Kira Kira

Kira Kira

Shikanosuke Maejima is a student at Oubi Academy, a school of a missionary nature. He doesn’t visit his club. He doesn’t put much effort into his studies. All he really does is show up at his part time job. In short, his life could be better.

All this changes when he meets Kirari Shiino at work. Kirari is a strange girl, and soon Shikanosuke finds himself joining a punk band. This is where the story begins.

The members of the band are Shikanosuke, Kirari, Shikanosuke’s childhood friend Chie Isurugi, and a rich yet sickly girl by the name of Sarina Kashiwara. The four of them are members of the Second Literature Club, which has little in the way of active members and which is scheduled to be canceled. The band is their way of saying farewell to their club.

Though ill-prepared for the challenge ahead, the members go through eccentric training, and eventually succeed in rocking Oubi Academy’s cultural festival with their debut performance.

And that should have been it. The members should have been satisfied, and they should have returned to their normal school lives.

However, their final performance at a local music theater ends up as a hit on the Internet, and they receive requests from theaters far and wide who want them to come and perform.

What now? Exams are coming up, and the families are opposed to the band.

But none of that matters!

The four of them embark on a trip through Japan, armed with their makeshift musical instruments and aboard a rickety van that could come apart at any moment. It is to be their final project as academy students.

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  1. I remember loving the bgm as much as dreardrops. One of my firsts vn/eroge.
    Maybe i will give it another go again for the memories

  2. I’ve downloaded everything, but when I start I’m prompted with a bunch of nonsense characters and the option of yes or no, no closes the program and yes brings up another nonsense prompt, same thing, but instead of another nonsense prompt I get an error reading

    “Thread No. [ 1 ] , Program [ title._bp ]

    IP [ Thread : $00000CEF / Program : $0000019F ] , Instruction No. [ $A011 ] , SP [ $00000EA4 ]

    Žw’肳‚ꂽƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹ [ data05xxx.arc : song_010 ] ‚ÍBWƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹‚Å‚Í‚È‚¢‚悤‚Å‚·”

    Any idea what I did wrong???

  3. I am extracting the files all to the same place but 7zip is giving me a message saying most of them are broken. Also the game runs but its pretty obviously broken due to some of the files being missing. Am i doing something wrong? Or are the files i downloaded just incomplete?

  4. question…Is anyone else having issues with the text? Like all distorted and such and n’s instead of m’s, boxes in the background, etc. It makes it so hard to read trying to guess what the words are supposed to be.

  5. do need to create a new folder naming kira kira and put it to desktop when i have all parts in my winrar and then put all parts into that folder.

    1. there is a faq on this page that will give you a basic walkthrough however if you are needing more assistance just google it, im sure youll find a more detailed simple walkthrough

  6. On the opening menu screen there is no ‘Extra’ option for me? Does it appear after you complete the game?

  7. Has the grammar been fixed yet? There are so many little mistakes that I see that just bother me, as if I hear them actually speaking all broken like that.

  8. So I need help….in order to describe my problem I need to mention the part I am in the story so spoilers

    Right after they come back from their 1st tour in the summer…our main character falls asleep, has dinner and goes to his room….when the room fades out it takes me to the main menu and I can’t advance. Can someone please help me? Everything has run smoothly to this point….


    If i already did all 3 normal endings, how do I do Kirari’s normal ending again?!?!?


  10. If a game contains multiple zip/rar files like this game. It means you need to make them one. If you unzip a random part, like part 3 or something and you have all the other parts. It will automatically make a folder with you in which the game is located.

    1. All you have to do is download ALL the parts at once, extract them with a tool like winRAR (which is what I use), and it’ll automatically make a folder called Kira Kira or something for you.
      After that, there should be an application for you to launch.
      This is an easy install, since there aren’t any English patches left separate from the game.
      The programs you use to launch are usually .exe programs, but either way it should stand out.
      I haven’t downloaded the game yet, but the program is mostly likely called kirakira.exe or something, on your computer it may just show up as kirakira because that’s how they show up on mine, with no extension. Either way, it should have an icon with it that looks like a picture of the game or something, unlike the other files which will be just pieces of paper for the icons.
      If it doesn’t work, you’d have to redownload them under Japanese locale but as this game doesn’t have an English patch, you shouldn’t have to do so.

  11. Great game! Thank you for the hard work!

    I’m wondering if the cross over game between DearDrops and Kira Kira (d2b vs deardrops – Cross the Future) will also be translated anytime in the near future as well?

