Conquer the world with an army of moe moe girls in this highly-anticipated adult strategy game. As leader of the island nation of Zipang, you find yourself in a world full of cute and powerful girls, all of whom are based on real historical figures. There’s Oda Nobunaga, Napoleon, King Arthur, Vlad the Impaler, even Aristotle and Leonardo da Vinci! Control over seventy playable characters designed by Ooyari Ashito of Littlewitch fame. Using a fun and sophisticated gameplay system, you will strengthen your army, conquer enemy territories, and build your very own harem of moe heroines. The world is your oyster—now reach out and take it!

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  1. Please tell me how to add patch in game do u need to install some application for this even after extracting it I am in able to get English translation please help me please

  2. Is the H-scene with Himiko supposed to be un-translated or do I just need to download the latest patch for it? I am downloading it right now but just wanted to ask just in case

    1. I think the the World Conquest version is fully translated and uncensored…
      It has no English patch, so it is probably the English version…

  3. I’m playing eiyuu-senki world conquest right now. Is there a difference between this version and wc? Also I only got himekos 2 H-scenes. I conquered austuralia, southern islands and east asia and there isn’t any H-schenes that I unlocked except himekos first 2.

  4. So I been having trouble, when I finally finished conquering Australia, it would cause an error and exit the game, I don’t know what’s going on but I keep getting an error when I’m trying to finish that, need help

    1. Same here, but with Taika. After the escene with the “mercury medicine”, a white box with japanese text appears and the game crashes

  5. so can someone tell me what i should download from here and what else i should download from where ever else to get the fully translated, all h scene included game?

  6. so where is this The 1.05 is a official patch needed to apply the 1.7 english patch. Anyone know where to get it?

      1. Were you saving before installing the patches? did you installed patch 1.33? if yes that may be the problem. you see this patch in this site is really outdated.

        1. Yeah, think I figured out the problem.
          Turns out my save files is from the patch 1.33, maybe that’s what’s causing the problem.
          I then deleted every save file from 1.33, and then I can finally load/save.

    1. So just for clarification, this 1.7 patch applied to this fan translated version is better in every way than the JAST version that was recently posted?

  7. So with the JSK one just realeased and hearing that this version has additional content, does anyone have the link to the 1.7 english patch that is aperintly the “finished” one?

    1. I hope they upload a JAST patch, in the fanmade there are some parts there are not translated and still in japanese =/

      1. The 1.7 Final versión of the patch is fully tranlated, you only need to aply the uncensor patch riped of the JAST versión and youre done.

        1. Would you happen to have that uncensor patch? or i have to get install the 1.7 final patch over the oficial version?

  8. Can some one help me , i alrdy download all parts but when i extract them i dont have the .exe file please help T_T

  9. I think i have seen a lot of that chara in this vn before in different Vn it just the name,role and the hair color that different

  10. so how should I patch this game? Download the vanilla game first then apply 1.05 then apply restoration patch then the latest english patch? Or english is pre-patched?

  11. Does anyone know if it’s possible to miss character events in this game? So far it seems that character events are unlocked by having owning a certain amount of cities. However I’m cheating the hell out of the game and the victories are rolling in easily. I want to make sure I’m not going to miss out on cg by steamrolling the game XD.

  12. Where are these files saved? I can’t find it in my documents or in the Eiyuu Senki folder either :/ Unless I’m blind

    Help please!

  13. I think this one is outdated.
    It’s fully translated now, you can try searching using these keywords:
    Eiyuu*Senki Patch Version 1.7 Final

    There’s also a trainer out there in cheatengine forum(just an fyi).

  14. Sorry+for+double+posting,+but+I+just+realize+that+there+is+a+1.7+ver.+with+a+complete+h.+trans+http://www.hongfire.com/forum/forum/hentai-lair/hentai-game-discussion/383255-tenco-eiyuu-senki/page77

  15. Can I ask why the h scene with himiko at turn 10 after invading edo aren’t translated? if so are there any chance of my mistakes? or are there any possible download sites that I can acquire fully English translation of the game? Thanks in advance

  16. As far as I know of this day, not all of the H scenes for this game are translated. I don’t have anything after Marco Polo.

  17. I just finished this game with the True ending, with doing all the optional stuff other than Shambhala, but I am missing one CG from the graphics gallery. It is the one on the very bottom left of page 5. Can anyone tell me what that one is?

  18. hi @admin,

    i would like to ask if theres any news on ‘eiyuu*senkei GOld’?

    from what i have gathered….

    the gold version has:
    -more heroine
    -a crafting system o_O
    -more content

    i have found an interface translation but thats all….

    even on vndb there was no english version yet…

    are they translating it currently? i dunno their site.

    1. I think it’s pretty early to talk of translation, JAST just announced the translation to this game for the 2017 so I don’t think anyone will consider take the gold version in the future if JAST has the rights. The gold version even if it’s considered a sequel is practically a FanDisk and FanDisk rarely get translated even for commercial release. Maybe I’m wrong and JAST only has the rights for this game and not the gold version but I wouldn’t be to hopeful.

  19. So do all i do with the free downloads is unzip them all into the same folder? its been confusing me for a bit now and i cant get it to work.

    1. TC01-1.05-40051-150 [00000000] i am constantly receiving this error whenever i open the game, it happened after i installed the english patch.

      1. The error you have is because you applied the 1.33 patch, it’s rare if after adding the 1.33 patch and then the patch 1.4 to not occur errors. Just unzip the vanilla game, apply the 1.05 patch and then unzip the english patch full and youll be fine.

  20. I thought this was fully translated? I just did the “Himiko and…” event in Kyoto and its not translated…

    1. Okay so that was in Edo, and it’s an untranslated h-scene.

      Can someone please explain how to update this to the latest english patch and where it can be found?

      I downloaded a japanese 1.05 patch, but it wont work on the unpatchd game and only works on the 1.33 patch uploaded here.

      Where exactly are you supposed to get the 1.4 patch or whatever?

      1. Nevermind, its on hongfire. For the record, this is how i got it to work :

        1. Unzip unpatched version
        2. Unzip 1.33 english patch from here
        3. Download and run the 1.05 japanese patch.
        4. Extract the 1.4 english patch from hongfire, eiyuu senki forum thread, page 66.

          1. Because it isn’t on page 66 lol Search around the forum and you’re bound to find it! (took me a good 15-30 min to find the damn thing ?)

  21. The patch 1.4 is a major bugfix and translates all the h scenes but requires the japanese version (18+ Game download) and update 1.05 because if you add the patch 1.33 it won’t work. Now, the reason for the patch 1.33 is 2.28 GB is because it uses the archives of the japanese version, which means you are practicaly are downloading the game 2 times while the patch 1.4 only is 750 MB.

  22. How I did it and what happens.
    I download both game and patch in parts.
    As always I extract all 12 parts of the game and merge the folders and overwrite files when ask.
    But where I click the .exe and game is starting, error boxes appears. But when I have my headphones on, the error boxes appeared and then game quits automatically. That part is when I’m lost, but I realized there was another full game folder inside the game folder. Like what??? This happens to me, I don’t know if it happens to anybody else.

    The game folder within the game folder works without error boxes.

    So now, towards the patch. The same thing I did, I extract each part, merge and overwrite when ask and then copy the folders and move them to the game folder. Merge, overwrite, then click .exe. No error box until when I click New Game, error box appeared and quits automatically. Great another problem.

    I took a look inside the patch folders and some dat files were 0 KB and I thought that’s not right. I thought I must have extracted incorrectly or wasn’t completed. But it turns out when I extract the first part, I guess it automatically extract and merge the other parts into a single folder (EiyuuSenkiEngPatch133) and when I check properties it was like 2.28 GB (I used 7-zip). Yay? Then I used that and put into the game folder, rinse and repeat. Game starts, click new game, it works. I can hear the audio, the text in english, and that’s it.

