Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

Yuuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who doesn’t like chocolates. They are lifelong friends and students of the same school. They both belong to the food club with Mifuyu, their classmate. Actually, they don’t do anything everyday, just enjoying chatting… But one day, Satsuki, president candidate of the student council, promises to close the clubs that do nothing. To stop it, they decide to run against her… But who will they send out..? Yes, Yuuki is forced to run for the election… To save the club, he will just need to be the next president!

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  1. Say, is there a difference between the 2010 original and 2020 remake, like a Non – chan or Hazuki route?

    1. – Resolution converted to 16:9 (4:3 unavailable)
      – Adds some CGs from the console port
      – No longer locked into Chisato’s route for the first playthrough
      – Removes forced autoplay for certain parts of the game

  2. For Some Reason I Cant Find The Start.exe Is There A Problem On The Rar Files,, Because I Downloaded All The 17 Files Yet No Start.exe After Extracting Them All. Please Help Im So Desperate To Play This VN. Thanks In Advance

    1. hello guys if u ever have a problem in start.exe here was my fix:
      so for my case start.exe seems to disappear after it gets extracted and in some cases it doesn’t show up at all. First you may wanna keep trying to extract it until it shows up then keep opening it , make sure to not stop like u will keep having an error because all the files aren’t extracted yet but after the exe closes due to the error make sure u launch it again ( i think this avoids the start.exe to disappear). Wait until you get all the files extracted then while its still open go delete the licence at the “config” folder (there should only be 1 thing to delete there so i doubt you’ll get confused). then after that copy paste the serial number “Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE” then paste it once u open it again because the game will ask for it.

      take note that this is after i set the locale system to Japanese, this may also take a lot of do overs because start.exe sometimes wont show up , the main thing u need to avoid is for it to disappear.
      ALSO THIS MAYBE ONE OF THE REASONS WHY IT WORKED BUT BEFORE I EXTRACTED THE FILE I RENAMED THE FILE”start.exe” to “koi.exe” i dont think it matters what name u put but i did that because when i renamed “恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe” (the exe that gives u the dvd error) to “start.exe” it vanished right away lol (same case for renaming “uninst.exe” to “start.exe” make sure u rename it at the RARfile and not at the folder ur putting it once it shows up. i think if u did all of this at once u will have a a great chance of launching it. it works like a charm for me so i hope this helps y’all and sorry for being confusing cause the way i solved my problem is really mess

      1. like once you see the start.exe( which i recommend you rename on the RARfile) start launching it in the middle of extraction until all files are fine ( this will make sure that it won’t disappear) sry for my bad english


          1. hello guys if u ever have a problem in start.exe here was my fix:
            so for my case start.exe seems to show up in a middle of extraction and disappears after all the files gets extracted and in some cases it doesn’t show up at all. First you may wanna keep trying to extract it until it shows.then if u saw start.exe u must keep launching it even tho all files are not yet extracted , make sure to not stop like u will keep having an error because all the files aren’t extracted yet but after the exe closes due to the error make sure u launch it again (i think this avoids the start.exe to disappear). Wait until you get all the files extracted then while start.exe is still open go delete the licence at the “config” folder (there should only be 1 thing to delete there so i doubt you’ll get confused). then after that copy paste the serial number “Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE” so later you can paste it because the game will ask for it.

            take note that this is after i set the locale system to Japanese, this may also take a lot of do overs because start.exe sometimes wont show up , the main thing u need to avoid is for it to disappear.
            ALSO THIS MAYBE ONE OF THE REASONS WHY IT WORKED BUT BEFORE I EXTRACTED THE FILE I RENAMED THE FILE”start.exe” to “koi.exe” i dont think it matters what name u put in, but i did that because when i renamed “恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe” (the exe that gives u the dvd error) to “start.exe” it vanished right away lol (same case for renaming “uninst.exe” to “start.exe”) make sure u rename it at the RARfile and not rename it while extraction is occuring.(I DONT THINK THIS DOES ANYTHING BUT IM GONNA TELL U IN FULL CONTEXT OF WHAT I DID COS IM NOT REALLY SURE WHAT CAUSED IT TO WORK BUT IM MORE LEANING TO THE FACT THAT I KEPT LAUNCHING IT DURING EXTRACTION BECASE IT HAD NO TIME TO DISAPPEAR SINCE I KEPT DOING IT) i think if u did all of this at once u will have a a great chance of launching it.
            THIS IS NOT A PERMANENT FIX YOU’LL HAVE TO DELETE EVERYTHING AND DO THE TRICK AGAIN BECAUSE START.EXE WILL GO AWAY.i think what i did here is open it before it goes away which makes no sense how i am still able to play it( but hey it works). so keep the rar file and make sure you put your savedata on a different path(before u delete everything) so u can return it later and not lose ur progress. Also u can add ur save data once ur on the menu of the game.It works like a charm for me so i hope this helps y’all and sorry for being confusing cause the way i solved my problem is really messy.


    2. I FOUND A BETTER FIX: GO EXTRACT THE FILES EXCEPT FOR START.EXE then you should extract it last so it doesn’t disappear right away( this will allow you to acces start.exe before it disappears) start.exe shows up more if i extract it to my localdisk “D”

      MAKE SURE YOU COPY THE SERIAL AND DELETE LISCENSE SO ALL U HAVE TO DO IS LAUNCH START.EXE( if start.exe Doesnt show up just keep extracting it and try it at different paths)

  3. Can anybody get this game to run at all on windows10 in 2020? I have been trying on and off for months now, at least putting an hour a week into finding a few different downloads to try and many days I am there for more than an hour and my results never change. The amount of times I have downloaded this game could very well amount to a terabyte of space by now. However it seems my problem is unique and has no solution. I have been able to solve any errors that do show but my problem is that when everything else runs smoothly the game IMMEDIATELY closes upon show the very first black screen with “NOW LOADING” for not even a second. I get no error message, just a closed program with no show of what I launched in my task manager either. I have put days of time into trying to just play this game and nothing. Ugh, I typed a whole damn lot but can anyone help me here? Please, I am just a lowly weeb that wants to play this damn vn.

    1. Do not fret, weeblet. Just got it running on Win10 myself and I’ll tell you what I did.

      1. Download all 17 game files from here, if you don’t have them on your PC already.

      2. Extract the Koichoco folder to a SHORT directory and don’t rename it, in my case it was D:\Games. There is a limit to path length, and the game won’t work if it’s too long!

      3. Google Koichoco 1.1. ENG patch and download it from the wordpress of the translation group. Install it and select your Koichoco folder during installation.

      4. Open windows settings and click the region and language settings tab. Click the column “Region” on the left and select Japan. Click the column “Language” directly under the region column, click the grey cross and add the Japanese language pack. You don’t need voice output or text recognition, just the pack. Wait for it to install. Once done, close the settings window.

      5. Hit windows key and R to get into the run command prompt. Type in “Control International” (without the quote marks of course) and hit Enter. Go to the “Administrative” tab at the top and click on “Change system locale”. Click Japan, hit OK and restart the computer when asked to.

      6. Almost there. After restarting open your Koichoco folder, right-click start.exe, click run as administrator. The game will load a bit and then give you a Japanese text box. Enter a CD-key into the box (eg. Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE). Klick the upper confirmation box directly below it, the highlighted one.

      Done! Works like a charm for me. Hope that helps! BTW Satsumi best girl.


  4. does anyone know how to fix the director player problem?

    it says:

    “Unable to load movie playlist. Does the .INI file exist? It must contain a section ‘[Movies]’ with an entry ‘Movie01=Pathname.dir’. ”

    “This projector is stopping. ”

    “Application Error. This application cannot run.”

  5. For those with problems running this thing on Windows 10, here’s a quick guide:

    1-Download it all(17 parts)
    2-Download the 1.1 ENG patch(google it)
    3-Download the Hook(look down at the comments)
    4-Extract it all
    5-Install the patch and extract the hook in the game folder
    6-Change the OS language to Japanese(don’t reinitialize the PC)
    7- Enjoy

  6. Okay I had a massive pain in the ass trying to get this game working, but figured I’d post my struggles for people who might download it.

    I’m running Windows 10. First I downloaded the .rar files (a total of four of 500mb each, all the extant game files still up for downloading are probably the same by 2019, but ymmv). Extracted them using 7zip. So far so good. Double clicking on start.exe did nothing. Trying to use the icon with Japanese characters resulted in a string of errors. Just a bunch of ???????????????? on all .exe options. Deleted everything and started over.

    Changed the region and language to Japanese. Tried opening start.exe again.This time I got a strange bunch of Japanese characters and a ‘g.exe’ error. Did more hunting and got a locale emulator. Used it on start.exe and……”Please insert DVD” FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!! This error went on to infinity.

    Did more hunting and changed the Unicode options in the Advanced/Admin Language tabs in Settings. Still no good. Downloaded the “Koichoco Hook” (an .exe and .dll combo, Ctl+F it to find it in this thread), extracted them into the Koichoco file directory……………


    Thanks admin! This game is fire. Chisato is demented but I love her anyway. Satsuki is best girl, and I’m super pissed Hazuki gets no route. Enjoy, my fellow degenerates!

  7. I’m having an in game issue. The game runs, everything is fine just the ESC button doesn’t work once I start playing. Clicking or pressing Enter doesn’t bring new speech. It plays on Auto.

    Does anyone know how I can fix that?

  8. Try downloading the koichocohook.exe “@saber is love, saber is life”
    mentioned in this comment section.
    -Install the game patch 1.01 to the folder you extracted the game into
    -open the backup folder
    -copy the contents in the backup folder (SCN folder and some .cct AKA Everything in the backup folder)
    -paste into the folder with the game and patch
    -when prompted select to replace everything
    -extract the koichocohook.exe and its extension into the game folder
    -run koichocoHook
    -use the pin ( Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE ) and press the top button

    The game should work now! (you may need to reinstall the english patch). Hope I helped.

        1. I followed your instruction but when ever I Run KoichocoHook, I’m getting an error… how can I make it run?

  9. “Enlightenment is when you realize hating Chisato is
    what makes you love the other girls that much more.”

    Glad i am not the only one who felt that way.

