Kira -snowdrop-

A town covered in snow, a man, a mysterious little girl, and their entanglement. …

12 Responses to “Kira -snowdrop-”

  1. Don't touch yon! says:

    Lovely music that sets scene accordingly, had to play it on Xp cuz of constant crashes, though. Also that ending really leaves you scratching your head…

  2. Luis Ramos says:

    the game just crashes after a bit of text, does anyone knows how to fix it??

    • Justmenotyou says:

      Try to play somewhat with the compatibility modes, maybe that’ll do the trick, but it’s probably just age of the that is the problem.

  3. kevenka says:

    when you guys try to speed play it, does it also crash for you too? ._.

  4. kingrat2314 says:

    Thanks for the download. Though I must say the game isn’t very good. Not only is it too short to really get much emotional investment out of it, but the translation is horrid.

  5. fuckensickcunn1 says:

    love this game

  6. Dr Richtofen says:

    Such sad and inspiring story that made me cling to my wife more

  7. mathus says:

    Loli! All right, hope there is more to come

  8. Chrixz Gamer says:

    What’s this??
    Is it a game or only a movie??

  9. EXtacy says:

    aight! im the third person to greet THANK YOU ADMIN!!!!!!

  10. Maou says:

    Loli Heroine? Count me in!

  11. dm says:

    Thank you!

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