Kikokugai – The Cyber Slayer

Kikokugai – The Cyber Slayer

This story takes place in an alternative future of Shanghai where money and power ruled the city. Mafia groups hired Kung Fu masters and dominated in society. There are two types of Kung Fu masters, those who mastered their internal qi, and those who mastered their physical skills. The qi masters are able to output a stronger energy coming from their life itself, but it took a long time to master it. It was easier to just train their physical skills, but there was a limit to how strong a human body can be. So there were a balance of many average physical skill masters and few strong qi masters. However that balance broke when cybernetics came into play. Kung Fu masters would replace their body with robotic parts and attain a strength that a normal human can never achieve. That’s how no one tried to become qi masters anymore when they can easily become powerful by using cybernetics, and qi masters decreased in numbers. The main character of the story Kong Taoluo used to be a loyal assassin of the mafia group, but one day his sister was raped by his friend Liu Haojun and his companions, then they had her undergo an operation. Taoluo was also rumored to be killed, but he returned to city of Shanghai to avenge his sister.

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  1. The description is in part wrong. Neijia martial arts rely on the meridians inside the body which cybernetic implants mess with, it’s not that people stopped practicing neijia because it was hard ( it’s still tough, Taoluo has to keep his breathing at a steady rhythm throughout the entire novel, or else he risks death ) but because it was incompatible with cybernetics.

  2. I don’t recommend it.

    I just came here to write that the last chapter, the one where everything is supposed to be revealed, is such garbage that it makes this otherwise anime story into an utter time waster.

    Spoilers ahead:

    Turns out that the sister felt romantic feelings for her brother and him not noticing it made her suffer so much, that she didn’t feel anything for her husband, who is better at everything than her idiot brother. Her incestuous desire is the backbone of this whole plot. The epilogue was so fucking cliche and disappointing that I skipped through the text straight to the credits.

    I’m most disappointed by how immature the antagonist acted. “Oh, she loves her brother and I always knew it. Let me marry her anyway. Darn, she still doesn’t love me. Hmmm, I could divorce her and take it like a man, the world is full of even better girls I could find if I looked…OR…I could orchestrate a gang rape, that she wants, so she can feel better for not being loved back by her brother, then separate her soul through torture in 5 pieces, and implant each piece in a sex doll that will be abused in all ways, for the rest existence! Genius!” Whoever wrote this garbage plot should never write a story again.

    1. Weird twist indeed. Still, someone could like so. But how did you manage to play in English? I tried to follow the instructions but it doesn’t work

    2. Wow, what an interesting story. That’s not a very happy story if you ask me. Wonder why the author decided to make it so dark.

  3. I tried to follow your your instructions, but something goes wrong. No english text, and using the Saya engine no pictures is showed.
    And what about the scripts? Have to extract them?

  4. I kind of wanted to cry at the end… Normally Kinetic Novels aren’t my thing, but this one was just so… I can’t describe it well. Thank you, Admin.

  5. I got it working, thanks for the help guys!
    If you follow the readme file (or the comments on here) it’s pretty easy to set up.

    Keep in Mind:
    There IS music and sound effects, but there is NO voice acting, so don’t worry if you don’t hear that.

    There also isn’t a Main Menu in the English version, it just gets straight into the game. Don’t worry about that either.

    If your game starts to Freeze/Crash a lot, it’s actually EASY to do a permanent fix. The Saya game engine for Kikokugai often freezes when it tries to play .wav sound files, but it works perfectly when playing .mp3 files.
    Download a free batch Audio File converter. Take all the .wav files in the Sound folder and convert them to .mp3, the game should run perfectly after that.

    So far it’s a great story, I definitely recommend this VN.

  6. only thing i see i when i start the game is black and it wont change only the color does and i cant see any art or what so ever eng patch works and but thats about it

  7. The game has been fine up until this point, but it randomly started crashing whenever I try to save or load. Has anyone else had this problem? How do I fix it?

    1. I think this would fix your problem.

      Kikokugai is actually crashing because the Saya game engine sometimes has problems when it tries to play sound effects that are .wav sound files. The game hasn’t crashed at all for me once I converted those audio files to .mp3 format.

      It takes a couple minutes, but download a free batch Audio File converter. Take all the .wav files in the Sound folder and convert them to .mp3, the game should run perfectly after that.