  12. um, excuse me… when I was trying to download this game via clicking the parts in “DA-free: Game Download” when I chose part 1, and clicked the “create download link” it said that Wrong IP is there any other way to DL this? or what’s the problem?

  13. First thanks for the upload!!now, when i recieve the leteer and the boquet from masayuki onda, when they read the letter the font goes weird. I must be missing it, do you know which font is it???

  14. It was really good but gets really boring at the middle though. The routes are very different. Kirari route ending is heavy and sad and the longest one. Sarina seems like the shortest. Both sarina and chin-nee have happy/normal endings, compared to them kirari ending seems very out of place. Its like putting a part from a dark visual novel into a cheerful one.
    I haven’t done the true end but i’ll do it soon

    “Have the creators the slightest idea of what punk is?”
    i see this a lot in japanese visual novels. Basically, those who speak english properly will criticize such “silliness”. Just tolerate it and focus on the story. Remember, its made for a japanese audience

  15. The should learn to use text boxes instead of plastering all of the text all over the screen… It drove me crazy at first when I had no idea who the different characters were… I suppose they had to use up so much space in order to for the story to come full circle… And if I ever heard about a band called “Star Generation” the first thing that would come to my mind would not be punk music, sound more like a boy george or george michael kinda band name, Have the creators the slightest idea of what punk is?

    Despite all of the aforementioned issues it was still an okay playthrough… but hell if I’ll go through all that dialogue again..

  16. Is it me or are there A LOT of grammatical errors? I can ignore a few but wow they’re just all over the place. Anybody else?

  17. THANKS ADMIN for this game! really love this game! especially DEAR DROPS! >.<

    a very hilarious yet dramatic story. =)

  18. hey guys ive downloaded all 7 parts but when i go to extract from each they just try to replace the files from the previous parts.whats the deal =/


    Anyone Have A Link To BGM?
    Theres One Particular Song I Want To Cover By Ear. (The One Part I Remember It Playing Was Kirara’s Surprise Birthday, Kind Of Sentimental-ish One.)

  20. HELP PLEASE !!!! i downloaded all of the files in media fire then extracted it then i open the kira kira icon with the guitar on it and an error comes out that says (some japanese characters) and in the middle [ system.arc.ipl._bp ]

    please help !!!!

  21. I downloaded the game, except for part 6, which I tried to download six or seven time at different time and places, but always stop at 50mb downloaded or less, like the download was finished. I got lucky and got 119 once, and I extracted it. The game is working, I have no voice, but no error otherwise, so I was wondering if it was just me.

    1. Yeah I too am having this problem, I had it for a couple files but re-downloading them solved that problem.
      Sadly it is not the same case for part 6, which just won’t download for me.

  22. Im new to VN games and all, so wnna ask a newb question.

    After downloading and extracting all of the above downloads then whats next??
    1) Do i merge them inside one file/folder altogether?
    2) Or make one MAIN folder and stack all folder in it? (7 parts = 7 folder in that MAIN folder?)

    Thanks in advance for helping. Would <3 to play it since the music is aweSOME! 🙂

    1. Assuming you have WinRAR installed, just right click on first part and select “Extract here”. It will automatically open following parts.

  23. This one looks nice ! Boring life, love music ? Let’s do a japan tour in a collapsing Van !

    Want to say thanks to Admin and well done for keeping this website afloat after losing lots of links.

    1. Yea, was surprised myself. I always seem to stumble upon these even when I’m trying not to. Bait&Switch comedy/drama -> tragedy seem to be quite common or I’m just unlucky

      I’ve only seen Kiraris normal route yet but hopefully the other ones and True Route aren’t quite as heavy (I can’t really leave it with that ending)

  24. “Rock n’ Roll!”

    “Rock n’ Roll!!”

    “Rock n’ Roll!!!”

    “Rock n’ Roll!!!!”

    Most epic scene ever.

    A fantanstic and hilarious VN, admin should be commended.

  25. It’s a pity the downloading-mirros(still) haven’t been updated yet… this looks really good. Makes me wanna play it.

  26. part 5 is always interrupted when i try to download… its the last part i need and i’m desperate… both links are the same. help???

