Violated Hero 3

Violated Hero 3

The Empress suddenly assigned you to put down the strong monster, Kyubi (fox of the nine tails). Being a fresh exorcist, you tries hard to meet the expectation; however, dreadful yet sensual monster girls take advantage of your lack of experience and assault you sexually without a break!
Can you defeat the powerful monsters to save the world? Or your mission fails and you go to the heaven in ecstasy?

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  1. i have a bug after the first part in the game after defeat the kitsune and scape from yamata no orochi rape time xD when i chose the new escenarop to play the game crash and the screen turns black and said the next (scenario/game/02_Search.ks) and other things in japanese.

  2. Late into the comments boys but does anyone know when/if VH4 will be available on this site?? because im a lazy scrublord and only get stuff through this site 🙂 cheers in advance.

      1. Cheers for the extremely quick reply mate, you are probably the quickest admin I’ve ever seen 😀 im sure i can find something to tide me over while it’s being translated. Thanks again and stay sexy xD

  3. And so the Violated hero series lives on. For a series that started off as a rip off to the very popular Monster Girl Quest this series is shockingly improving with each new game. (Shocking I know). At this rate Violated hero might actually surpass Monster Girl Quest someday. However it’s not this day. For those who are unfamiliar to the series Violated hero has you play as the hero who tries to save the world from the evil female monsters. The game is a masochistic/submissive’s dream and if those aren’t the kinks for you you’ll absolutely hate the sex scenes in this game since they all cater to those kinks in some way or form.

    The story of VH3 is easily the best out of the series (note I have not played any game after 3 so I could be wrong). Granted it’s pretty predictable and not much time is spent on it but this is the first VH game to at least try to give us some twist in the story and make things interesting while at the same time light heart and funny and for the most part it succeeds in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still not at MGQ (Monster Girl Quest) level yet but it’s leaps and bounds ahead of what we started with in VH1.

    The RPG system is surprisingly really good. You actually get to move your character around and explore the map (although you can’t go backwards for some reason), fighting enemies and gaining experience to level up. You actually have stats you can increase such as Strength, Magic, Defense etc. with stat points you gain from either leveling up or beating certain enemies. Your enemies will also attack you using different types of attack and are also strong against certain types of attack, requiring you to actually put some planning into your character’s stat growth and how you fight certain enemies. This is already superior to MGQ’s RPG, which was, let’s face it, a joke for the most part. With that being said it’s not perfect yet.

    There’s not towns or anything else to do with your stats other then fight in the game which does make it get repetitive after a while as you grind for enemies. Also you get skills for no real reason, some of them are tied to your level or stats but without a skill tree you have no way of knowing if putting points in any stat will yield something new. I would have liked to see a skill tree, or a way to pick which skills you wanted. I also think a class system might help replay value.

    The characters aren’t really annoying and pretty distinct, even if they are stereotypes. The main character is obviously a Luka (good guy who is really weak) clone but at least he isn’t annoying. At this point I would like to see Violent Hero take this to the next level by making complex characters, with back stories and complex motives. However at his point in time they simply lack depth.

    Finally that brings me to the sex scenes. Like I said if you don’t like really submissive/masochistic males this game isn’t for you. This is another area where it is my opinion that VH3 beats MGQ, MGQ’s sex scenes became boring and highly repetitive, with new interesting sex scenes far and few between. By only giving the bosses sex scenes rather then every single creature VH3 avoids this problem….for the most part. Every single sex scene plays to the sub/M male in some way, whether it’s foot sex, tentacle anal, whipping, even some blood fetish, there’s a wide variety of kinks appealing to that one singular.

    However I feel that in it of itself is the problem. If sub/M males are not like 100 percent your thing this still manages to get old at times, especially if they do a kink you don’t like such as blood/pain fetish. I think the game would greatly benefit if we at least got to see some monster girl on monster girl action, dare I even suggest the hero gets to be dom at least once. I mean am I the only one who would like to see a game where the male gets to be both dom and sub rather then just one or the other?