    Well that’s what I been through.

    Also, I look through the comments saying something about japenese version or update 1.05 and patch 1.4. Is it something I have to do or is it just additional content/fixes for the game? Thanks I hope this help and hopefully somebody answer my question.

  23. why do the english patch have the same GB as the main game? a lot others seems to question this as well

  24. Thanks for the upload!

    Can someone who already DLed tell me what version the base Japanese files are? I want to install the latest ENG patch but the author says to only do it to a fresh Japanese version 1.05.

    There’s a partial 1.4 ENG patch that can be used to update from the previous 1.3 ENG patch but it doesn’t have the all features of the latest full 1.4 ENG patch, which has to be installed on a fresh Japanese v. 1.05.

    You can find the latest ENG patch pretty easy on google, but the official 1.5 Japanese patch seems to have been taken down everywhere so it’d be great if this was already 1.5.

    1. The latest patch is the 1.4.7,the vanilla game here dont include the 1.05 patch unless you apply the 1.33 patch, google this “ES_update_1.05.zip” for the update.

  25. can somebody help me? i was playing this game, everything is normal until i quit, when i play it again, the game become mute, no sound whatsoever, not even a soundtrack

    i’ve tried to extract from the new donwnload – nothing
    play the jap version – nothing
    install direct x – nothing

    soo… can anyone help me here?

  26. Do we need download both of the game and english patch because usually english patch not need that much…

  27. Hum,i really don’t get it, why are the H-scenes untranslated?
    there is alot of patches making them available, is this a technical problem? or simply there is no one to translate?

    1. Original Japanese game had two versions – PC one with h-scenes, and all-ages console one (since SONY are a bunch of fascists who don’t even allow nipples to be shown on their precious consoles). Then, a company translated all-ages version to English and released it on consoles. English patch posted here uses those translations to backport English text into PC version – as there were no H-scenes on console version the translation comes from, those parts remain untranslated.

      There are some patches that use machine translation for those parts, but it’s really unreadable, with text making no sense, so I opted to not include those.

      1. Oh i see, so there wasn’t any unoficial translation, only the console one. is there any chance that someday will be fully translated? if yes i guess i’ll just have to be pacient then… thanks anyway admin

  28. What Derp Derpington say is true but the patch 1.33 is’nt necesary, just intall the game, apply the update 1.05 then add the patch 1.4, last apply the patch to translate the H-scenes and thats all, it works without problems, if you apply the patch 1.33 and then the patch 1.4 it will crash in the H-scenes always.

      1. Download 1.05 and the 1.4 on Hongfire, it should be there after a bit of a search through the forum pages, look for the usernames of Surferdude 2016 and Winkelhime, take some time (like 15-30 min in my case ?) to search. Not all scenes are translated but if you have been watching anime or something long enough you will understand most of what they’re saying/moaning anyway ?.

  29. Every time I try to play, it pops up with a CMD style screen, which then shows some system details (?), then it just gives me a load error with some weird ramblings in Korean and a code saying “TC010-1.05-40047-105 [40000101]”.

    When I press OK, it brings up a Script Error with more weird Korean ramblings and another code saying “TC01-1.05-40051-150 [00000000]” with Yes and No as the two options.

    Both of them simply crashes the game. My locale has already been set to Japan, so I don’t really know what’s causing it.

    Someone help pls.

  30. Hey, when I remove the AUSys,Even, Game and SysGame and replace it with the Eng Patch 1.33 files, it won’t run, but with the original ones without the Eng Patch, it runs fine but in Japanese
    I tried launching it both with AppLocale in japanese but eng patch won’t run still

      – keep everything inside the folder.
      – then place Eng Patch files inside folder (it will automatically override some files)

  31. can someone tell me how to get save data from my previous patch of this game?? cause i want to download the latest game but i dont want to play it from the start again

    sorry if my english suck

  32. So, I’ve read many problems regarding H-scenes is not translated or even 80% cut off from this English Patch.
    But, I’ve heard that you(Admin) have updated the English Patch to version 1.3.3 which I heard restore those H-scenes.
    Yet, I see some people still saying no H-scenes translated. Now, I’m confused.

    In the end, what is the current Patch on this download?
    the complete translated version include H-scenes translated, or no?
    Please tell me, Admin. if it still incomplete, I’ll patiently wait for the better update, I don’t want to let 4.4 GB go to waste. :/

      1. :/ Still don’t know exactly what is the current patch though..
        But, Thanks for your informations.. x)

        1. EiyuuSenkiEngPatch133.part01.rar – 200.0 MB
          This is one of the link from above and it is CURRENT ONE – date 27/03/2016.
          This mean version 1.33 of patch or Like I said before patch 133

          1. So, this current download have H-scenes but not translated yet. :/ uh okay, then I guess I really have to be patient and wait until the translated H-scenes update is here, if it will ever be updated anymore.. – –

            Again, thanks for your helpful information.

          2. at the moment patch on this page is: 1.3.3

            newest patch is:

            to get h-scenes translated you have to download at least patch EN 1.4 and then you can download Machine-translation of sex-scenes
            (check Older Comments, I posted some links)

  33. Can i ask, does anyone have the same problem as me? During the H-Scenes, the translations turn back into Japanese; throughout the game the English translation works but only in the H-Scenes it reverts. Anyone know how to fix this? Help pls D: Thx!

    1. You have the last version (this is PS3-without h scene + little restored from PC version) unfortunately in new patch 133 they not translated to english, but attached propably all cutted h-scene.

        1. I agree.
          This is plus that H scenes are added but I do not know japanese to understand text and atlas tool translation are very poor.

  34. can someone tell me? i’m a bit confused about this patch thing. should I download both and patch, or the second is english patched?

    I see that both data is the same size and quite big at that. based on my experience with koihime musou and utawarerumono, I should download both. but that is because it included voice patch. is it the same with this one? or I just need to download the english patch to play the game? can someone help me answer this?

    and Ivan, you did a great job here. years of great times here. keep up the good work! if you need donations for the raws or other things (which I would not guarantee I could always give, but hey, maybe once in a while as a thank you) tell me the process through my email.

    1. nah, both patches are same thing.

      one is FREE download (many files per 200MB)

      second is PAID download (to those who want to slowly download, they can download it everything fast in just 1 file)

      1. I’ve been using this site for years and I understand about that. what confuse me is if I should only download the english patch, or download the english patch and the 18+ files.

        sorry if my previous comment is unclear somehow. I always used the free link so far.

        1. I can see only 4 downloads options:
          2 for original game entitled “+18 game”
          and 2 for patch entitled “english patch”

          you have to download both game and patch, duh

    1. Sexual Content

      Well it’s not, but you would get many bugs…
      Because it’s translation from ps3 that don’t have hentay content and have little more chars

  35. how come the patch and the vanilla game have the same size?. if i download the english patch do i still need to download the vanilla game?

    normally i would

    1. i just downloaded both part 12 of the english patch and the original game
      and the difference that i see is English patch having some bigger file than the original game and not having the .exe file
      not sure what other difference there is
      after download the english patch i’d like to see whether the app work by copying the .exe file from the original game inside.

    1. This, I enjoyed this version but from what I’ve heard gold is immensely better. Unfortunately I don’t know japanese lol.

    2. From what I’ve found, there currently is only an interface patch for the game out and not finding any translations going on. Might just be missing it. There was another group working on this game as a translation that might have gotten a translation for the hentai parts in it but they were issues with a dmca from the game maker.

