Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o 10: Lily Platinum

Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Lily Platinum

The 10th installment in the widely known series Sono Hanabira, featuring the 5th couple.

Shizuku is the embodiment of pure and gracious Japanese womanhood, to whom all fashions become.
Eris is a platinum blonde beauty from overseas. Their long-awaited union is here, and it’s passionate!!

The yuri pair dance tsundere coy vs. direct and cool, with Eris ever more obsessed, while Shizuku gently resists…

“Wa– Wait, Eris, ahhnn, not now… you can’t touch me like this now… ahhhhnnn…!”

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  1. is it possible for the other entries in this series to be transalted? has anyone done that yet? I would pay to have 12-16 and the nurse series translated tbh

  2. sooo, its been 3 years since this thread is active and i was wondering how do you “merge” part one and two together? i saw some comments saying that you just have to extract part one and then put the .rar file of part 2 together with the extracted files in the same directory… does it work? i don’t get it

    1. If you have part 1 and part 2’s rar files in the same folder, and then extract part 1, it should extract both part 1 and part 2 together at the same destination. You just need to use a rar extracting program capable of doing that, which should be standard for all rar extractor programs these days.

  3. So I downloaded the files and extracted it. Everything runs properly except the game is all in Japanese. I have system locale on Japanese, and the file isn’t corrupt.

    Am I missing something?

  4. great job admin!!! hope u can add more yuri genre here. and i have some advice to this website. i think it’s more better if u gife some mark so we (readers) can know what type of eroge thi title. i mean like u always write otome or yaoi. i hope u can give that mark to yuri too so i musn’t cheked one by one.

    i think just that. FIGHT!!

  5. Hello, when I get to the end of this one,it says “Incomplete End”

    What does this mean? how do i view the whole story?
    Am i doing something wrong?

  6. Never will this series be matched in yuri eroge for me. Sure, the games are short, only have 1 couple, and the choices are few and generally obvious, but DAMN! I ALMOST can’t fap to these they are SO CUTE! And ya know, I LOVE THESE GAMES! Instea of the normal smaller eroge like “hey, lets fuck because they are people waiting for that”, they actually tell a good story, along with two girls having sex because they clearly love each other so deeply and purely. Best yuri ever, thank you Becoming Your Lover! I play it every weekend…

    My captcha was “good girls”

  7. Hello admin, I’m a great fan of the Sono Hana series and also yours for letting me play these games so easily and for free.
    Would you perhaps know anything about the English translation of the 11th installment, or the other ones? I know I’m being impatient but I’ve heard that there are still people who are translating the game but they won’t be releasing it for certain reasons, I’m not sure about that though. It’d be really kind of you if you’d tell me whatever you know about the English translations. ?
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Hi i just wanna ask if all of the installments are connected storywise. Can i just play this installment without getting lost with the story?

    1. Download both of them in the same folder, right click Part1, click “Extract here” and launch the game with the .exe

  9. A simple no would have sufficed, admin, deleting my question without a word simply cause you feel like it is kind of offputting. Not that you are under any obligation of course, but still.

  10. Is this the complete edited and translated version or is this the unedited translation?

    I wan’t aware that this was finished

  11. Its finally here! Thank you very much admin-chan!!! I was waiting badly for it… :>
    BTW would anyone be kind enough to tell me the right options that lead to the correct ending of the game?

  12. hey admin do you know if you could upload Violation Beast? It’s by the same people that made marunomi. Thanks lots 😀

  13. Kindred spirits of the roof just came out and it looks mighty. I might even be on Sonohana’s level. Admin pls give us the yuri, we are thirsty:)

  14. @ everyone

    are there games/VN´s you should never ever play because of a possible mental breakdown? I only experienced it myself one time, guess everyone knows Kana, little Sister? Are there similar VN´s like this one?

    1. If you are looking for recommendations you are better of asking at the forum, you can find the link to the forum at the top right corner.