  10. For everyone who is still getting the insert DVD pop up after trying everything, I found a solution that may solve it. You need to download Koichoco Hook.exe and put it into your KoiChoco folder. I found it at IGG Games website in one of the recent comments with a picture of 2 girls saluting while searching for a solution.

  11. For the ones getting the disk error dowload this file and then extract it in the game folder and run the game with KoichocoHook.exe, if u see anyone having he same problem please help him

  12. @sad

    Don’t bring SJW crap like “prejudice” in mangas, it will ruin every eroge or game for you.

  13. Please Help. Welp.

    Director Player Error
    Unable to open file “C:\Users\Nikaragua\Downloads\Koiii.tyyo.Senkyooo.to.Chocolate\Koichoco\Koichoco\KSC-MAIN.dcr” because it is already open with write permission by another user.

  14. So, still doesn’t work, good to see this isn’t getting fixed and everyone still yelling about changing setting to Japanese.
    I’m still getting the endless [Please insert the Koichoco DVD in the DVD-ROM drive] message.

    So I have Windows 10, I have changed my region to Japan in Region & Language Setting, added the language Japan in the languages, changed my system local to Japanese(Japan). I have used Locale Emulator and applocale methods as well to no avail.

    It is worth mentioning that I have been able to get it to run 3 times so far, but it seems to be completely random when it want to run and move past this message.

    1. Hey, try renaming “start.exe”. I have to rename it every time i want to play but it works.

      So my start.exe is Koichoco now. Every time I go to play I delete a letter. So Koichoc then koicho then koich…. you get the idea.

      1. Why does that work… I’m so upset that I’ve spent weeks trying to figure it out looking everywhere for the fix.

        Well that did it to say the least -_-
        Thank you.

  15. So if you are getting to the “Insert DVD” part and you are win 10 all you have to do is rename the “START” To what ever else. You have to do this every time you start the game. Don’t know why this works. Don’t care cus it does.

  16. I have troubles with starting the game. I’ve extracted game parts in a file, downloaded patch and installed it,locale emulator and set location to Japan. Start.exe works just with Locale Emulator? When I run the game as administrator I get a notification in japanese where just .exe is readable. Any suggestions? I’m really hyped up about this vn

    1. that made the game work

      * Hit [Start] and start typing “Region & Language Settings”, select that when it pops up and make sure your under [Region & Language] on the side bar
      * Under [Country or region] there is a drop down, select [Japan]
      * Restart computer
      * Hit [Start] and start typing “Region & Language Settings”, select that when it pops up and make sure your under [Region & Language] on the side bar
      * Under Languages click the grey [+] button next to “Add a language”, scroll until you see “Japanese” and install
      * Restart computer
      * Hit [Start] and start typing “Run” to open the Run command prompt and paste “Control international” without the quotes and press Enter
      * Go to [Administrative] Tab and click on [Change system locale…], from the dropdown select [Japanese (Japan)], hit [OK]
      * Restart computer

  17. well I had a lot of trouble getting this to work. I had the common problem of getting endless “please insert disk” messages.

    I always have my locale set to Japanese because I play a lot of visual novels but this is the first time I’ve had so much trouble getting one to work

    I finally got it to work by using a locale emulator that I found on pooi.moe, and right clicking on the start exe and choosing “run in Japanese” only then did I get the prompt for the authentication code after saying yes once on the insert disk message.

    I hope this helps someone who is having the same problem as I was

  18. For those of you getting the prompt to insert DVD when starting the game, this is how I got it working for me. Make sure that your computer region is set to Japanese of course.

    1. Extract the folder to wherever you want it to go after downloading all the parts.

    2. Install the English patch to wherever you extracted the game folder in step one BUT don’t launch the game after it’s patched. Just uncheck the boxes and close the patcher.

    3. Run the start.exe in the game folder. When the prompt to insert DVD appears, click Yes. A box will pop up in Japanese. There should be a space where you can click to type in some letters/numbers. Don’t type in anything. Below it are 2 options. Click on the top option and the game will start.

    *Note: After I confirmed that it works after starting a new game, I exited the game. My desktop turned black and I couldn’t access anything. I had to restart by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Once restarted, I tried to start game again by clicking on start.exe. Prompt to insert DVD appears again but after clicking Yes, game starts normally without the Japanese box appearing. Exiting works fine.

    4. OR just restart your computer after patching it to English and clicking on start.exe then Yes when the prompt appears to start the game.

    Hope I helped out some of you. Enjoy!

  19. jeez, looking at how bad these review really makes me reconsider playing things are great now, but it seems like things will literally go to shit, should i keep playing or get out while im ahead?

  20. for all those who still have problems making it run,
    you dont need to change the systemsettigns to japan…
    theres a programm called “applocale” get it install it via cmd (you need to install it as admin, only way to do so is via cmd… dont worry the programm is from windows its save) then start applocale and choose the “start” file in the gamefolder
    now it will start without problems .. there will be a screen popping up with some things you can click .. click the clickable thing at the top
    then the game starts without problems

    1. I know I’m late but I was just wondering if you can help me on something.

      So I downloaded all 17 parts and the English patch but when I try to install the English patch, it won’t let me? Apparently the folder that I want it to go in doesn’t have “Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate”?

      Any advice? Thanks.

  21. Just finished the entire game, best route (not best girl) for me was:

    Satsuki = Isara > Chisato > Michiru > Mifuyu

  22. “Chisato is best girl!” is all I can say. Great game overall though with regards to art, plot, bgm, and routes.

  23. I downloaded the entire VN using the DA-free links, extracted it, and McAfee flagged the .exe file as a trojan virus. I was wondering if it is a false positive, or is there something wrong with the download links.

  24. Why does it tell me to insert koichoco DVD in the DVD-ROM drive if i click yes it will repeat if i click no it will exit

  25. For anyone having trouble with no dvd issues. I made a .iso disc file that acts like the original disc and doesn’t need the start.exe file. You do have to enter a serial for this method that is on the .iso. I don’t know if you want me to send this to you admin.

    1. Actually the iso isnt working right on all 5 of my test platforms. The mdf file that I started with is so thats what I would give anyone.

  26. I’ve been trying to figure this out for the last hour but it seems that koichoco wont start. Yes, I’ve changed my local, yes, I ran the English patch. It still wont start even when I use the “start” application. It keeps saying to insert the game disk. Can someone help me?

  27. Hi everyone,

    I’m a beginner in the world of VN. I like this anime and I want to try with this one. I have a mac, so anyone knows is those files works in mac? or knows from a page which have VN for mac?
    Thank you so much.

  28. my first read.. it’s hard to choose between satsuki or mifuyu, seriously.. both of them are the best girl (i skipped the chisato route by auto btw lol)

  29. I’m having the “Insert DVD” problem even when clicking on start.exe

    Locale is jap, non-unicode programs is jap. I’ve run tons of these with this setup, but there’s something going wrong with this one.

  30. What’s up with Chisato? she act like she owns Yuuki what the hell , i hated her on Mifuyu route and Isara , she was so annoying , its her fault for not telling Yuuki her feelings like maji de , most tsundere are cute but hers was annoying.How do i unlock extras? is there and epilogue for the routes in extras?

  31. for those having the “insert dvd” problem, just click the “start.exe” file in the same folder.

    make sure you first have the english patch runned.

    i hope this helps someone, have fun

  32. Ok for the love of god, this shit is stressing me the fuck out.

    I have attempted and researched both methods to try to open this game with the english patch


    I tried the one with start.exe before english patch; that mothershit doesn’t engage the code input so i can put in the code. Every time i press yes; IT DOES THE SAME SHIT!!

    When i do the other method; it is when i install the english patch, tells me to “please insert the game into dvd drive” like come the freak on I pressed yes so many times and it still wont let me do shit!


  33. Sorry to ask everyone of this but I was wondering if anyone could help with the DVD problem. I usually have any issues starting VNs: my locale is in Japanese and the crack is provided if need be. However, I’m not finding any crack this time. I have installed the English patch but to no avail. I have also tried starting with the regular and ‘start’ applications for the game. Thanks to anyone who can help!

  34. So I am having the same issue as others in that when I start the game, I get a prompt asking me to insert the game into the CD rom. Clicking yes does not get rid of the prompt and clicking no closes the game. I am using windows and I made sure to run the english patch installer before trying to play. Any help or updates on this would be much appreciated, thanks!

  35. Welp, double checked and I still have my system locale set to Japanese. Tried running start.exe and of course got the same issues as the others. Not quite sure what’s wrong here but alas?

  36. This is yet another visual novel that doesn’t include the required tuning to play the game, same as Majikoi A-1. The steps are simple as to just go to “Start” type in “regions” and look for the shortcut to access the admin for the Apps Locations. Set to Japanese and restart the computer(might take a longer restart as my not so bad gaming rig took 3 min extra). Once done, launch the game and Viola! You can play the game that you have been craving for after those damn gameplay videos!

    1. Go “Start” on Windows, type in “regions” in the search bar and enter the only suggestion shown. Once in, go to the “Administrative” tab and change the “Language for non-Unicode programs” current language to Japanese. With that it will require you to restart the computer to apply the updates, do that and re-launch the game. Done!
      Enjoy your new game!

  37. HELP!! I can’t get it to work first off I extract the file and clicked “start” but nothing happened than I click the game and this popped out “??????” please!! help me I would very much appreciate it(:

  38. HELP!!+I+can’t+get+it+to+work+first+off+I+extract+the+file+and+click+start+and+noting+happens!!+and+then+I+clicked+”恋と選挙とチョコレート”+but+this+poped+out+”???????”+plz+help+me+I+would+very+much+appreciate+it!!(:

  39. so i have tried running game with start and normal exe and neither way works, both times it runs but then gives a prompt that then closes the game

    1. If you have done that and it couldn’t start, you must have done something wrong related to the files. Or else, all should be fine. English patch launch once and make sure you restarted after the regional reset.

  40. am i the only one that after i start the game it says something about a cd and then il close on its own?

    1. as long as you use the “start” link in the folder, if you click yes when it pops up then the game will finish launching. however this prompt will pop up every time.

      Sincere apologies for not having a better idea

      1. even if I click yes it continue to pop up for quite a few times and the game doesn’t seems to launch, do I need to continue to click yes until it launch? Anyway thanks for the help.

