Family Project

Family Project

“What is family?” – This question lies at the heart of Family Project ~Kazoku Keikaku~, the newest game from G-Collections and one of the most reknowned titles in visual novel history. In it you portray Tsukasa, a fiercely independent youth who lost his parents at an early age and now spends his days working at a Chinese restaurant to make ends meet.
Reluctant to form interpersonal ties lest they be shattered, Tsukasa is nonetheless unable to abandon the illegal immigrant girl he finds collapsed in the alley behind his workplace one day. Confronted by her utter helplessness he takes her in, an encounter that opens the door to a new life – one where he faces the challenge and wonder of being no longer alone.
Tsukasa soon finds himself at the unwilling nexus of even more lives, attracting a band of misfits and social outcasts around him that swell beyond the confines of his small apartment. They find shelter in an abandoned house, where despite Tsukasa’s lingering doubts a pact is formed: the “family project”, an alliance of mutual convenience and utilitarian support that despite the mistrust and antagonism among its members soon comes to mean much more.
As Tsukasa you must navigate the ins and outs of your newfound family life, deciding for yourself what matters most, who to protect and defend and how best to shelter a fragile and precious love increasingly beset by outside forces. Moments of laughter, tears, and profound emotion mingle as you chart your own course toward the true meaning of “family”.

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  1. Is this the best vn ever? says:

    Aahhh Kazoku keikaku!! Where do I begin? Such great memories, such an original concept, such fantastic voice actors. But with some of the best voice acting you can find like that by Koyasu Takehito, Wakamoto Norio and Hitomi, you can’t go wrong, can you?
    I’ve enjoyed this game slowly from beginning to end which is just how reading vns is meant to be, I guess.
    There’s just so many good things about Family project: the characters’ silliness and daily interactions are just too funny (Hiroshi is awesome), but the drama is just right and not forced at all (I found Jun’s story heart-rending).
    Tear-jerking moments abound here like Chunhua’s forbidden mother reunion, Jun’s ending and Hiroshi every time he mentions the family disbanding – that part got me every single time.
    And then there’s the music: a masterpiece. Both songs “Under the same sky and Philosophy” are so emotionally impactful – loved them.
    I’m really gonna miss this game.
    Anyway, best girl for me: Matsuri (but her route is kinda meh)
    Routes from best to least appealing:
    Chunhua > Jun > Aoba > Masumi > Matsuri.

    • Mahay says:

      I replayed the VN to see how it holds up, and man your assessment is spot on. Despite how dated it may seem with it’s screen resolution and limited settings, the game itself still held up well. Only minor annoyances I noticed where that some jokes are overused and character inconsistencies like Tsukusa taking risky moves just to move the plot forward. Still, a better and more developed MC than most. I agree with your route rating except I’d switch Aoba’s with Jun’s because I enjoyed it more as it was perfectly balanced. Jun’s was too heavy-hearted but I understand why some would prefer it, they’re both amazing.

  2. Jake says:

    Warning. if you have depression issues or a heart, you might not want to play this. with depression it could be dangerous, with a heart that shit is almost guaranteed to be broken. The ending was very bitter sweet, hentai was in first half hour of play, and the last 4 hours[out of an easily 10hr game].

    I would also say the replayability is low, as the story is pretty linear with only small branches for characters being wooed, and the emotional roller coaster/turmoil is just brutal.

    If youv played Katawa Shoujo, this is darker with less replayability. [it felt longer too]

  3. Jake says:

    when i try to save it says “saving has failed”
    all else appears to be working fine.

  4. K. says:

    James, the version you’re talking about isn’t available in English afaik.

  5. mark says:

    I can’t install it whenever i press the application it does the whole downloading and setup process but when i press it to play it basically nothing works, also i cant seem to find a file for me to download the patch on. Please help me

  6. Triel says:

    Major problem here, I spent some time downloading all the files and patch. I used 4 different apps to unzip the files, and each and everyone of them said error and corrupted files. So, I deleted them, downloaded them again, and using yet another 4 different apps to unzip the files… I still get the same error. Would it be possible to fix the broken files on your end please?

  7. kl says:

    im so god damm happy it fucking works iv been really unlucky lately so really fucking happy

    • Derp Derpington says:

      are you using Japanase applocale? That might be the reason why games dont work for you

      if you have no idea what I am talking about then google: Set system locale to Japanese

  8. Waitwhat! says:

    All I’m getting when I unzip is the ISO file. Help?

