Great Deceiver

Great Deceiver

Marie Mamiya reigns supreme.

From the moment she appeared at the Royal Family Fitness Club, an ultra-luxurious gym jointly run by the Mamiya Zaibatsu and Sugimoto Pharmaceuticals, she was instantly in charge. The first thing she did was appoint her own personal trainer, passing over a building full of muscle-bound men in favor of our unimpressive protagonist.

But she’ll train him into shape—in the pursuit of beauty.

30 comments on “Great Deceiver

  1. I KNEW that bitch looked familiar, I recognize both her face and looks anywhere.

    She’s basically like a wiser version of Malty from the “Tate no Yuusha” series in which she uses her feminine wiles to, usually, successfully seduce her targets into highly-unfavorable (even delving in nightmarish) conditions sown unto them in time, just a damn shame that she’s a cruel, sadistic bitch instead of a loving one like one would’ve liked.

  2. Did something happened to the owner of the blog? I’m surprised to see that there haven’t been any updates for quite a while now and i started to worry if all is well.

    1. Here’s a few list that I found that came out a month or so ago.

      Renai X Royale – Love’s Battle
      HimeYoku a Sacrifice of Lust and Grace
      Making*Lovers After Stories
      Animal Trail Girlish Square
      Kinkoi: Golden Time

      GT was out 7/15/22, latest this month is Renai X Royale or maybe a few. Guess we need to patient since admin still doing alot of real life stuff.

    2. He has started taking 3-5 month breaks randomly for the past year now. The site seems it’s not abandoned but he will just come back every few months do a batch upload then leave again for more months. It may be because of the sad state eroge vn are in these days that you get one or two “real” ones per month if lucky and then the rest is just trash rpg maker games or western “eroge” which I am yet to see one that doesn’t look laughably cheap and bad.

      Really going through my other site I use now that uploads on time there has been 2 normal japanese eroge vn in the past 2 months released, real as in 20+ hours multiple character routes an actual story regardless of “anime tropes” it still being there there is really nothing being released and it’s been like this for years now. Will say if you really want things as they are released there are other sites it’s not hard to find seeming how popular the site is but honestly you are not missing much by waiting for the admin here to do his uploads every few months seeming you will be lucky to get an eroge vn to enjoy in that amount of time anyway.

      I’m not going to grasp at straws like the other comment and class the couple hour length fandisc expansions as “a vn that came out” Id rather something new than a 2 hour fandisc of a mediocre vn that came out earlier in the year but yea. Another example of how desperate we are in this community now that we are counting 2 hour fandiscs as new vn releases lol. It’s only a matter of time till people start counting these trash ntr 5 hour western vn as new releases too. No one here for the traditional normal visual novels anymore really feels like the industry is dead and idk why seeming anime is doing so well.

      1. I was just worried about the admin due to the long break that’s all, i prefer this site to anything else out there even with the delayed releases.

  3. Awesome work tnkz.
    I am searching for few months Orcsoft The reason behind her beauty VN English is it available or not translated yet?
    I just wana know if its not available then fine i will b saved from search thousands websites xD

    1. No, pretty sure this is a sort of sequel to Starless (has the same maid and villainness). It’s followed up by Sleepless which is currently getting an adaptation. Pretty sure this is why the overseas publisher decided to release this one right now. if you were wondering if it gets any worse than this, the last Sleepless game basically confirms there are no good canonical endings for any of the games (one of the maids is the gender changed and insane-driven protagonist of one of the previous titles). Four frigging games and they still are doing the same tired schtick but just upping the vileness (evil Rich Mansion owner who lures a guy into their property then proceeds to break him).

    1. Open the AdvHD file in the game’s folder and change the language from chinese to english in the “language pack” section.

  4. Wow… this one has some really vile tags.
    Pitty, ’cause I think the blue haired girl looks really hot.
    But… scat, pegging, urethral sounding, slavery…

    Thanks anyways for the upload, admin. Maybe at some point later I try it out.

    1. The scat is relatively mild compared to their usual stuff, though it’s still a massive turn off for those who hate that sort of thing. The real kicker is the endings though. There is no relatively happy or even bittersweet ending in this game, only bad, worse and worst. Seriously, they would make a normal person queasy.

      1. I think Empress last made a game with any kind of good ending way back during Bible Black, which should tell you how long ago they began to lean in toward the more degenerate of degenerates. Say what you want of Bible Black, but it actually tried to wrap up it’s plot with a True Ending that actually gave the antagonist the boot. But ever since they made DIscipline and left Active to create Empress, they have only done nothing but femdom BS with no good endings (Discipline itself was an over the top mess but it at least had one good ending).

    1. As you probably noticed, I was away for last month due to some RL stuff. I will catch up with missing releases over next few days.

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