    1. Not completely, her involvement in Satsuki’s route is great but I get what you mean.

      It just didn’t end up bothering me because of how good Satsuki’s route was. Chisato’s nonsense really helped highlight just how much better Satsuki was as a character, and since Hazuki was already a great character the interaction and growth between the two of them was very heartwarming. It also helped that the election actually mattered unlike some of the other routes.

      Also the sisters are sexy as fuck. Seriously.

      Isara’s route was good too. Isara’s character wasn’t super interesting, but her brothers were awesome, and the drama surrounding the election and the real achievements they obtained made the route itself very satisfying.

      Mifuyu’s route was just kind of… dull. Seeing the Chisato/Yuuki relationship from a slightly different angle was interesting and possibly handled better than Chisato’s route just because there was real emotion involved. The route itself just wasn’t particularly gripping.

      The reason why I though Mifuyu’s angle on the thing was more interesting was because of how it directly impacted the relationships between them, and the others as well as how emotionally impactful certain scenes were. I won’t say that Chisato’s route was stupid, but the character was really irritating up until she got her way and remained irritating in all the other routes. Even when she got her emotional payoff and everything turned out happy ever after, it didn’t really feel like an achievement.

      That’s because throughout the entire common route every character, all the dialogue, and the game itself are insisting that Yuuki and Chisato and meant to be together and that it’s going to happen anyway. There’s no real question about it, no conflict, and everyone cheerfully accepts it when it does happen. Sure, warm happy love is nice but for a story there needs to be some form of conflict to keep it interesting. Finally getting over your brother who died over a decade ago and/or deciding to eat a symbolic piece of chocolate after being a whiny bitch is not conflict or particularly emotional.

      The reason why Isara, Mifuyu, Michiru, and to a lesser extent Satsuki had more emotional scenes and meaningful endings was because they had to get through some serious shit to successfully maintain their relationship and/or meet their goals. Chisato had a free pass and just had to stop being a coward about it.

      Satsuki had less conflict, but also dealt with relationships between characters more. Yeah, the election drama wasn’t a huge deal because in the end it was beneficial to have the “bad” stuff happen but ironing out the relationship with her sister and family was handled well.

      The real unique route was Michiru’s because it dealt with all sorts of things that the other routes didn’t even remotely hint at. It was also the only one with a truly different election result. Most of the other routes had similar election results just with the focus policy or final position swapped around a bit.

      I would argue that Michiru’s route feels more like a “true” route or “canon” route than Chisato’s, even though her route is focused on as the core of the game. It deals with far more topics, has more interesting and self-contained conflicts, and even rounds out the story for a lot of other characters who would have remained a mystery outside of her route. I guess how much you like that route kind of depends on how much you like Michiru though, since she’s one of those divisive character types.

      If I had to choose a favorite route it would definitely be Satsuki’s. Partially because the two sisters are great characters (also sexy as fuck) and partially because it has a good story arc and development without the addition of “unnecessary” drama. Some of the situations in other routes felt kind of forced just for the sake of added conflict, but Satsuki’s route didn’t feel like that.

      The next choice would be either Michiru’s or Isara’s, leaning toward Michiru’s because they have actual challenges to surpass and goals to reach which make good use of the election backdrop contrary to Chisato’s route and Mifuyu’s route where the election is completely irrelevant in every way.

      In the end, I’m not entirely certain the game knew whether it wanted to focus on romance or story so it has some strange, disjointed writing that didn’t always match up internally. That’s one of the reasons why I thought Satsuki’s route was superior, because it strikes a good balance. However, Michiru’s route shows that they were absolutely capable of writing good story and drama so it makes me wonder why Chisato’s route, the main route, was flubbed so hard. Maybe her story would have been more interesting if the character wasn’t a complete turn-off that made me not give a shit about her circumstances at all. I mean come on, she actively interferes with basically everything in the VN… including interacting with other characters which is one of the core components of a VN.

      1. A good piece/review on Koichoco. I agree with quite a bit of it, and disagree with a few bits here or there. Primarily, I agree on the ‘good balance’ that was achieved in Satsuki’s route. It just felt -good-… decent writing, decent character development, decent drama and conflict, etc. Plus, yeah, the sisters are sexy as fuck.

        I see what you’re saying about Michiru’s route, but saying that it’s possibly more canon than Chisato’s route rubbed me the wrong way. Although I agree with most of your points concerning Chisato’s route, I was still very sympathetic towards her. Replaying Chisato’s ending after finishing all the routes in the VN… it’s extremely satisfying. More so than when I finished it the first time. She’s a good girl and gets fleshed out more in the other routes. I guess you could say some loose ends got tied up.

        Anyway, I agree with you re: Isara’s route, Mifuyu’s route, Satsuki’s route, most of Michiru’s route… I guess I just felt more connected to Chisato by the end. I don’t know who I like more, her or Satsuki.

        Thanks for the opportunity to vent, Lucas, and I apologize for the disorganized thoughts. haha

  41. If you want to enjoy this VN… I suggest holding off on Aomi Isara’s route. I chose it second because she seemed like the next most natural relationship after Chisato. It basically ruined the VN for me.

    The prejudice issues that it discusses reveal the other characters to just be awful, terrible people in every possible way and in the following routes I couldn’t get that impression of them out of my mind.


    Even Kiba Mifuyu, the kind elder sister, is revealed to be a disgusting self-serving bigot. Chisato, Miifuyu, the monkeys, and others all treat Aomi Isara horribly, completely disregard the prejudice issues for their own benefit. They abandon the club, their friends, and their goals with very little provocation over slight disagreements. They only care about themselves even though they were supposed to be fighting together for the club.

    It makes it even more obvious how terrible they are as people when they push all the blame onto Yuuki, blaming him for all their problems, and insisting that he’s the one causing the club and their friendships to collapse. This completely disregards the fact that he’s the only one standing up for what is right and legitimately trying to help others when they only care about themselves. Not to mention, they forced him into being the candidate, and pressed all responsibility and decision making onto to him. They act as if its somehow none of their concern, they take no responsibility for their actions, and continue being disgusting, selfish bigots who disregard everyone else’s feelings for their own personal satisfaction.

    Even Hazuki refuses to step in to correct how awful these people are acting towards someone who is working his ass of for them as well as their supposed friends. This kind of personal betrayal, bigotry, and abandonment of friends disgusted and unsettled me far more than many significantly worse VNs which were written specifically to be disturbing.


    I believe that this VN has broken me. It presents itself with colorful, cheerful characters and story. However, each successive route makes me hate it more and more, and makes me feel worse and worse. Starting with the forced Chisato route that has many of its own problems only magnified how awful Isara’s route portrayed everyone else because I was hoping to escape Chisato’s insanity by pairing up with the other girls. Now the only enjoyment I derive from this VN is the moment in each route when Chisato is completely broken. That moment when she realizes all her hopes and dreams have been crushed and that she will be miserable and alone for the rest of her life. Her suffering eases my own, however slightly.

    1. Well Yuuki was kinda stupid to right? why didnt he just stopped running for president , i mean i know he wanted to help Isara too and all.

  42. If+you+want+to+enjoy+this+VN…+I+suggest+holding+off+on+Aomi+Isara’s+route.+I+chose+it+second+because+she+seemed+like+the+next+most+natural+relationship+after+Chisato.+It+basically+ruined+the+VN+for+me.+




  43. Chisato is quite literally Yuno Gasai lite edition.





    The only problem is that Chisato isn’t part of a hilarious show. And she’s significantly more annoying. And significantly less interesting. And extremely stupid compared to Yuno’s twisted and sinister cunning. She is really good at manipulating stupid nerds into doing her bidding by virtue of being a grill tho. That’s something I guess.

    1. shes a dumb character. her route shouldnt have been forced. it makes sense in context since their relationship is the entire core of the story but that doesnt excuse shitty writing. plus literally nothing actually happens in her route. seeing their relationship have closure and her stop being a bitch because she got over herself is nice but everything else is just fluff text and a giant waste of time. they could have cut out 90% of the route and the outcome would have been the exact same as long as they left the “first date” chapter in there. i mean fuck, the election doesn’t even go anywhere in her route everything just goes back to the status quo. lame.

  44. Hi again.

    The game works fine, and quicksaves/loads work fine. Tried hard saving again, saved in slot 1 and this time, the back button appeared, so yay to that. But the button disappeared after clicking on it, leaving me again trapped in the save screen, so fuck to that. Had to close the game (before it CDT), start again and fortunatelly the hard save was ok. Well, it’s really a matter of doing all that work to save your game, or just make a quicksave and problem solved. Sorry for the bothersome post, had to point out this little bug.

    And sorry if you find any grammar misspelling, please don’t gun me dow. It’s quite hard to type with a cat or two in your lap that refuse to go…

  45. Hello. Has anyone encountered this problem?
    Finnaly got the game to work after following the instructions with locale emulator, but after a hard save (I don’t like quicksaves very much, sorry. Bad experiences with other games… ) the game crashes. this is what happened:

    1. Selected the slot and saved in 1
    2. Now, game didn’t let me return to the game itself. No right clicking or button or anything changed that. I was stuck in the save file screen.
    3. Deleted the saved game and tried saving again. And now you can’t save at all, anywhere at all.
    4. After a bit more of clicking and changing saving slots to see if anything worked, still not saved, then the game just commited CTD.

    I haven’t tried the quicksaves, surely they work, going to try them now if I can get the game running again. My system is windows 7, by the way. Just wanted to point out this bug and to see if anyone can tell me if it can be fixed.

    Thanks, and have a nice game.

  46. This game is tremendously disappointing.

    The writing isn’t bad, but it anything isn’t special. The relatively unique art is nice.

    However, you are forced into the Chisato route first no matter what you do, and Chisato is a horrendously irritating character especially considering the MCs meekness when dealing with her bullshit. It just kills my enthusiasm right out the gates.

    Not only that, but the game cooks up and hints at weird shadowy drama that it never actually fleshes out.

    Finally, the absolute worst part of the game that completely ruins any enjoyment I could have gotten out of it… HAZUKI DOESN’T HAVE A ROUTE! WHAT THE FUCK? I mean seriously, why. She’s heavily involved in multiple routes, they spend a lot of time together and they have history. Why in the fuck does she not have a route?