  36. I have a question, I’m near the end and have every single character maxed on their affection (hearts) all except for Hijikata Toshizou, the semi generic general you can recruit early in the game. I never really stopped using her throughout most of the game until towards the end, so I’m not really sure how to acquire the last heart for her. Was there a specific place I was suppose to use her at or something?

  37. Could you explain about the translation and h-content in this game? And about the patch, Is this official release patch from the US producer or unofficial release like BB1/BB2? I know that this is conversion of the PS3/Vita US version game which is all age version, but I would prefer the complete version of this game (with all content in it) like the original JAP version

      1. Actually, the files seem to have been removed from it, so even if rghost is working, you still cant get the files. hope that someone has backups.

  38. Question, the english patch had no H-scenes, because it’s the ps3 version?
    The Jap version, has the H-scenes but it’s all in japanese?

    1. it’s more like the earlier english patches had some but not all h scenes removed, and what wasn’t removed was still in japanese, later patches put some of the h scenes back in, but besides the machine translation that cause syntax errors for me, the h scenes are still untranslated

    1. yes, adult scenes are untranslated (and coversations that happen before h-scenes)
      if you want adult scenes translated, then there is machine translation patch in the comments

      but if you think, there is more untranslated stuff, then you probably did something wrong
      (applying wrong patch? applying patch to wrong location?)

  39. I found info DIFFICULTY bonus items, I am going to share it with you

    eiyuuwiki. wikidot. com/wiki:difficulty-bonus-items

    if you find game too hard, just avoid doing those things

    is any difference in CG or plot if you buy USA or conquer it?

    1. I dunno. just got to usa myself. Im getting irritated too, i know i got the untranslated sex scenes from patch 1.3, but ive only seen two scenes so far, and theyve both been the annoying as Himiko.
      Were those two scenes all that were put back?

      1. it depends on the order you conquer countries.
        Some events unlock after conquering certain city.

        for me first 3 scenes were Himiko, then Abe no Seimei, then Marco Polo (after Indias?), then Arthur (after conquering Macedonia), then Oda Nobunaga (after conquering Egypt) etc…

  40. yes, English Patch 1.4 is out
    (it doesnt translate anything, it adds some bonus content from PS3 and PS Vita versions and fixes some stuff.)

    the thing on Rghost is \MACHINE translation of sex-scenes for patch 1.4\
    (dont install it unless you have at least patch 1.4!!!)

    1. link for EN patch 1.4
      mega. nz/#!4R0UwYQZ!nOX_FBUJkbXcgRBl4tseemO99v0v0VV-S-3-owy1mYQ

      link for MACHINE TRANSLATION (bad quality) of sex-scenes:
      – for those who applied patch 1.4 on patch 1.3
      rghost. ru/private/8rc2rDnZ9/9d1aa44d3335aca6f619deef25ba3dd7

      – for those who applied patch 1.4 on fresh install of Eiyuu
      rghost. ru/private/6NtgqvHT5/13a18f0e0f79dbde2b13fcf0de70c7dd
      (if you dont know, then just install this 2nd version)

      PS: for links to work, just remove that SPACE from link

      1. I realised I wrote some confusing things:

        that EN patch v1.4 on Mega is supposed to be installed over patch v1.3

        since you installed EN patch v1.4 over v1.3 you have to also install correct H-scenes MACHINE translation patch (if you want sex scenes translated)
        rghost. ru/private/8rc2rDnZ9/9d1aa44d3335aca6f619deef25ba3dd7

          1. really??

            I never had even 1 crash. Did you apply EN 1.4 patch over EN 1.3 patch?
            and did you also apply correct machine translation patch?
            (my bad I provided 2 links)

          2. I can not get your link for the machine translation to download. It keeps crapping out halfway through.

          3. Bugs out and crashes with a syntax error every time i get to an H scene. Guess i will just go with the half translated 1.4 patch.

        1. so basically

          1. install the game (jap original)
          2. apply patch 1.3 (unlock h scene + voice)
          3. apply patch 1.4 (added new content)
          4. apply the machine translated (optional) if u want the h-scene translated

          I already try, and yeah it crash sometime when u apply the machine translated h scene…

          so I decide only to apply patch v1.3 and v1.4 (h-scene not translated), it work fine..

          1. yes, steps 1-4 worked for me.

            Did you apply “correct” machine translation patch?
            rghost. ru/private/8rc2rDnZ9/9d1aa44d3335aca6f619deef25ba3dd7

          2. my bad, I probably found out problem:
            that english 1.4 patch on MEGA is not “to update from 1.3” but actually “full 1.4”
            you have to place it over clean Eiyuu*Senki” !!!

            so thats why downloading “machine translation for 1.3 > 1.4” wont work

            then you have to use 2nd link “for full 1.4”
            rghost. ru/private/6NtgqvHT5/13a18f0e0f79dbde2b13fcf0de70c7dd

            and if nothing else helps, this is last think I downloaded. It fixes problem with Fonts

          3. So,as far as i’ve heard,there’s 2 kind of patch : official patch which latest is 1.05 and English patch which latest is 1.4.Now i’m wondering which official version the download on this site is? anyone can answer please?

          4. Thanks for your link, but I’ve already on halfway game, will my save lose if I patch Jap ver Eiyuu Senki with patch 1.4 ? I played with patch 1.33 though till now

  41. Just a heads up, on hongfire they got patch 1.4 out now.
    I think it translates the rest? or atleast the sex scenes. I cant download it of the rghost they have up though for some reason

    1. yes, English Patch 1.4 is out
      (it doesnt translate anything, it adds some bonus content from PS3 and PS Vita versions and fixes some stuff.)

      the thing on Rghost is \MACHINE translation of sex-scenes for patch 1.4\
      (dont install it unless you have at least patch 1.4!!!)

    1. – download the game
      – download english patch
      – extract English patch into the game folder
      – now you can play game in english language 🙂

  42. so I’ve been playing this and got that the mission SHOW DOWN AT GANRYUU ISLAND! and can’t get sasaki kojiro every time I try to do the mission my game crashes I’m not sure if its me with messing up the install or if its the fact that she may not be part of this version of the game. any one have any idea why this might be happening?

  43. Can someone help me figure out the installation process for the game? I tried setting up everything but I keep getting the Tc01-1.05-40047-105 error that crashes and closes the game every time I start it up. Please and thanks!

    1. Make sure the path to the game has no special characters ─ no dots, no slashes, save it under “C:\Eiyu Senki” if you want to be 100% sure this error won’t show up.

  44. hmmm right when i was able to do missions i wasnt able to hear anyone’s voice anymore, is that suppose to be like that? do they only have voices at certain moments?

  45. Pretty unfortunate how the H-scenes aren’t translated. I just want to know what they say leading up to the H-scene. Especially Nobunaga’s one. Pretty depressing when I can’t read moon runes.

        1. thx,

          I found out that there is already some bug fix for 1.3.3 so another patch version will most likely come out soon 😀

        2. So what’s new in this patch?
          I’ve already downloaded it,so am i just going to replace the old patch in my game with this one?
          I hope it doesn’t affects my save.

          1. there were at least 5 patches so I dont know which version you downloaded

            English patch v1.3 restores all adult content to the game

            patch v1.2 restored like 90% and previous versions had even less (I think patch v1.0 had no adult content)

  46. looks great, but the NTR tag worries me a bit, nothing turns me off like NTR, so could anyone tell me if its avoidable or not? I love the work of this artist so I really want to know…

  47. Guys, I had a missing cg when the main character goes drinking with nobunaga. the screen just went black but the text still keep going. is it normal ?

  48. Thank you admin for all of your work. Below is a 100% save file (japanese version). If you wish to rehost and delete my link, please do.


