Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne

Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne

Not good at studying, bad at sports, being a game addict and having weak communication skills, weak and always abused, corrupted by feelings of jealousy and negative emotions – that is the personality of our protagonist, Tendou Rinne.
The polar opposite of Rinne is Takano Hijiri, her popular classmate with an honor student’s personality, and who also wants to become Rinne’s friend.
But Rinne hates Hijiri from the bottom of her heart.
One day, Rinne encounters a mysterious creature named “Kapira” who grants Rinne the chance to become a magical girl, not knowing the twisted personality of this girl…

13 Responses to “Fiendish Magical Girl Rinne”

  1. zufield says:

    Use applocale and launch it in japanese mode, no need to screw with your system locale.

  2. kidlat020 says:

    good premise but not my kind of art. skip.

  3. Someone says:

    Why do i feel self-consious playing this game lol ?

  4. Me says:

    So it’s a game where you play a introvert, nearly good for nothing girl.
    There’s the bright, cheerful idol girl who wants to be friends with the protagonist, but your character hates her being so polar opposite and envies her body, so the more she tries, the more the protagonist dislikes her.
    Then one day, maybe the protagonist, maybe both characters become magical girls for the typical “fight weird monsters” stuff, but the protagonist sees this as a chance to torture, monster rape, and break the idol.
    Did I guess right by the description and pictures?

  5. Shanaloli says:

    Skull fucking tag eh. kinda curious and scared.

    Thanks Eroge.

    • Gaul342 says:

      To clarify, Skull fucking can mean to fuck someones eye-socket.

      But it also refers to the act of grabbing a partner’s skull and putting your dick in their mouth, grabbing their skull and holding it still, therefore having sex with their skull.

      • random says:

        Pretty sure the latter is called “facefucking”, additional descriptors optional. Or at least that’s what it’s been quite consistently termed in the assorted materials I’ve seen.

        “Skullfucking” conversely has similarly consistently referred to the rather more gruesome first part…

        • sam says:

          I would also add that, according to my light search via association tag on vndb, “eye-sockets” are not the only possible option in “skull-fucking” tag….

          • waht says:

            I just want to say, that I looked through the VN’s gallery, and I found nothing THAT violent. There’s no gore or anything like that.

  6. jediroshi says:

    Hmm is it just me or does this VN have no text

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