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  1. Kinda tardy to the party here….but

    I overall enjoyed the game it was just so well done the music, the art, the story. Even things I’m not usually a fan of like scat was done very well. Nothing was done for the sake of doing it or shock value like many other games I’ve played it was all done to advance the story and tell the tale.

    The characters were presented well and overall interesting.
    For people complaining the story was too dark. I personally don’t think it was.It was dark but not so much that it was boring or depressing like some titles are.

    If you are looking for classic vanilla good triumphs over evil and they live happy ever after. THose title are a dime a dozen so there is tons of content for you elsewhere.

  2. You guys don’t get it…breaking the minds of strong and arrogant women and turning them into sluts doing disgusting and humiliating things without hope of salvation is the whole point and the greatness of Black Lilith games.

    For me it’s a great fantasy while for you it might be too sadistic for your taste. So it’s simple…If you dislike this kind of stuff then you should probably look for something else, I’m sure there is something for you out there.

  3. hey, someone could help me please?
    just downoald it, and extract it too. But still have the blue screen with unreadable symbols, and i did change my local language

    thank u for the help!

  4. Seen a lot of people talking about Yukikaze here…while I personally only got it because my friend told me to…I ended up seeing it through to the end…(literally puking at the death ending…nasty shit there.)…only to see that it could’ve all been avoided if the male protag was even a LITTLE motivated…biggest shitshow I ever watched…the porn was okay…not great, but okay…but the story overall sucks…I personally enjoy the Taimanin series…but Lilith needs to get their shit together as far as storylines and endings go…they keep getting so extreme with their content it’s gonna start driving people away…

  5. Oh wow! Didn’t know this received a translation! IS the game 100% translated? I’ve seen some Lilith eroges that only have a partial translation

  6. Wish that Lilith games would have more sex between the heroine and the female villain. It is far more common to see tentacles and vore than lesbians in this game, let alone a woman raping. I don’t give a damn about this Byron, let’s see some more Yuyami.

    Just so everyone knows this patch is outdated the updated patch has more images edited and you can play the game without Japanese locale with it installed. Look it up and get the right one.

    1. What do you mean more images edited? Going by the boxes in the game, you should be able to get all of them.

      Do you mean uncensored or something?

  8. I’m on windows 10 and can’t run this with NTlea. I just get a popup info message. (I really don’t want to change my entire system locale to jP)… HF apploc was great for win7 but doesnt work on WIn10… and my substitute NTlea that works for most everything else on WIn10 doesn’t work on this game…

    I was able to use Ntlea to run Taimanin Yukikaze though.

  9. So there’s a sexy MILF villain in this game. Is she the ARCH villain? Please tell me she’s in charge and not working for a man. I’m sick of all these rape games about men being assholes and women being victims. There needs to be a tag for ‘female antagonist’ just as there’s one for female protagonist. There hasn’t been one in a Lilith game since Captive Market, and that was their best game.

    1. There needs to be more femdom period, (outside of monster girl) but that said, if you want some particularly evil female antagonists, both of these by the same author no less, can I recommend to you:
      DISCIPLINE and Starless Nymphomaniacs’ Paradise. My absolute FAVORITE and most badass one IMO is Euphoria, but…that gets very very extreme. That said, its completely worth it, absolutely love the story for that but you have to sit through some pretty stomach churning stuff. But it totally has your female antagonists covered.

      1. I know of them, thanks. Discipline is one of my all time favorite eroges. Starless had too much scat and got too repetitive with their ‘break her down, build her back up, break her down again, repeat.’ As for Euphoria, I watched the OVAs and hated them except for the last part with the all female cult. Played some of the game and fail to see how it’s femdom based on the CG set..

    2. (Also aware those aren’t lilith but still, if you haven’t checked them out, they are totally worth it)


    there are two main female characters (girlfriend + sister) + a male POV character (sort of). 2 endings are just 1 of the girls is fully corrupted (although both are still captured forever) and your male character is a sad sack who watches their porn videos online. the superbad ending is they both are corrupted, the male character spends a year trying to find them….. before he finds out about the porn site, finds out they blew themselves up because because bad guys told them to do it, and then their remains were shipped backed to the school for the guy to find (UGH!). The final ‘good’ ending is only unlocked if all the other endings are completed, and basically consists of….. the main characters being rescued even before they lose their virginity… its the laziest good ending I’ve seen.