    Lightning Warrior Raidy is a perfect example of this, she’s both dom and sub so why can’t we have a game where the male character is both dom and sub? Anyway that aside it’s still nowhere near as bad as MGQ got towards the end.

    That brings me to the artwork of the game. Every scene is well animated, with the art lining up with the text. You’ll either like the design of the monsters or won’t, but there’s at least a good deal of variety on the designs so you should find at least one character you think is hot. Sadly I have to take points off for the non-boss monster designs. Seriously those creatures are ugly as hell, I mean just because we don’t have sex scenes with them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t even try to make them look cute or appealing.

    They’re so bad looking I always want to say it’s some kind of inside joke because how could anyone expect to find them attractive.

    Overall I say if sub/M males are your thing this game is a definite buy for roughly 22 bucks. For everyone else it’s worth a try for free and if you really enjoy it buy it.

  4. On win7, tried everything here, even downloaded it all twice, japan locale but still getting syntax error, any help would be appreciated

  5. hello somebody can you help me? i got a problem when i playing VH 1 it was syntax error violated hero 4081:1,i was changed locale but it still keep like that could u help me sorry ..

  6. Hi,i downloaded and extracted the game but I cant seem to get the game to play.It keeps poping up ‘??????????????syntax error’ someone help me pls

  7. Ok i did everything that the readme file told me to do including every advice i can get. as for the Japanese Appcole file I am telling u know am on Windows 8 not 7 which is probably the reason why it aint working the odd the thing is that its working fine for MQG 1-3 but not for Violated hero.

    If someone can be so kind as to go step by agonizing step with me on how to fix this so i can play it i will be grateful beyound words can fixate on.

    P.S i already tried what hunterking87 said again it might not work for windows 8 but i dearly hope so.

  8. The easiest way to do this is:
    1) copy over all of the english patch to the VH3 folder
    2) create a short cut of kikiriki.exe
    3) Right click and go to properties of the newly made shortcut.
    4)Under target add \ -i data.xp3 -o data\ without question marks at the end. this will extract all of the game data into a folder named data and will take about a minute.
    5) double click on the SHORTCUT that you entered added the line to. this will extract all of the game data into a folder named data and will take about a minute.
    6) delete or rename data.xp3 or you can’t launch the game
    7)launch the game

    this is how i did my patching since i was also having issues. this is mostly in the read me file but the actually were going the hard way with the whole thing by having you go into the command prompted to access do this. also there is an easier way mentioned in the readme file that didn’t work for me for what ever reason

  9. spoiler?

    some monster semi-bosses die and some just feint is there some trick to it? cus i don’t like how the lamia dies

  10. hey can u tell me who translated koihime musuo cause im in need of programs to edit shin koihime musuo the 2nd game so no one wanna translate it so im gonna try to make a fan translation so anyone who knows programs to edit plz give me even the names of the programs im need of it also trying to translate sengoku hime! plz any help will do tnks in advance. also i hate Anti-loli bill of japan!!!!!!!!!

    1. ITH to extrast the text and ‘atlas’ i think was the program that instantly translates ‘poorly’, those could help give you a bases for starting, and by second game of shin koihime musou do you mean the Omake or just SKM?

  11. oh never mind….no wonder the control panel was strange.
    I been using windows 7 ultimate. I solve the prob.
    indeed just change it to Jap local.

  12. oh boy….I have a problem when I tried the exe.
    it displays a syntax error. any advice?
    I’m using windows 7.

  13. Sorry, if you have seen all the squares than the problem is a bug in the game.
    I also had a bug with the flower thing in area 5, fortunately is possible to avoid that battle (put I lost the 1 stat bonus that monster give).

