8 comments on “Sekien no Inganock – Fullvoice ReBORN

  1. I solved the getting stuck at the Skip screen by taking the files for the english patch OUT of the subfolder, and putting them INTO the main game folder. It also solved the issue of not playing the opening movie.

    For some reason, the patch installer put them in a subfolder, and while the game would start, it’s missing assets, so will freeze at the skip screen because it can’t load the buttons. I also renamed the japanese folder names to english, and applocale deals with it just fine.

  2. games getting stuck for me at the beginning where it explains the option to skip the mini-game, screens gets darker but seems to be stuck there, i tried pushing enter, space, i also tried yelling at it, to no effect.

  3. wow, I’ve been out of the loop for so long, I can’t believe this site is still up and running. thank you so much, I miss my vns <3

  4. I personally think this is one of the least enjoyable VN’s I’ve played. There’s like… Hardly any consistency between things. Characters seem to just ‘vanish’ and are never seen/heard from again. Not to mention the ending was one of the worst ones I’ve ever seen…

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