    Quick game hints:
    More units = more damage per hit
    Put 6 people in battle, even against just one opponent as long as you have the extra to spare
    The bar at the top fills by how much damage you do (and a little each turn). If you use a character that exploits a weakness (like a swordsman vs a gunner) then the one getting hit gets their bar filled instead. This can be catastrophic against some enemies but VS others you need to have the extra damage.
    Don’t be afraid to use your powers. I used MC’s power for 3 dots multiple times to hit 2-3 enemies and received 3 dots back because the amount of damage I did.
    Stacking effects works best. (Giving Marco Polo the -15 wait and -10 wait late game gives her a LOT of turns)

      I checked his save hoping that that it fixes the 3/4 of the scenes missing but nope not only that but its not even nearly 100% and doesn’t even unlock the scens if you use it. Oh and his tips are trash the only thing you need in this cheap game is logic (think what kils what and deploy based on that), war chest (to build units) and nothing else even healers are unneeded up until the “true” ending stuff

  49. is this 18+ game or all ages??? please tell me…
    other sites providing same title says their patch came from ps3 version, so basically all ages = no h-scene

    1. darrealm053: If you look at past message you can see the method on how to see the h-scene and there is some H-scenes that appear in the game if you play it but that almost rarely occur.

      1. amount of H-scenes depends on English patch you have.

        english patch 1.2 restored around 80% of adult content. You have to get at least English patch 1.3 for 100% of H-adult content

  50. Yo everyone. Thanks for the game admins.

    Anyone got the “great victory” in the battle against Ashoka?
    I am trying everything I can think and still cannot manage it.

  51. After I patched. Some character lost their voice in some scene but when I tried to play without patch they speak normally. Have any help?

  52. Is it me or the enemy seems a bit harder than expected? Japan > Mongol > China > India > EU(South East) > Hawaii > Australia > Indias > USA > Vinland > IncaAztec > Brittania !?… its my 111th round. Am i late or something? I didnt even have the chance to go Macedonia. Should i go to Brittania or pit stop to Macedonia first? Somehow i managed to raise 3 lvl of enemy equipment by skipping australia and IncaAztec. Hardly survived >.<

  53. @ellie: you can do what Sir Brendon said but you can beat Ashoka without finishing Mongolia n Taika first. Just add more troops to ur heroes which i did especially Oda Nobunaga n a proper strategy of troop use. i have my heroes 1100 troops each use Himiko healing at each of her turns. But still a bit difficult i did 2 retry before beating Ashoka

  54. is there gonna be a gold version of this in maybe next upload i try to w8 i already finist the game and get the end

    ps- ty for sharing the game

  55. Also I don’t think there are any H-scenes in this game. The first one was supposed to be Himiko’s confession scene at the beginning, but nothing showed up. Do we have to do something other than the english patch?

  56. @Admin

    Thank you for posting this VN! but what of the GOLD version? I know it has an english interface patch, but do you know if there will be plans to translate that one too?

  57. Is it already the latest patch (1.3 beta) or not? I just found out there is english patch 1.3 beta according to vndb

  58. Our friends on the Eastern front released another patch which fixes some of the bugs and reintegrates the untranslated porn. You can find it in the Eiyuu*Senki thread on Hongfire.

    1. Can you please provide link? I tried to find it, if it’s the 1.05 patch the link is broken or REPACK13 which I can’t find :(, please help.

  59. Straight to the question regarding the installation of both the English and Japanese ver, does the method playing with the English ver and H-scene with the Japan ver works? I just want clear clarification. Second, just to be curious are the stat raised? the stat raised are almost to none since its hardly noticeable but maybe it’s because I don’t play far enough. Third, why the comment in this website are differ in each device? For instance I the message that were commented on January can be seen by my phone but not on my PC? Thank you for the reply

  60. If anyone could link a walkthrough, that would be great. Flipped over 9000 tables (and counting) trying to do Port Royal and beating Percival (yay for bunny girls :D) in San Francisco. >:(


    Sir Brendon

  61. ill bump again the solution for those people who will download this

    -Install the game normally.
    -there’s some missing H-scenes in this patch that can’t be viewed under normal circumstances. almost 80% of H-scenes are missing.
    -Now install the JAP one without installing the patch.
    -copy your english game saves to japanase ones by doing it go to C:\Users\nameofyourpc\Saved Games\TENCO\英雄*戦姫\UserData just dont forget to back your saves.
    -Go to the gallery after you did the saves. and play them if you already acquired them and didn’t get any stuff.
    -So yeah play the story in the english and h-scenes on jap version.
    -You can feel the H coming. because of course you can 🙂

    michaelangelo doesn’t had sprite or picture because she’s only a psvita exclusive character.

    happy gaming.

    1. The japanese version doesn’t let me do missions, so I can’t load save files where I think an eroge scene is going to happen and complete the mission to get it. Did you have this problem too?

      1. by “don’t let me” I mean I get a crash report when I click a mission. I can end the turn though, so I’ve only been able to get the bittania queen’s h-scene.

  62. Is there a order in which i need to do the conquests? I don’t want to miss a hero or a event by any chance. I did the hawaii conquest before australia and i got a event where a heroine left australia and a achievment for conquering hawaii before australia, i now can declare war on russia, macedonia, australia or go talk to Columbus, which one is better to do first?

    1. You should do Australia first, at that point, anything else is too difficult. In consecutive order, I recommend that you go to Australia, then talk to Columbus, then Macedonia. Don’t even think about going anywhere near Russia yet.


      Sir Brendon

    1. Download the English patch from the link above and extract the files to the folder extracted from the main link. Click “Replace All” when that window pops up.


      Sir Brendon

  63. First thing first, i wanna say to the admin thx for the hardwork for releasing Eiyuu Senki VN. Been waiting for a long time to be able to play this VN.

    From what i see on the comment section, there has been a few problem regarding the VN, hereby the unviewable Hscene, the last event for Kamehameha, the ending, cannot proceed beyond a lvl 9 in tower of babel.

    You guys may have solve this your own, but i will just make a summary + a solution for each problem.

    1st The unviewable h scene is not really a problem really and the way to solve it has been post on the comment section (thank you for the person who help us solve the problem)

    2nd I bump to the same problem with the event for kamehameha (error leading to crash) however what you need to do is just press yes when the error appear (not sure does this effect anything thou) and the game will proceed as usual

    3rd There is only 1 ending for this eiyuu senki (do note that this is the old ver meaning not “gold” or port version)

    4th No clarification for the error in clearing tower of babel because i havent reach up to that point

    Hereby is my summary and end of the report, once again i want to thank the admin for not only been sourcing us with Eiyuu Senki but also tons of others VN =D.

    P.S= Columbus,Caesar,Seimei and Goemon best grill

    1. es un eroge como la mayoria si esta en esta pagina es para pc no se necesita la gran cosa para jugar mientras no estes usando un tostador de los años 80 es jugable

  64. Does anyone have like a walktrough? i tried to do the challange route but i cant win the boss battle againt Ashoka :S

    1. Do you mean that you tried India before doing Taika or Mongolia? I recommend that you not do that. Getting the heroes from Mongolia (Marco Polo and Kublai Khan) and Taika (Qin Shi Huang, Sun Tzu and Lu Bu) will help with India. I did Mongolia then Taika, Marco helps with Taika, and Qin + Lu help with India. Be sure to match attributes and place units in advantageous areas. No walkthrough though, sorry. Hope this helps. 🙂


      Sir Brendon

  65. Are the voices supposed to disappear in certain parts of the game?
    I’m just begginin to play and I’m past the introductions, and when the characters have lines in battles, there aren’t any voices.

