Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche

Kinkoi: Golden Loveriche

Noble Private Academy: it is where the ladies and gentlemen of the future are raised. At this boarding school, students not only learn basic education, but are also taught how to be dignified. This year is especially unique since royalty from the small Scandinavian country of Sortilège were invited to the school. Ouro caught the eye of the princess Sylvia after a certain incident, which led to him being beaten up at the school and ultimately placed into a vacant room in the girls’ dormitory.

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  1. This is great for what it is and that’s comedy for the most part. slice of life drama comedy, but you cant take it too seriously. things are cliche as hell and overdone tropes that they know are overdone. They are being satirical about some of the ridiculousness found in these types of VN. this is much better than Princess Evangile, because i didn’t get the feeling they were taking them selves too serious. it bugs me when a more serious VN tries to pull this shit off and act like it fits. if you wanna do same dumb tropes 100s of times over because too afraid to make something new and original than at least make it a comedy and point out how ridiculous it all is. Don’t get me wrong I love some serious or bittersweet titles out there and some more original pieces, but if I’m gonna have rehashed slice of life dramas at least make it satirical comedy.

  2. Somewhat spoilery so feel free to ignore if you care…

    But man I thought I was really going to enjoy this VN but it seriously needed a ntr tag warning. they give you the impression that sylvie is a character who is fully loyal and loves the mc alot but for all the prologue she talks about loving a boy that you thought was the mc as a kid but turned out to not be him.. Then in her route she continues to talk and say how much she wants to meet this other boy she knew as a kid even though they write her like she loves the mc at the same time and then a couple hours in you as you are trying to get past that ntr part she drops another bomb that there is also an older boy she used to be with every single day and wishes so much she could be close to that older boy too. Like I’m sorry but to what idiot is this not blatant ntr writing? Claims to love the mc at the exact same time not only talking about wanting to meet another boy she loved as a kid but also wanting to be closer with an older boy she apparently has feelings for too.

    I just can’t with this VN. Idc what happens in the rest of her route this is a hard drop. Most over rated trash VN I have played. Like if you are into NTR good for you but making a character pretend to love the mc while she is a massive ntr character and the tag is not even there? So scummy. Can’t believe this shit got good reviews I guess most people who play eroge these days are all ntr fans so sad. Id like to play reina and akane route as they seemed like nice girls but I can’t get the disgusting taste out of my mouth from sylvies route. If anyone is going to play this I highly recommend skipping slyvies route fully. Might sound crazy as shes the main girl of the 5 but trust me if you don’t like ntr playing her route will ruin the entire vn for you. Only wish some nice person was here to warn me before it was too late too.

    1. You are so insecure lol. First, she indeed did love the MC from childhood, just that before that she liked Ria, who she thought was a boy. As for the “older boy” that’s her brother.
      Either way, it doesn’t really matter. It’s really sad how a number of VN fans are insecure idiots like you.

    2. There is no NTR. None of the females have sex with anyone other than the main character. NTR is defined as when they do.

      All of the tension involving other boys is, in fact, a misunderstanding on the part of the donkan MC.

  3. This would have been so much better without the condom H-scenes. Condoms have no place in an eroge as they add absolutely nothing to the plot while removing the satisfaction of a good nakadashi. While many of the H-scenes are super hot, they would be much hotter without the huge rubber turnoff.

    1. Condoms do add to the plot in this one, though. Condoms are necessary because we’re dealing with high profile characters like literal princesses. They can’t take the risk of getting pregnant out of wedlock. And this isn’t some Rance style nukige either.

      1. They add absolutely nothing at all to the plot. Because it’s a fantasy, and characters don’t get pregnant no matter how much cum they get filled with until the plot says so. That’s how all VNs are. There a reason condom use is rare in VNs… they’re hugely unpopular as they turn no one on and turn a number of people off. No one plays eroge for “safe sex” lessons.

    1. I think those are the CGs where you have to purposefully botch the dinner ettiquette class. Instead of getting the 3p with Mina, you instead get an inferior S&M scene with Sylvie.

  4. Man, the common route in this is so tedious, even for a SOL story. Barely anything happens. It’s just one series of mundane interactions after another. And instead of the pink haired genki type Akane, I wish there was a route for the bitch ojou-sama Ayaka. She seems much more interesting, and is also exactly the kind of girl the MC is into (in terms of looks).

  5. Fucking hell, this thing crashes like every 2 minutes. Never had a game crash this often on me before. I have to save after every few dialogues or else lose all the progress.