  15. I would like to second Viktor’s request.
    More yuri would always be appreciated. I know it’s not a particularly popular VN, but with the number of yuri visual novels existing in English, I’ll pretty much jump at any chance to read one. Unfortunately, I’m dirt poor and can’t afford to buy anything myself at this moment. =.=

  16. Hey admin, another yuri game called Sacrament of the Zodiac just got released. I’d be really greatefull if you could uploead it here.

  17. admin do you know anything about a non-cut version of seinarukana? i’ll rage if i really waited years for a crappy all-age version

    1. Seinarukana (The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2) english version is supposed to have 18+ rating.
      But developer can change his mind, it happened in the past.

        1. lets hope developers will release “adult content restoration patch” on steam

          I prefer buying over steam than Jast USA, cause its more safe.

          1. If you ask me its better it buy it on Jast USA, that way they get more money and i dont think that there is anything unsafe about it. Aside from that if they dont release a restoration patch then you can always get the 18 + version from here.

  18. Hello. Whenever I try to play it, just when whe 1st scene start, an error pops up with weird characters on it… then when it says aboyt calligraphy and a girl appears, another error pops up with same weird characters and then closes up. Help D:

    1. weird characters?

      did you switch LOCALE on your windows to japanese?

      how to switch LOCALE?
      google this: set system locale to japanese

  19. I really love the sono hanabira series and appreciate your work alot admin. I would donate if I had money but the economy of a student is on the border of nonexistence as you might have heard. I barely have enough for food and can’t really support the authors either. All I can give is my respect so I hope that’ll suffice for now. keep up the good work!

    1. “Not wanting to play as a girl to fuck a girl.”

      Are you homo or why do you require to see a dick in an h-game to fap?

    2. 1-You do realise that there are lesbians who read visual novels as well, right? The world doesn’t revolve around you or your ”kind”.
      2-Not all eroge are designed for self-insert purposes. Some of them exist to, you know…tell an actual story?
      3-It should be obvious from the cover art and description that this is yuri. Unless you’re blind to everything but the tags, you should be able to avoid things you aren’t interested in a lot more quickly and easily.

      1. sorry to break your bubble, but I dont think its target audience is mainly “lesbians”

        on the world you have approximately 4% of homosexuals. And only 2% of that are lesbians.
        How many of them can actually watch anime? (except in Japan, anime is really rare)
        How many of them goes as far as watching hentai and play hentai games?
        I bet the final number is not big enough.

        I think main audince are males, who like gentle approach.
        Like girls enjoy watching gays (in anime), same way males enjoy watching two gentle lesbians.

        1. There are more lesbians and gays who play eroges than you think. I’m a lesbian who has been following the Sono Hanabira series since the first game was released and my girlfriend is a big fan, as well. This series is for anyone who likes a gentle softcore eroge series and quite a few people do enjoy them. It’s always nice to have some sweeter eroges to play since darker ones are a dime a dozen. Yuriko didn’t even say the target audience is lesbians for this series, though, just that there are lesbians who play these games. Many lesbians can relate to them better than the billion heterosexual eroges games available, so it’s really nice these get translated. But many straight people like them, as well, and it’s just great to have a little fanbase for this series. :3

        2. The yuri genre was not born as “hentai” or adult-oriented.

          In its original form had no pornographic connotations, it originated in female-targeted magazines (generic “female”, not necessarily lesbian ones).

  20. holy fucking shit thx admin id show you a bckflip over a bed of nails if i could but i dont have a bed of nails nor can i backflip downloading right now

  21. Downloaded it but when I launch application computer saying it is malware….. Anyone else played the game and can confirm it is safe to run? Thnx

    1. Pretty much any fan translation will get flagged as a malware/trojan/virus by security software due to the fact that translation patches have to alter a games files in order to do what they do and the first thing scanners look for is if a file has been altered in any way.

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