Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow-

Shikkoku no Sharnoth

The year is 1905 in the capital of the British Empire, the Engine City London, where the air is so thick with smoke that a mere glimpse of the blue sky is considered a miracle. The protagonist, Mary Clarissa Christie, is a girl living by herself while her mother works abroad. She attends university with her friends, Angelica Derleth and Charlotte Bronte, and lives a peaceful life.

However, through a chance encounter, she finds herself drawn into another side of London- spoken of only as rumors of “Metacreatures” who roam the night and attack people. She forms a contract with a strange man in a black suit, known as ‘M’, and begins to help him hunt these creatures…

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  1. MASTER8 says:

    Is this game contains hentai cut-scenes or not??

  2. anon says:

    Hahaha apparently there is less erotica in this vn than a typical game of thrones episode xD how is this considered an eroge again?

    Loved sekien no inganock btw, and that was the same ero wise.

  3. Lolzxd03 says:

    Hey you there. Yep, you who will DOWNLOAD it. DON’T do it. You should check this ( first. It’s more like a FULL VERSION.

    “Re-release with full voice, additional CGs, and the option to skip the minigame on first playthrough.”

    Now I truly don’t care anymore, but wouldn’t be wise to mention this at description?

    Thanks anyway. I love this site and the DA server.
    Behold: 1,5Mb/s. I’m always surprised. Shouldn’t be a speed limitation? Whatever.

  4. ShackledGrim says:

    Is there a cheat engine for the mini game?-____-

  5. Saru says:

    Is it necessary to play the ‘Inganock’ before this? Will I be able to understand the story even if I didn’t? Dx Heeelp~

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      You don’t have to play Ignanock to understand anything in this game. They take place in the same universe but that’s about the extent of of their connection. If I remember right at one point in Ignanock some one mentions the year being somewhere in the 2200’s so assuming the 2 games follow the same calendar Sharnoth would take place a good 300 years prior to the events in Inganock anyway

  6. cidz says:

    I installed the game and the patch except that in the english version after it shows what the controls and buttons are in the game it goes into a blank black screen and nothing after that. anyone know how to fix it?

  7. Rice says:

    In order to play the game,extract the .rar files. Then you should see a file called LIARSOFT24.iso.
    YOU NEED DAEMON TOOLS or some other program to mount this file to install it. AFTER ALL THAT, then install the english patch.

    This way you wouldn’t have problems with the text overlapping with each other and the game will run properly 😀

    It worked very well for me, so try it out!

  8. KF727 says:

    Patch will not work. Put it in game directory, (shar1), double click and the whole thing freezes. Nothing happens and I have to turn off the comp or use WTM or restart.

  9. Neiru says:

    I’m having a problem with the text and visuals. The game is not playing properly.

  10. jtm345 says:

    Well part 3 doesn’t work it said the file is gone-“File not found”…..kinda of annoyed since I can’t find it anywhere with working links

  11. Xelbair says:

    part 6 on isn’t working.

  12. strom says:

    Just to let the admin know, there is an update to the patch for this game that fixes a lot of typos. Called shar-r2

  13. Lianait says:

    Um, I think part 3 is broken, too. I can’t download it. Ich have tried a few times already u_û

  14. Mado says:

    Parts 5, 7, and 8 are broken as they direct to the download of an .htm file

  15. lulu96 says:

    uhmmm, some crash with the texts? O.O

  16. Justinius says:

    Ok, so I changed unicode to Japanese, restarted the computer, extracted the files, installed the game, patched the game, and now when I try to play I get a blank screen with no music and the text just overwrites itself. What am I doing wrong here?

  17. boss_al says:

    Is this H-game or not ?
    I don’t see any tags here !
    please explain

  18. Rizelmine says:

    If the patch say something like “can’t write”, try running it as admin, it works for me

  19. DarkCreyabis says:

    the patch refuses to work for some reason
    the game itself works fine but not the patch

  20. John says:

    Hey, can this be installed with x64 Windows 7? Cause when running the setup file it says it can’t be launched with my version.

    I have extracted it with the japanese local settings and all.

  21. Danisco says:

    i remember that there’s a full voice version? and is it that could allow to the english patch on the full version?

