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  1. ¿Alguien sabe en cuales monitores (marcas) puedo jugar ya que tengo una con Windows y mi hermano una Mac?

    1. There are 4 endings: Kila End, Beatrice End, Harem End, and Bad End.
      Important: This gives all cg and scenes, in order to get full 100%, you must replay scenes with animation OFF in settings, or vice versa depending on your settings.

      Kila End
      Save 1
      Choice 1: Steal the recently virginal Kila
      Choice 2: Monitor them
      Choice 3: Kila for me
      Choice 4: Make the Grim Reaper submit
      Choice 5: Examine their actions of day
      Choice 6: Kila for me…
      Choice 7: Bask in Kila’s orgasmic face
      Choice 8: Make her strip naked
      Choice 9: Is the Grim Reaper’s
      Choice 10: Either

      Beatrice End
      Load Save 001
      Choice 1: Steal Beatrice from her husband
      Choice 2: Monitor them
      Choice 3: Beatrice for me
      Choice 4: Make the Empress submit
      Save 002
      Choice 5: Examine their actions of day
      Load Save 003
      Choice 6: Beatrice for me…
      Choice 7: Bask in Beatrice’s orgasmic face
      Choice 8: Is the Empress’s
      Choice 9: Either

      Beatrice and Kira End
      Load Save 003
      Choice 6: Kila for me…
      Choice 7: Bask in Kila’s orgasmic face
      Choice 8: Make her strip naked
      Choice 9: Is the Grim Reaper’s

      Bad End
      Load Save 002
      Choice 5: Examine their room thoroughly
      Choice 6: Beatrice for me…
      Choice 7: Bask in Beatrice’s orgasmic face
      Choice 8: Is the Empress’s

    1. There is no news for PS4, the after story with Naomi is sadly all we have.
      It has been 6 years since PS3 release. Looks like this is the last installment for the series.

      1. Sorry my bad. Can you give me advice for windows 10? And if you can than I do not need to change configuration on my PC. Do nobody please know something like applocale for windows 10. In good old time on older windows it worked magically.

  2. Kinda more of the same if you played the previous games… but that’s not a bad thing. It’s actually a really really good thing. “Mother” characters in these games are fantastic.

  3. HOLY SHIT! SInce Prison battleship 2 took years to get translated,never have i ever thought that Prison battleship 3 will get there so SOON!.


  4. After finishing this one, I don’t know why but some of the cg is missing from the gallery as if i hasn’t seen it yet.
    Is there any way to fix this?

  5. Seriously, there’s no reason for you clowns to even waste time posting on here about how much you don’t like rape eroge, lol. All you guys ever accomplish by doing that is just making yourselves look foolish 😛

  6. Lmao all your butthurt clowns getting mad over Black Lillith doing what they always do is just hilarious.
    Stories about powerful female characters getting reduced to mindbroken & ravenous nympho-fucksluts is literally the entire appeal of Black Lilith titles, lmao. That’s their central schtick & what they’re known for, and they ain’t gonna change that anytime soon just because a few random schmuck-ass westerners on a website for pirated eroge don’t like it.
    And since you mooks apparently don’t like rape/degradation/corruption/maledom tropes? Quit your bitching and just don’t play Black Lilith games. Simple.
    (sigh) I swear, it’s like you kids these days just keep getting dumber every year.

      1. Just as I look forward to idiots like you dumping all over a specific type of game/developer just because bawwww you no like eet.
        It really is quite entertaining, as are your half-baked responses.
        0/10 try harder next time, kiddo.

      2. Every time ppl like you piss & moan about tropes/fetishes you don’t like, guess what – you’re basically just broadcasting your own weakness.
        Let me just take a moment to break out the popcorn & soda, so I can enjoy a snack while you clowns eagerly tie the proverbial noose around your own necks 😛

      3. And the “best” part is how you whiners never seem to learn, even after you get continually put in your place by any erogamer with even half a brain. Lmfao

        1. Did it ever occur to you that your complaining about their complaining is equally as pointless and even more annoying?

          You’re the one playing the “keep it to yourself” card, so why don’t you practice what you preach?

          1. Because it clearly hasn’t occurred to YOU that people like them – and also you too, apparently – need to be called out on that behavior?
            Heh, nice try there, bucko… but no, you didn’t get me with that “hypocrisy” card.

        2. Erogamer with half a brain? I came here because I’m a filthy degenerate and sexual deviant, sir. But you can call it what you want, I guess…

          1. Still doesn’t mean you can’t be intelligent & sensible enough to know what’s what, in regard to erogaming.
            You really oughta know that the filthiest degenerates and the kinkiest deviants of all, are usually pretty damn smart, to be perfectly frank.

  7. So sick of these cliche AF rapist protagonist stories about some asshole getting revenge on a woman who was mean to him. I would fucking kill to see Lilith make a femdom story for once.

    1. Lol- got to agree. The guy is always such a pathetic excuse for a human that even if the game has good erotic content I just want it to end with him loosing & dying horribly, & it detracts from the ero scenes.

      There is usually very little originality or creativity or effort put in these games either.

      1. Little originality or creativity? I guess it depends on what you’re focusing on. I am more drawn in by the wide and varied range of sexual fetishes depicted as within the art and voice work.

        I mean, it’s somewhat of a given that the writing is horrible and that the plot will always veer off very quickly into the realm of the absurd. Any fan of nukige already knows that story structure and game mechanics are not, shall we say…emphasized aspects of the genre?

    2. Lilith specialty is not femdom, it has that 2006 game The teacher is my mistress, you can check it out.Plus, the second latest game The female villaines etc seems to be a reverse rape, and a fine one.

      1. I mean… if that kinda shit happened in the real world? Then that’s one thing. Hell yeah ppl have the right to get pissed over such incidents going on IRL. But this is a *game* we’re talkin bout here. It’s obviously just fiction. A fantasy.
        I’m sorry but if a person gets all buttmad over a 2D fictional rape story with friggin drawn anime characters, then they *probably* should not be playing these types of games in the first place.
        This is precisely why porngames have 18+ “adults only” ratings and content disclaimer warnings, folks.

      2. Dick riding other males does not make you macho or alpha. You’re more of a cuck than anyone when dominant men are what you fap to.

    3. Don’t you people have anything better to do than crying on a site like this? Maybe take it back to Resetera where the rest of the trash resides.

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