    Bravo, you raised my hopes and dashed them quite expertly, game. 0/10 DIAF

  47. I got a problem with saving the game, I just started and when i try to make a save file it works but when i try to go back to the game the back button disappears after i press it and I’m stuck in the save screen with no way out. Anyone got any clue how to fix it?

  48. For those who get
    (like me), here’s what I did:

    I found a useful app called “Locale Emulator” (google it). Basically, you ran a jap lang games by right-clicking the usual .exe file and then select “Locale Emulator” then “Run in Japanese”. I play most VNs using this method and it works wonder. FYI, I don’t use AppLocale. (My PC runs Win7 Utimate 32bit)

    1. Install the game like usual
    2. Copy “start.exe” inside “No DVD Patch” to the game’s installation folder.
    3. Install translation patch to the game’s folder
    4. Change system locale to Japanese under “Region and Language” setting, then restart the PC
    5. Run “start.exe” using “Locale Emulator” method; when it asks for serial code, copy and paste the code mentioned in this page, confirm, and then voila, the game plays.
    (note: if these steps don’t work for you, try installing the translation patch AFTER you insert the serial code)

    In my case before I tried this method, I tried to play using “Locale Emulator” WITHOUT changing the region, because, like I said above, most VNs I have can be played using this emulator, even untranslated VNs. I don’t know why, but it seems that this particular game have to be played by changing your region first and then use the emulator.

    Hope my method can help you.

  49. For those who downloaded the game via the 17 different parts, make sure to move all of the files into one single folder before running the application.

  50. Windows 10 64bit | start.exe does nothing, possible solution

    Windows 10 64bit has a few places to “Set to local Japan” I had already done 1 and 2 but 3 had me stumped for a while and when I made that change a number of games started working for me

    * Hit [Start] and start typing “Region & Language Settings”, select that when it pops up and make sure your under [Region & Language] on the side bar
    * Under [Country or region] there is a drop down, select [Japan]
    * Restart computer
    * Hit [Start] and start typing “Region & Language Settings”, select that when it pops up and make sure your under [Region & Language] on the side bar
    * Under Languages click the grey [+] button next to “Add a language”, scroll until you see “Japanese” and install
    * Restart computer
    * Hit [Start] and start typing “Run” to open the Run command prompt and paste “Control international” without the quotes and press Enter
    * Go to [Administrative] Tab and click on [Change system locale…], from the dropdown select [Japanese (Japan)], hit [OK]
    * Restart computer

  51. I tried to play but a message appeared that said if i could insert the game disc in the DVD-ROM drive
    What proceeds in this situation?

  52. Having trouble getting Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate to install

    – Running on Windows 10 x64bit
    – Set [Region and Language] to local Japan, added Japanese language, then Restarted computer
    – Extracted the 17 .rar files using 7-Zip
    – Tried running start.exe as Administrator and nothing happened
    – Tried running start.exe in compatibility mode as Admin and nothing happened
    – Tried renaming start.exe to Koichoco.exe [as suggested] and repeated above two steps, nothing happened

    Not sure what to do at this point, any help appreciated

  53. Ummm… just a question…
    .Is it just me or is the download server so slow…
    I mean my Pc’s average download speed is 100kbps But everytime
    I’m downloading from this server the download speed goes down
    to 30-50 kbps…..

  54. Hi

  55. Hello

    I managed to get it working after renaming start.exe by koichoco.exe. Now my new problem is the infamous black screen after the intro… If someone can upload a save right after the video, it would be much appreciated.


    1. Solved. I rename the opening file after starting the game and no black screen occur.

      So for Windows 10 users who have problems for playing, here are the steps i follow:
      1) Put the system in Japanese locale when restart
      2) Extract the game in folder Program Files (x86)/Sprite/Koichoco
      3) Rename start.exe by Koichoco.exe
      4) Remove KSC-LICENSE.dat in the Config folder. Launch Koichoco.exe and write the code Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE for the dvd
      5) Install the english patch.
      6) Now the game start properly in my case. If you see the black screen after the opening, follow my tip above.

      Hope it helps.

  56. Hi!

    I was moved…. this game is good! I want to have their bgm, but I could not find it in Google. Does anyone know how to get their bgm?

  57. How do i install the english patch? Do i just run the English Patch after downloading all the parts?

  58. Hello guys, I’ve decided to try and help some of the people that are having problems with running Koichoco just as I did before I dug up solution.
    Here is what I did to get it finnaly to work:

    Go to control panel > Region and language > Admin > Unicode settings > Set it to japanese > Restart computer

    After this I was finnaly able to make it work . Hope it helps you as well and have fun reading 😉

  59. Just another person to say that when I try to start this game I get the “Please insert game disc into you DVD drive”. I have JP Locale, Extracted in x86, I’ve tried both the “start” and “恋と選挙とチョコレート” applications both normally and in Run as Admin. Tried it with and without KSC-License and makes no difference. I just never get to the prompt where I need to paste the code, just an endless loop of clicking yes.

    I’m pretty sure people can get around this issue, I just can’t seem to. Any ideas?

  60. alllrighty ive tried literally everything ive read every single post on here. I cannot get past step 3. ive sat there and spammed the yes button for like a solid minute and nothing happened. also the file is “start” not start.exe does that matter at all?

  61. how to run in case of fuckup

    1. Extract rar file anywear desktop recommended
    2. Run the start.exe application BEFORE!! you install the English patch
    3. Click yes when it asks you about DVD
    4. Paste the code Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE, then click the highlighted button
    5. close the game
    6. Run the english patch and when it finishes dont run it just finish it
    7. and Done, just go and use that start application everytime you want to launch the VN not the icon one with the japanese leters
    next to it if you do you will have to start from the beginig and delete the folder

    also This is all done assuming you already have Japanese locale set

  62. Just a newbie question… Is there a way to expand the game window? I dont want it to run full screen but the default game running in a 800×600 window just feels too small.

  63. Ok so finally got past the previous error. Now when I try to run the game it says the following:

    KSC-VOICE.cct is not a Director File

  64. he notice me too the DVD problem and i’m download completly, the game’s parts and i’m deceived for that…

  65. In regards to the Chisato censor in the bath.
    /V/ answered it. I’ll just put it here.
    “the TL group fucked up and included the censored version of that in the normal patch.”

    “is that the only error in regards to censorship?”

    “Yeah thats the only one. It happened for me and I still got H-scenes and stuff. It’s not really a big deal.”

  66. Yeah I can’t get this to work. People keep saying to paste a code in somewhere but I never receive a prompt to input such a code — I just get the missing DVD error, and clicking Yes just brings it up again ad infinitum.

    Do I need another program or something to be able to input that code? I got Locale Emulator just in case but still no dice.

    1. I think the “start.exe” crack file is faulty or something. After about an hour of messing with it I finally got the popup to input the code and the game actually started — unfortunately I didn’t have the English patch loaded at the time, and when I restarted after installing the patch it kept giving me the NoDVD error again. I just kept trying and eventually the game launched again.

      I have no idea how to fix it so it’ll run every time though…

  67. Unfortunately for me, everytime I clcik start nothing happens.
    This is on Windows 10 and I tried all the stuff you guys suggested.

    1. in win 10, search for ‘region’ in control panel, ‘administrative’ tab, change system locale settings to Japanese then run, emulators don’t work somehow

      1. Using Windows 10, too. I already set the region to Japanese, still nothing happened, once I try to start “start.exe”.

        “恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe” gives me an error to install Shockwave player, what I did anyway.

        1. Same deal for me.

          I’ve given up I haven’t found anything that works for me. I simply can’t run the start.exe no matter which order I install it or folder I put it in. Neither my antivirus or applocale seem to have anything to do with it.

          1. I’m using Windows 10 and to get this game to work first you should download the locale emulator (google it and for me I use Xupefei’s emulator). Whenever you want to play the game, go to the Region and Language settings and at the Languages section, set the Japanese Language as default(download the language pack from windows first of course). There is no need to sign off for the changes to take effect. After that, open start.exe with emulator. Once you’ve done playing, set the original language back to default.

  68. I just realised…To whoever has the problem with the black screen..(We are not many)
    That before I installed the patch.
    It shows the same thing.
    The Black window and the text.
    Am I doing something wrong?
    I installed the patch, I changed the location to japan, I downloaded the amulator.
    What am I supposed to do?

    Also I can’t the files on C:/Program Files (86x)

  69. why do you use that download server?! it’s so scaming us… why should i download that many partial when the only file exist?!

  70. Kay I’ve managed to have the installation working myself and here are some simplified steps that worked for me on windows 10:

    1. Extract rar file into C:/Program Files (86x)
    2. Run the start.exe application BEFORE you install the English patch
    3. Click yes when it asks you about DVD
    4. Paste the code Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE, then click the highlighted button
    5. close the game
    6. Run the english patch
    7. Done, just don’t use that start application everytime you want to launch the VN

    This is all done assuming you already have Japanese locale set

    1. I can’t get the start.exe file working on my windows 10. I was wondering if you know how to deal with this.

  71. I’ve finally figured out the proper way to install. Firstly you extract the parts. After that click start.exe to start it. There’s a white box with Japanese words all over. Copy Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE and paste it there. Click to first clickable button and it’ll start. Finish the opening song and wait for the time you can save. Then after you saved, start the translation patch and save it in the same folder as your start.exe. Everything should be okay after that.

  72. I had the DVD problem and I just solved it. I dont know if the local emulator helps or not, but do that. You will also need this code : Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE. Get ready to copy and paste this. Move your translated folder into ur C:\ directory, and then open start.exe. Click yes when it tells u to insert dvd, and it will bring u to this console like screen. paste the code above, and then you can make a shortcut of start.exe to desktop. hf

    1. This is normal. Chisato is the neutral path so u hv a high chance of getting her route. Cause there is no indicator I didnt even know I was on her route until much, much later.

  73. It’s been 20 days and I tried everything
    I turned off my antivirus
    I located my computer on Japan
    But still I can’t start the game
    First I wanted to point out that in the folder it doesn’t write ”start.exe” but ”start”
    I reall ywant to play this game and I’m trying really hard.
    Anyone can help me?

