Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star-

Meet Kogasaka You and his little sister, Chinami, both of whom after the sudden death of their mother, are set to leave the city to go back to their childhood hometown to live with their aunt, Shino. Initially leaving their hometown of Hibarigasaki was difficult for You, as he was close friends with a girl who he saw nearly every day after school at the local town lookout. When she discovered that You would be leaving the town, she made him promise to return to marry her and left him with simply a kiss on the forehead to remember her by.

Once You returns to his hometown, he searches for that childhood friend, only to find his previous meet-up location is now fenced-off and abandoned. While out searching, he instead stumbles on a mysterious girl named Mare who carries a scythe and claims to be a Grim Reaper. Now back in his hometown, You starts to rebuild his life, making friends and continuing his search for the girl he made a promise to. Will he eventually find his promised love? Who is this mysterious girl and why does she seem so familiar?

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  1. mark says:

    is there a way to get eternal heart? they’re not making anymore complete sets (physical) at kickstarter 🙁 le sad*

  2. DrakePhoenix says:

    Anyone looking forward to Eternal Heart being translated? I know I am!

  3. jean pereira says:

    Hello i have this game running well on windows 7 but i can’t seem to install it on windows 10, i mounted the iso via dtools, (have pc region set on japan) install direct x and when i try to install the game an error pop up:
    someone know what to do???

  4. RandomGuy says:

    Every time I try to run the game I get the error User\Document/FAVORITE/?????/save/s901.bin etc. Anyone know what is missing?

  5. Bonbon says:

    I wonder why does everyone says the translation is superb? True it’s better than the fan translation but there are tons of typos and few untranslated part left in this version which worse than the older version.

  6. Iyase says:

    Anyone knows how to fix the error where the cursor won’t show up in game?

  7. Simon says:

    Slightly overrated. Some routes are supposed to be romantic, but romance falls utterly short when it comes to the H-scenes. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, it’s just shallower than expected by the more romantic build-up. Conclusions of most routes also seem a little shallow, and some routes just seem wrong. Also, the forced order of routes to take doesn’t always make sense. And the storyline, especially the conclusion of the final routes, just don’t add up and feel kind of pointless. It’s a bit like you spent a lot of energy into reaching a certain goal, and when you’re there, you find out that there’s actually nothing there.

    Don’t get me wrong. It’s definately not a bad game. It just never reaches its potential and left me wishing for a more satisfying conclusion.

  8. Anon says:

    If you turn FX off and try to skip a lot of text there seems to be a high probability of crashing.. just leave FX on.. speaking of skipping you’re going to be doing a god damn lot of it, even if you know where to save to do the minimum amount required.

    Games like these really make me appreciate visual novel engines with a ‘next-choice’ button… what a hassle to 100%.

  9. sawatarikei says:

    dang! I thought this was eternal heart. sob

  10. You Wish says:

    Is the h-cg uncensored?

  11. M3 says:

    So I was on Steam and it said that the minimum OS required for this game is Windows 10! Does that mean that this is a Windows 10 exclusive and won’t work on previous versions?! If that’s the case then WHAT A WAY to ruin people’s joy! Tell me if it works on previous versions or not and thanks!

  12. goddamn says:

    wow… the quality of the writing compared to the fan translation… is superb

  13. Excalibur says:

    you know what ? I guess i’m keep my old version Xl

  14. MrBear says:


  15. person says:

    does the option for full screen with original aspect ratio not work for anyone else?

  16. Just a passerby says:

    I already cried once.
    I’m not gonna cry again.(I still have the fans one too)

  17. gusida says:

    for some reason the mouse cursor is always hidden in the game even in the title screen/option etc

    • gusida says:

      also you can’t save

      • Socks says:

        The save issue is probably because you have the previous fansubbed version. Those save files are located in the same folder as this new version and it causes a conflict. You’ll have to move those old save files somewhere else if you want to play this new version.

  18. Something says:

    Can someone link just the adult patch ? Already have it for steam.

  19. Freestyle says:

    For those wondering this got a re translation for its official release

    Translation is better kinda

  20. Artix141 says:

    A Re-UP? lol this was my very first VN back in 2012.

  21. Valen says:

    Does this have the same technical issues as the Steam version? (Cursor not appearing, Occasionally showing Japanese text even when playing with English settings, etc.)

  22. Socks says:

    Since i’ve been let down by other downloads in the past few days, I have to ask:

    This is the 18+ version, yes?

  23. Hawke says:

    No dolphins right??

    • LIGHTDX says:

      What is that about dolphins? I have the feeling i heard about this long ago, but i don’t remember what was that about.

      • Icku says:

        Last patch made by fans replaced Mare’s h-cgs with dolphins. Anyway it could be easily changed to the original ones so no big deal.

        • Revvo says:

          is that all that is different in this verion? why the re-upload?

          • Valen says:

            This was a whole new translation that was down by Sekai Project. It’s a lot better, cleaner, easier to read than the previous fan translation.

        • Revvo says:

          is that all that is different in this version? why the re-upload?

          • Imouto Hunter says:

            The fan tl was kinda a troll release. The dolphin was to troll lolicon lovers for that specific female char during the love making. Also, the translation was off a lot of times. This release by Sekai puts a stop to all that crap and should be the best available in English.

        • LIGHTDX says:

          Ohh. I see. Not sure if i had the non-dolphins version. I stoped somewhere in the mysterious girl route. Thanks. It is good that there should not be dolphins here.

  24. person says:

    Thank you!!

  25. LIGHTDX says:

    Thanks a lot admin :). I was thinking about repick this game soon. This may be a good chance since a “A sky full of starts” is censured for now anyway.

  26. FoRtIsS146 says:

    I love you ADMIN~

    Back to Back release of the game I wanted this X-mas~ tnx a lot~

  27. JasonLeek says:

    Was just thinking about replaying it again! So its officially translated, nothing else different from the fan one? It’s slightly larger, is that just because it’s higher-quality?

  28. binguin says:

    Oooo, played this before and loved it (and the twins) even though the shinigami loli route creeped me out too much to play.
    Is there anything new here or just s rehash…?

  29. goddanm says:

    um what is the difference between this and the previous version?

    • admin says:

      Previous one was fantranslated, current one is official English release.

      • goddamn says:

        so no extra content?

        • zeupiter says:

          no, but the kickstarter had unlocked the fandisc eternal heart which is probably coming next year.

          • Soul90 says:

            Heck yeah! Wait, does it still have that small and almost inconcecuetial problem with the skip function?

        • Icku says:

          Well the translation quality is infinitely better.

          • goddamn says:

            “infinitely better?” sorry, just a little bit hesitant as I’ve already read the whole thing already, unless it a significant improvement, it don’t really feel like reading it again. I felt the fan translation was pretty good.

        • K says:

          If you already played the fan translation then no need to download this one, unless you deleted your backup copy and want to play again, then yes download this one.

          • goddamn says:

            yeah, i’ll leave this alone for now, as much as I liked it I don’t think I have the patience to expend another 30 hours reading a novel I read twice already

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