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  1. I downloaded it and installed it, but I can’t play it, it gets to some point of the explanation and then nothing. I can’t play the game.
    If someone could help me with that, maybe I did something wrong.

  2. Does anyone know whats the difference between first edition patch and second one posted by LuluChia? i thought second one is better but whenever i use it i have text errors every second line, whitch doesn`t happen with first edition patch( the one in the original download posted by admin).
    So is second edition realy important or anything?

    1. Shit, right after posting it I looked into patches on the amaterasu translations and it seems like the second edition posted by LuluChia is for the NonVoiced original version of game not the FullVoice reborn, guess thats why id doesnt work properly.

  3. this game is really amazing. like the story characters even the little historical bits of who was alive at the same time and what they looked like then. tho i could have done without the genderbending just so they could no homo

  4. yooooooooo ok I found out how to download the game without using DAEMON tools and if you can’t find the Liar Disc Image File to mount. This is a bit lengthy, but super easy to follow and well worth it in the end!

    1. Download the game and the SECOND REVISED patch (link: http://amaterasu.tindabox.net/download.php?id=53 )

    2. Extract the game files altogether FIRST.

    3. Extract the patch (it should be in the form of an application).

    4. The final game file should be titled \SharnothFullvoiceREBORN\ or something along those lines. The file name may follow with \.part__\ [example: SharnothFullvoiceReBORN.part08] That’s fine, just click that.

    5. A file titled \SharnothFullvoiceREBORN\ should appear, click that too.

    6. Within that file should be three items \SharnothRVR.mdf\, \SharnothFVR.mds\ and an internet shortcut file.

    7. EXTRACT the first two files TOGETHER. A file called \SharnothFVR\ should appear in the same location where the files you just extracted are. If you use 7zip, it may say \There are some data after the end of the playload data\ and \Can not open file as archive,\ THAT’S FINE and as long as it is done extracting (Green bar should be FULL), close the 7zip window.

    8. Click the \SharnothFVR\ file. You should see a total of SEVEN items in that folder starting with \program files\…\漆黒のシャルノスFVR\

    9. Click \program files\ > \Liar\ > \漆黒のシャルノスFVR\

    !0. The last item in that folder should be the game. Click it and the game opening movie should play. The title/menu screen should be in Japanese. We’re about to fix that.

    11. Open a new window and click the file made from extracting the patch, \shar-r2\ There should be 15-16 or 17 items in that folder. The last item being the game. (If you try to open the game and start a new game, the title screen will remain but the text will appear and overlap each other. Again, we’re going to fix that.)

    12. Select ALL 15-16 or 17 files and cut and paste it into the last window with the Japanese game application aka \漆黒のシャルノスFVR\

    12. Open the English patched game in that folder (the one among the items you just pasted onto there), titled \Shikkoku no Sharnoth\ THE OPENING SHOULD PLAY AND BE FOLLOWED BY AN ENGLISH SCREEN.

    13. And voila, the game is ready to be played! Have fun playing the game!

    1. I love you so much. I have been trying to play for 2 weeks to no avail until I actually read your comment. Absolute legend, live to 1000 <3

  5. I’ve downloaded the game, the eng patch, and have extracted the game successfully. I was able to reach the title screen of the game, but it gets stuck in the minigame skip. is there something i’m doing wrong? help is much appreciated.

  6. I’m having trouble installing the English Patch, where I get an error opening majority of the files for writing and copying fails.

  7. I’m having trouble with the english patch. I installed the game already, ran the patch, and when I run the game with app locale it’s still in japanese.

    Can someone tell me how they ran the game?

  8. I’ve got a problem, wondering if anyone experiences the same and can help me out. Downloading went fine, all happy, but when I try to start the game, I end up being stuck at the minigame skip (see here http://i.imgur.com/ccyLQbx.jpg) and there’s no other way for me to continue. Please help!

    1. Turns out I have to use DAEMON Tools to install the game. I install the game first before installing the English patch.

  9. Been looking forward to this one.
    Finally got it working but the text is weird. Theres odd gaps in between words (“proni se” and such) also there seems to be text cut off (it looks a “w” at the start of each dialogue line). Is this just a issue with the translation or am I doing something wrong?

  10. Oh shit.
    I’ve downloaded half of Shikkoku no Sharnoth before see this version at Google. Downloading everything again -.-

    Whatever. I want to play this game. I’ve heard ’bout it some time ago but I completely forgot LOL
    Thanks for the hard work!

  11. There shall be a third one in this seriescalled “Souten No Celenaria ~What a Beautiful World~”.
    Will it be posted here too?

    1. Since pretty much every VN that gets translated inevitably gets post here it’s a safe bet that one will also assuming somone translates it once its released. Since the game group translated both this and iganock I don’t see any reason they would leave this one out.

      1. Actually, Souten no Celenaria was released before Sekien no Inganock (which was released before Shikkoku no Sharnoth).
        It has a partial english patch according to VNDB.
        The “sequels” for Sharnoth in the What a Beautiful series are, in order of release:
        Hikari no Valusia ~What a Beautiful Hopes~
        Shiei no Sona-Nyl ~What a beautiful memories~
        Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a shining braves~

      2. actually, the people who translated Sekien no inganock and Shikkoku no Sharnoth said that they dont wanna translate Souten no Celenaria. To much sex not enough story, mostly just extra world building

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