    • Krusty says:

      Hey, I don`t know if you figured it out on you own because it has been quiet a while since you posted this, but I had the same issue. You just have to burn the file to a empty CD and then you can start the game from there.
      If you want to start the game from you PC just copy the howl thing to your PC.

  9. hahaha says:

    admin can’t DL part 4…

    pls help

  10. px says:

    I can´t hear any of the characters voices and I got this error windows when play them. Please help me!

  11. idragniel says:

    what the language used in this VN ?

  12. cheesus says:

    Hey im getting a warning stating
    There will be no sound or sound effects because your system does not support DirectSound.
    What do i do?

    PS: i use windows 8.

  13. subaru says:

    awsome story i really recomend it plus i was wondering if there is any other games like this one out there???

  14. HerOtaku says:

    1 of the funniest out there…. great highly recommend for the funny part only…. if looking h stuff this 1 got little

  15. ryu says:

    Dear admin, I think part 4 is broken since I can’t extract it and said the header is broken or something.

    Thank you

  16. jdm says:

    needed activation key to play does anyone know about this?

  17. JT says:

    So I was installing the game, and the family.exe file came up as infected. I’m assuming it’s a false positive, but I just want to make sure first.

  18. Dark enigma says:

    I loved this game it really got to me for some reason. Plus it has Norio Wakamoto, I fuckin love him.

  19. CalvinAgain says:

    okay maybe im just stupid but when i follow the readme’s instructions i unrar the iso, install the game, then i go into the iso directory get the crack and extract it i end up getting this message: “Cant use the connected file GGD” help please?

  20. Batatata says:

    Dear Mr. Admin. Why you know upload the Mediafire anymore? The download speeds off that are not limited for free users, and there is no timer as well. Its so much better.

    • admin says:

      Mediafire deletes my uploads within hours of them being posted ( 6-7 hours last time i reuploaded School Days for example).

      • ever17-first-time-i-cried says:

        admin says:
        August 26, 2012 at 6:02 am
        Mediafire deletes my uploads within hours of them being posted ( 6-7 hours last time i reuploaded School Days for example).


        wow so you guys are always re-uploading these for us?
        i now hold you in high esteem

  21. Krunjar says:

    Hey anyone who doesn’t at least get teary eyed playing this game has NO heart. The plot is unbelievably good for an H-game even though honestly the H is a very small part of the game. Still I would love to see more games like this as even though the H isn’t very good the plot creates a connection with the characters that makes it infinitely more enjoyable.

  22. GRater says:

    Okay in my opinion the game has an excellent plot no matter who’s story you take,in order of greatest to least happiness rating are as fallows, (may contain spoilers): Masumi; she has a child and is the only one where everyone stays together in the end, Matsuri(the first story I chose, I am not a lolicon I just prefer small breasts to large’w’); she now has two kids and is livin’ the good life, Chunhua; perhaps the TRUE ending, the best story [I cried at some parts, hey I’m sensitive :(], Aoba; i found her feisty(a turn on), but I marched through a gloomy path, but hey in the end solitude (I am a loner) and sex all night every night, and Jun; a tragic past that leads to redemption. Well thats my opinion.

  23. ezalagunam says:

    The game crashes after the opening sequence(after they’re all got together)
    i’ve tried re-installing, still crashes

    can anyone help?

    • ezalagunam says:

      its already in japanease locale, i tried changing resolutions (1280x800x32), changed it to 800×600, still crashes, i’m using windows xp.

  24. tobyattheworld says:

    why are all the download links broken?

    • Sean says:

      try highlighting the lines one at a time. Then right click copy. Then past in another internet window. This will lead you to the link for each part. (SAve as) wherever you prefer. When you have done this for all lines and they have all finished downlaoding extract (using Win Rar or some such)the first one. This sholuld extract them all. Then look for the application file and have fun.

  25. Deus says:

    I can’t find the file to select for the patch, could someone shed some light on this?

    • Andre says:

      In the event you did not figure it out I found it in BD-ROM Drive(G:)Family… and I just cut and paste it to a place I wanted although you can probably update it from that location as well.

