9-nine- Episode 4

9-nine- Episode 4

9-nine- Episode 4 is the fourth volume in a series of supernatural mystery games, with Episode 4 telling a story centered around Noa Yuuki. The entries in the the 9-nine- series share the same setting and world, but each entry focuses on a different heroine. The villainous mastermind is revealed, friends are at odds, the mystery of the Artifacts uncovered, and bonds are tightened through mutual trust. What lies in store for this young man and woman with the power of justice at their fingertips in this installment?

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  1. Man, I really missed this site…I used to open this one first whenever I opened up my browser, I even bought a month subscription for downloadani.me and leech the hell out of this site haha.

    Just wanna say hello to Admin, how have you been? I hope you’re healthy.

  2. Can someone upload the new 18+ patch off Denpa? It’s annoying that they force you to make an account and put in billing info for the free patch.

  3. Can anyone recommend this series? Is it that good? I keep passing on it because it looks like your typical pure love story/vanilla dating sim. Opinions?

    1. Ahh, so all four games, this is the finale, are really different routes in the same game. Like an enforced play order. There’s a reason it’s like that, though. There’s a mystery that you learn more about through each route, so if you play 3 before 1 or 2 you’ll get a lot of spoilers and not understand any of what’s going on.

      I think it’s pretty good, but if you want the whole story you have to go through each girl’s route even if you don’t like them very much. That’s why I’ve held off playing 3 until now, because I didn’t feel like forcing myself they play that girl’s route without being able to get to the finale.

      One of the sex scenes in 2 is genuinely the funniest sex scene I’ve ever read. MC is voiced, even during sex if you want but you have to turn that on in the options.

      I think its good enough to spend my time on it. Sora’s best girl, though.

      TL;DR: It’s not a straight moege, if that was what you were worried about. There is a larger plot running through all four games so play them in order if you do decide to play them.

      1. i dont now man, when i think of funny h scenes, i dont know how anything is gonna top an h scene where the girl literally wants to sing the national anthem during sex and actually says banzai during climax

    2. First chapter is a bit bland (the heroine is cute, but very unremarkable), but they got progressively better. Like, chemistry between the protagonists, etc). I’ve actually been pumped for this one, excited to finally download it.

    1. If you’re talking about the black screen that appears in the H-scenes, then the game is bugged. The animations do work, but even that has problems as it continues to play after they are supposed to stop. There are also some untranslated English lines to make matters worse. It’s a shame that Denpasoft/Sekai Project didn’t bother checking for these bugs when they announced its release date on the 8th.

      The only thing you can hope for is waiting for a patch that fixes these issues as with Episode 3 months ago. People waited for progress on Episode 4’s translation and this is what everyone got in the end. Honestly I would’ve enjoyed the finale more if the bugs were non-existent to begin with.

    1. Admittedly Sora was best girl in the whole series, but the Noa route is akin to the finale. Her route ties into the true route of the game where everything is brought to a satisfying conclusion, the quality of character development increases every volume they release and Noa really outdoes herself in this one.

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