KANOSEN – My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher

KANOSEN - My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher

Hatori Yuu has a problem: his sex drive is so ridiculously strong it’s disrupting his day to day life. Yuu, however, has fallen head over heels for the kind and beautiful Kaori-sensei. Thanks to his raging libido, that means that just looking at her puts him at full mast in an instant.

He can only make so many excuses and run away so many times before Kaori-sensei finally gets suspicious and calls him out after school. Kaori-sensei takes his hand and tearfully explains that she just wants him to enjoy his school life, and that she’d do anything to help him.

Her damp eyes, her sweet fragrance, her sizable bust pressed against his knees, and her hand, gripping his… It’s the first time Yuu’s felt that much bodily contact and it overwhelms him.

And so begins their secretive school affair…

4 Responses to “KANOSEN – My Girlfriend is a Naughty Teacher”

  1. NezNumeros says:

    I bought this on Jast USA. Really satisfied with this VN! I was surprised that it got some animated sex scenes (Not all scenes are animated, which is a shame). The voice acting is also good! I hope monoceros next titles will also have animated sprites.

  2. Zeed13 says:

    i finished downloading all parts & extracting it didn’t have any problems but when i tried running the game i got an error message i even checked mu locale it’s in jap & turned of my anti-virus & security software. Anyone having same issues?

  3. exzeeding says:

    hi, when i try to run the game it says that the exe file is not on my computer. I have already dowloaded and redownloaded it over and over but it doesnt work. im using the free download since the payed version wont accept my money lol, so check the files please and see if theres something wrong with them

    • Nothing wrong says:

      I think you should check if your anti-virus or other security software is blocking/removing the exe, because I just downloaded it and the file was there and it ran just fine.

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