actually. I just kind of think she should have been classified as an ‘elf’ and not a ‘dark elf’.

    1. she is more of a tan actually and basically for japanese elves with tanned skins are considered dark elves for one example would be Yao from Gate.

    1. Had to Google to confirm.

      I’m dying laughing. What a time indeed where ONEONE1 makes it to steam. Holy shit.

  6. This RPG is so underrated, even though it has one of the best happy ending for Dark Elf.

    Btw, Does anyone know where the “Extra” menu is ?
    After I finished the game, it said it will unlock “Extra” from the menu. But it was nowhere to be found.

    1. Funbag fantasy is already on the site but the sequel is still being translated and has not come out yet

  7. Ivan, i presume youve completed this game, have you maybe experienced the crash with message on the screen with certain H scenes initiations (i do experience it when i want to prostitue with soldier in the pub) if you did, do you know how to fix it? I even bough the steam version with hope its patched…

  8. admin I won’t come out as an ass but please for the love of god don’t post games that are machine translated. they don’t deserve the attention.

    after playing that great gem thug hero party I feel like this game doesn’t deserve said attention.

    1. Who cares? As long my D is satisfied i dont care about bad translations, still better than nothing. Imagine learning Japanese just for Eroges, woulnt this be a little too nerdy?

    2. I don’t know. I mean I’d still rather play a poorly translated mess like this than spend a minute of my time on something like thug hero party .

      1. you are weak for NTR and Thug Hero Party is basically a bad end game with all choice going to the bad end route no happy end except for 1 that is MC fucking his evil loli dragon god.

        1. Not weak, just despise entirely. This games is similar in that regard as those people who want to see all possible endings of the story need to play it more than once. Only one good ending in this one.

    1. You get h-scenes usually by losing to boss enemies etc. If you’re on top of your game, you can finish some routes while still staying virgin.

      1. Yeah, sadly there only one (optional)happy ero scene which occurs at the end of the good ending (which you get by never losing). Losing even once will lock you into the any of the other 6 bad endings. It’s tragic cuz the artwork and the character design in this game is actually pretty good. But the sad fact is if your a female elf (or a magical girl)in a eroge game, 90 percent of the time you basically only exist to get raped by monsters.

          1. And magical girls. It’s a shame for anyone who has a elf/ mahou shoujo fetish but wants vanilla stuff or a happy ending.

          2. like me, i have a major fetish for elves, however anything besides church sanctioned sex makes my dick sad. happy, consentuous, healthy relationship based sex is what gets my boat going, and elves make it go just that much more. would pay massive money for more vanilla pure happiness elf games.

  9. At the beggining of just before (i can’t remember exactly) of the last chapter, i get an error that crashes my game. also If i talk to lonely guy in far bottom left house of sinner path village, same crash. Sorry for bad english

    1. I’m also getting some errors with certain scenes that crash my game. Does anybody know how to fix this?

      1. try to change the language to chinese, after you get pass the crash part, save, close the game and change back the language to english…

        1. oh in case you didnt know how to change, there should be file “language” in game folder, change the ENG to CHS to chinese or CHS to ENG to go back to english

  10. > Japanese text screenshot on the official English steam page.

    Says everything you need to know about the translation.

  11. This game should be tag with RPG.
    i like visual and kinetic novels but i dun like RPG. Its tedious.
    well i should at least giv it a try for now…

  12. so how do you get this game to work if you down loaded the DA-free: Game Download, im new to this and not sure how to do it?

    1. Just download all the parts then unrar them with any program. I am not sur eif your pc must be on jap or not, but just get it on jap just in case.

      1. some people just uncensored it mixing files with the japanese game, doing that would leave the h-scenes untranslated tho

        so i just wanted to be sure this actualy had the patch and not some workaround

          1. would it be possible to also add a tag or something in the description if something is uncensored or not?
            I’m actually not a fan of censorship.
            only if it does not make any more work to you.
            love your site 😉

          2. Thank you very much then, i found a torrent earlier but it was censored so this one is really useful, no danger of messing the game altering it

  13. This looks cool! Thanks! Could you get the Bulma Hentai RPGs too? There’s also a pretty interesting Farming Hentai game on Steam recently called Twins of the Pasture…

        1. Aselia the Eternal and Yumina the Ethereal are also h-rpgs iirc. Don’t play many of them so I don’t know any more off the top of my head.

    1. If you mean on downloadani.me, I found that if you have javascript blocked for the page you can’t get the file.

          1. The game is roughly translated into English as far as I have seen. The 1 H-scene I have seen is also translated…. roughly. The problem with the translation, is that the translator is not fluent. He is almost fluent, but does not understand some of the basics of grammar and such. He knows most English words, but has a hard time putting them together.

    1. Why do people continue to ask these stupid questions? The site is called “EROGEDOWNLOAD.COM” Why would “EROGE” mean steam censored version? And the Download has the word “Unsensored” in it even… i don’t get it.

      1. I have seen it myself. One game that was marked uncensored, had blurry bits on the naughty bits. That was Material Girl. In the file name it even was labeled uncensored. After three H-scenes in that game I knew it was in fact censored and I even wrote a comment there which I will be checking as of sending this post.

        1. Confusion stems from what “uncensored” means – recently, many games have been popping up on Steam, with adult content cut from them. Uncensored in this context means that said content (usually h-scenes) is restored. Japanese adult productions have, by law, often blurred genitalia during sexual acts – that’s different kind of “censorship”. Given criteria above, you can have “uncensored” game that has h-scenes (unlike in Steam version), but still has mosaics during event CGs.

          Generally, I try to post “best” version available – First, uncensored game without mosaics (if it exists), then uncensored game with mosaics, and only if neither exists or is available, settle down for all-ages one.

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