Blessings on This Flat Loli!

Blessings on This Flat Loli!

An action game with simple controls where you play as a cute magical girl that’s trying to escape.
Avoid the dangers that await, and unleash your explosive magic if need be (though you’ll be slowed down…).

If you get caught, it’s H time! Of course, it’s possible to escape, and continue onward.
H scenes can be skipped as well.
Scenes can be viewed again in the Gallery.

Key Points:
– Animations included for all base CG and H scenes!
– Full HD resolution (1920×1080) / 30FPS animation
– Fully voiced heroine, with 4 clothing variations
– 4 H scenes for each
– Gallery

5 comments on “Blessings on This Flat Loli!

  1. Game speed is too fast almost no time to cast spells by the time you see the enemy. Platforming needs MAJOR adjustments. Too much momentum makes the player slide off the extremely small platforms. Constantly getting grabbed even after breaking free. Falling into water is basically a game over.
    Gave up because apparently I’m not skilled enough to enjoy this ero game…

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