13 comments on “Planetarian – Voice Patch

  1. man, this game really have Indonesian theme siong at the beginning, \Indonesia Tanah Air Beta\. It’s really great to know that my country song this popular even in eroge.

    1. yea…. you right 😀
      but, are you misunderstand something?
      Is wasn’t country song popular in eroge,but
      it was country song created base to theme of it
      go look to history of music bgm
      “look for earlier bgm created”
      you will know what the meaning…..

  2. i got a problem..
    some lines that characters speaks needs a click to see their next sentences, but when i click (to see the next line) their voice stops, how to fix this? -sorry for my awful english-

    1. Yeah, I’m really curious about that too.
      It’s not game breaking but it takes away from the game experience, like watching a movie with audio out of sync.
      I tried several versions of the game (not only from this site) but couldn’t solve this.
      Curiously, without the english patch, the voice splits well between the lines of text.

    1. It’s voice patch only. You can download the game itself in “Downloads” section.
      It’s 4 times bigger than game, since voices take much more space than text and images.

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