40 Days and 40 nights of rain

40 Days and 40 nights of rain

In 40 Days and 40 Nights of Rain, two people met.

This is the tale of the girl with sky-blue eyes and the tin plate soldier.

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  1. stefano says:


  2. Lee says:

    My game is having some glitches. I can’t read the word, it’s like half-wiped away. Any idea how to fix it?

  3. Max says:

    Is this safe? My computer said it might be harmful.

  4. Daemanis says:

    Got to read through this Kinetic Novel for about an hour before it crashes and refuses to load past that point, attempted this several times.
    The graphic style is somewhat eclectic though far from unpleasant and the choice in music seems to set the mood very well. Though this would find better home being marketed as a kinetic novel as there is no choices that you the reader gets to make it tells it’s story, that i was able to see, in a manner suited to the subject matter.

  5. ansh says:

    I have downloaded the file in my android phone but i am not able to play the game 🙁
    What am i suppose to do now?? Can anyone tell me the steps that are needed to start the game.

  6. GOD DAMMIT says:

    What’s the name of the song that starts playing straight away? dun dun dun, dun dun, dun, dun dun dun D:

  7. Gambit says:

    Thanks as always!!
    Do you have A Happy Valentine? It’s a sequel of this beautiful story.

  8. hitori no hito says:

    looks good downloading.

  9. eugene says:

    thanks for this! love the story of this one

  10. La_Doll says:

    The game bugs after 5 minutes… Help please?

  11. DaReaper says:

    A very short novel, took me about 30 min to complete. The story is captivating but a little bit confusing in some parts, the graphics aren’t amusing to look at but fits the story. No h-scenes or animations present but the story doesn’t need any.
    Ending was beautiful to say the least. All-in-all a very nice novel despite its length.

  12. ryan says:

    help please, i can’t seems to play the game in fullscreen mode.

  13. Qyla says:

    I played it for 30 minutes, and I’m really loving it!Really delicate, unique in many ways. It inspires me

  14. avi007 says:

    I just played the game for about 15 mins and I gotta say both the graphics and the story have a really good feel to them. I really like it so far.

  15. tiya novlita says:

    The file size is so small compared to other VNs. Estimated time to read ?

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