    1. “the main characters being rescued even before they lose their virginity… its the laziest good ending I’ve seen.”

      Lilith is pretty shitty that way. The fact that they’re characters are always virgins to begin with proves it. Like how the protagonist in this game is so virginal she’s never masturbated to orgasm. They don’t want to give anything to the people who are fans of chicks winning. Not even the female antagonist gets to have a win in the bad endings.

      1. If you want a visual novel where the chicks win
        Or just don’t go through hell. Avoid the lilith company. Period.

        Their target audience, is people who like things dark (Like me! :D)
        Don’t bother complaining “oh my god, this lilith game is bad because it’s not lovey dovey vanilla”

        It would be like me browsing visual novels for a company known to make gay VNs and im like “ugh, can’t they do something straight for once”.

        1. What about dark stories where the girl still wins? I don’t mind virgins and vanilla, but games like that are not my poison. It’s hard enough finding a game with a good storyline, but it sucks when a game with a good premise is utterly screwed up (especially if they have no good endings like that “grotesque” game.

  11. Sigh, Lilith games keep having part of the text box go under my taskbar when in window mode.

    Well, it’s a translated game. Maybe these Lilith ones will mean more Prison Battleship at some point.

    1. Can’t you put your taskbar on the side of the screen? I have it that way because of this specific reason happening on a lot of my games.

      1. Tried that. Unfortunately it doesn’t work well, the bottom of the text bar still gets blocked off. I think it’s something to do with the size of my screen and something about Lilith games.

  12. Hi! About changing to japanese locale – is it possible (or meaningful) to do it on Win 10 or it’s not possible or will be canceled when Win 10 get some update?

    1. It’s possible, but you need to change it in two different places. Read comments to one of previous uploads for instructions. I need to add it to FAQ, I guess.

  13. Can we get a scale for lilith games? Cause there are games that I play and really enjoy (like Prison Battleship) and games that are wayyyyy too extreme for me (most of the Taimamin Asagi series for that).

    Like on a scale of 1 (Prison Battleship) to 10 (The craziest tentacle rape mindbreak pregnancy festival you’ve ever seen), where does this game rate?

      1. I feel like scat is one of the single most important tags that you should put onto a game, so people not looking for extreme stuff will avoid it. But it’s missing from this one 🙁

    1. I only played translated Lilith games, but i do already saw most of untranslated CGs one. The most fucked stuff from Lilith will be Taimanin Series mainly the final ones.

    1. Blue screen with unreadable symbols? Make sure to change to Japanese locale – refer to FAQ for instructions.

  14. Lilith game….*sigh*. My dick is confused. After Taimanin Yukikaze, I’m just not sure about lilith games…*sigh*. Anyone can tell me what kinds of endings are in this one? If its not too cruel, I might give it a go…

    1. It’s a Lilith game… name a Lilith game where there is a good ending? To me their all cruel, where the best you can hope for is the girl being damaged beyond any fixing. Don’t know about this one though, just going from my past experince with all other Lilith games though.

      1. Yeah, well they still might make something with decent ending. hopefully someone tries this and confirms the overall genre and endings.

      2. There is a good ending where the good guys escape, their friend comes to help and things even resolve with a character that barely has any screen time in the other endings. SO yes, unabashedly a good ending, where the duo escape.
        Not sure why people think all lilith games have bad endings. There are a significant portion where the good guys come out on top. (captive market, space pirate sera, armoured warrior iris, miss leet in prison, etc.) I get that lilith games always have bad endings, and that some games don’t have unabashedly good endings, but my experience has been that you normally can expect some sort of good option. I get the judgement, but honestly, I would rather hold judgement for the games that actually have only terrible endings (like taimanin yukikaze)

    1. Yep… sigh… defintly a Lilith game. Such promise sounding with text only to be another reason to put them in a room to be transformed.

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