My Ass Pass to Succubus Sexland!

My Ass Pass to Succubus Sexland!

Meisa, Rumi, and Riam are the three biggest (in more ways than one) names in high society, way out of the grasp of your humble visual novel protagonist, unless…

While lugging around boxes at a catering event these three beauties are attending, the mischievous Meisa catches a glimpse of your package and decides you’d make the perfect prey for a late-night succubus snack! However, she wasn’t dealing with your average visual novel protagonist anymore, oh no, you’re the legendary MIEL visual novel protagonist!

After one shot, Meisa has gone from a seductress supreme to the perfect pet, ready to do whatever her new Master says. Your first order of business is getting your hands on Rumi and Riam to complete the big titty trifecta, and after that who knows? Apparently, there is a whole world of succubi out there who could use a man like you!

4 comments on “My Ass Pass to Succubus Sexland!

  1. *btw @admin can you reupload Sansha Mendan? There’s a newer patch with typo fixes and translated graphics and stuff

  2. I knew there was only one real Miel protagonist. This guy’s isekai rebirth rate must be insane

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