You (Nanasu) are the prince of Mamatoto. You go out and conquer other nations in order to conquer the world.

There is stability/stalemate, so none of the nations can actually take over the world because if they start a war with another country, a third one might have an advantage. Mamatoto is different it has zero territory to worry about. The problem is, it doesn’t have much of a population either. So you don’t really have an army, thus for many years, Mamatoto, the moving fortress, has been hiding in the monster lands.

You, Nanasu, who has studied magic really hard has recently invented magic to create these magical soldiers. These soldiers are made via cards which you can obtain via battles. So the more battles you fight, the more cards you collect, and the more troops you have in reserve. So now, Mamatoto, the fastest moving fortress in the world, started its move to conquer the world. Mamatoto’s goal isn’t to get territory – it’s to take out governments.

Game downloadInstallation
1. Change locale to Japanese.
2. Extract the archive.
3. Run _inmm238/_inmmcnf.exe (Required for sound to work.)
4. Start the game with System39.exe

56 comments on “Mamatoto

  1. I completed the game without letting the rapist rape all the girls. I have a good time killing off the rapist at the end of the story. That just perfect. I like ARVY happy ending. Kakaro is pure evil and want to did his daughter it is incest.

  2. Since ANY other old Eroge so far had at least 800×600 Display Resulution i had no Problems so far. But this one runs in 640×480 and that is a Problem for me. Since my Monitor doesent Support that. I get an Out of Signal Range Message that doesen go away and the Image gets snipped off on Top and Bottom. Tryed to manually set Desktop to 640×480, Same Out of Signal Range Message. 800×600 is the lowest Supported Mode. So any Idea how to deal with it ? since i really want to play it ^^.

  3. Lucky you! Mine (Murat) takes more pleasure with the rapist than the Protagonist. Nonetheless, I think the game would be better without the rape scene or without Nanas but none in the same game anyway.

    1. I agree. I want to complete the game for the shake of not playing a strategy game for a long time. But the combination of Nanas and that rapist is breaking my heart. The game would be, not better, but tolerable for me if it focus on one aspect: rape or romance.

  4. I can’t complete this game… the game play is very easy which I have no complaint about. It is the H-event which is killing my conscience. I don’t mind if it’s purely mindless raping, but when mixing it with romantic sex… I no long know how to feel about it… Hence I stopped playing after chapter 9.

  5. I’m running this game using WINE in Linux but the in-game fonts look messed up. Any idea which font family I’m missing on my system?

  6. there s a technical problem with the game.there ‘s a message which says registry information is missing and CWaveCore::Stop().how do i fix it?

    1. Have you tried restarting your computer? In all seriousness though, it seems it doesn’t work well on windows 7, but after restarting it should run for a couple of hours before crashing again.

  7. Well the gameplay is fun to be honest it’s as hard as some may think, the story is alright and some characters are interesting to say the least I think this is the same universe where Rance resides since a character named Barres was also included in Rance adventures (by the way, the blue haired chick named Sienna stole my Eroge gamer heart, too bad they only gave her a few cgs most of them are in the Rape route) Well, the problem is: The main character does’t have a manly look nor does he get too many scenes with the girls, his father ‘aka the rapist son of a b..’ takes all the cake when it comes to H scenes, to be honest he would play a better role as a protagonist if this game was a straight up Nukige…

    Anyway, the game is good but it could’ve been much more better.

  8. admin:
    No kidding I would like to know if it’s true that secret sorrow of the sibbling won’t be uploaded? It would be good to make it clear so that no one will ask the question anymore,in fact I still wondering what do you plan about that

  9. I grew to hate the structure of this game. It makes viewing all scenes impossible without playing previously cleared battles over and over. The fact that with some girls you can’t get good ending if you get even first bad route scene… And no scene reply is just fcked up.

    So, I’d LOVE for someone good with cheatengine to post a table with adresses for scene counts for the girls, good and bad… Tried myself, but only address I’d found increases by 1 everytime I raise progress / talk to the girl, but doesn’t reset after load, increasing it manually also does nothing.

