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  1. Guhn? Brotel? Prostitution? No thanks!
    I was kind of interrested while watching the announcement, but now i am not interrested. I like yuri, but hate anything related to prostitution.
    Guess i’ll just have to look for another vn.

  2. Hello, do you know wich company or individual people made this game ? are they french or what ? (since it seems the admins bought the game in France)

  3. Dahlia is fantastic short VN. And it really brought the emotion out of me. There are various Sex Scenes, but those are really unimportant, the biggest point this game has is the complicated releationship between Ema and Dahlia. The Ending did also a very well job, maybe there is a slight chance we get a sequel. I would love it.

    1. I agree. It’s different which makes it quite interesting. I thought this was something dark because of the creepy vibe that poster gives. It’s actually an emotional VN though people might find the mystery part a bit weird and confusing but I believe you’ll get past it. Hence, I can say taht I didn’t waste my time here.

      WARNING: If you are looking for material to fap to, this is NOT it!!! Go somewhere else.

  4. Ignore that other guy, The VN isn’t bad at all. While it’s not necessarily a blockbuster but I liked it. More of a tragic love kind deal but it wasn’t a waste of time (for me anyways).

    Long live yuri!

  5. Seriously, do a favor to yourself and don’t play this…
    You’ll be sparing 6-8 hours of your life.

    The mysterious involving this show is pathetic and nonsense, and the end is simply disappointing…

    Seriously, give me back my 8 hours of life…

    1. I don’t even care that I’m necro-ing a year old comment section. I wish I listened to you. This VN left me feeling deeply uncomfortable. Things get way too creepy and weird halfway through. The VN is supposed to be tragic but it’s written like a psychological horror story. The cute yuri h-scenes are not enough to save this.

      If anyone is interesting in playing this VN, just keep in mind that this is not a heartwarming VN.

  6. Hello, I want to know if there is a place where can I tag \yuri\ and just egores yuri will shown.

    Thanks in advance. =)

  7. Wow, talk about creepy covers…

    literallywho, if you respond to this, I will gouge your guts out with a spoon.

    Yes, this is flamebait. Fucking annoyed by that elitist wanker.

  8. Admin i just have to thank u this is hard to get shit damn took me so much time yet i found nothing thank uu uu 😀 btw the captcha is be my friend lol

    1. what do you mean creepy? This cover is alluding to the famous Orfeo painting, how old are you exactly that you don`t know that? don`t make me go on an anti-moron crusade

      1. 1. you are a cunt
        2. you are an asshole
        3. you are a dick
        4. not everyone cares about art, or classical art for that matter, or old school musical instruments
        5. not everyone cares about French culture
        6. a regular person can easily tell others about some specific knowledge (French classical art) without insulting them
        7.??? Profit?

          1. It’s clear that you are “literallywho”. lol

            Also, that is not an education. The vast majority of people on the planet don’t know about that painting and it isn’t relevant to anyone but art students. Even within art students I doubt the majority know about that painting either.

            Your personal selective knowledge does not = universal education. Sorry!

            It’s clear that you aren’t bright. My guess is your IQ would sit around the low 90’s.

      2. What is your problem? It seems people have screwed with you and now you feel like lashing out at people over ridiculous things.

        It’s clear that you want to feel intelligent or something.

        I am sorry but knowledge isn’t the same as intelligence, also the knowledge of old paintings and French culture is even more absurd to try to infer that equates to intelligence.

        Judging from your grammar and your claims, I would say you aren’t too bright and people on the net made you feel like crap at some point.

        FYI, barely anyone would get the cover reference unless they read about it. You think the Japanese or English people would instantly get the reference? The answer is no!

        Do you think someone is a nood if they don’t have Shakespeare’s plays memorized? You sounds like the noob here, the intellectual noob. Like a child’s brain.

        I can name over 100 species of spider, but that is selective knowledge and doesn’t make me more intelligent than someone who cannot do that. That is just basic logic, sorry.

  9. Holy batman! That one was really hard to get. No online sales for English version – you had to be present on obscure anime con in France and buy box there. Took me few months to finally track down someone who had it.

        1. you noob, the cover artworc is a reference (or more like parody) to Gustav Moreau`s painting entitled “Orfeo”. So Dahlia is him (a head in the cithara, not slingshot, it`s a musical instrument you moron) and Emilie is Euridyce.
          In fact, I first got interested in this game because of this artistic reference, for I love Moreau`s work

    1. Well, who’d want others to read their works, right? And “What’s made in France stays in France” is kind of universal rule which is even more true than the one about how Japanese only keep their stuff to themselves.

      While the cover is indeed creepy I guess it is still worth a try and in case it is not too short I really see no reason why the likes of Mangagamer would not accept and sell it (or Sekai Project’s half-dead 18+ division called Denpasoft. JAST probably not).

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