  22. Layla says:

    I’ve downloaded it all an I guess I an start playing it.
    But I just miss one thing: the patch. Everytime i try to install it my antivirus gets in the way and stops…
    I tried to run it as administrator, but still it won’t work. It has no virus in it because I already scanned it with antvirus and it told me it was a safe file.
    How can I do? (i have Vista)

    • admin says:

      You can turn off your antivirus software during installation process, or send the file in question to your antivirus vendor, detailing your problem, so that they can check it out and add the file to their whitelist.

      • Layla says:

        thank you!
        I’ll try it ^^ anyway, could you please tell me how to path it? It’s the first time I patch a game I don’t want to ruin it all.

  23. Anon guy says:

    I’m having trouble installing the english patch. It says it has trouble opening the file for writing. Has anyone else gotten this problem, and is there a way to fix it? Thanks for any help.

  24. Novelsfan says:

    thanks. the filesonic links worked well for me

  25. ookamigirl says:

    I installed japanese language pack and used app locale to install the game. After that I installed the english patch.
    Everything was ok, until I run the game and selected New Game. After that the english lines from the game started going over each other & I got the Text Line Error pop up screen. The rest of the screen was black with the english menu on it.
    What did I do wrong??

    • ookamigirl says:

      Never mind I figured it out and fixed it.
      For those with Windows 7 with the same problem, here is the solution:
      First change the language for non-unicode programs to Japanese, restart computer, unzip game, install game, install english patch I play! Simple enough ^^”

  26. ookamigirl says:

    When I start the installation I can’t read anything since it’s in random letters and signs, it’s like the system can’t understand the language or something.
    What do I need to do for the windows to make sense of it?
    I have Windows 7.

  27. Fyukuzan says:

    i like inganock. i hope this good too

  28. kumar says:

    I tried patching and it said that it could write the exe.

  29. krocolatos says:

    now that hongfire is closed for good T.T
    this is my last site for getting h-games. :3
    hope this site will never be closed 😀
    and just suggestion for admin, don’t ever post loli CG in this site 😀

    ha… damm.. those feminist

  30. Mykorrhiza says:

    Waah, it was amazing. Like the game before it “Sekien no Inganock” it is pretty complex and sometimes hard to follow but that’s one point I love about it.
    The end was pretty cute, somewhat. But I wished for a bit more detailed end. Still one of the best.
    Ah – and you won’t find any H scenes in it, just sometimes someone’s naked but that was it.

  31. red says:

    Having trouble installing the game. it starts to install then an error message pops up. Any suggestions?

  32. don says:

    is applocale required for this?
    ‘coz when i tried to install this VN through that and it disappointed me….

  33. Eureka_7 says:

    Anyone know where I could find a 100% saved game file or something? I won’t lie… the boring simplicity, the time it takes to finish one game, and the repetativeness… I don’t want to spend my night playing a game that spends more time in these games than in the actual plot/story.

  34. a says:

    something like 40% is voiced ;p

  35. Rhyagelle says:

    No Voice acting in ACT 3 part 1. Is it normal or just my game died?

  36. Lawrence says:

    filesonic part 3 is broken
    the file is only 300byte

    • admin says:

      filesonic has technical problems on few download servers. I already contacted them about it and they are fixing it. You can download that part from fileserve or wait a bit while they are fixing it.

    • rtsdogs says:

      it works just download it all open pt1 and get the iso it what i did it work good and do not for get to do the English Patch Download open win u get the game set up and u have to wait a lil for the full patch be done

  37. Ziogen says:

    I think Part 3 (Filesonic) is broken. Getting a 404 when I click on ‘Start Download Now’

    • admin says:

      This is technical problem on filesonic end. I just messaged their employee to fix it. You can download that part from fileserve or wait a bit until it comes back up.

  38. Gob says:

    Would it be too much to ask if a game is censored or not ?

    I know I can do some research in the external link ”Visual novel database”, which is very useful or MangaGamer for games that are from there. I can also see that most of the games with an english patch are censored.

    I wouldn’t care if you didn’t add the tag on previous updates, because it’s a pain to change every entry, but if you could at least add a tag ”censored” or ”uncensored” on future games, it would be very appreciated.

  39. Caragou says:

    Hi, Does anyone know what anime/vn the background picture is from?

