Taimanin Murasaki

Taimanin Murasaki

Enter Kiryuu, the evil, merciless witch doctor!
This game is played from the perspective of a witch doctor by the name of Kiryuu.
Kiryuu is a black hearted man who has produced countless female sex slaves, be they human or demon. Now he uses his skills to send Murasaki and Sakura to a private hell of their own.
Kiryuu has more enemies than just the ninjas! A hell knight called Ingrid is on a quest to overthrow him, using methods such as a spectre’s curse to weaken his body. Will he live or die? The outcome of the story is up to the player!

38 comments on “Taimanin Murasaki

  1. When i try to start the game, it says “sintax error, unexpected T_symbol, expecting”. I’m running it into Windows 10 system, dunno if it will interfere :/ could you guys help me to fix?

  2. @Xiel, first you have to find the spacebar. Then, you use it to separate your words. Then, you download the files and extract them using 7zip or a similar utility.

  3. Overall I found this game very disappointing. Not only is it full of tentacle crap and some gang rape but the choices mostly seem to have little impact (only one seemed to make any difference at all), and the endings that I saw were very unsatisfactory. I don’t know if I got all of them but I did get all of the CG unlocked so I’m guessing that was most of it, and I just uninstalled after that.

  4. same here, it says : syntax error, unexpeted T symbol expecting “)”)

    it worked when you set in japonese the local and the unicode language on japonese

  5. hey dudes i am having a bit of trouble. everything is where it should with the files but the game is not translating. any advice?

  6. The application is not working 🙁 I tried opening in admin and jap local but not working a blue screen pops-up and that’s it.

    1. Alright, starting from the top, what OS? Working on a Windows 10, I’m able to play it.

      After that, you should have two rar/zip/whatever files downloaded from the links provided (assuming free links). Number 1 should be 204800 kb, 2 should be 80144 kb. I recommend that you copy and paste the two folders somewhere else (desktop or Documents) so there’s no confusion.

      After that, open Taimanin Murasaki part 1. It’s less annoying getting rid of folders if you just use your cursor to drag the Taimanin Murasaki folder inside to where you want it to go rather than extracting (tends to put the folder you want inside a second folder).

      Inside there should be the following (it’ll have a bit more after you play the game and have some save data):
      An internet shortcut to this site (ignore it)
      Taimanin Murasaki.exe (this one should have a small picture of a blue haired girl)

      It should just be a matter of double clicking that last one. No need to mount an image with Daemon or anything.

      HOWEVER, it is possible that it needs to be run in compatibility mode. A lot of eroge/VN that used to work just fine on Windows developed a shitton of problems from Windows 8 to 10. So to check that out, try right clicking on that .exe and choosing the option Troubleshoot Compatibility.

      A window will open and after a bit it’ll give you two options. Choose to run it with the recommended settings (which will probably be Windows XP). It’ll then ask you to test the program, click on that. After THAT, you should get a message from the PC asking if you want to allow this unknown program to make changes to the PC. Choose yes.

      If it runs properly from that, well you’re good and you can tell it that it worked properly when asked. If it doesn’t, then honestly we’re into stuff out of my league in getting to work. You’d probably need to go onto techier websites and ask for advice on getting a program to properly run in compatibility mode.

  7. I’m having a hard time getting the last of the gallery pics on page 3. Does anyone know the correct choices to get them?

    1. at choices chose 2 1 2 1 2 1 2 1 1 then go through the side story’s that are unlocked the lock ones will unlock as you go through them that should unlock everything hope this helps

      1. I cannot seem to unlock the other side stories. I have sakura’s unlocked but after I played through that the others will not unlock. Any ideas?

    1. walkthrough
      Ending 1
      → save 1
      1 Have him monitor Ingrid’s movement
      1 Order them to stop soon
      1 if we can somehow deal with her ……
      1 Retrieve Murasaki

      Ending 2
      load save 1
      2 leave Ingrid alone
      2 Watch the situation a little longer
      → save 2
      1 if we can somehow deal with her ……
      2 Watch the situation a while longer

      Ending 3
      load save 2
      2 Hurry up, ignoring her
      → save 3
      2 Watch the situation a while longer
      1 Enjoy her breasts
      1 enjoy a kiss B
      1 Enjoy fellatio
      1 Torment her with the tentacles A

      Ending 4
      load save 3
      1 Retrieve Murasaki
      2 enjoy a kiss A
      1 Enjoy her breasts
      2 Torment her pussy
      1 Enjoy fellatio
      1 Torment her with the tentacles B

      rest of cgs per sidestory (main menu) after all endings

  8. hi, admin. just wanna ask, are u going to upload some otoge (c14 dating, backstage pass, ozmafia!!, pub encounter, Gyakuten Yoshiwara and Destiny’s Princess: A War Story, A Love Story)? and other eroge that already released in english like Rondo Duo -Yoake no Fortissimo- Punyu Puri ff, Root Double -Before Crime * After Days-, and others.. thanks before btw..

    1. Destiny’s Princess and Pub Encounter are already uploaded.
      Nor all the new games appear on the front page so use the feed option to check for new games or search for them using the search option and game list.

      1. yes, thank u for the help. never knew the feed option existence before.. saw the new titles after post the comments. still waiting for the other titles to be uploaded though. 🙂

        1. I’ll post most of the remaining ones you listed today (don’t have Ohgiya and c14 dating needs cracking)

  9. Please tell me this one isn’t full of demons, tentacles, futas and other monsters like Taimanin Asagi is.

    1. ……are you honestly asking this? XD

      well i didnt play it yet but i bet its heavy on things you just mentioned i mean its taimanin series

    2. I feel like I would enjoy the Lilith games a lot more if they were just bad people doing bad things in a vanilla way instead of all that crazy tentacle and futa outlandish stuff. What happened to nice and simple vanilla depravity? 🙁

      1. If you want the black lilith depravity minus the monsters/futas, I think the kangoku senkan/prison battleship series is probably your best bet.
        Unfortunately, only the first game has a complete translation. (It can be found right here on this site, though.)

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