  26. Tom says:

    Is there a needed crack for this? I just get a black screen when its loaded.

    • Tom says:

      I guess I should word that better since it appears it comes with the crack now… My game client becomes ‘Not responding’ in task manager upon trying to play it, any advice?

      • Tom says:

        Thanks again for the awesome upload admin! I figured it out.. okay this may be odd but I can only play the game when pressing ‘use integrated graphics’ to play it instead of my graphics card, what is this I don’t even lol.

        • Sancte Ira says:

          integrated graphics means that u’re using a laptop or desktop with a pre-built motherboard with the gpu and cpu “built-in” which usually means less functionality and inability to change graphics card and sometimes cpu… in other words … gay …

  27. PuCCiPuCCi says:

    Admin it says that the file 4 is corrupt.. i can’t play the game.. can you do something?

  28. Raitou says:

    this one have good story, thankz admin ^^

  29. Jjredster says:

    first off let me say this game was Hella Long, but it was also very heartwarming all of this games heroines were very likeable and i enjoyed the routes it was a good game and i can’t wait to play others from this site.

  30. Outpost Omega J says:

    I’m currently going through my collections of downloads from this site and making sure I still have the original rar files. I don’t for this title, so I’m adding it my list of things to re-download, but I don’t see the link for the crack file.

    Did you re-upload this title with the crack already applied? I still have a copy of the crack file separate from my install for later use, I just want to make sure I’m not missing anything.

  31. Good choice says:

    I just recently found this site and i have to say so far all the games i downloaded have been great. This one is so far my favorite from the interesting characters to the story line, it has alot of extra info you find out if you do differn’t play throughs with differn’t characters aswell. Thanks for uploading this game I plan on using your site alot in the forseeable future and hope you keep up the good work.

  32. OMG!! says:

    and if have crack or the license code in this link…which part of this file does have crack file?

  33. OMG!! says:

    I cannot access the file its block by software defender….any idea how to fight that ‘system’ ??

  34. >_ says:

    is this really an eroge? cause i saw this at store and the saw the rated said :

    “Teens : Rated by ESRB”

  35. HAHAman says:

    “Your download link has expired”

    can ya please give the fresh link?

  36. kapone says:

    what is password for the encrypted archive?

  37. HAHAman says:

    is the “virus” problem goet fixed?

  38. DarkSlayer says:

    Is there only 4 parts do download? I mean i found a torrent, its the dvs iso and has almost 2gigs size.

  39. Psiciu :D says:

    where can I download the crack?

  40. beginner says:

    virus? I don’t care about it at all since I install them inside windows in virtualbox … hehe !!!

  41. xaotik1 says:

    I’ve yet to have even a single problem with any of the games from this site. A big thanks to the admin for hosting this site and for taking the time to keep it up.

    Definitely one of my favorites so far. A great story with interesting characters combined with decent graphics, giving this one a 4.5. It’s the story that really makes it for me. Yes, it is long, but definitely worth going through. . .still have to finish Jun’s arc, but the others have been well thought out and interesting so I can only sit back and expect more of the same.

    Keep em coming admin 🙂

  42. Absolute says:


    Work perfectly,as any other games on this website.

  43. AFG says:

    I am having problems with most of the games on the site. When I go to extract the files; they usually come up with the message saying that the archive is either in unknown format or damaged. I would really like to have some intructions on how to download these games right, please.

  44. Taisun says:

    Hi, i asked this same question in the addons section, the uncensored patch for this game, but i was worried no one would see it there, or at least for awhile. so where do i put the patch? when i drag the patch to the game shortcut the game begins so im assuming that that method works but is there an easier way, a way so i don’t have to keep dragging it? i also looked in my program files in the c drive but couldn’t find the game folder. and i installed the game before i downloaded the patch so maybe i was suppose to get the patch first? anyone know? thanks

  45. j says:

    hit alt and enter and the same time to get this game in full screen mode

  46. Thousand Eye says:

    This game is EXTREMELY long.

  47. Al says:

    Awesome site. The titles I am surprise you don’t have on site are “Sagara Family” and “Do You like Horny Bunnies? 1&2”.

