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  1. Only bought it because it was 25% less than the other Sakura games at the time of my purchase. Heavily disappointed in my first visual novel, definitely should’ve done more research. Anyone have suggestions on what I should try next?

    1. Yes, Katawa Shoujo, Fate/Stay Night, Chou Dengeki Stryker and of course Ayakishibito. All 4 of those contain good fight scenes, tons of feels, and very good characters. Theres a ton more to read, but I’d put those on a list and read them. Just look up a list of VNs that have been translated to english. Some of them are eroge(intended for naughty use) and some are meant for telling an incredibly well developed story.
      Hope you enjoy your first read of those four though. They are beautiful stories.

    2. Try Little Busters, Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort, Steins Gate, Katawa Shoujo, Clannad, Sharin no Kuni, Kono Oozora ni Tsubasa wo Hirogete, Grisaia no Kajitsu. Stay away from Sakura series.

  2. can someone pls tell me how to download the game? i click the given link and there was 2 options free and paddle and afterawhile the page freeze =.= what should i do

    1. The most recent patch available for Sakura Fantasy adds sex as well. IMO, it is now the best Sakura game available.

        1. Green was right.

          Sakura Fantasy (Chapter 1) received new patch, that adds “sexy time”
          (that means there are 2 patch: 1st uncensors game, 2nd adds hentai)

          there are only 2 games worth the money from Winged Cloud: Sakura Swim Club and Sakura Fantasy (both have hentai patch)

      1. Seriously? Making a game even this short is time consuming as hell, and takes lots of effort. Artists, programmers, etc all came together and made this. And just because it isnt exactly what you want, and doesnt satisfy your perverted needs, it isnt worth anything? should be free? Idiot. you try making something you like, and are proud of and put a lot of effort into, and then maybe you could insult someone else who is obviously better than you

        1. Setheasy, I’m sure Winged Cloud is absolutely moved by your defense of their honor and reverence for their work for all to see on this, the page you clicked on to steal their game.

        2. Wow someone woke up with a dick in his bum.

          I never said it should be free. I said it wasn’t worth the money.
          Not all their games, just most. I quite enjoyed one of them.

          Did I consider it worth paying for? no
          Did I consider the time spent on it worth? Yes.

          Personally I don’t like buying games before testing them out.
          I have downloaded many games in the past and bought them afterwards because I liked them.

          Also you don’t know anything about me. Who says I haven’t?
          To answer your question. No my skillset doesn’t include the skills needed to make a game. Only how to judge them when they are done.

        3. If it continues the trend of the original Sakura Beach, it will give cancer to anyone playing it. Come on. There are bad videogames out there. If we keep buying them, the makers will keep delivering trash on the assumption that they’re doing something people like. Save the bucks for something better.

        4. So because somebody puts effort into something, it should be worth money? I put a lot of effort into pooping after eating blocks of cheese all day. Should I sell those turds for $10 on steam?

          This analogy is very accurate since my turds tend to have at least as much elaborated story elements and thoughtful dialog as most or all winged cloud games.

    1. Couldn’t agree more. There needs to be a Non-H ‘warning’ so people don’t waste time downloading these things.

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