Fairy Nights

Fairy Nights

The Fairy Gods series continues! The Shikigami Sisters Kumi and Koukaku are called back to the Fairy Village, and Jango must accompany them or risk losing them forever.

What they find along the way are danger, betrayal, and Jango’s confrontation with an ancient legend! The plans of the Organization are laid bare, and the deep bonds between Jango and his Fairies, especially dear Kumi, are sorely tested in the conclusion of the Fairy Gods series.

5 comments on “Fairy Nights

  1. I can’t believe I stupidly thought the mahjong bit was an actual game, I remembered pausing and watching a youtube tutorial on it only to realize my stupidity later on. Nice sprites tho.

  2. for got yo ask do you have Wordsworth I kinda deleted my old copy I downloaded from another site before and that site is dead now and I need the copy for my collection.

  3. how come this is not showing in the homepage.

    the only reason I saw this cause I was stalking this site for slave market hahahahaha I seriously need to get over that.

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