  14. I always have a error that makes me unable to launch the game when it is fully ready, the launcher gives me a error when launching, anyone can help in this? :/

  15. welp, I just gonna help you with 7 scenes (which I think you really don’t have since it’s tricky)
    at the second time fighting fan mei (the first one is where you died by first hit)
    immediately cast seven luminaries seal (with 25 magic and 125 magic power) then win it normaly, then continue on until area 9, after fighting both fan mei and sei mei you’ll get a double paizuri scene

    and for the other six is ending scene
    1.Restart/Load your save file in second fight with fan mei after you finished the game once
    2.(5 Luminaries etc etc)After you win there’ll be an alternative choice \Don’t Give Up and give everything you got\ (at first gameplay you should only got \Look around for anything that could help\)
    3.\Put A stop to this\
    4.\Recall What sei mei did to me\
    5.\Become Concerned\
    6.At Area 9, before you fight yukki onna there’ll be a new set of choice. and I’m sure you should know what to do after that point both fan mei and sei mei will give you 6 scene (3 each)

    and for the last one, idk what you must be missing, perhaps the second boss at area 10 before Lei Ling

    1. To get that one is to lose to Yamata after using the spell that weakens her. It is scene with her and the bug queen

  16. Anyone got a walkthrough? I just beat it, doing both versions of the final battle, but there are still 8 scenes missing.

  17. Not as good as the second one, but artwork is amazing and some of the monster girls are really awesome. White Christmas it is. ˇˇ

      1. Complex plot? Oh please, the one side versus other side and uniting against the third was done before. Same concept, just different setting. The atmoshpere is good, but art is better in VH.

  18. GREAT!!! My only gift this christmas is this release!!! BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!! Thank you Santa Admin!!! I believe in you again!!! By the way, Santa Admin, what happened to these games: Warrior Princess Asuka, Ruby Striker, Chikan Otori Sousa, Touhou Kenchinroku, Marunomi, and Daemon Slave 4?

      1. I read your joke on Christmas day, and I revisited it again today. Took me 2 years to figure it out :/

    1. This game is just not very good. I never understood why people would want to only get CGs instead of playing games, but now i understand. The lumpy art style is just bad, the translation although accurate is just not very eloquent, the regular(nonboss) monsters are ugly as sin, and the bosses are only marginally better, and the story is only a medium to get to the sex from what i can tell… This game is literally a waste of download time. it’s just awful in every concievable way.

      1. Too each their own but I can agree with that sentiment. I played the first two but never finished them as they bored me. I don’t expect any different from this one.

        1. oh come it ain’t that bad. besides the CG and the voices are really good here….if it was that bad they wouldn’t reach violated hero 4.

          it depends on whats your interest is although VH3 has a shorter plot than MGQ.

          1. Well, the thing with MGQ is, it’s the exception of the nukige genré.
            It’s far surpassing the average plot in those games, to the point were MGQ is almost worth playing fort the story alone.

          2. The plot and the humor. There are scenes that really do bring out a healthy dose of laughter to one’s life. The Unfortunate Monsters (especially Garf*****) were just hilarious. And almost every time Tamamo appeared was a good anti-serious moment.

          3. I must say that MGQ I downloaded it for the sexual stuff but fell in love with the story-line. Sadly I couldn’t finish the story because the files for it became broken and i could never fully download part 3 but part 1 and 2 I love the story and if the violated hero is anything close to it They won’t be a waste of time.

          4. As far as I’m concerned you’re right and those 2 people along with anyone else hating on violated hero or MGQ, I have 2 questions,
            1. If you hate everything about the series why are you playing a nukige?
            2. Do you realize the reason that you don’t get “it” is probably because you don’t understand BDSM Culture and Fetish?

            And after asking yourself those 2 things you can do one of 2 things,
            1. Stop hating on nukige, violated hero, MSQ, and or BDSM.
            2. Continue insulting us because let’s face it, it’s the internet and you’re gonna do what you want, and we enjoy it anyways. 😉

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