  48. Arthur says:

    it took me a full 3 days just to pass it ….i couldnt turn my pc off cos i would have to start over since it didnt download right lol but it was a fun thing to do….i love the VN….because of this VN im fully converted to eroge hentai and None Hentai VNs……so to the admin..thanks for your website bro

  49. Arthur says:

    i can go full screen just right click and u have options or use tab button if ur playing it…….and your right chunhuas ending was a big WOW for me… proud to say it made me cry….wish theres a part 2 for this game but i bet not

  50. Azarhac says:

    Haah, finally completed the game, Chunhua ending maaan… Definitely worth playing even if you can’t go full-screen.

  51. Arthur says:

    OH and it would be nice if admin can post up downloading instructions like some of the other games he posted.

    Love Your Website Bro

  52. Arthur says:

    ok i have a prob….i downloaded the game didnt need a crack it wors fine for me with out it but 2 windows keep coming up these are the….Fail To Open 25.OGG..and..Loading Music File Has Failed..

    (this is the the first part of the game cos the second part hade nohting in the file i extract)

  53. ricky says:

    when u download a file is it okay to download it with winrar and extract/mount after that and if not what do i use to extract it with. If someone could make a video with what to download it with and how to mount/play the game it would be really helpful to all of us thanks

  54. elead nav says:

    the second link is broken.
    Can you repear it?

  55. Retaiz says:

    I’ve had this problem in which I am incapable of saving my files. Can anyone please help me with this? (I can’t read the help file, so I don’t know what to do.) Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Don’t install game in Program Files directory – on vista and 7 it can cause problems (unsigned applications need UAC confirmation to write files there.)

  56. Maik says:

    Can I get step by step instructions for how to apply the patch? I thought I installed it correctly, but when I got to the images that should have become uncensored, I realized they were not.

    So clearly I did not install the patch correctly. For the record I have two patch options FPpatchv3S and FPpatchv2.1M

    Does it matter which one I use? And Can I please get clear, slow, step by step instructions for what I need to do, more detail is better, as I rather not repeat my mistake twice.

    Thank you everyone in advance.

  57. Reynaldo says:

    Thanks. The opening film opens in the middle of the game, not the beginning. My mistake ..

  58. Reynaldo says:

    I have a minor bug… the opening movie don’t play… but the game works 100% ok. Thank you!

  59. Kain says:

    thanks for the game.

  60. Nick27 says:

    I did eveything and put the crack in but there is no sound to the game when i play it??

  61. Jaredhimself31 says:

    It would be greatly appreciated if the Crack was fixed, this looks likes a great game, but because of the error in the current crack file, this game is just taking up 2 GB of unusable space.

    • OutpostOmegaJ says:

      It is working as far as I know, unless it’s been fumbled since 1/13/2011.

      I had to rename it to “FAMILY.exe” minus the quotes, and I renamed the original “FAMILY.exe” to “FAMILY_Original.exe” so I still had it around. (Yeah I know, real original. :p )

      This way, when I go to perform an uninstall, I will delete the crack, and rename the original file back to it’s original name, and the uninstaller will have exactly what it’s looking for.

      • Jaredhimself31 says:

        It Installed Properly, but its asking for an activation code. When I run what I assume is the crack for the game, which is titled “KZNRUS” a box comes up that says it cannot “use the connected GDD”

  62. OutpostOmegaJ says:

    Sorry for the double post but this comment system garbled part of my previous message, specifically the demonstration Target Line. Apparently, it doesn’t like arrow brackets (the SHIFT forms of “,” and “.”) and didn’t include what I wrote in them. I assume the system read them as some kind of attempted code.

    Trying this one more time:

    “(DIVE LETTER):\Documents and Settings\\…(FOLDER PATH)…\(GAME).exe” /f

  63. OutpostOmegaJ says:

    This is probably going to be a dumb question, but while I’m really appreciative of everything you provide of this site, I get wary of crack files and unofficial patches. My luck usually dictates they’re viruses.

    One of the above comments refer to a “cracked.exe”, but when I went to download the crack file, I was offered “KZNRUS.exe”, which is most decidedly not “cracked.exe”.

    Did something get mixed up in the web page’s internal code structure? (I.E., you updated the web site, but missed updating a single line of code.)