    1. So I installed the Patch 1.02 after reading the comments here, and seems like it has fixed the crashing problem.

    1. There’s no “expanded version”. You’re probably referring to “Golden Time”, which is fandisc, that contains extra routes, but doesn’t include base game (think standalone expansion) – it is currently being translated, but has no set release date yet.

      1. Oh, okay. I thought it was like Princess Evangile W Happiness. I hope it gets translated soon, I liked this one quite a bit.

        1. Wait, does W Happiness even come with base game routes or was it just the common route? It’s been a while since I played, just forget I said anything lmao

  6. Guys, I’m having problem accessing ria’s route. I completed all four heroine and I can’t find the ‘golden time’ button on the title menu? Am I missing something?

  7. Anyone here not getting the hair down cg on elle’s bath h-scene?
    There are 2 choices: Why don’t we let it down? & It might be nicer the way it is. I chose the 1st choice, but the cg is still the same tied up hair.

  8. I gotta say the MC is kinda worthless, he has absolutely nothing about him worth showing(except were his good at bonding with people like silvie said).

    1. Him and every other moege main character. Rule of moege is “the more average and unspectacular you are, the more likely you are to have the eight hottest girls in school competing for your D.”

  9. God, the final route tore my heart to pieces. You know it’s inevitable but damn. I kept wishing some miracle might happen but alas. It was realistic and it’s best that way but man, it’s that bittersweet feeling at the end that screws me up.

    This vn is a good read. It will distract you with enough lighthearted moments to get your guard down in the first couple of routes that it will hit you hard in the final route. It’s not a formula that hasn’t been done in storytelling or vn in general but when it works, it works damn well.

    9/10 would recommend.

      1. It’s some h-scenes with Mina in Sylvia’s route, you need to make the right choices to have them.

        1. so for some reason i cant get the dowload at all on their website. everythime i click anything in the store section it proceeds to return me to the main page

    1. Play through sylvie’s route again after you finish ria’s route. Then, go to the extra section. You should be able to get both of those cgs by doing this.

  10. finished all routes, though im still missing a cg on the others tab, the third/last box, so far it shows the two princess little sister cgs but a third cg is still missing..please help

    1. It’s some h-scenes with Mina in Sylvia’s route, you need to make the right choices to have them.

      1. ive made the right and wrong choices but i still cant get the third cg on the others…do you have i guide i can follow?

        1. The 3rd one on the others tab, you should have gotten automatically if you read the prologue, aka the common route. So it should be unmissable.

          1. thank you!!! got all the cg….maybe its because i played the prologue on version 1 then when i patched the game to 1.02 i just pressed start to pick the heroine so i just replayed the prologue again to get the third cg in the others tab

    1. Yeah, I fell for Ria hard through the course of the game so I was absolutely devastated when I played through. The after credits scene was so bittersweet.

      Luckily I heard the fan disc has a much happier outcome so I’ll be watching intently for that on here.

    2. You’re not alone, after the credits when the ceremony had taken place, I just felt a large void, and the tears came pretty naturally. I really need the FD asap to remedy this feeling.

  11. No real stability issues on my end, but I must ask, does anyone else’s GPU ramp up to 90%+ and just stay there the whole time the game runs?

    I’ve got a GTX 1070ti, I can’t imagine a VN is really pushing my card this hard, anyone know how to fix this?

    1. my RTX 3060 Super is at 20-30% load, and it doesn´t even have 3D model, it´s either poor optimization or driver problems, but still did´nt bother mo cuz this VN is a good read.

  12. Played Reina’s route abit and its not bad, that scene with Ayaka and Reina was an unexpected but welcome surprise. Hopefully Ayakas route gets translated, also hope Ria unlocks after playing 1 route.

    1. all I can say is that was really hot.. xD.. still haven´t unlocked Ria´s route, I´m halfway through Sylvia´s.

  13. The Game is really funny and entertaining, the’re some bugs that I encountered includung crashes but still for the price (I bought it on Steam cuz of the discount) really worth it. BTW Reina best Girl, almost my dream GF.

  14. Is it me or playing this vn takes so much of my battery?
    Does this game really have high specs or something??
    My battery will only last an hour according to my laptop.

    1. Yeah, me too. I checked the reviews on steam and they’re all complaining about crashes. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  15. It’s finally out! Holy crap I’ve waited like 3yrs for this to finish getting translated! Also ‘anal sex’ should be added to tags, lots of h scenes with that.

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