  74. I need help with this. When I open the patch file, it takes me to somewhere in Program Files, but since I don’t have the game there, I redirect it to the folder where I unziped the game. But when I click Start.exe, it says: ヌミ・冐ヌミノ`ノ睨Rノ蠻[ノgヌミ・冐ヌミノ`ノ睨Rノ蠻[ノg.exeヌ吝ゥヌャヌゥヌヒヌ局ヌメナB鍼・ヌオヌ局ンナB.


  75. dont know if censored or if its just this one scene in the the bath with the first girl but that part is censored.

  76. Is there a solution to the enter dvd thing? at first it worked but when i turned off my computer and tryied to play it didnt work anymore. I tried to find a place to buy the game so it wouldnt say dvd anymore, but i cant find it anywhere on the internet.

  77. for those that have problems starting the game i started it by:
    running start.exe
    putting the serial:Q6ZL-HRH8-PZJF-Q2RE
    only use start.exe for playing the game not the other exe

  78. I found the absolute fix for “Insert DVD”. Being in Japanese Locale mode is not enough. Use Locale Emulator and set it to run in Japanese mode with Administrator rights and it will run every time when you press Yes to continue.

      1. Than you are not running start.exe or you don’t have the English Patch installed there should be no Japanese window. When you run with locale emulator as I stated you will still get insert DVD but click yes and it will play.

        1. Ah, turned out I deleted the translation file when I couldn’t get it to work the first time. However, now it says it couldn’t find Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, and none of the file I downloaded has that name. Do I just change one of the 恋と選挙とチョコレート to English name? Sorry about this stupid questions, and thank you.

          1. I have the same problem…I downloaded the amulator but it shows a black window with some Japanese.
            I must have deleted it too.
            So that means I have to redownload the Patch right?
            Yeah I know ‘s a stupid question..
            For your problem I think you need to install the game again.
            Of course I might be wrong.

          2. did you fix this problem?? My program still say g.exe along with japanese, if you fix it pls tell me how to fix it

          3. If you are still having this problem, you need to set your language for non-unicode programs (system locale) to Japanese. Had the same problem asd this fixed it.

    1. Nah didnt work, i used locale emulator on start.exe and i have the patch installed but i still geg enter dvd in english and it keeps popping up.

  79. I had an issue with the patch, where the nipples on chisato’s tits in the bath were censored. Read somewhere I need to replace a patched file with the original one and that removed the mist, but now I’m at the first sex scene where she wants to wank Yuu-kun off and his dick is pixel-censored. Is that regularly done, even in the 18+ version?

    Fast answer would be appreciated.

  80. Neither “start.exe” nor “恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe” allow me to install the game.
    Did I miss something or is there a missing file ? I tried on my two hard drives and before/after ibstalling the english patch (and yes I have set my local setting on Japan).
    Please answer.

  81. Thanks for putting this up! Have a problem, though, when I try to run the game the game screen shows up and does nothing.

  82. I tried to run the patch but a little window appears and says

    “NSIS Error Error”
    “Error launching installer”

    I do not know what to do… have windows 8.1

  83. i cant seem to be able to play the game after extracting the files correctly and downloading it, when i try to open up the application i am shown a ???????? error and brought to the adobe shockwave page, is there a way to fix this or am i downloading it incorrectly?

        1. East Asian Language ? do you guys set your Computer Language to Japanese ? if not , go to Control Panel -> Regional and Language Options -> Languages -> Install Files for East Asian Language , after that go to Advance section and set your Language to Japanese then Apply (you need to restart your Computer to make it work)

          Tutorials :

          Windows XP – http://erogedownload.com/faq/installing-japanese-support-for-windows-xp/

          Windows 7 – http://erogedownload.com/faq/changing-to-japanese-locale-on-windows-7/

          Vista – http://erogedownload.com/faq/installing-japanese-support-for-windows-vista/

          well that’s how my game work ^^

    1. same problem here, though i ve downloaded it from somewhere else. Actually, it was the pre-installed version of game, is it same as yours? Did you downloaded it from here, or from somewhere else as well? i am excited to play it but unable to, and apparently i’m not the only one.

  84. All I can say is, I absolutely understand why you have to do the Chisato route before you can play any other one. CHisato with her fucking jealousy would definitely be a candidate for me not wanting to finish a route for the very first time. So incredibly annoying.

    1. heres what i did and it fixed that problem

      1. A fresh install by deleting extracted game files and not the rars. after that go to control panel and uninstall english patch there

      2. Extract the rars again then follow usual procedures by running patch with admin and finding and applying it to where the folder of where the game is located

      3. After you applied before you click “Finish” make sure that you delete the “Config” folder if it is empty

      4. Then delete the backup folder then click “Finish”

      5. If it asks you to “insert dvd” or anything similiar to this then just press ok

      6. If a text box pops up asking for some type of serial code just click the the button right under it and the game should start

  85. LMAO!!!!! OMG, by far one of the most entertaining VNs i have played through. thank you admin for allowing such a low life form such as i, oglop the oglop slayer, enjoy this.

  86. can anyone make an installation guide for this because i am having errors involving “insert the disc”, i cant do that because there is no image file that is provided after i downloaded all of these parts. not only that but i dont see the serial txt. that supposedly is in the files that i downloaded.

  87. Hey admin, i’m having a problem here.
    After I patched, a window of the game popped, but a message of “please insert the koichoco dvd” appeared, and if a try to tap yes, it just reload, if a tap no, the window are force-closed. How do I fix it?

    1. none of your downloads go through winrar, since winrar is no downloader.
      And as long as it works with a format, whether you use winrar or 7zip or any similar program shouldn’t matter in any way.

  88. i downloaded all the parts and tried to start up but it would open game but game box would be black then comp would freeze.The patch when tried to load would say cant find the game

  89. hi, admin, i have a problem. when i try to start the installation, i have a choice between two application, being either start, or 恋と選挙とチョコレート. neither of them allows me to get the installer working. can you give a hand with this one please?

  90. my game just stays on a black screen after the op. Is someone having the same problem? if you’ve fixed it, how did you? ive left is for a couple of hours already and its still a black screen. tried restarting the game and reinstalling the eng patch but does not work

  91. When I try to open the game by the “start” it don’t open and when I try to open it with the japanese exe it redirects me to download shockwave, I tried to download it but nothing changes, if someone could help I’d be happy ^^

  92. Hey admin

    so to start it up, do i just open the ‘恋と選挙とチョコレート’ file? cause if so… i have, and it comes up with a pop up box with question marks, and when i click ‘ok’ leads me to download adobe shockwave player when i already have it? am i installing it wrong?

  93. Amazing upload..thanks a lot admin.

    Remember you’re all locked to Chisato on the first playthrough since that is the ‘true’ story so to say. You’re able to choose another heroine after you complete your first playthrough on your next runs.

    Some pretty deep feels on all the story-lines to be honest..Michiru one made me shed some tears.

    A gem. <3

  94. man, this was a really good game, best i played in a while.
    Not all routes were great, one was rather poor (special trained assassins and spies in a normal school setting…come on…) but the last i played was absolutly great (Mifuyu). I find these games often get boring after the confession/getting together, they add some forced drama after that but its usually not very interessting. The Mifuyu-Route was the first i played after quite some time which didn’t drop in quality on the way and had a very relateable drama-component which added tension to the game.
    Very nice game, Thank you for the upload!

    1. Don’t want to spoiler much but I have to say in a school-setting where are Keitokus and how they are seen/threated and the entire studend council holding quite some power it isn’t really far fetched. In my opinion all storys are very good and two characters even moved me deeply. Though I started to hate Chisato in the beginning after playing all routes I have a slightly better opinion of her now.

  95. guys I’m new__ I have same o problem here as the others are__ I’m using windows 10 x64 bit__ I’ve tried the basic functions in opening this kind of game, after opening it a picture appeared__ behind the picture, I can’t understand anything about Japanese but it is requiring something a box appeared about \director player**\ then below some characters (by the way how do you write the Japanese characters here?)then ‘Movie01=Pathname.dir’ and more characters. I opened the start exe__right clicked in Locale Emulator.. Do this have a solution ??? this happened second time now from \ShinigamiNoKiss\ I just can’t make it install, anyone ??

  96. ok umm trying to get pass the CD thing here is how i did it, just figured it out

    use applocate on start.exe
    When u see the CD required thing click yes atleast 3 times and if u see it again still click no
    Then use applocate again on start.exe
    repeat the yes until it the program basicly say fuk it and lets you play

  97. so i try opening the start, using as admin, and some other things you recommend me, but it dint have an effect, should i download the older version of this?

    i dont even got the “insert disc” message you guys talking about, it just do nothing..
    can someone helps me? i really want to play this game

  98. I’ve done almost everything that has been suggested in previous comments, but I still can’t get it to get past the DVD prompt. I’ve deleted the config folder (which was empty for me), I’ve checked the save folders (also empty), moved the folder to Program Files x86, replaced the start.exe, deleted the internet shortcut, everything but running it on a different computer.
    Is there something that hasn’t been said in previous comments that has solved this for anyone? I’ve never had this much trouble trying to install a VN before.

  99. How come all cgs seem to be censored (even boobs are blurred by steam) and there are no h scenes?
    Is this an all ages version of the game or something?

  100. sorry i want to ask
    i install the game use the start.exe and give the serial code
    i playing it normaly but even though i already finish chisato route i still cant access Extra

    anyone has the same problem??
    and how to fix it?

  101. So I was able to get it to work. I use windows 7. All I did was delete the config folder when it asks for a disc (it doesn’t work if you just delete it whenever. You have to be at the pop up window asking for the disc). After deleting I clicked no and it took me to another window for the serial then I was able to play. Hope that helps someone!

  102. Alright i found the problem,its seems like the script.cct were using the updated one,and that update unfortunately didnt work with all operating system(i.e 64bit windows 7 or other)…

    Thus i sugest you to roll script.cct back to the previous version..by find it on other place,such torenting…and dont do update..

    The downside is there are some bug exist..but its should not disturb your play experience,you shoud not worry

    1. Could you (or anyone reading this who found an older version of script.cct) please up that and point us to it? Seems to be the actual issue with x64

  103. Hey admin, thanks for uploading this. I love it very much. Can you suggest me on what should I play next? I’ve played koichoco, Grisaia no Kajitsu, Deardrops, and If my heart had Wings.
    Thanks again!