  27. Hey I’ve downloaded all of these parts for Kira Kira however when I extract the files It gives me a ton of problems saying its corrupt and it won’t play the game just give me an error message and close any advice I’m currently re-downloading the files thou to make shure

    Yours Truly,

  28. ummm, is just me or did the part2 in filesonic links is dead? sadly i cant download from fileserve cause my ISP block fileserve

    1. I can’t get part 2 either on filesonic and I can’t get fileserve to work at all on my computer. Please fix it.

  29. Uhmm, can’t download part2of6 in Filesonic, maybe the link is down? ‘Cause I can still download the other parts now just fine

  30. Got a question about the game…
    I’m already on the part of the novel where the gang goes on a tour and had they’re first show…
    Been wondering, is there a way to see CGs and hear the songs they played?
    Kind of aggravating that I can’t find anything about that

    1. unexpected end of archive error means your .rar files is damaged or still incompleted. try re-download them again.

    1. I felt the wrong names for some very famous bands were ridiculous.
      “The Ramons”, “The Crash” and “Johnny Lotten”
      To think that no one working on this game knows “The Clash” or “Johnny Rotten”, that’s lame.

      1. I laughed at the part when they started talking about the “Sex Pistols” I would figure that they would all be looking at the screen like “@.@ What the hell is this!?!”

  31. ugh….
    part 2….
    just part 2…
    both of them can’t be downloaded…
    please reupload it…
    thanks in advance

    1. ah,
      i can download it in fileserve…
      only in specific time…

      by the way, i got it now!
      can’t help to play it now!
      Thanks Admin!!!

      1. Ai part 2 doesnt load from file sonic but just use file serve, its horribly slow, funny enough i can download part 1,3,4 and 5 from filesonic in the time it takes to get part 2 from file serve (i could get pt 6 if not for all wait between downloads) but ye just set up pt2 from file serve and do the rest as you wait (for future refferance and others users anways ^^)

  32. Hello everyone sorry to post so many times on one game but is anyone else having issues keeping the game in fullscreen mode? Everytime I try to do fullscreen it keeps minimizing for some reason. Ive tried closing all other programs and even tried rebooting and its still doing this…not vital to game play but i like to play without other distractions…anyone have any ideas? this is the first game I’ve had problems with…I am running XP if that helps…

    1. Sorry everyone I found the issue and it had nothing to do with the game…Shutting up now

      Thanks again!

  33. I can’t download part 2 from filesonic because it says the server is down. It’s been saying that for 3 days…don’t know whats going on there because I’m downloading part 3 no problem…Also I can’t get fileserve to work at all. Every time I enter the captcha it just resets back to the first page you see after clicking on the link to download…Is there a way someone could re-upload part 2

    1. Actually that’s not quite right…I enter the captcha and then the timer goes down from 15 secs and then I’m assuming the download is supposed to start but the timer disappears and then my only choice is to click download again and it asks for another captcha…

  34. theres a new overdrive project called D2BvsDeardrops
    which seems to be a crossover fandisc of both kirakira and deardrops (the latter of which is still yet to be released by mangagamer)

  35. how do you pack the six files together im kinda new with computers so i dont realy know :/ thanks in advance for replying :).

    1. You need to have WinRAR installed. Put all files into one folder. Right-click first archive and select “Extract here”.

  36. Hey I downloaded the file from filesonic and I have realised that I was unable to download part 5of6 from it… I cant load it to start the download..

    1. Mirrors are interchangeable – you can download that part from fileserve.
      Download of part5 on filesonic starts fine for me.

      1. For filesonic, after the waiting time I clicked start download now but it the download doesn’t start.. for Part 1,2,3, and 4 I dont have that problem..

  37. Yes, everything is safe.
    If you get any warnings then send the file to AV vendor, so that they can update their databases.

    1. Wow! super fast reply, thank you lol. didn’t expect a reply for a few hours at least =/, well once again thank you, and loving the site so far, has everything i was looking for 🙂

  38. Hello people, it is my first here and i was just curious, while i was looking around at other peoples comments on other games i noticed someone said they got a virus but then admin said that antiviruses just sometimes confuse the stuff. So pretty much my question here is are these downloads safe? just don’t want to get a virus =/ thank you in advance.

  39. I was wondering if you somehow got your hands on the ‘All Ages’ version of this game… … really would like to recommend this game to a friend, but without it being too H.

  40. Can anyone find a guide for this? I want a guide to “test” something.. Also, if no guide.. anyone who have played this game.. any chance of winning Shiraga Midori?

  41. when i extract it it says some kind of error im using vista please help … i really wana play this game

  42. Hey, im getting error messages when i attempt to extract parts 2-4. is this simply a download error (corrupt file) or is there something im doing wrong.

    1. Check filesizes of downloaded parts – parts 1,2 and 3 should have the same size. 4th is smaller.

      1. yeah they are the same, dunno wats wrong.
        its sayin that theres a bad block with movie part 3.
        ill try work it out

  43. I cant open the game, neither Kira Kira Curtain Call for same reson and a strange menssage apear, can anyone tell how can i put the game working please?