  40. Cludusco says:

    Hey people with problems in win 7 go to the regional language setting and click administrative and change the system locale to japanese and next about the patch change the name of the destination folder and also type the name manually where to install the patch and there its installed and by the way some of the letters is the same as “we love master” plz can anyone fix that? and has anyone have a English of Magical Girl Kirara & Sarara ~Dioskroi Of Starlit Sky~ i wanna play it so badly because the characters there are also in Magical Battle Arena 🙂 PLZ.

  41. a says:

    What should I do to obtain the last 5 CG’s? I have only 6 Sketches…

  42. Tia says:

    I am unable to play using the eng patch, the words overlap and won’t fade away, menu boxes as well. Help?

  43. ashley says:


    any chance you can add the older game Transfer Student to the list thanx

  44. Zillion says:

    will u put Souten No Celenaria ~What a Beautiful World~ just asking and thxs

  45. nyarlathothep says:

    i finished the game, but when i watch the opening movie i saw a level that i never play. so here is my question, does this game have a secret level or the level in the OP is a fake?

  46. WillyB says:

    Thanks Uploader! Hey Any News on Little Busters! ?

  47. einixmax says:

    100% save – skip mini game.Extract and Put it in the save folder

  48. lolilol says:

    Freeze on start-up. Both Japanese or English.(w7 64, tried with CCCP too). Dooh!

  49. Kia says:

    My english patch isn’t working, and I think it’s because the full game isn’t installing? When I try to run the MDS file, it doesn’t work. I installed it with just running the ISO then, and when I try using the patch, it says some files are missing.

  50. RANDOM_HERO says:

    Say people… each time i finish running the game, i get an error saying “RScript has stopped working”, it’s not like i can’t play the game but it’s annoying, same happens when finish running Sekien No Inganock…does anyone know what’s happening…?

  51. Bunzneh says:

    Been having trouble starting the game, first the jap version, still the same after i installed the english patch.

    I’m on windows 7. The game became unresponsive when the moment it starts; nothing i’ve done can fix it, ‘running as admin, running in campatibility mode for windows 7’
    Can anyone help? Really want to play this ^^ Thanks!

    • RANDOM_HERO says:

      As leva said…it migth be a video/audio codec problem…uninstall any you might have and then install CCCP(Combined Comunity Code Pack)…i use it and no problem here…apart of the “RScript stopped working” posted below…

  52. keira says:

    thx 4 the solution ^^, as expected from our admin, LOL

  53. keira says:

    i already download and install the game, but when i try to patch it an error message ” error opening file for writing ” come out instead, anyone has a solution for this?

  54. Outworlder says:

    I’m at chapter 2 and was wondering if Mary’s purpose is to be a damsel in distress for the rest of the novel?

  55. Godzilla3000 says:

    Here the location of piece you need to collect on each stage.

    I found it by accident.

    [open mini-map, top edged is square 1, to right is X, and to left is Y]


    I thing you know each line is each stage right?

    • Godzilla3000 says:

      hope it’s come in handy some how

      oh and “TIP for finding walk through of eroge is in put this word in google

      [game name in japan]攻略

      you would likely found in many source personal blog, web, g-seeker or whatever it is

      攻略 this word means something like ‘walk through’ in japan.

  56. dudeblack says:

    thanks a lot admin
    Does this include voice or does it still need a patch?

  57. Outworlder says:

    Any guides or walkthroughs on this? I’m at the first minigame and was wondering if there’s a point to playing it or if skipping it has no effect on the story?

    • hiiuhiuv says:

      1. bear with it
      2. find 100% save file, it’ll let you skip through mini game
      3. good luck on finding guide/walkthrough
      4. give up on the novel

  58. MaxMaki says:

    Is this an other Yuri VN? Or this is an adventure VN?

    • hm... says:

      I see girls in same bath but no touching involve
      I can tell their friendship are deeply strong
      yuri or not, there’s no girl touching girl

  59. dm says:

    i cant download anything….You are temporarily not able to download this file. on fileserve

  60. Pez says:

    Thank you for all your do admin(s.)

  61. KuyaJoeru says:

    Nice. Thanks again for the stuff admin. We really appreciate it.

    I’m having problem with installing the English Patch. It’s giving me some error that says it can’t open the file for writing or something. I’m running Windows 7 btw. Any help would be much appreciated.