  104. I’ve tried everything to try to get this stupid thing to run. I get either insert disc… I download an actual disc image, and then…it crashes after the loading screen. And apparently this problem is prolific among many, many, many people. If you have windows 7 64 bit it seems like this one is a lost cause.

    1. It is working perfectly fine on my windows 7 64 bit though I am using a way older version of the game( I had this game on my hard drive when it first came out, not sure if they had patched it since then)

  105. i don’t have problems about the game but i want to ask how to create shortcut from applocale? i have tried so many times but i still have to open applocale every time to enter game.

    1. C:\Windows\AppPatch\AppLoc.exe “C:\Program Files (x86)\CROSSNET\Memoria\MemoriaEN.exe” “/L0411″
      use that..thats my applocale shortcut for hoshizora just enter the Chocolate path inside the ” ” and make sure to add “/L0411”..if it doesn’t work than just change your locale to japan…IM BAD AT ENGLISH

  106. Might be a hint for people having trouble:
    I cloudn’t get the game to run on my windows 10 Laptop, so i installed it on my PC using windows 7/or Vista, not quiet sure, not the point. Anyways installing it on the other PC i noticed, that the patch created more files and folders than on my laptop. I’m using Avast on both computers (maybe its not updated on the older one), so i’m not sure if it’s the Antivirus that’s blocking the files or something else, since i got it to run on the older PC i’m not looking into it, but if you have trouble maybe try turning of your antivirus while applying the patch.

  107. It just screws up for me too. the ‘insert dvd bullshit’

    What a worthless release when 9/10s of people can’t even run it.

    1. If that’s all, then your comment is worthless. All you have to do is use Star.exe. Also, calm down, dude. It’s just a game, no matter how much time you spent downloading it (We’re not even paying for this).

      1. Uhh how about no? Just look around on the comments and even the forums about this game. There’s dozens of people who have the same issue I do. It doesn’t work with the start thing either. And I am plenty calm, but I don’t appreciate spending hours downloading this because of so many parts and having to wait between downloads etc, only to have it more or less impossible to run. Free or not that’s still time that is completely wasted because the release sucks.

          1. Jesus, what’s it to you, you dick?

            Did he blame the admin? No. He blamed the game that is not working and he blamed the release.

            Was that justified?
            IDK, but after how long it took for the patch to be finished, then going through all the trouble downloading and installing it, just to find that it doesn’t work for you, no matter what you try, that’s incredibly frustrating.
            You are basically at the goal but you can’t make it.

            I really don’t get why so many of you are so defensive, when the admin isn’t at all. No one needs you and your cohorts to fight for them, you are being way more of a dick than the people complaining.

  108. Can you guys help me? When I click at start.exe, nothing happens… I tried a lot of solutions in the comments, but none worked. Ah, and I use windows 7 (x64)

    1. I am using Window 10 and have same problem. After running start.exe, nothing happened. I read all the previous comments but still can’t fing the solution.

  109. I have literally tried every solution given to get this game to work and had no luck at all just get the DVD error message and no way around it

    1. Well, it worked to me running the “Start.exe” on Applocale. When the game started, the box with the DVD text appeared but I only clicked “Yes” and another box showed up, just clicked on the first option and the game ran without problems.

  110. To everyone who has problems starting the game:
    1. Extract the files
    2. Install the game
    3. Run the patch
    4. Now there will be most likely an erroe saying that you have to put in a disk
    >close the window and start with “star.exe” and not with the applicant which has an image(this solved it for me)
    >You have to set your locale to Japan!!!

  111. Not a single thing on this page is allowing my to bypass the dvd insert. not sure how all of your pc’s are allowing it.. even tried converting to an ISO file and still no luck. fml help

    1. 1. Extract the files
      2. Install the game
      3. Run the patch
      4. Now there will be most likely an erroe saying that you have to put in a disk
      >close the window and start with “star.exe” and not with the applicant which has an image(this solved it for me)
      >set your locale to Japan(if not done yet)

      1. All of these steps were posted above and does nothing, I’ve:

        -Tried your basic steps
        -deleted config folder
        -moved from d: to c:
        -my locale is on Japanese
        -used original “start.exe” and the one that’s with patch
        -deleted internet shortcut
        -disabled antivirus
        -moved the popup insert dvd outside of window then clicked yes and still nothing
        -Ran in administrator mode

        That’s all I can remember off the top of my head, but I’ve literally done everything besides upgrade to windows 10 and try it

  112. Heiya folks, If everything that has been recommended has failed like it did with me a viable solution (the one I found) was to dowload the Iso/Mds file (dunno if I can post links or not here so ill just say google is your friend, aint that hard to find) and load it up on daemon tools or the like, bit annoying since you have to have it loaded up to play but it works reasonably well enough.

  113. Tried everything. Turned antivirus off, moved the folder to Program Files (x86), deleted the empty config folder, replaced the start.exe with the one from the rar, dragged the dvd window outside the exe, yet I still can not get passed the insert dvd window. Even tried deleting the internet shortcut.

    I am using Windows 7 x64. If you can help me, thank you in advance.

  114. could NOT get this game to start, kept getting the Insert DVD error… did a clean win 7 install on a VM and tried again and works perfect.

  115. Hey guys. I just cant seem to download the file. I keep getting \The web page is not available, err_invalid_response\

    This problem has happened for weeks already.

    Please help. Thanks

  116. First of all thanks for the game!
    Second… I’ve tried to install the game on a W7 x64 bits VM and nothing, I’ve followed all the suggestions (Delete the config folder, move the game folder to C:Program Files(x86) before the patch, replace the new start.exe for the previous one, execute everything with administrative rights and even delete the internet shortcut) but the game keep asking for the dvd even if i select yes… for a hundred times.
    Anyway… what i had to do was install a new W8 VM and follow the exact same method, this time… on my last try (replacing the start.exe) when it prompted asking for the dvd i select yes and voila it worked! i don’t know why, i don’t know how! but meh, anyway that “solve” my problem so thanks again!.

  117. I played the game whitout any issue but then ending chisaia route? credit off dont unlock the extra option in the menu screen… can some know why?

  118. “This is for anyone who are having problems getting the insert DVD error. First move your folder to Program Files (x86), than run the patch. Once you do that click on run.exe not 恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe, Then when the error pops up click yes, this time something else should pop up. click the first option. Now the game should work.

    If it’s still not working turn off your antivirus, Plus it could also be that you didn’t put on japanese locale.”

    I have done all of this, and followed the various suggestions on here. I’m on Windows 7 x64. When I click “yes” on the insert dvd window it just keeps coming back. I would really appreciate it if you could upload the iso, Admin.

  119. Some solutions that might work, collected from the comments.

    -Try deleting the “config” folder. That made it work for me.
    It’ll ask for a serial, but you can just leave it blank.
    Also- Apparently, going through the actual SystemSaveData and slashing out the
    KSC-Data Read got me in after doing what Anon did,
    which is removing the Config folder, so if you experience the problem I recommend you
    do the same.Also, the first option under the serial code is the one you need to click.
    -This is for anyone who are having problems getting the insert DVD error.
    First move your folder to Program Files (x86), than run the patch. Once you do that click on
    run.exe not 恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe
    -Disable your antivirus software before running start.exe
    -delete the internet shortcut.
    -hmm, I don’t know how how this worked for me but for whatever reason I have to drag the dvd
    check window off the koichoco.exe window then press OK for it to work. I have been able to replicate
    it multiple times, granted it did take me a few times in between each success.
    using -windows 10 home x64

  120. Anyone know how to change the resolution of the game? For me its either reading in a tiny box or really stretched out on my wide screen…

  121. couldn’t get past the insert DVD without the iso, after having it I was able to get to the part asking for the serial # so it

  122. I kept trying star.exe and pressing yes and if it didn’t work then i pressed no and tried again until it worked.

  123. Seems I have a problem I haven’t seen anyone else have lol.
    I don’t see run.exe(or start.exe) just the regular 恋と選挙とチョコレート file.

  124. can someone help me i using windows 8.1 and i already done the following
    1.change locale to jap and antivirus turn off
    2.extract rar
    3.apply patch
    4. copy back the start.exe from rar
    5.already run it in admin mode and compability mode.
    still not working

  125. game dont work for me i did everything and it still says this ???? or sends me to shockwave page plugin

    1. are you not using start.exe? The 恋と選挙とチョコレート send you the ???? message which then sends you to adobe shock-waves page.

  126. I had/have a other problem,

    first time i played (fullscreen) i could not leave the save menu and save file didnt work
    had to exit the game with the windoows tab
    second time (fullscreen) i could not exit as well
    thirt time (windowed) i could leave it and play furhter
    fourth time (fullscreen) no problems so far

    have to continue observing that \buglike\ thing

    1. seems to happen when i try to save at the “choises”
      the savefile did work
      but the load menu did bug as well

      how the hell am i supposed to finish the game if i cant rely on saveing the game

  127. hmm, I don’t know how how this worked for me but for whatever reason I have to drag the dvd check window off the koichoco.exe window then press OK for it to work. I have been able to replicate it multiple times, granted it did take me a few times in between each success.

    using -windows 10 home x64

    1. Doing this, moving the window prompt out of the screen, managed to bring me to the serial input window. From here, however, I still haven’t managed to move on. Pressing the top of two choices below the text box leads to another prompt with the “OK” button. Pressing the said “OK” button just brings back the serial input window prompt.

  128. Hey there.

    I’ve been having problems trying to run the game, similar to many before me. I even tried running the game without the patch but I get the “Please insert DVD” prompt and pressing ‘Yes’ does nothing but bring it back up, while pressing ‘No’ closes the game. I’ve changed my region to Japan and I’m running it as admin.

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out what could be the problem?

    Thanks for any responses. I really want to play this game.

  129. Uhhhh,i follow instruction and it feels like a gamble,sometime it works,sometime the the error massage show up again,and sorry for my bad english

  130. Strange. I used Windows 10 64 bit myself. Jap locale.
    And I have no problem running it at all.
    I put the game into C:\Games
    I run start.exe without administrator permission
    No problem at all.

    I used panda antivirus, and I didn’t turn it off.
    I suggest you guys download “CodecTweakTool” and use it to repair / manage your video codecs and audio codecs.