    Kirari’s route was so sad… When I first read the line “Three hours later, she left us” I sat there in stunned silence for about ten minutes before sobbing uncontrollably for half an hour. I cried later when she reappears, then again when you remember her funeral, then again when she reappears the second time, and AGAIN when the final song comes on and the credits roll. I must have lost at least a liter of water that night. I love this game, the storyline is great, and it must be amazing if it can evoke such an emotional response in me, but I hate it for doing that to me. I would be really and actually depressed right now if I didn’t know that isn’t the “true” ending, but it still makes me really sad every time I hear that song 🙁

    1. yeah, but instead in made me have nightmares and having a pain in the heart for almost a week, even my girlfriend got worried

  45. Did this fuck anybody elses computer into complete oblivion? I would have been really mad if I weren’t a technician and was able to fix it myself… sitll a big headache though. Basically, when I exited the game, the entire screen on my desktop was inflated; icons were huge, the start menu at the bottom took up a third of the page, totally out of proportion. When I tried to start up kira kira again so I could exit it (i thought maybe that would fix it) my PC just crashed, and it wouldn’t boot up. at all. not even with other harddrives. not even off the windows 7 cd.

    …it was a pain in the ass to fix (don’t ask me how I managed to fix a computer that crashes before you can do anything to it, no matter what).

    Did anybody else have this problem? I think my “not able to boot” problem is win 7 specific, but does anybody else get that huge, inflated screen sometimes after exiting the game?

    1. Yo! I Have the Same Problem as You…

      Though I Fixed it already…. since last year I guess… xD

      I am just redownloading the game now.. i want to play it again ^_^

      … Here.. Form what I had Read You have Constant Crashing on Your Past(?) Computer…Inflated Screen… Unproportionized Icons…..

      What I do Is That…. Whenever you are Playing The Game… First Run the Game In window Mode, That would Prevent the crashing… Or if you want to play it Fullscreen, At least try to Upgrade ur Graphics Card or RAM (Random Access Memory) to play it to the Fullest..
      The reason why It is Inflated cause…. I have a Question… What Screen are you Using? is it the CLassic Glass type or The LCD type? it Varies…….. Hmmm./.. Moving on… Try to Correct your Screen Resolution… And in fact that u are using windows 7 … Make it compatible to XP… Right Click the game executable, Compatibility…. Check the first Box then choose the WINDOWS XP service Pack 3…

      That will Fix The problem…. Reply if it didn’t work…

      I know its too late… you might try considering my answer if you experience the Problem again… ^_^

      And for those with Problems with The Game… I mean that those who cant open the game… some sorts of error appear… Try downloading the CRACK of Kira Kira… that will solve ur problems…. Thanks For Reading.. ^_^

  46. i can install and play this game,BUT the textbox and the text was covering the picture (overlap). The character name also not displayed.Its totally look like essay and not VN anymore. Usually the text box and text was below the screen and got character name. this game is wierd.

    1. There are two kinds of visual novel – in first the text is displayed in small box under characters ( called ADV) , and the second one has big text box that overlays the screen – this kind is called NVL. This game belongs to second kind.

  47. i got problem with the text and textbox. the text appear at my top right corner of the screen and the textbox was large as the screen make its overlap with the picture ,the character name not displayed too.pls someone help me.

  48. I got error message when I start the game. It say some unreadable language with “data01xxx.arc : main”.
    what should I do to fix this?

  49. One Question I here there is an nother Kirakira game for the Pc called “kira kira comeplete acts” is this an remake or an new one.
    If would like if someone can answer my Question because this game was yust so awesome and i would like if the story would be continued with the original Charecters because no Kira Kira without Kirari.

  50. so hotfile said that the link for part 4 has expired… is there anywhere else to get it? I really want to play this game!

  51. Already gotten 4 games from this site, thank you so so much! Always wanted to play these, but the cost was impossible.

    Downloading/installing was a little confusing at first, but all the info we need is right here! Thanks again!

  52. This game is a must try.
    Everything is just superb. I knew Overdrive made great games like Edelweiss, but I think I’m going to buy DearDrops just because this game was SO good.

    1. man i wanna try that game! the music sounds way better then kira kira in my opinion, i havent even played the game but i cant stop listening to the album lol

  53. I completed Kirari’s route first but the tragic ending devastated me and made me cry. So i didn’t go for other routes. Yesterday i found out that there is another ending for Kirari. Hoping it’ll be better than the first one i started playing other routes as well. Sarina’s route was interesting and now I’m playing Chie’s route.