  62. cg55 says:

    Was there ever an english translation for the first in this series, Souten no Celenaria -What a Beautiful World-? I’ve had a hard time finding anything, other than a forum thread on hongfire that’s 404.

  63. mygirl says:

    please tell me how to install

  64. Diemeow23 says:

    Hwuah! Admin-sama! It’s not that I’m complaining or anything(I think), but are all the parts supposed to be this big? It just that, well both the servers seem to time out on me all the time…I’ll try harder though but, could you make the size of the future title the same as before? It’s okay if you don’t want to, just asking?

    • admin says:

      Well… I’m tring to balance between splitting downloads between fewer parts (so it’s less hassle to download – imagine having 7GB game split into 250MB parts…) and small size of files ( so that people with unstable connections can download them easier).
      Usually I’m using 250MB parts, but if packing game like that would result in 10+ parts, then I’m going with 500MB instead.

      • Diemeow23 says:

        Guess it can’t be helped, I’ll just have to time myself a lot better from now on. Thanks anyway, sorry to bother you

        • Rubick says:

          i guessing admin was refering to Majikoi – 7GB? xD

          • admin says:

            There are many games that big, with various reasons: Highly animated titles, like School Days. Retarded file formats, like Hirameki’s “AnimePlay” series – Hourglass of Summer, Phantom of Inferno. Full voice acting with high quality/poorly compresed voices etc.

  65. Satou says:

    I already installed the game and it works but when I start installing the english patch my computer goes BSOD. Tried for the fourth time and it still does it but when I started the game it still works with the translated stuff. Is fine playing the game this way? IS there any way to fix this? Thanks!

    • Satou says:

      I already fixed this problem. I didn’t notice that my disk space was too low for the patch to operate. It needs about 1GB of free space.

  66. xanimeman says:

    need some help here

    i install the game and patch it and when i play.
    it goes the the menu fine but when starting new game i only get japanese wordings (Y_Y) and then a few minutes later the game completely crashes on me (Y_Y)

  67. ShunBearBear says:

    Hey, I can’t download part 4 and 5 on either mirrors =(

  68. Leva says:

    Anybody have this game running in Win 7 64 bit? I am in Japanese unicode, and able to install fine, but when I start the game, the game becomes unresponsive the moment I start it up.

  69. Raion says:

    I thought I read somewhere that this is only a partial patch. True or not?

  70. jc says:

    how to install? plzz help

  71. Anon says:

    Didn’t even know this was being translated. There goes my weekend.

    Thanks admin.

  72. Outworlder says:

    My computer keeps warning me about the patch, which it hasn’t on average for others, after I download it. Is it safe?

    And has anyone reached the end? I just want to know if it was as unclear, confusing, and open-ended as Sekien no Ingarock was.

  73. Seeker says:

    Cool, split-off of Seien no Ignacok 😀

  74. Wildsleven says:

    if anyone could tell me how is the story of this vn? thanks in advance 🙂

  75. Fuji says:

    Hi, I have a problem with mounting this game in Daemon Tools. The Installation starts but few seconds after that, there is an error starting with numbers 1155 and other signs but i cant read japanese, so I dont understand. I have installed japanese support for windows and i didnt have similar problems before. Any ideas what should I do?

  76. Crim says:

    On vndb it says that it’s a linear plot. Not really fan of those. Might give it a try if the ending is nice. The ”depression” and ”desperation” tag kinda pokes my eye XD

    • Rubick says:

      umm..what’s a linear plot?

      • Dope says:

        A linear plot is having only 1 ending maybe some bad endings like Inganock or Uwatarerumono or w/e its spelled.

        • Rubick says:

          Bad endings in eroge sure is depressing huh?..anyways im still gonna play it since i got nothing to do..but still , i wonder if hakuro( dont know if i spelled it right) returns in the epilogue of utawarerumono.

          • Camui says:

            Well yeah, I mean for me anyway. After taking cared of studies and part time jobs I want to go home and relax with a good story. I don’t wanna end up crying and becoming more depressed. I’m just that emotional and get too attached to the characters…

            If you finish it, please poke me if the ending is nice 🙂

          • Rubick says:

            the ending is somewhat .. normal? not depressing but im not satisfied.. well i think the game deserves a 7/10 , worth the time.

  77. Tong Yang says:

    Is this game censored?

