Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne

Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne

Not good at studying, bad at sports, being a game addict and having weak communication skills, weak and always abused, corrupted by feelings of jealousy and negative emotions – that is the personality of our protagonist, Tendou Rinne.
The polar opposite of Rinne is Takano Hijiri, her popular classmate with an honor student’s personality, and who also wants to become Rinne’s friend.
But Rinne hates Hijiri from the bottom of her heart.
One day, Rinne encounters a mysterious creature named “Kapira” who grants Rinne the chance to become a magical girl, not knowing the twisted personality of this girl…

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  1. Does anyone know how to fix game running at like 10% speed? the text and everything shows. the game just seems to run incredibly slowly.

        1. Copy from f95 forum:

          Indeed, the May 2020 update broke the game, according to the developer.
          The developer has supplied updated files to fix the issue, but only for the games that haven’t been localized (AFAIK, anyways)…
          If you have un-localized games from them, visit their support page. There they have the files neccesary to fix some games.

  2. Reporting back. Welp, I finished it. The “skullfucking” tag was nothing more than big-titty girl getting tentacles in her ear. Anyways, here’s my thoughts on this one. Light spoilers

    Overall I’m very conflicted about this VN, the art and characters were great but the plot and storyline were garbage (yes, even for a nukige game). I really liked Rinne overall. She’s the perfect example of a realistic modern day girl. A nice refreshing break from typical eroge girl tropes. She was really identifiable and perhaps that’s what makes her so likeable. I wish there were characters like her (minus her magical girl arc) in other VNs.

    That being said, the game treats her like she’s the worst piece of shit to ever exist. She’s an introverted girl that just wants to be alone yet is subjected to harrasment and bullying. Naturally she develops a cynical personality and somehow that is considered unforgivable (Even before she got her powers or committed any crimes, the game condemns her just for being unhappy).

    Even small traits like Rinne being a picky eater, the game calls her scum… Give me a fucking break.
    On the other hand, Hijiri (big-titty girl) is considered the epitome of Justice because she is a sheltered rich girl that has every good trait imaginable. To me this makes the writer seem extremely naive and childish that he thinks people are this black and white.
    I imagine he’s the kinda Japanese guy to stalk idols over the internet and think that their extremely innocent facades are how they truly are deep down.
    If he honestly thinks traits such as being introverted, hating bullies, or raging at online games make someone “unforgivable evil scum” then he’s basically condemning majority of the first-world civilization.

    There are 3 endings; Two were Rinne wins and one were Hiriji wins. All three paint Rinne as a piece of shit and Hijiri as a goddess. Even when Hijiri herself is the evil one in a certain scenario, she gets nothing but praise and sympathy from the narrator.

    Now get a load of this shit: When Rinne becomes hostile because of her bullying she is called scum. Yet when Hijiri becomes hostile because of her issues she is called a victim. Lol okay, fuck off with that bullshit logic.

    And guess what else? When Rinne becomes evil, she swiftly kills adult males. Yet when Hijiri is evil she vows to rape innocent children with her futunari dick. Which is worse? Killing grown men, or raping children? I’m obliged to choose the latter…
    So much for her pure unwavering innocence that the writer has such a boner for.

    And the biggest problem with this VN: The endings. In all 3 endings the last 40% of the visual novel becomes all Hijiri. When Rinne wins, she disappears completely and the game sympathizes with Hijiri for like 45min. When Hijiri wins, it’s all about how she loves having a fucking futunari cock to rape with. The VNs intro may start off with Rinne, but once your past the halfway point (no matter which ending you lock on to) the narrator just sucks Hijiri’s dick (literally) the whole time.

    In neither of the 2 Rinne endings does the game say what happened to her, what became of the world, and what she went on to do next. Yeah sure we can presume evil shit, but still it’s worth at least a fucking mention, the damn VN is called “Evil magical girl Rinne” not “Oh-so perfect futunari dick Hijiri” all endings are extremely unsatisfying and stupid.

    Spare yourself a few brain cells and don’t download this. Plenty of better nukige out there fellas.

  3. A bit late to the party but i’m gonna dive into this one and clarify what “Skull-fucking” tag is all about.

    Dear god I hope I don’t fuck my brain up anymore than it already is. Will comment when I’m done.

  4. This game is actually legally available to buy in english on DLsite. I think this page should reflect that. There have been a few times now where I’ve downloaded a game, only to realize it’s not a fan translation. People should at least know there’s an official release they can support on Steam or DLsite wherever.

  5. So it’s a game where you play a introvert, nearly good for nothing girl.
    There’s the bright, cheerful idol girl who wants to be friends with the protagonist, but your character hates her being so polar opposite and envies her body, so the more she tries, the more the protagonist dislikes her.
    Then one day, maybe the protagonist, maybe both characters become magical girls for the typical “fight weird monsters” stuff, but the protagonist sees this as a chance to torture, monster rape, and break the idol.
    Did I guess right by the description and pictures?

    1. To clarify, Skull fucking can mean to fuck someones eye-socket.

      But it also refers to the act of grabbing a partner’s skull and putting your dick in their mouth, grabbing their skull and holding it still, therefore having sex with their skull.

      1. Pretty sure the latter is called “facefucking”, additional descriptors optional. Or at least that’s what it’s been quite consistently termed in the assorted materials I’ve seen.

        “Skullfucking” conversely has similarly consistently referred to the rather more gruesome first part…

        1. I would also add that, according to my light search via association tag on vndb, “eye-sockets” are not the only possible option in “skull-fucking” tag….

          1. I just want to say, that I looked through the VN’s gallery, and I found nothing THAT violent. There’s no gore or anything like that.

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