The Secret Atelier

The Secret Atelier

You are the advisor of the art club and the only other person in there is Ichijou Erika. She offers to be a model for the club but your eyes begin to wander towards her erotic body. Something she is very aware of.

“I wouldn’t mind… if it were with you… ♥♥”

How will you maintain your composure in front of her lascivious invitation?!

5 comments on “The Secret Atelier

  1. Hello Admin, when can you upload the following eroges here?

    Otoko Orgy at Maid Boy Manor [Miel/Cherry Kiss Games]
    Animal Trail Girlish Square 1 & 2(LOVE+PLUS already uploaded here)
    My Accademy’s Special Place Uncensored
    Destiny Star Girlfriend

    Tried using the ryuugames site that i read in the comments here and sadly its a bad download site, the ads are annoying as hell, the dowload links takes you to a different site and when the download starts its not the file you wanted to download(sometimes).
    So I wouldn’t highly recommend this site, since its full of problems and frequent virus(sometimes).

    1. When you start the game the 3rd option is the “options” -you can change language to English or Chinese there.

  2. Hi Admin, just wondering if the download host is broken right now? I just bought premium again but the webpage just times out and doesn’t download anything. I’ve tried other games as well but they aren’t working at all.
    The free download works when I log out of my account and try but I kind of wanna get my moneys worth out of it.

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