  66. Sorry to bother, but the current patch comes to an error midway into the game, in which clicking no exits and clicking yes disables all voice.

    Is there a resolution for this issue at this time?

  67. is ther any reason to expect a fulll game crack? just wondering since i would rater wait for full experience.
    thx in advance

  68. Guys, there’s an easy way to view the H-scenes.

    First you need two copies of this game – one patched (ENG) and the other unpatched (JAP).

    Here’s what I did…

    I played the game with the English (patched), of course, and racked up them H-scenes…

    When I wanted to view the scenes, I simply closed the English version then opened the Japanese version (unpatched), then went straight to the H-scene section to view them LOL. And It Worked!!!

    The cool thing is that when you view some scenes, close the JAP down then head back to the ENG, new images appear side the Gallery section – and nothing is messed up.

    It just works perfectly.

    (I didn’t load any saved data within the JAP version, as that might screw things up).

    You don’t have to fiddle about with any files or modify anything. Just play through the English version, then watch the scenes within the Japanese version. Easy!


    Windows 7
    English version on Desktop and Japanese version inside “Documents” folder.

    Enjoy 🙂

    1. I did just like this, installed the same game in different places, patched one and left the other in japanese, I kept playing it until i felt a scene was cut short when it should be an H-Scene, I closed the english version, opened the japanese one and searched in gallery, the pictures itself didnt unlock for me but the H-scenes did with voices and all.

  69. don’t know if it would work since i downloaded the game from a different site.

    We all know that once we patched the game it becomes an all age version, one work around i did was i installed the game twice or copy the file in different folder. one game must be patched the other is not (do the same technique as done above but do not copy any file to and from the two folders).

    Play the game in the english or patched version, once you reached an H-scene play through it save the game. Then go to the unpatched version. you will see that click the gallery and you will see the H-scene there.

    (Yes you dont have to go to the trouble of copying files apparently the despite having to two games of eiyuu senki they only have a single saves folder located at C:\Users\******\Saved Games\TENCO)

    1. Wow, you just beat me by 2 hours 🙂 Pretty much the exact way that I use it, so I can confirm that this works!!

  70. Excuse, me admin, but part 6 and part 9 aren’t working. The links, I meant. The others are fine, but those two links are…odd.

    1. It’s actually installed when you install the game
      Look in Users>client>saved games>TENCO>英雄*戦姫>Userdata

      Haven’t tested yet to see how it works, so if you test it do tell what you did with it and what it did.

      1. I tried it but the h-scenes still do not come out. i even tried pasting it in every files and making a new file to put it in. Am i doing anything wrong? Someone pls help

    1. Actually this is All Ages Version. Dont worry about H-scenes. I think it’s only show 1 scene on early game.

    You cannot get the true ending in this version i (unintentionally) did everything needed to get it and then ran the gauntlet vs SPOILERALERT god SPOILEROVER. However all i got was some BS “never ending” Was this project done even more lazily then we thought since this clearly seems like the bad ending

    1. Got the “never ending” end too. Is there a way to get others endings or is this the only avaliable on this version?

  72. If you have two copies of this one in English and one in Japanese and you put a file called AUshare.dat in the Japanese version you can play through the English version with the Japanese H-scenes.

    1. same here, Billy’s voice files don’t come out in the patched version for some reason, anyone got a fix for this

  73. Admin, i have a question. from what i’ve read from the comments. Is it that if i patch the english patch to the game there will be no h scenes. right?

    1. yeah..it will be no some h-scenes
      well mostly that have is loli xD
      you need to put the saveload in japan version
      that you can see the h-scene in gallery

      1. Thx Scarlet, one more question, is the admin here going to put Eiyuu Senki Gold here when its transalted? or is he/she translating it?

  74. Hey i got this error when i launch the game Code: TC01-1.05-40051-122[0000044D] and error Code: TC01-1.05-20566-155[40000101] my locale are changed to Japan but still the same someone please help.

    1. I dont think we need locale japan to install and play the game (bcoz I didnt use locale japan).
      -What I do just extract the EiyuuSenki(JAP) files, then you need to extract and paste the EiyuuSenkiEngPatch12 files into the EiyuuSenki(JAP) folder.
      -Now your game have been translated. Run EiyuuSenki.exe to play it.

      Have fun. I hope it’s help.

    2. I had the exact same error, turns out when i was copying the patch files some .dat in there was getting corrupted, so i just deleted and tried again a few times verifying if it extracted correctly and it worked eventually. 7zip is nice to check integrity.

  75. Anyone else have the game crash when attempting the “Aloha au ia oe” mission? It’s one of the Kamehameha missions.

    1. anyone managed to fix the bug where the game crashes when you try “Aloha au ia oe” mission? It’s one of the Kamehameha missions.


  76. Does everyone got Michelangelo character all gray-ish ? It’s the only character that doesn’t have any sprites nor any graphics.

  77. Wow, amazing game. Plays like sort of a less ‘hardcore’ version of Rance, and I am not referring to the H content. Whereas in Rance you get always the feel that the clock is ticking, with very stringent conditions to get all the characters, here seems that you can pretty much take your time doing everything, completing the sidequests, etc. A bit disappointing in that, but more relaxing.

    I am sorta puzzled by how MUCH of a ripoff of Rance this seems to be, actually: the character is basically looking like Rance, the whole ‘strange fantasy version of the real world with a lot of female versions of famous heroes’ concept too, and the, let’s say, late-to-end game is completely alike what happens in Kichikuou Rance.
    I see AliceSoft’ name and logo appears in the end credits at one point, so I am wondering really if there is any sort of connection between the two!

    Thank you Admin for this cool version!

  78. There’s some new characters appear after replace with eng patch, only thing they can do is looking good and a little more fire power (no voice, no stat to do mission, and can become quite buggy at some point due to the conflict between 2 versions).

    1. Same with me. After finishing shambala 8th floor I get that error when I tried to enter any mission. I have finished the game without any problem. But after finishing 8th floor I can’t do that.

  79. can anyone provide a 100% saved game file? i just wanna see the h-scenes cuz i completed the game. right now im playing it with the jap version just to complete the gallery. if not a 100% saved game file, just a walkthrough would be enough.

  80. Thanks for this upload, the game is really enjoyable. And the system file copy method solves the h-scene problem effectively.

    However i found something i’m surprised at, so i thougth i’ll ask the community: What’s the deal with Michelangelo? She has quests and can be used in a fight, but she doesn’t have a picture or a sprite, only a grey patch following her outlines.
    Is that a bug or..or what is she exactly? I’ve seen some pictures of her on the net, something about guest character release…i don’t really follow why is she in the game in this no pictures state.
    Anyone who could enlighten me?

    1. was wondering about too. Though, she is from the vita version, if she has line’s in the game you’d have thought they’d add the sprite too

  81. So I just need to place this on the game directory or what?
    When I do it I have an error when i start this game. Btw I download the game from other site and just download the patch from here. Anyone have a solution for me please?
    Btw good work as always admin.

    1. If you downloaded game from other site, then go ask for help at that other site.
      I modify my releases to ensure everything is working 100%, then people come over here, reporting problems that aren’t existent in versions I post, and I waste my time chasing a wild goose.

      1. But I just need to copy and replace the patch right?
        And iam always sure that when you upload a VN it is a done product and you always check it first, sorry if I make you angry.
        Im just looking a solution for my problem. Anyway thanks admin.

        1. English patch needs some additional patches for Japanese version to work properly. I already included them in my release, the version you got from somewhere else probably lacks them.

          1. Ah! That eplain it..
            Well i dont want to make any more trouble by asking you to upload the patch file separately because it seem bothersome. Anyway thanks and good works admin 😀

          2. he doesnt patch games, he just uploads them after they are completed by others, like a librarian rather than an author.