  8. For those experiencing the \Failed to Write Error,\ try the following steps.

    1. Run ExtractData with Admin privileges
    2. If 1 does not work, Extract the files to a folder in Users or on Desktop, and then copy the contents to the installation folder.

    (ie. Extract to Desktop/folderCG, then, copy the contents of folder to CG in where ever you installed the game.)

    3. If above does not work, uninstall and reinstall the game, then try again.

  9. well, after three hours trying every fix mentioned, and I have been here for a long time so I know the ropes, I only get a brief splash screen and nothing else. Maybe it’s a Win 8.1 thing, but i’ve tried to use admin and older version compatability, to no avail. Sad, really…..

  10. Is it normal that when I install the patch, I can’t access the main menu, but the untranslated game without the patch I can. If it’s not normal, can someone tell me how to bring it back ?

  11. Why is there no voices? The music works and so do the sound effects, but there are no voices. There is a voice option in the sound options menu and the ability to turn off individual voices like in other VN, BUT the test voice option does NOT work and there seem to be no voices, HELP please!

    1. From what info i have gathered this VN seems to have no voice acting, if this is in fact true then disregard my previous comment, but if it does and im just not hearing it then please help. Why is there a voice option if there is no voice acting, in the untranslated there is no voice option but in the translated there is. Is this due to the translated version running on a certain engine and the option was just left there?

  12. I got both versions to run. But the original is still in jap, has sound and everything. no voices. (not sure if thats intentional)
    I got the Saya engine ver. to work. Thats in english, but it has no pictures, music, or sound..

  13. For anyone having issues with sound you may find that you can’t find a sound folder, if that’s the case you can create one manually and then exact the sound file contents to it.

  14. Does anyone know where I can find the supposedly Remake version that was released last year? & whether it’s in english?

  15. Can’t install with Applocale. Changed my region/language settings to Japanese but it’s still spitting garbage characters during the install. I went through the instructions anyway and got the game to play, but the sound was screwed up (so were some of the CGs) and I soon reached an unpassable scene.

  16. Gen Urobuchi has got to be my favourite writer of all time. Not just within this medium, but in general. When I started this VN, I wasn’t really expecting anything groundbreaking since this was one of his earlier and more obscure works, but that guy just never fails to amaze me.

    This was no \Fate/Zero\, \Madoka Magica\, or \Saya no Uta\, but it’s still one of the better written stories I’ve come across, even if it might not seem like it at first.

  17. I finally got the sound and image but it freeze soon after the beginnig ! I’m curse ! Please someone help me 🙁
    By the way I don’t have main menu either (But I don’t mind : I can save and load with right click)

  18. Yes it starts as soon as you open the fail but that’s okay because there is probably no loss of content. On the topic: I am now convinced that anything nitroplus creates is pure gold. There is no question about it. While I would have wanted for a slightly different ending (where they both would at least be present in the world as separate entities) it was still quite satisfying though a little predictable. The only 2 things i miss are the cg tab and the fact that we could not see one of the 5 dolls.

  19. I got the game working. But whenever I start it by clicking the saya engine it goes directly to the game and doesn’t seem to have a main menu…is it just me or did I install it funny?

  20. i create the destination folder “cg” and “sound” since there’s none of them in rar, but when i extract it using the “extract data” inside rar, it failed to 🙁
    tried few other ways, but fail as well
    any ideas pls? 😮

    1. while installing the game, it should be in japanese locale already. had the same problem before, worked when i did just that..

      1. tnx man 🙂 , well.. i js cant find my xp driver cd, so i js skip the locale sett that time, nvr thought it was so crucial. my bad.
        now it works fine (thumbup)