    I’m curious to know how others felt when they completed Kirari’s normal ending?

    1. I cried.
      A LOT. I’m a guy and I was bawling. Literally Sobbing.
      I have the Kira Kira OST on my iPod and I couldn’t listen to it without feeling sad.

      1. Im a man but i admit when i saw her on the bed i cryed i thought its Haruka all over again(Edelweiss same Publischer awesome game). In the midlle i thaught this gets worse and worse untill i almost couldnt go on anymore and after it ended something died inside of me. After i found out that she has a second one i skippt the other two routes and im playing her true route now, i really hope i dont have to be depresed over this game because its just so awesome:(

        1. Hehhh, im a guy, a really burly, manly man. My dark side is that i love a story that makes me teary eyed. Thanks ADMIN for the most amazing site ever!!

      2. Hey.. ya got the OST, could ya upload it somewhere in the internet to pass it on?
        plz ive been seaching the ost but i cant find the true one

  54. chie-chan is so kawaii! <3 btw is it just me or do all energetic girls have short hair, small chests and are airheads?

  55. What should I do with the so called survey that asks me to visit a facebook customization page? u want me to just browse the site or download their retarded plugin?

  56. well hi!! thank you for posting the links!!! i really appreciate it!!! but i am new on downloading this kinds of stuff so can someone please tell me what to do step-by-step??? please i really want to play this game thank you for your time and understanding

  57. OMG! Thank you! I’ve been looking for this all over. :)) Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you sooooo much! <3

  58. @OneManArmy
    yeah i did that but in the end i just downloaded everything again because apparently not all the files were downloaded right but now it works thx to everyone for the help

  59. @ferniferni
    Pls read basshero’s comment…

    “try copying the crack file in the crack folder (after extraction). there should one archive with the name Kira Kira ( 1 GB). extract it. then paste the copied one from crack folder in there. click away, and voila. you’re playing the game. i was confused at first, but it worked the first time i try this method. happy playing. GBU.”

  60. rwar!! takes so long to download! can admin. give a link that can at least have fewer parts? takes like one hr just to download 1 part since downloading alone takes about 30 min

  61. i got all the files and extracted all of them but i don’t see the file that i’m supposed to extract all i see is kirakira.exe and i tried doing all that was said

  62. @ Shakarr, there’s nothing wrong with overdoing tragedy, Overdrive is amazing Lol

    Thanks a bunch for this awesome upload, imo its one of the better titles out there :3, definetly made my top 10

  63. Omg I love this one! The music is cool, too. This is probably the best eroge for me. Thanks for uploading! Million thanks!

  64. after extracted all 7 parts using winrar,after u will contain a the folder and extract kirakira archive,a file will appear.put in the crack application and lauch the game.

  65. try copying the crack file in the crack folder (after extraction). there should one archive with the name Kira Kira ( 1 GB). extract it. then paste the copied one from crack folder in there. click away, and voila. you’re playing the game. i was confused at first, but it worked the first time i try this method. happy playing. GBU.

    PSL: sorry for my bad english, it’s really poor,but i think you can understand it at least.

    1. I can confirm that this works.
      Download the 7 parts
      Extract from part 1
      Open folder and extract the rar file from there
      Open crack file, copy and paste in the new folder where all the game data is
      Click on the cracked application when it’s in the main folder and the game should start
      I am running windows 7 and it works for me.

  66. The music from the game was simply beautiful! I really want the ost now. Is there any way to extract songs from it?

  67. Yes i did that but didn’t work.
    So can you please tell me activation code for Kira Kira game?:-)

  68. Do you know activation code for Kira Kira game?
    I have so wish to play that game for so long now:-)

  69. It’s quite simple actually. You download all 7 parts to one folder and open first one in winrar. Extract archive contents to desired folder and run the .exe. It’s exactly the same that if you bought game in mangagamer shop, but you download 7 parts of 400 MB instead of one of 2 GB, but you save 60$ 🙂

  70. Thanks a lot for all the uploaded VNs.I have a request. Can you please upload KIraKira All Ages version? I cannot find it anywhere.

    1. KiraKira all ages version is just normal kirakira, with h-scenes cut – there’s no extra content( new routes, new CGs etc.), like in PS2 all-ages versions of other VNs.
      Mangagamer rep wrote on his blog that only few ppl bought it, so it will be really hard to find it.

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