    I experienced a lot of problem with games in the past because my ogg files was configured to use LAV Filters, while Windows can play ogg files by itself just fine. And the video games want that too.

  131. My game runs fine, but for some reason all menus are not translated while the ingame texts are.
    and the texts only use half the text box, any long text will just be showned half, and it’s really frustrating
    anyone know how to fix this?

  132. I downloaded it got the patch. And got to the point where the patch says finished and put game on start menu and that read me message. But nothing comes up afterwards. I only got the message. I got Kaspersky Antivirus Software. I tried doing the exclusion thing and i deleted the internet shortcut. And still nothing comes up. What do I do?

  133. Well admin thankyou for posting eroge for all these years.It really helped to drift my loneliness away.Keep posting more and more games.

  134. OMG yes thank you so much admin I’ve downloaded quite a lot of games from u and you never fail to amuse me, loved the anime from this so I’m looking to the VN

  135. Can anyone do me a solid and tell me wtf this error means?


    I can’t address it if I don’t even know what its trying to tell me. Can’t even get to this “insert dvd” part that everybody seems to be having trouble with.

  136. I have a problem. Whenever I try to play the game it asks me to insert the DVD into the DVD drive. I have tried with the normal .exe and the start.exe and neither work. I have tried before and after the english patch. I have tried with a version of the game not from this site (desperate times call for desperate measures). I have tried without antivirus on, and with it on. My computer non-Unicode is set to Japanese.

    Anyone have any idea why it won’t work?

    1. Also tried Program files (x86) and replacing the start.exe after installing the english patch, didn’t work. I have an .mdf image file that I can use, but it’s inconvenient that the noDVD .exe doesn’t work for me. I can still play the game, but not with that.

  137. Apparently, going through the actual SystemSaveData and slashing out the KSC-Data Read got me in, so if you experience the problem I recommend you do the same.

  138. I don’t know why this always happen to be the case. Every single time I use this website to dl a visual novel, there’s always an issue when it comes to making the game work. One of the things that should always be done first is to delete the \internet shortcut.\ I tried every single method as listed above and it wouldn’t work. However, immediately after I deleted the shortcut, it worked right away. This is not the first time it happened. Keep that in mind.

    TLDR; delete the internet shortcut.

      1. I usually use Avast on my computers. However, this time, I installed in on my laptop. Nothing worked. In the end, I uninstalled Avast on my Windows 10 laptop, and then promptly attempted to play the game. It didn’t work. The final step I did was to delete the internet shortcut and it worked miraculously.

        The weird thing is I tried to do the same thing on my desktop but it didn’t work. I’m confused as to why this happens. Well, my desktop is Windows 7. I’m not sure if that is supposed to make a difference.

        1. Personally, I’ve given up trying to figure out why it’s not working for some people. Few thousand people downloaded the game, around a hundred report some problems on systems that I personally tried it and where it runs without problems for me.

  139. The steps already mentioned by others is what has to be done.
    Basically, if you did them and it didn’t work, then it’s some specific software you have in your machine. So it’s hard to identify what it can be for each of us.
    I moved it over to a windows 10 laptop and it just worked fine, it didn’t work on the 7 x64 even with the same steps.

    Probably the best way to save some headaches is doing what admin did for testing, make a vm and run it there.

  140. I didn’t get the screen that asked for a code at first but then i change my location from japane to the one i’m at and then i got the screen. I’m using win 10. Hope it fixed your problem.

  141. so admin, IIRC, this game was posted in the list of “unfinished translation” or so.
    considering you posted here, that means it is fully translated?
    sorry for my english, thanks for your support for those who cant read japanese

  142. For people complaining about the game asking for the dvd, here’s is what I did. When I used start.exe and the game asked for the dvd I simply clicked “yes” and that game loaded after that.

  143. mine on windows 7 x64 works, i’ve done every step as everyone did here and had the same problem (still need to insert cd even after using start.exe), but then i tried to delete the start.exe first and copying a new one from the zip file instead of overwrite it, and it works (perhaps overwrite file didnt work perfectly). thx guys and for dear admin too ^^

  144. Hello,

    I really can’t get the game to start.

    I’m using windows 10 x64 and have been following all the steps.

    Extract to a map, replace the start.exe after the patch, JP location, turn avast off, move to program files (x86) and compatibility mode but the game simply does not start.
    when I try to open start.exe it just stops. it doesn’t open anything, just a loading circle for 2 seconds and that’s it.

    Any ideas I could try?

  145. Admin this is a repeat of an earlier comment that I meant to post as a reply to one of your comments but since I am not used to commenting here I think I may have replied to the wrong person or just posted it with no indication it was meant for you. this is not meant as spam and will not be posted a third time.

    In an earlier post you said that you ripped this from an iso and saved about 600MB while letting us install it code and disc free. I was wondering if you could put a DA-Free game download 2 up that had that was the complete ISO. I am another of the windows 7 x64 users that this wont work for and none of the other suggested solutions have worked so far so I was hoping that either there was one thing critical for 7 x64 that was missed in your upload or that I could at least mount the complete ISO every time I start it as a slightly more annoying solution. Either way I very much appreciate all your work on this site.

  146. Does anybody know how to get successfully run the game? I downloaded all the parts of it and the English patch, but after I unzipped the game and installed the English patch it’s asking me to please insert the Koichoco DVD in the DVD-ROM drive after I open the start.exe application in the game folder.

    No matter how many times I click ‘Yes’ the text box doesn’t go away, and if I click ‘No’ the game immediately shuts down. I tried to look for a virtual CD image in the game folder, but found none. Usually I have no trouble at all when it comes to visual novels, but I’m a bit stumped now.

    I have a Windows 7 x64 operating system, if that has anything to do with it. Maybe I need to run it in some sort of Compatibility Mode…? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    1. i think ur best solution to use VM with XP or 7 x32, these 2 OS is best fits for any VN atm. Pros when using VM is u can play any VN game with cracks or whatever without fear of virus or the need of changing locale ur main OS

  147. I don’t know whether this will work for everyone but I’ve looked through the comments (and got mine working eventually) and here are the steps that worked for me.

    Basic Installation:
    1) Extract everything into a folder.
    2) Keep a backup of the start.exe file.
    3) Apply the patch.
    4) Replace the start.exe file with the one you backed up (or the one in the winrar you downloaded).
    5) Run the game with the start.exe file. When it asks for a DVD, simply select “yes”*. It then asks for serial key. Click the top option of the two. Game should run then.
    *When you select yes for the DVD check, it should then asks for your serial key. If the game instead asks you again for a DVD check whenever you select yes, check the suggestions below for potential solutions.

    Things to try if you cannot get pass the DVD check in step 5:
    . Move the folder somewhere else (Program Files (x86) worked for me and at least one other person.)
    . Disable your antivirus software before running start.exe (this step got me pass the DVD check).
    . App Locale, Admin’s Access and Compatibility Mode.

    1. I’ve tried all of this, and the only difference is that in compatability mode, it shuts down after a few “yes” clicks.

    2. I can confirm that this procedure worked for me. I am running Windows 8.1 (64-bit). Thank you so much for figuring this out! I have heard a lot of good things about this game and I look forward to trying it out now that it actually runs! =)

  148. I’ve input the serial code and played Koichoco for an hour without any problems. But when I exited the game and tried to start it again later, I got the insert DVD error. I don’t know how to get it to go away. I’ve moved the folder to C: and I’m running start.exe as an administrator. Any ideas?

  149. This is for anyone who are having problems getting the insert DVD error. First move your folder to Program Files (x86), than run the patch. Once you do that click on run.exe not 恋と選挙とチョコレート.exe, Then when the error pops up click yes, this time something else should pop up. click the first option. Now the game should work.

    If it’s still not working turn off your antivirus, Plus it could also be that you didn’t put on japanese locale.

  150. Well, since Admin decided to check again, I decided to try once more so the efforts of trying to help me wouldn’t be in vain 😉

    Apparently, the one problem I had was actually trying to put the damn thing on C:. At least that’s what I did different right now and it seems to be working. When placed on C:, no matter what, I’d get the \insert dvd\ screen, and yes, I was running start.exe, even with admin rights.

    Sorry for so many comments, Admin. Thanks again, both for the upload and for the help!

    1. Then again, I had placed it on another drive before and nothing happened. I’ll look into it again and try to remember what I did wrong in the morning. Damn. I’m polluting the post too much. This is the last one, I swear.

  151. I don’t know if anyone answered how to play without the dvd (I can only see 6 posts) but I was wondering how I can play with out the disk.

    1. getting the same error, it’s asking to input the dvd after doing the patch. i didn’t see an iso or similar extension so i thought i needed to manually install. tried to just delete completely, remove patch, and start over, but still getting the dvd error.

      any ideas?

      1. I just pressed yes, and it let me progressed like normal. When it asks for some sort of code, I just selected the first option, and again, progress like normal.

          1. 1. Extract the files
            2. Install the game
            3. Run the patch
            4. Now there will be most likely an erroe saying that you have to put in a disk
            >close the window and start with “star.exe” and not with the applicant which has an image(this solved it for me)

    2. Try deleting the “config” folder. That made it work for me. It’ll ask for a serial, but you can just leave it blank.

      1. Also- Apparently, going through the actual SystemSaveData and slashing out the KSC-Data Read got me in after doing what Anon did, which is removing the Config folder, so if you experience the problem I recommend you do the same. (After rerunning to make sure I can play it consistently, I had to redo the procedure for each time I needed to play it, but suddenly I was able to rerun the game without doing the procedure further. Strange.. It kinda invigorates me to see others on the same date too! Glad we’re on the moe-hype train! c:<

  152. to all the people having problems starting with start.exe, try to turn off your antivirus, it worked for me

    1. Excellent. Thank you very much, this worked for me.
      Should be noted that I also moved the folder to Program Files (x86) as another person here suggested so I don’t know whether or not that was necessary but your suggestion certainly did the trick in my case. I’m using Windows 8.

    2. Did not work for me. Turned everything off on Bitdefender, changed the location to Program Files, tried compatibility mode because why not, etc.

      Oh, and of course, changed to jap locale. Maybe it’s a windows 10 thing?