    2. may i ask for the website u download the game,link on eroger too slow and i have no money for premium link, i searched and only found the GOLD version while i need the original one,if possible could u send me the link, ty so much

  82. So i was noticing some of the words werent translated do u think it can be done …. well i kinda beat the game already… maybe u can do it for others who download it

  83. Hi, I got a solution for the H scenes, I’ve been using it for a while now and it allows me to see all the h scenes, all you have to do is this:

    1/ Before you install the English patch go to the folder of the patch and try to find the same files that exist there in the original folder of the game (Japanese version) copy those files and paste them in a separate backup folder and call it for example: “Original backup” Once you have duplicate folder of the english patch with the original files in it instead…Patch the game like you would normally do and start playing, once you reach a suspicious scene that would normally have an H content in it, save the game, then quit and copy the files in the “Backup folder” into the game like doing a retro patch (English –> Japanese) now open the game again and load the save file, you’ll unlock the h scene…Once it’s done save again and quit then patch the game and continue playing like nothing happened…Do this with every scene and it will work, so far I’ve unlocked over 10 H scenes without any problem. (P.S: The back up folder has around 500MO only, the same size of the English patch folder, so you can back them up in two separate folders if you want)

    1. well,this method is much easier if u install the game twice,
      patch one, and play that. copy the save file after a censored
      scene and copy it into the unpatchd game. load that up and watch it there…
      it´s still a very bad solution and it seems to only show few scenes in the gallery.

  84. [Himiko] Finally, we have united Jap… I mean, Zipang. Now, as thanks, I’ll give you my body.
    [Me] Yes! Enter the First H-Scene!
    [Main Character] There’s no need.
    [Himiko] But I love you!
    [MC] I love you too.
    [Me] Well, no H-Scene but at least they said pretty things…
    [Himiko] That was my first kiss.
    [Me] …wait, what kiss?
    [Himiko] And my first time.
    [Me] What kiss? What first time?
    [Yoshitsune] I see Himiko going to your room. It matters not what you do in the bed.
    [Me] What kiss? What first time? WHAT BED?

    Any news on a future patch that fixes the missing H-Scenes? They may be just “Aaahn!” most of the time, but at least that way I’ll know when SOMETHING actually happens. XD

  85. dat dude on behind with forward Spiky hair…
    remind of my Imaginaty Bro..that Laugh GYAHAHAHAHA and shout “HyperWeaponon”

  86. someone need to make at least pacth to keep the h-scenes doesnt matter if its still in japaneses i can guess 100% of what they say anyways

  87. I’m having trouble seeing the opening of this game, and when it does play after the first battle, it freezes, but i can still hear it. Is there any way to see the opening and make sure my comp doesn’t freeze, like do i have to do some graphic configuration on my comp since i configured in the game itself, but still unable to see the op but hear it still and it freezes. Any solutions, simple or not?

    1. It’s because the problem you’re having is already answered in FAQ. You need to change to Japanese locale so that game can load scripts and images properly.

  88. Sadly many of HCG are not in this release at all. They got removed when aplying patch. But game is fun even without it nonetheless. But seeing only 30% of total CG is still in game dont download this if ur looking for fap material, get it for fun strategy game.

  89. Hmm I am liking this game, but a warning and complient I have is that the H-scenes have not been translated at all. Reading english and then an H-scene appears and bam Jappenesse. -sighs- Other then that it’s a fine game.

  90. Pretty far into the game now, the translation has a bug where most H scenes are skipped and you can’t watch them nor do you get their CGs on the CG view screen. But otherwise it’s pretty well done, the game is massive and many thanks to who did the translation as well as the admin. You can get a lot of enjoyment even if 80% of h-scenes don’t actually get played.

  91. Is there literally any choices or differences in what order you do things? I’ve been testing out a lot of things to see if any nations would attack me, or if there’d be any different routes or endings like Sengoku Rancee. Or am I wasting my time in trying to find the optional stuff, if there is any.

  92. Man…this game killed me literally….
    Im already at the almost at the very end of the game….and just to find out the patch is so bugged as hell…
    So i stopped playing it….

  93. Thanks for the release. I am getting Syntax/script error (Two consecutive error message -> close game) on the last mission of Shambala (Layer 9).

    Anyone else?

    1. I tried loading an unpatched version of the course before the 9th floor dungeon. I get a different error (Internal Error). Maybe I though that was some kind of skipped event with the english patch that created that error.

      I also tried launching the game with Japanese app Locale. However, but all the saved data I made have been cleared. Funnily, if I launch back the game with my default local ( english), the save data reappeared. I can’t seem to udnerstand why or how. Someone has a clue?

  94. Hi Guys,

    Just wanted to let you all know you can watch the H scenes with the english translation patched in.

    But you just need to keep AUEvent/Script.dat and AUGame/Episode.dat from the orignal non-english install.

    And use it to overwrite the new files and it will let you view the H scenes in gallery/replay mode.

    Copy back the English patched AUEvent/Script.dat and AUGame/Episode.dat when you go back to playing normally as it can cause some issues.

  95. err..i just almost finish play
    i only got h-scene of nobunaga only
    think other don`t have

    should wait until someone can tell how to fix it

  96. Excuse me, but is there a problem with Marco Polo’s H scene? It is untranslated. Error in the patch or in the patching?

  97. 1 download the game
    2 install the game, patch and everything.
    3 play the game, when theres a scene where everything goes black a couple of seconds, then you just found yourself a missing h-scene.
    4 start the game from the cd (japanese)
    5 open up gallery
    6 play the scene, now fully working without any problems, seeing as you use the same saves as you do on the english version 😉

  98. step 1 : download game
    step 2 : download clear save data
    step 3 : fapfapfap
    step 4 :???? profit??? 😀

    but still the gameplay is awesome , dont forget to play through it

  99. I was just wondering how to get the true ending but it seems that all the comments are gone when I look for them. Oh well, thanks for the game admin

  100. For the love of god, people.

    The patch uses files from the English PS3 all-ages version of the game. As such, the vast majority of 18+ content is removed. This patch breaks several things about the game, including but not limited to:

    1. Voice acting for some characters does not play.
    2. Bonus recruitable mercenaries’ events are bugged.
    3. Some all-ages scenes are followed by the 18+ scenes.
    4. Some friendship events will not play at all.

    However, in exchange the game can be played more or less all in English. Nothing gameplay-related is affected, and the whole story is translated.

    Admin, you might want to make note of this somewhere so people stop asking.

    1. First, I’d make a second copy of the game folder for the reasons I stated above. Then just go into your patch folder,(download it the same way you did the game)and move the contained files into your game folder, overwriting the originals. I believe the files you copy over should say: AUEvent, AUGame, AUSysGame,and AUSysMain

  101. wtf are ppl babbling about? I just played and its working.. I mean.. less than 3 min I witnessed a sexual scene where nobunaga ”whip” nude himiko.. :s its still worth it

    1. i also got nobunaga scene
      but not other hero
      for example abe no seimei after she massage the hero should have the h-scene 🙂

  102. If you really want to see the h-scenes in this game, I’ve found something that(sort of) works.
    First off, if you were smart/lucky enough to keep the rar files from when you downloaded the game, transfer them to a NEW folder and unpack them.
    Then, simply COPY/PASTE -DON’T move- the system.dat file from your translated game to the unpatched one,(this file should be immediately inside your game folder, beneath the application shortcut), overwrite the file already in there, and you’re good!
    If you go into the gallery the scenes will be unblocked and CG’s visible, albeit completely untranslated, though you could use a machine translation just for the unpatched version just for the this purpose if that’s a route you want to go.