    Also, most of the different games’ comment sections keeping referring to you as admin. Do you have a screen name you would rather we use instead?
    To Albin: (Stupid assumption on my part, your using Windows XP)

    I don’t know if this will work for THIS game, but it worked for another. Find (or create) the shortcut to the for-mentioned questionable “cracked.exe”, or what ever it really is. Note, I only know that this worked with the shortcut, I don’t know about the actual .exe file for the other game. Right click on it and open the properties dialog box. In the “Target” field, go to the absolute end of the line. If there is not already a space at the end, add one. type “/f” with out the quotes. Select Okay. Now try launching the program via that specific short cut.

    The the target line for the other program looked something like this:

    “:\Documents and Settings\\……\.exe” /f

    Yes, every thing but the “/f” is in quotes, but that was the short cut for a different game. For all I know, this games short cut won’t have quotes.

    • admin says:

      First of all I’d like to ascertain you that all files uploaded here are verified before being posted – i hate viruses as much as you do.
      As for “strange name” of .exe – that’s how original one was named, and even retail version start the game with that file ( plus annoying DRM of course…). “KZ” probably stands for “kazoku” whick means “family” in japanese, “US” hints that this is USA version, i have no idea what “NR” is supposed to mean.
      Here’s the link to result of scanning that file with multiple antivirus scanners
      I don’t need Internet fame, and I’d prefer to be addressed as “admin”, since that’s what I’m doing on this site.
      Arrow brackets are used in HTML code, that’s why it doesn’t show up.

      • OutpostOmegaJ says:

        Slight communications mix up. I did not mean to imply that you would deliberately include virused files.

        My confusion came from this comment you left earlier

        >admin says:
        >August 19, 2010 at 8:22 pm
        >You don’t need key for it, if you use cracked .exe

        Making it look the the file I download should be named “cracked.exe”. Instead, the site is offering me the file “KZNRUS.exe”. I just wanted to get clarification that this is indeed the right file (which you provided, thank you) and not the result of a hacker planting bad files on your site, or just a simple programming bug in the design of your page.

        As an aspiring computer programmer, I know all about running down coder errors. Back in one of my earlier High School programming classes, it took me 5 days to find a missing semicolon in my code in a program only fifty lines long.

        Anyways, thank you for all your help and for making and maintaining this site.

      • cressray says:

        i think the NR means not-rated but with my minimal knowledge of game ratings im probably wrong. i enjoy the replay value from these games so much that i forget to play normal games for months at a time.

  64. Albin says:

    how to make it full screen?

  65. oricalco says:

    hey so i got the same problem as you guys with the crack and the message “can’t use the connected file GGD”, but i was able to solve it! all you’ve got to do is move the crack file to the folder where all the data from the installed game is and run from there (in my computer the forlder is called “family project” and is inside another one called “roaming”).

  66. Yukimura says:

    _ Thanks Admin, I really like this website.
    _ The problem which some parts corrupt when put together, just try extract again. I had problem about part 6 corrupt but when I try extract again, it works well.
    _ About the crack, you guys need to copy and move it to the location which you install this game. Then run that crack file so you can play the game. Everytime when you want to play this game, you need to run that crack.
    _ This is my 28th download games on this website. Everything work fine except “Chaos;Head”. May be it didn’t work with my PC, but it can work with others.

    • spaz says:

      i had the same problem with chaos;head
      It was the only one that wouldn’t work for me.
      The others I could potentially get to work but I’m lazy >.>

  67. IrritatedMan says:

    Well… I tried it again.. 6 downloads later, and it worked. Thanks for the hard work.

  68. lilsly2fly says:

    can you show a walkthrough for the crack i cant seem to extract it to the folder

  69. lilsly2fly says:

    the crack also so says can’t use the connected file GGD

  70. DaViewer says:

    Parts 2 and 4 corrupt when put together with other RARs. Could they be reuploaded please?

  71. Ellen says:

    the crack says “can’t use the connected file GGD” T^T

  72. loneLeon says:

    can’t open crack! it keeps saying can’t use the connected file GGD

  73. greenteanai says:

    Haha damn I’m a dumbass xD. Lol didn’t see the crack download there >< sorry! xD

  74. admin says:

    You don’t need key for it, if you use cracked .exe

  75. greenteanai says:

    what’s the unlock key?

  76. sji67 says:

    admin did you get to check the “virus” thingy?

  77. Nick says:

    Part 5 can’t be downloaded, due to a virus.

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