Love’s Sweet Garnish 2

Love's Sweet Garnish 2

Canvas+Garden’s 2nd entry and sequel which features their mascot characters who come to life in this youthful story! This time, the spotlight shifts to Ciel and Koron!

Taking place months after the reopening of the café, Milk Hall Caramella, the season now shifts to summer.
The café is as busy as ever so even Ciel and Koron have come to help out.
With his grandmother’s health improved, Asaki is approached by her to formally become the successor of the café.
No longer unsure of what to do, Asaki is steadfast in his goal to protect Caramella.

7 comments on “Love’s Sweet Garnish 2

  1. Yuzusoft++++

    Thanks for the head’s up – I definitely get all Yuzusoft titles – even purchase them, matter of fact. Cheers!

    1. Awww, but don’t you want to be an amazing prodigy chef, with a harem of cute maid girls fawning over your dialectic delicacies as they serve it to presumably-existent customers? Imagining the many erotic hours sitting in front of a hot stove, waiting for the soft buns to come out? Having lots of soothingly saccarine sex with screeching samefaced children?

      1. me too, also the fact that the H-Scenes are extra sometimes turns me off cuz I think for an H-Game those are added points for character development. The only Bakery/Cafe game I´m looking forward to is the new one from Yuzusoft and will likely be released next year.

          1. Yup and they just announced that it´s already 50% translated and will likely be released this year. I´m a bit excited now, I´m a fan of Yuzusoft and have been buying their works.

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