    Note: After toying around with it, I found it is actually possible to get the hentai CG’s -not the scenes, just the still frames- loaded onto the patched game, but it’s probably a bit more trouble than it’s worth since you’d just have to open the unpatched game to see them anyway. If anyone is truly interested in how just ask me.

    1. so clarification on this. When you bring the system.dat over, does it change the game scripts to english (minus new scenes, such as h-scenes) or is it just the save file which recorded that you “unlocked” the scenes.

    2. can you tell me how to get the cg in the gallery? even if i can’t see the scenes it makes it feel more complete.

      1. it involved transferring the the script.dat and event.dat files over then back again, but I’ve since found it actually causes a bunch of issues-so I had to completely reinstall it. If I could edit these comments I would, but yea, it’s best just to use two games, sorry

  103. When running the game I get this weird error message that includes the path to EiyuuSenki.exe. The text in it is not English, so it shows random symbols. When I click OK it asks me to open some .exe file, like the pathing isn’t correct. When I choose the same one, I get a brief window where it reads my PC specs and then it shows a Load Error, then it crashes. I tried it with and without the patch, it’s the same. Any help?

  104. To those asking: The sex scenes don’t trigger, because this patch is based on the ps3 version. Can’t even seem to view them in the gallery after the fact, and if you did of course they would not be translated. Main game full decent translation but all ero scenes are skipped with references to “kissing” in place of sex references.

  105. I feel like I’m doing stuff wrong…Should I take those items that increase the difficulty/upgrading enemies? I took every single one so far and its getting a bit tough where I’m now.
    Conquered east Asia and Europe’s territories there, took Hawaii and Macedonia. Now I have the option to go for Babylon, Russia or Australia. I tried Babylon but kinda getting rekt there and Russia seems even harder with their units being 2x more or so, not to mention my units being lowered from the cold.
    Should I prioritize upgrading some units over others or upgrade everyone equally?
    Should I do double damage to enemies from having advantage from attacking despite it giving more Brave points for them to use skills?

  106. I feel like I’m doing stuff wrong in the game…Am I supposed to take every time that will strengthen my enemies and if so by how much it does? I conquered east Asia and Hawaii and Europe’s territories there, just took Macedonia and now my options are Babylon, Russia or Australia. I tried Russia and Babylon but kinda getting rekt since the enemies are close to 2x to mine, especially Russia’s.
    Should I prioritize upgrading some units over others or instead upgrade everyone equally?
    Should I take advantage of double damage attacks despite it giving more Brave Points for skills to the enemies?

    1. for me its china > South east asia > australia > macedonia > all america > egypt > europe > russia from europe (need extreme weather immunity mission) > babylon (can be conquered from quest only, attacking won’t work)

  107. so… I played the game for a little bit, and I didn’t get any of the h-scenes.
    but after I checked the gallery, it shows that I already got some of them but when I clicked them I only got dialogues and no scenes, is it supposed to be like that? or I’m doing something wrong?

  108. 4 those of u that are will to put up with a machine translation 4 the h-sceces download Visual Novel Reader.

    1.sync it to the game
    2.run it in window mode so you can find the menu tab
    click menu, Text Settings, Edit Hook and then click on this grey out line of code ( /HBN-8*4@4ADA17 ) and it should load it up and hit save.
    3. Go back to text settings and click the dialog box on the Tenco 4ada 17 text option ( this should have Japanese text in it)

  109. So essentially this is a bugged release that cuts out all the H-scenes but doesnt supply the All Age scenes that are suppose to replace them ?

    1. It does supply the added PS3 scenes, so far the bugs i found were:

      Some H-scenes plays even after the new PS3 scene plays.
      Some events wont load (Himiko one event, Ashoka, Kamehameha and Lancelot final events wont trigger for example).
      No voice acting for Billy and achilles.
      New scenes are unvoiced.
      Some new CGs wont appear but the event will play (Like jeane D Arc for example).
      The last floor of the bonus dungeon wont load and will crash your game.

      Thats it i guess, in my opinion the Hscenes werent that good so im okay with their removal.

      1. I tried loading an unpatched version before the 9th floor dungeon. I get a different error (Internal Error) instead of Script/Syntax Error. Maybe I though there was some kind of skipped event with the English patch that created that error.

        I also tried launching the game with Japanese app Locale. However, all the saved data I made were gone. Funnily, if I launch back the game with my default local (English), the save data reappeared. I can’t seem to understand why or how. Someone has a clue?

  110. So question:
    I noticed on vndb that the english releases for this aren’t 18+. Is that site wrong and does this patch:
    1. Translate the 18+ content
    2. Apply the “all ages” translation and leave h-scenes in japanese
    3. convert the 18+ game into the “all ages” version

    Tried to make my question as clear as possible cause I know there’s a lot of language barriers on this site.

    1. from what Ive seen, looks like the 3rd one. Also it shows the cg in the gallery and when you click it, it plays the all ages replacement scene.

      1. That’s unfortunate. I couldn’t find any evidence that a second patch is planned either. That’s one of my major pet peevs when it comes to official localisations. Why force people into choosing which version they have access to? At least Grisaia had the right idea where they are doing both. Was looking forward to a 18+ gameplay vn.

        1. From what I could find out not having any h-scenes is a hangover from the ps3 patch. The scenes are all still there but all the triggers to start them are removed. I’m going to try having an unpatched version and just trying to load up the gallery.

          1. So I found the interface patch, which changes nothing but makes the menus readable. What I might do is play both side by side so i get the english text and all the scenes.

  111. Dude… I just waste hours of my PRECIOUS LIFE SHEARCHING FOR A ENGLISH PATCH.. and u just SAVED MY BITCH ASS. Thank YOU, Milord!

    Downloading RIGHT NOW, hope this translate the conversations and stuff!

  112. Hi!
    Is this the patch mentionned on VNDB ?
    “English translation has been lifted from the PS3 release.

    The h-scenes are untranslated and approximately 80% of them are missing entirely.”

  113. I’m having trouble installing the game. Could someone give me a tutorial of how to do it? (It’s my first time) When I click on the .exe, an error message shows. Thanks ever since.

    1. What kind of error? me too when I start the game an error shows up and when I clicked new game an error shows up again. Forcing the game to close.

  114. Is there really no way to get the H-Scenes with the patch ? I mean delete some datas from the english patch an replace them with the files of the original game ? Just an idea.

  115. 2 things Admin.

    1st: when can we see a LEGITIMATE patch, and not one ripped from the “all ages” version?

    2nd: Fix your download site. Everytime I go there I get a fake “your computer is infected” message, usually one that forces me to kill the entire browser to get it to go away.

  116. Is it just me, ive downloaded many corrupted parts. the game was able to run though despite many corrupted parts but error pops up during fight with kyoto.
    please help.

  117. realy like the site do shudten this game be in the Partially Translated
    even do it looks good do just sound like alot stuff is not translate in the game or not working

  118. an eroge isn’t the same without H-scene, sure you can enjoy the story and gameplay, but then i would just go play a regular rpg you know? Being around a world filled with heroines and not being able to see some erotic stuff is kinda a let down.

    1. It’s better to have an all age version than not having anything at all and besides the official release of this game is for PS3 just be glad someone, somewhere got the time to port all those scripts to the PC version and in this case the H scene is pretty much just a bonus the main selling point of this game is the gameplay and the story.

      1. Uh. Story? Not really. Considering the sheer amount of sex scenes this is actually more or less an eroge with gameplay elements. Same as Rance. Taking them out seems kind of illogical to me but it’s a pretty obvious marketing tactic.

        That said I wonder how well it worked? Apparently not enough for them to consider porting it to PC, but I have no idea if they made bank.

