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  1. This might seems like an odd suggestion, but is there any chance of switching to using 7z archives in the future?

    I only say this because, when I re-combined the 4-part RAR archive into a single 7z archive for my own archival via 7-zip, I noticed that I was able to get the file size all the way down to 534MB which would have equaled only 3 archives if split into 200MB intervals.

    (I did however use quite aggressive compression settings in 7-zip – I set “Archive format” to ‘7z’, “Compression level” to ‘Ultra’, “Compression Method” to ‘LZMA2’, “Dictionary size” to ‘1024MB’, “Word size” to ‘273’, and “Solid block size” to ‘Solid’)

    For reference, the likes of WinRAR can still extract 7z archives without issue. And if for whatever reason you don’t want to install 7-zip, you can always use portable version found on portableapps.com

    1. 7zip is better compression algorithm, and I might switch to it one day, but .rar is more well known. Many users on this site aren’t computer-savvy, and shy away from downloading things from the Internet with “weird” extensions

  2. Too bad there’s only vanilla sex tags for her on VNDB. Was hoping for some Femdom or similar kinky shit. Thanks anyways Admin-sama.

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