    • HAH!!! says:

      I wouldn’t care much about censor or not
      the story is more important than h-scence
      plus you should know most japan nude are censored

      • admin says:

        Actually – every japanese adult work needs to be censored – that’s the law there (Article 175 of Japanese criminal code).
        Only way to get uncensored works is by either english companies decensoring CGs during translation (ex. Demonbane, Koihime), Fan patches – extracting game images, editing them in photoshop, packing them back to game files ( Fate/stay night) or even bugs in game engine/developer mistakes (Summer Days)

  78. Gentlemen says:

    that means, it’s no suited for a gentlemen like me, huh?

  79. ogy says:

    The remake of Rance 2 has been translated recently. It’s called Alice 2010 I think. Is it possible to get that on here?

    • Shadyren says:

      Rance Quest? I don’t think so. No announcement for it though someone already translating it.

      • o_o says:

        rance quest = rance 8
        rance 2 remake was released and translated earlier, as part of alice 2010
        Alice 2010 / アリス2010
        Rance 2 (Remake)
        Afterstory of Vanish!
        Alternative version of Choukou Sennin Haruka
        Widenyonyo (Wide screen version of Mamanyonyo)
        Haru Urare -Kounai Akasen Kuiki- / はるうられ-校内赤線区域-
        Alice no Omochabako (various minigames)

    • sevennights says:

      The problem with rance 02 is that you have to install the entirety of alice 2010. All for the only game translated on it (rance 02) There are torrents out if you really want it now, as alice 2010 is 15 gigs iirc. No point in having the admin upload 15 gigs for 1 small game.

      • Daeverius says:

        Not really , forum which translated Rance 02 or on hongfire( dont remember where i found it) gives u a ripped version of Alice 2010 with Rance 02 ONLY its less than 1GB if i remember it right.

  80. jc says:

    umm is the main character a girl?

    • Outpost Omega J says:

      Likely, though it is theoretically possible it is a guy pretending to be a girl for what ever reason.

      Quoted from description at top of page:
      “The protagonist, Mary Clarissa Christie, is a girl…”

      • Rubick says:

        wth.. i don’t get it.. i thought protagonists are suppose to be males?

        • Seeker says:

          You really need to read more stories of multiple genders before asking that question.

        • HAH!!! says:

          being sexist?

        • RANDOM_HERO says:

          Well…it depends on what do you think a protagonist is…like, in almost every vns i’ve played, you do it trough a male’s point of view, but that doesn’t mean males are the protagonists, for example, no Fate Stay Night without Saber, Rin, or Sakura…also G-Senjou no Maou without Haru…maybe because lots of vn’s are presented to male customers…you got it wrong, and also, consider Yuri as a clear example of an exeption of what you think and what i have just said…=)

          • uey111 says:

            Main character = protag, which means the person from whose perspective we see the world (aka in F/SN it’s Shiro etc.), so while the main heroines are important, they can’t be considered main characters (unless when talking about main characters, we are talking about characters that have a lot of lines).

            Well, yuri aside, it’s pretty rare for the protagonist to be a girl, however games like Sekien no Inganock and Shikkoku no Sharnoth are rare as well.
            The answer to the first question, yes, this VN is linear, except that you can get bad ends.

        • Raion says:

          Are we forgetting yuri games?

  81. Sebrack says:

    Any idea if the story line for this is linear? That is one of the things I have disliked about quite a few of the more recent games.

  82. ded says:

    Good job admin! played Sekien no inganock. was surprise when a related game was release. yeah!

  83. Asch says:

    Oh! YEAHHH!!
    Thanks for everythingsssssssss!! >u<

    P.D: hey and no more yaoi novel? I mean…I love Absolute Obedience and I want to play more games =3

    • admin says:

      Only two yaoi games got translated – Absolute Obedience and Enzai (there’s also Animamundi, but it got h-scenes cut), and there’re not going to be any other yaoi novels translated in any close time – official companies consider this market too smal to even cover expenses with sales, and fantranslators simly aren’t interested.

  84. Metalingus says:

    Thanks a bunch!

  85. Nanashi says:

    Hey, you make you job perfect! More! More! (E)visual-novel game!

  86. Michael says:

    Thanks for uploading.

    Is that a sequel of Seien no Ignacok? (or however its written^^)

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