      1. Nope. Works on Win10 – I posted screenshot in comments already. Starting from fresh Win10 install, the only thing you need to change is JP locale (don’t forget to restart PC afterwards).

          1. I think admin meant a fresh install of Windows. As in, just installed the OS then the game.

            Unfortunately for me, that’s not possible to to atm.

          2. Yes, that’s what I meant.
            I use virtual machines for testing of my uploads, so that I can wipe the system clean for every new game with one click of a button, to make sure previous installations don’t interfere with process, as well as to determine eventual components (codecs, DirectX, locale…) that might be needed to run the game successfully.

          3. Without the Patch? Same error, except in japanese.

            Applying or not applying the patch, it shows the “insert dvd” dialogue, followed by something saying the game will shut down. Very sad.

            I’ve tried placing it in program files, different drives, different hard drives altogether, and nothing.

          4. You know what, I’m probably doing something incredibly dumb, overlooking something simple. I’m sleepy as hell and have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. I’ll see this tomorrow. Since I forgot to say this, thanks Admin for the upload.

        1. Oh I see. Well, I’m on win10 64, japanese locale, no antiviruses ON, apparently nothing in the way. Still get the dvd check. Dang.

        2. I seem to remember that in an earlier post you said that you ripped this from an iso and saved about 600MB while letting us install it code and disc free. I was wondering if you could put a DA-Free game download 2 up that had that was the complete ISO. I am another of the windows 7 x64 users that this wont work for and none of the other suggested solutions have worked so far so I was hoping that either there was one thing critical for 7 x64 that was missed in your upload or that I could at least mount the complete ISO every time I start it as a slightly more annoying solution. Either way I very much appreciate all your work on this site.

  153. ok i got it to work after trying everything out on this site i found a tipp for moving the entire folder into:Programme (x86)
    after that i could start the game without problem (first time starting came the textbox i was searching^^)

  154. also had insert cd problem, but seems to have resolved itself after i did the following. Extract folder, execute start.exe, it asks for cd, i press yes, it asks for a serial (blank box with 2 buttons below it), just click button below it, exit game, patch it with english patch, click the start.exe again, it still prompt me with insert cd, but clicking yes would just start the game anyways. running windows 10 with japanese locale btw.

  155. Another horrible translation. 🙁 I thought I saw the worst of it with koisuru natsu no last resort but apparently not. These guys are making up dialogue at this point.

    Reading this will be very confusing for people who don’t understand any japanese.. I mean these guys are translating stuff like “he didn’t say anything” to “he told me everything.” How elementary can these mistakes be?

  156. I got that DVD check thing but when i tried again the game run without problems until when i tried to save, the back button simple dissapears making it impossible to continue and the save didnt even work

  157. would you mind explaining what you are doing? I don’t mind if starting it takes a few extra steps if it will actually start. I am also windows 7 x64 by the way.

  158. Also getting the DVD problem and I’ve tried all the fixes I’ve read. I’m trying random things, but I hope a solution is found by me or someone else because I really want to play this one.

  159. Same thing happens to me. I followed the steps mentioned in the comments above. Still cant bypass the Dvd issue and when i try compatability mode it says that teh program cant start because IML32.dll is missing from your computer and that i have to reinstall to fix. Someone help please

  160. Wow, I literally had just asked myself if there was nothing hype going on for me to enjoy.

    I’d been waiting for this ever since the anime came out, though I only ever watched the first episode. Seeing as I don’t like watching promotional anime (it’s usually incomplete, often innacurate).

    Thanks as always, based admin.

  161. Can’t get it to work. I’m still getting the DVD request.

    I followed all VNLover’s steps. I’m in Japanese locale, I unzipped the game, ran the patch and then replaced the post patch start.exe with the old one. I’m running Windows 8, and tried running the game in compatibility mode for windows 7 and XP. No luck so far. Anyone have any ideas?

  162. Found a way to skip the DVD check, extract everything in one folder, apply the patch and then move the folder into your Program Files. Run start.exe then, you may need to use compatibility mode.

    Works on Windows 10.

      1. Didn’t work for me. I’m using Windows 8, replaced the start file after patching and tried admin’s access as well compatibility mode. If anyone has a solution do tell.

  163. So, win8 here
    I set to japan locate, i ran the patch, overwritten the start.exe for the one in the rar
    the thing is: no window is opened when i run the star.exe
    does anyone know the way around this?

  164. i have that same bug the saving (and consequently the loding, though not as much) is compleatly borked and the back button tends to just dissappear.
    did you do anything od did it vanish from itself?

  165. The start.exe still requires me to have the DVD in the DVD-ROM drive, is there a way to get around this? I’m running it on Windows 7.

  166. Does anyone know how to get around the no DVD-ROM? I tried every solution I can find,
    -my comp already set to Japanese locale
    -tried running “start.exe” as admin
    -overwritten “start.exe” after english patching, as mentioned above
    -Tried running on compatibility mode
    OS is Win 7, so I don’t know if that could be a problem. Don’t know if my problem has to do with directory either, since I tried it on the C Drive and it still didn’t work. I would be grateful for any help.

      1. Like what Gaporigo said, there is no KSC-LICENSE.dat file. Well not when I run “start.exe” with no DVD anyways, as I learned after downloading the .mdf file from another site, that KSC-LICENSE.dat might be created after the DVD check. I’m seeing some people saying that “start.exe” might be a bit wonky on Win7 x64, so that could be my problem. Not that I really mind now anyways, since I pretty much gave up and decided to mount up the .mdf whenever I launch now.

        1. would you mind explaining what you are doing? I don’t mind if starting it takes a few extra steps if it will actually start. I am also windows 7 x64 by the way.

          1. Nothing much really. All I did was just downloaded and mount the .mdf from another site and then just start the VN by either “start.exe” or the main .exe file, Koichoco works after entering the serial code.

          2. Have to also mention that that doesn’t mean that the VN works without DVD. You have to mount the image every time you want to make koichoco work, it’s a bit of a pain, but it’s better than spending the whole night experimenting on ways to get around the DVD requirement.

  167. Finally. Been waiting since forever. Wished the MC would ended up with Mifuyu in Anime, but now I could go for Mifuyu route myself 😉

    Thank you and now waiting for Mahoutsukai no Yoru~

  168. am i the only one having trouble with the saving? after installing the patch, i’ve already tried running “start.exe” it on admin privileges since the application executable would ask for the DVD, if you go to the saving screen, save your progress and press “back” the button will disappear and there’s no way to go back to the game so you close it and if you go back to the load screen you’ll lose your file, srsly anyone encountered this problem?

    1. Try moving the game to different folder (Desktop, My Documents) maybe? I tested the game on Win7 x64 pro and it works without problems, saving too.

      1. yea i just tried advancing the game a little bit further than the first screen, now it’s works pretty good, even the disappearing “back” button glitch is gone now…. weird… but thanks anyway

  169. After some problems, i found out how to play the game, tried on pc with win 7, 10 (dont have 8 to try ;))
    1. set locale to Japanese
    2. Unrar
    3. Patch
    4. Overwrite start.exe with the old one in rar
    5. Open start.exe, if a window show up with textbox and buttons, click the button bellow textbox
    6. Enjoy ur time 😉

    1. I had the freezing problem too, but instead of hard reseting my computer, I just waited a minute or two and the computer unfreezes, game started ok.

      This only happened in the first time.

  170. I’m using windows 8, jap local and everything. I ran the patch and used the start.exe but it doesn’t bypass the cd-rom insert screen. Help would be great if anyone can tell me whats wrong.

    1. and 1 more thing, after patching u need to copy start.exe from rar and overwrite it. open and click the button below textbox and u good to go

      1. That didn’t work for me. I just keep getting a message asking me to insert the DVD. I’ve been waiting to play this VN for years, so I really hope someone knows how I can get it to work.

      1. Still no luck. Waited for years for this release and now compatibility issue, this suck. Now try to play with VM, thanks for reply admin!

          1. i had the same thing, when it says please insert disk, just hit ok. it will bring up another pop up with japanese nlettering. there will be 2 clickable buttons. dont remeber but one of them will let you play the game. hope that helps. sorry if i was not specific

  171. Can i get some help??

    I get an error saying: “Please insert the Koichoco DVD in the DVD-ROM drive”

    How can i fix that? Thanks!!!

    1. Could someone please make step by step instructions starting from the beginning (un zipping the folder that you can download here), I have read many visual novels before and this is the first one that I’m having immense difficulty getting to work, so any help would be greatly appreciated. It seems that I can’t skip the “DVD check”.

  172. When I run it from the start.exe I get a message “Runtime error 217 at 500E8338”. When I click okay, it starts and asks for a cd.

    I’m running windows 10 x64 build 10240 and my local is set to Japanese.

    1. All the VN here are the +18, no safe ones. Adming, thx a lot, i’ve been waiting for this so bad D: since i saw the anime~

    2. Tags tells otherwise.

      Anyway, the safe version of the patch is also available at the TL’s website if you’re interested on that one

    3. For future reference, any all-ages VN has a tag denoting it (I think it’s “no sexual content”). If the VN doesn’t have that tag, there are H scenes.

  173. holy shit you got this really fast, been waiting for this translation to finish for quite some time now, thanks alot admin!!

  174. Thanks a lot! Just got around to school days (monstrous download) so I’ll download and hold off.

    But you bet I’ll enjoy every second of it.

    Thanks again!

  175. Thanks!!! I spent about one hour trying to get the japanese version in order to use the patch and couldn’t do it… x)

    1. Yes. Ripped game files from original .iso (skips serial# prompt during setup and saves around 600MB of download from dummy file that was padding the size). start.exe spawns the game process and skips DVD check.

      1. >extract to get a folder (no need to mount yay)
        >use english patch on folder
        >start.exe or any exe
        >ask for DVD (damn i knew no mount was too good to be true)

        so uh no crack yet? or am i suppose to download something to mount so there is a “DVD”.

        Might be stupid questions, sorry and thanks.

          1. -using window 7 pro 64bit
            -tried all compatibility
            -tried different directory
            -tried replace start.exe with one before eng patch
            -tried to play without eng patch, still ask for DVD

            only thing left to do now is find PC iso to mount.

          2. if exist KSC-LICENSE.dat in Config folder, delete it, overwrite start.exe again and it will ask fr code, just click button below textbox

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