  21. Oh hey, this sounds cool, I think I’ll give it a sho-

    >written by Gen Urobuchi


    *cries in corner*

  22. Hello,

    Same as Ellen and Synthetic : no sound and no image. I read the readme but I can’t find what I must extract ?? There is only 1 rar file and no image.pk2 or sond.pk2 on it…
    What can I do ?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Step by Step
      1- put japanesse locale,
      2- instal the game using “Kikokugai – The Cyber Slayer-.EXE” in any place
      example E:\program files\folder
      3- use “ExtractData.exe” to extract the files in “IMAGE.PK2” wich is in the KIKOKU folder (in my example will be “E:\program files\folder\KIKOKU”
      4- move the extracted files into a folder called “cg” in the installed folder, not the KIKOKU folder(in my example will be “E:\program files\folder\cg”)
      5 – use “ExtractData.exe” to extract the files in “SOUND.PK2” wich is in the KIKOKU folder (in my example will be “E:\program files\folder\KIKOKU”
      6 – move the extracted files into a folder called “sound” in the installed folder, not the KIKOKU folder(in my example will be “E:\program files\folder\sound”)
      7- Extract the english patch (I forgot the name of the file xD) In the instaled directory, not the kikoku folder (in my example will be “E:\program files\folder)
      8- To play the game, use the “Kikokugai – Saya Engine.exe” wich is in the instaled folder (in my example will be “E:\program files\folder\Kikokugai – Saya Engine.exe)

      Enjoy and sorry for my bad english XD

  23. I’m having the same issue as Kazzum (in regards with the “failing to write B”. The game works, but it’s missing some images and sounds. Any way to get around this?

  24. hey admin there’s no sound at all (like, no bgm, sound effects, voice, nothing) and no cg, just plain text. what’s going on? D:

    1. did you do everything tha said in the read me???
      did you crate the “cg” and “sound” folder in the installed directory??? (not the one wich had the image.pk2 and sound.pk2 files)???

      Japanesse locale is needed because the names of the extracted files are in japanesse

  25. file number 13.
    these files fail to write for me in the image.pk2

    file number 198.
    all fail to write for me in the sound.pk2

    if need be I will write down the names but the special symbols used make it difficult and I would rather not.

    the game just simply wont run, the console runs for all of a second the closes down, that’s what it did when the folders were empty so I don’t know what to do. if someone can please explain to me what I am doing wrong I would be most obliged. I installed it on a folder inside my secondary E: drive for games if that is the problem but for today I am done fooling around with it.

  26. I cant seem to get the pk2 files to extract completely I am getting the first couple then an error saying unable to write to B, right now I am manually moving over the files that will let me and hoping that it will work even if it is incomplete… I don’t know if this means some of the data is corrupt because the game seems to work fine by itself I am just simply unable to extract certain files it seems, I tried to find another way to open the Pk2 file but the only other tool I could find just had an error and would not open it at all. if any of you could help me with this I would be grateful. I will post later to say whether or not moving the files I could manually worked.

  27. I’m really glad that I download this visual novel… :3 because of the way we have to extract it in order for it to be english… it gave me numerous sound effect that I could use for my presentation at my college… :3

  28. whoa, great description and when I look at the publisher… NITRO+… I already became a huge fan of that company so I’m totally taking this one right since I only have to of it… the first one I played is Demonbane, totally mysterious and good storyline in it’s eroge… then I watch Stein; Gate’s anime.. totally mysterious too and hard to understand but it just indulge me in wathching it till the end and I’m gonna download that one later cause there too much to download and right now I’m only using my roommate internet, I’m sure I’m going to be scold at later if download that one now… and the one I played right now is chaos;head… confusing and twisting plot, the character personality just added more of it confusing features… but anyhow it still a good one…. and one THIS ONE.. X3~~ the description is JUST TOO GOOD TO IGNORE… X3~~

  29. guys i having a problem to apply the english patch. when i try tro extract the files, some files give me error “name of the file” failed to write.
    what should i do?

  30. Figured it out: Basically this game runs on the Saya engine because the TLers couldn’t crack the Kikoku engine. The problem is that the audio files are all WAV and Saya runs Ogg and mp3. Convert the extracted sound files and it should play fine. There are no voices, there’s only an option for them because it’s the Saya menu.

  31. Hey guys how do you make the sound appear? i followed everything in readme and there is no voices just sound effects. is that supposed to happen?

  32. Can’t get the sound to work at all, and not just on this but every version I’ve dled. I created the /sound/ folder in the root directory and extracted all of the SOUND.pk2 files into it but nothing.

  33. Story is realy not bad, worth to read, and everything works properly.

    Thanks admin for creating this website, if there is some problems I will note 😀

  34. Never mind… Sorry to be quick on the draw, I found it.

    But – thank you as always for this wonderful site and your hard work is always appreciated.

  35. i already extract data cg to cg folder and sound to sound folder but still there is no sound. someone please help for the solution..

  36. There is no sound folder I moved the cg to cg folder but their is no sound in the game because a cant extract sound files sound sound folder because its not their the game works fine but I want sound someone please help

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