  119. please help. some corrupted parts. tried repairing and redownload. tried playing despite some errors, and the result is cant get past past fight with kyoto, benkei’s turn.

  120. Hey admin,

    Is there anyone still working on this game?

    Some H-scenes won’t trigger during the campaign. I have gotten far in the game but can’t say that it does not bother me. It feels like I am playing an incomplete game despite knowing those scene does not effect the story or game play.

    So if you know anyone is working on this game, please let me know. I’ll postpone finishing this game until a new English patch with all scene comes around.

  121. I am playing the ps3 version on the ps3 and i noticed they removed the 2 heros you could recruit in the start of the game and the night ambush bandit attack. Why they did that I have no idea.

  122. The H-scenemes do indeed not work it seeems. The game is still fun so I’ll keep at it to see what happens with the H-scenes later in the game.

  123. I tried this but some of the H-scenes are missing, like your first sex scene with Himiko and it kind of ruined it for me a bit since it just felt off so much so I had to check to see if it was missing which it was. So for now I am going to buy the PS3 version and play that instead and hope this 18+ version is properly done later so I can come back to it and play it.

  124. Hey Admin, can you confirm if this version of the game/patch have all the h-scenes working? Reading the comments here I’m getting mixed signals. Some are saying they work, some don’t. I don’t care about translation, just if it’s there or not. 🙂

    1. There are H-scenes that appear untranslated, however its not all of the h-scenes that a normal un-patched version of the game would show.

      1. In the folder “AusSysMAin” there is a “loadSave.dat”, install a new copy of this game but don´t install the patch and copy the “loadsave.dat” from de patch one to the new japanese one.

  125. Would it be possible to play through the englishe game like normal, and transfer the save file to the original japanese title to view the missing scenes (even if they are not translated) ?

  126. guys what’s with the scrip error and sintax error? when I played the game unpatched its working but after using it these errors keep showing up?

  127. I played the game a bit and i must say its really good. But i think i will wait, because without the H-content its missing something. I hope this can be fixxet in the near future

  128. This Game isn´t bad, nowhere near Sengoku Rance but u can have
    fun. But after conquering 4 Empires no H-Scenes…there must be
    something wrong, hope this will get fixed soon. it´s an important motivation for me 😛

    thx for the Upload!

  129. Damn I’m almost at the end of the game in his ps3 version. Don’t have the guts to restart all over but thanks to you anyway lovely admin,)

  130. There is a Kami-sama out there. Thank You for bringing this masterpiece for us, that I have been waiting for a long time. good job and I Fucking love you!

  131. So is this the same patch from that russian forum ?
    They mention that they canceled all the H-scene and used the PS3 version of replacement.
    Hence it become all-age version ?

    As how to recover those scene got no idea.

  132. Admin some small questions :

    1 – The ENG patch is The Full game or just the interface ?
    2 – Any way To install it with the GOLD version of the game or will I
    need to download the Normal version ?

    Notes: The ENG Patch didn’t work with the GOLD version . And Yes, I put everything in their respective folder , , , ex:
    The Files from ‘AUEvent’ goes for ‘AUGEvent’ (Gold Edition)

    1. Eiyuu*Senki GOLD is a sequel to this, of course the eng patch won’t work on it. I don’t think Admin would post eng patch that only translated interface at the main page, unless it maybe went in the ‘Partially Translated’ category iirc.

      1. Sequel ? Would Never have guessed . . .Thought it would be just a Gold version of the game ( Optimised Dubs , Sprites , and something alike ).

        Anyway thanks for the fast reply.

        1. From what I read about Gold, it seems to be a complete retcon of the story, and not necessarily a sequal. Same character and world but different plot/villian and a lack of a main heroine, story is more evenly divided between all the characters.

  133. is anyone else having a problem with the H-scenes? it seems when i put the patch in it gets rid of all the H-scenes…i tried running it without the patch and the scenes show up but for some reason there is none with the patch…did i do something wrong? if so any help would be great

    1. No it’s not your fault. The english patch is quite buggy because it’s directly ripped from ps3 ver (All-Ages) and repacked it back to pc ver. Most of them are missing/buggy because it was meant for ps3 ver. Here’s some of the translated notes from the Russian unpacker/repacker (taken from erogegames forum):
      1.05 version of the game required.
      Make a backup (optional, but recommended).
      Unpack the archive into the game’s folder replacing the existing files.
      I didn’t test it extensively, but so far it seems to work.
      Things which are not translated:
      H-scenes (some of them were edited out by the translators and replaced with the new scenes, some of them were removed altogether; I tried to restore what I could).
      Hints presented on the settings screen.
      Hints displayed when sorting various lists.
      Everything else is supposed to be in English.
      Known bugs:
      When in ADV mode, text sometimes doesn’t fit into the window, but it still should be readable.
      There may be issues with backlog formatting.
      Skill descriptions in combat may also have formatting issues.

      This is a great game so I’ll still play this nonetheless.

        1. Yes. I’m halfway through the story and I can confirm that so far no bugs or anything (except for the obvious missing/refuse-to-play H-scenes) that will prevent you from continuing the story. You can fully enjoy the story if you don’t mind the H-scenes.

  134. “There’s Oda Nobunaga…”
    Oh, that’s interesting.
    “…Vlad the Impaler…”
    Okay, now you have my attention…
    “…designed by Ooyari Ashito of Littlewitch fame”

  135. How did you know about the Russian hackers? I never found a thing about that. Are you Russian yourself admin? I always thought you did the hack by yourself.

  136. If this is the same patch that’s been out for the last few weeks from Russian sources (ver 1.2 patch), then at least 80% of the H content is missing. Some H-CG show up in the all-ages replacement scenes, but the majority don’t and it’s generally a bit buggy. No one has translated the removed scenes yet.

  137. I’m also curious if this has the H-Version or not since the official translation was only for the PS3 all-ages version.

    1. Friendly Russian hackers ripped the scripts from PS3 version and re-imported them back to adult-only PC version. See my other comment for more detailed answer.

  138. Hey admin! thanks a lot for this!
    Just wanted to know if this has H scenes and how many does it have ? like a lot or to moderate lvl or very minimal like 3 or 4

    1. Yes, it does have h-scenes. Out of sample number descriptions you provided, I guess “a lot” would describe it the best, as in total there are around 50 h-scenes.

      1. OMG! Thank you so much admin ! truly, You ROCK! I had it on my ps3 but it was the all ages version. though its bit sad that the h scenes couldnt be translated but as you said , anyone can breeze through that with the voice acting and previous experiences.
        Anyways thanks a lot admin, your work is appreciated!!

  139. I notice you have 18+ version with the patch, but the patch is just the ps3 version ripped right? So the H scenes are not translated, or was there some effort to finish it all up I don’t know about? Either way, thanks for this, I was really interested in this one 😀

    1. That’s correct – patch uses scripts ripped from PS3 version of the game and backports them into PC. Some h-scenes aren’t translated as a result, since they weren’t present in all-ages console version where the scripts came from, but you’re not missing much – just a bunch of “aaaah~” “oooh~” and so on. Most is perfectly understandable given the context and some subbed anime watching experience.

        1. in fact, you can have the games 2 times on the PC, one to play with the english patch and a second folder where you just extract the game into (so still in japanese). at least for me the savegame is portet to both games, means if i save at game with english patch, i can load that on the japanese game too, so i can check the scene replays that didnt appear in the english version in the japanese version.

      1. You say that, but in my version of the game it seems that the events are not triggered. It simply uses the all-ages version, removing the H-scenes and replacing references to sex with references to kissing. Is there a particular method of installation that I should use in order to view the untranslated scenes?

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