    1. This actually has me worried. I’ve been grinding forever through my first playthrough, when I do a second play through, am I going to literally start with nothing all over again?

  10. The one thing I hate about this game is the lack of harem for the emcee. I just skip all those dark scene lol, well except from the pluepet.

  11. I’m in the middle of chapter 4, doing extra monster missions (cus extra gold. why not?) and now I keep getting an error that freezes the game (even when I close program, now it happens even before the intro) I get “CWaveCore::Stop()” anyone else get this error/know how to fix?

  12. Hey Admin, Are you planning to upload Geki! Tokunou! Shiru Mamire ~Senpai ni Dashite Kakete Semen Darake~. It’s difficult to find it everywhere.

  13. Thanks admin. It’s nice to have the games prepatched for easy download. Runs fine on win7 and doesn’t even need installing.

    Also kudos to arunaru translations. I always appreciate another alicesoft game getting translated.

  14. Hey admin, are you planning to upload Kikokugai anytime soon? I know a fan made a near complete patch for it save for some interface items

  15. thanks for this game,

    i just start playing it and it seems realy interesting, my probhlem is i do not like rape, but i can skip it,
    but can someone tell me if i get normal h scene in this game by simple skipping the evil father?

          1. Yeah, he posted arguably the biggest VN released state-side here, but takes a stand on an incestous eroge.

          2. That’s a shocker. Considering he posted maman kyousitsu, a vn where you can fuck your mother. not your mother but the mother of the m.c.

          3. Imouto paradise is here and the game is about having sex with your five blood related little sisters. I dont think he has anything against incest.

    1. I have a suspicion, that admin just grabs the tags from VNDB, so that’s why it doesn’t have that tag. It’s an old, up till now untranslated game and it’s not part of Alice’s flagship Rance series, so nobody bothered to tag the sexual content in it.

  16. So I, Nanasu, in Momoto, the fortress, has cards with which I, Nanasu, conquer the world from Momoto, the flying fortress, which belongs to me, Nanasu. I get that right?

    1. I, ThatGuy, on erogedownload, the VN site, agree with Big Hawk, the commenter, that the description, from original source, on erogedownload, the VN site, is indeed dumb.

      Straight forward is better than trying to be cryptic. I guess in the year (1999) it got release it sound cool?

    2. yeah, 1999’s game…

      spoiler alert?
      this game isn’t really enjoyable, unless you like it really tough and complicated
      (I have been playing tutorial for over 25 minutes and still it introduces new stuff, ohmygosh)

      1. It’s an Alice Soft game, of course it’s going to be bloody fucking hard. When has any of their game ever been “easy” ?

          1. It took a bit but found a trick.

            Set vaule type to 8.

            Search for unknown starting.


            Search for decreased vaule.


            Keep searching.

            The number will be a random one you are looking for but change it and leave a screen (I kept using the weapon screen) and you will see the change.

            Same can be done with the cards.

          2. Thanks it sort of works but whenever i find the value and modify it, it gives me money and a clear save file when i save and goes to the credits…

          3. Yeah same here.

            I am not sure if it is the amount of money or what. I have not done a lot of in depth testing about it yet.

          1. I don’t want to sound like I am telling others how to enjoy their game, but I just want to point out that come on, this is not Kichikuou Rance or anything. There is no permadeath for generals (not through combat at least) and no timed set of events. There is in fact a totally free grinding option at the end of each chapter.

            So maybe, instead of spending time trying to use the cheat system and crashing the game, simply go through 6-10 of the “monster suppression” battles and get ahead of the opponent in levels. It will take you just a few mins. The story battles have a set level for the opponents, so you can get a ridicolous advantage. This is by far the easiest Alicesoft game I have played, and mistakes have little to no consequence. Unless other games where a single mistake can kill your favourite character off.

          2. This game is literally the easiest alicesoft game I’ve ever played. If you need a cheat engine, that’s just sad.

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