Shion ~Cruel Magical Angel~

Shion ~Cruel Magical Angel~

Are you still…..a human being?

The girl who adores cosplay appeared before you, but you did not know who she actually was. She was staring mutely at me. Unfriendly at all, though she was wearing funny clothes.
My life was completely changed by the encounter with the beautiful girl Sion who once attempted to kill me….

2nd work of Lilith Mist.

The high-quality illustrations were created by a special team of two illustrators TANA x Kagami.
Over 110 CG pictures! A plenty of alternate images are included.

41 Responses to “Shion ~Cruel Magical Angel~”

  1. Fernando says:

    Guys, watch the Special of Shion The Animation.
    It’s the sequel(and happy ending) that show Shion, his boyfriend, and the teacher in the beach.

  2. reio says:

    Game is good but, short and lacks good ending.
    Its really annoying that it lacks good ending no matter what you do it always ends up tragic :(.

  3. isenkdah says:

    Nevermind the above, false alarm! Had some errors earlier, but when i came back again later it worked. Probably the hosting site just got some errors earlier.

  4. isenkdah says:

    Hi admin. Can you please reupload the 2nd part? The link seems to be broken. Thx!

  5. Asylum says:

    Why the hell is there no english patch for Tentacle and Witches?… tell me how to translate an eroge and I’ll do it!

    P.S. I’m serious.

  6. Asylum says:

    What’s that Captive Market?… You DON’T have a magical girl transformation sequence?, well better bloody luck next time!

    Loved this one!

  7. fruityfresh says:

    Isn’t this an anime, too? By the way, awesome game

  8. potter214 says:

    well at first I noticed it was from lilith, so I was like yeah… going to have some bad feelings about playing it lol πŸ˜›
    I thought everything was going great for one of my endings, until…
    played through it all but no happy ending πŸ˜›
    I was a dunce for expecting a heart warming happy ending from a lilith game :[ good game though, damn depressing.

  9. drakke125 says:

    can someone post a walkthrough? the download links for other sites is dead so i can’t get the game zip with the walkthru included in it.

  10. dragoon93041 says:

    Wow, this game is truly depressing.

  11. Darkd says:

    A warning for those who want to play this game: This game has only bad endings. When you reach to the end of the story, it won’t end with a happy ending, no matter what you try. If you like tragedy, however, this is a game for you.

  12. Shunrei says:

    thank you Admin, well small file doesn’t always means small adventure,

  13. Blagh says:

    part 2 link seems to be broken..

  14. Chattern says:

    Wow… This awsome game is actually in english? And I can have it? thanks a bunch, will download soon and then enjoy playing. One day. When I’m a bit more done with my university problems.

    But really, unbelievable… I remember stumbling unto an anime of this. And then searcing desperately for some more of the episodes or something. I think a even searched for a game… Or not… And it was (if I did searched) either not found at all, or hopelessly untranslated… Really a sweet find.

    Great website by the way. Will visit a lot I guess… Already bookmarked and all, will also tell my friend about it.

    And thank you admin for such a great place. Your effort surely is, and will be appreciated by many in future, of that I’m quite sure.

  15. red says:

    Having trouble unzipping the RARS are the files broken or are there supposed to be more than 2 parts?

  16. mr.bombastic says:

    Does anyone watch the ‘extra scene’ of the animation? ‘cuz I think it takes place after Shion got stabed by Infinity (I’m not play the game yet so this is based from the animation)

    I don’t understand Japanese but I think the sensei were talking about how she saved Shion before she died

  17. derp says:

    i don’t know why the people are complaining about bad endings. the harem ending was awesome!

  18. Ryougi says:

    oh god after i read all these comments… i was like “press the <-" to pick a new game, But man! all these bad ending comments! i was like FKKK i wanna know what was so bad about it! "Downloading now" LOLOL…. so curious xD…

    • nobody11 says:

      The game has 2 actual endings (+ 1 game over) one of them is “good” and other is “evil”… both of them feel more like bad ends than good endings.

      =====================ENDING SPOILERS BELOW=====================
      “Good end” .seid noihS
      “Evil end” Let’s just say it involves mind break ect.
      Also, .tsieg otni snrut noihS

  19. Kaverin Ebonhands says:

    One ending seems almost happy.
    Just stop before the end.

  20. Someguy says:

    If you guys want a happy game then try Muv-luv it’s really good and funny.

    • Knyght says:

      WTF? You just played extra didn’t you? Cause Unlimited and Alternative don’t really have happy endings.

      • Adimus12 says:

        Great.. there goes another game im going to erase after i downlaoded it -.-

      • OOOHH says:


        Stop scaring people away from playing them blockhead

      • paupau says:

        Alternative had a fairly good ending IMO. ML:A was pretty much linear as its the “Sumika Route” which is absent in Muv-Luv Unlimited, which had all routes for all the heroines except Sumika. I think you might have been quite mad at the fact that a lot of bad things happened in ML:A starting midway from the game (yes, that point in the game made me so shocked i wanted to break the screen in front of me, but after a few days of doing nothing but drink iced tea coz it was summer when i played it, i went back to the game). After the first tragedy in ML:A, it will be followed by a sequence of shocking events that will make you question why the heck are you playing this game (the tentacle rape scene got me real mad, but Takeru’s response to that situation allowed me to recover). There were a lot of tragedies, but the ending was worth it, IMO.

        And I’m pretty sure Kagari remembers everything. She cried and thanked Sumika afterall πŸ˜€

  21. Sherwood says:

    What do you mean by that?
    There is a happy ending you just did something wrong in the game.

    • Sherwood says:

      Oops sorry guys i thought there was a happy ending.
      I just thought it was a happy ending,i guess its all sad endings……

  22. Avenger says:

    Yeah, I did all the routes, kinda sad that none of them were happy endings. πŸ™
    But other than that, I liked it, so thanks for putting it up here.

  23. Adimus12 says:

    I did the 2 routes and i believed i made a bad choice somewhere because of the “Shion ending”…. got me upset but oh well guess i will avoid lilith games in the future.

  24. Akira says:

    Finish the game…..but what the heck?!….the ending is really….so sad…

  25. koga says:

    okay I get a error in all japanese what am I doing wrong

  26. totoro says:

    windstormdevil what did you expect its a lilith game the company is basicly a tentacle rape/BSDM game maker and if not for that its known for their high quality CG/animeted scenes

    • dickhouse says:

      i see that you had knowledge about lilith.
      did you find any lilith games that is uncensored?
      did you know about ayame?

  27. Danilo Antunes says:

    Thanks admin.
    Go hentai tentacles!

  28. windstormdevil says:

    sorry admin but 4 me ,when i finish all the route “bullsh*t” its allmost bad-ending at all!

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