Legend of Fairies

Legend of Fairies

It is in the shadows between the world of the spirits and the world of the flesh that the Shikigami live — ethereal fairy-beings given form and flesh in the shape of beautiful elfin girls. Shikigami may be caught by a Shikigami Master, someone who knows the ancient art of defeating them at battle mahjong and binding them with a contract. A man who catches a Shikigami could win everything…but risks his very soul. In the very near future, in the city of Demon Tokyo, a powerful Shikigami Master named Jango lives amidst the bustling insanity of the city. A request for help from a beautiful woman leads to a showdown with the vile Organization. Jingo’s world is about to be turned upside down…

12 comments on “Legend of Fairies

  1. A classic.

    The download works fine, you just have to open the iso file that was in the download and than exact/copy those files onto your desktop. (I admit, kinda strange way of doing it, but it’s still easy)

  2. Inside the file is an iso. mount iso, ‘nothing happens’ try to open the disc. ‘the file is corrupt and unreadable’

    …Pretty sure the fact the single file upload is almost twice the size of the available free one means the free one is broken and useless.

  3. I think one of the part is missing? there should be
    the exact same thing to the split file. because the free
    download one had got only 234.1 in total while the main
    has 468.6….there is definitely lacking to it? and there is
    no exe.

  4. Is it possible to split the big file, because then everyone with a bit time could get the game for free.

    or do you want to tell me that the already splited files contain the whole game in a much more compressed way

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