Hanachirasu (JAST)


In a world where history took a different path, modern Tokyo is a corrupt, isolated city where corporate soldiers and idealistic militants battle with swords on the neon-lit streets.

Through this storm of blood stride two master swordsmen, each driven by a terrible purpose. One, to avenge the murder of his bride-to-be. The other, to take back the dream that was denied him.

Winter has ended. Spring has begun. The flowers blooming crimson will guide the two warriors to their destiny.

And nothing but corpses will be left in their wake.

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    Simply run the game using the Applocale Emulator in Japanese. Remember to try that for any Japanese game you download, either on this site or elsewhere.
    I wasted a whole day troubleshooting it so you don’t have to.

      1. NO it’s not, JAST is a publisher that has a lot of translated visual novels as well, don’t confuse people.

  2. *sigh*

    This game is a piece of shit worse than I thought it possibly could be. Rape and mindbreak? Nope, just murder and violence. It’s all fighting and no sex. And to add insult to injury they kill off the super sexy blond woman from the first scene so some boring ass Yamato Nadeshiko could take her place. Fuck you Japan, you can’t do anything right anymore.

  3. Well the game itself is really short so if you think of the length compared to the scenes there are alot xD

  4. Okay, I have a question before I get into this game and possibly being very disappointed.

    I LOVED the first scene with the powerful office CEO type MILF indulging in sex with one of her boy toys. Is there going to be more femdom-ish scenes like that or is she just going to get raped and broken right away? I can’t find any CG sets that look like they’re for this game.

    1. She is not a CEO. She is a vice president and a very minor character. So if you want to play for her route, sorry there is not one. If you want a great story, one of the better samurai stories, then this is a great game. Folows the more traditional VN type of one main line you can decide to leave to follow your heart (other organ) or ride the story out to the end.

    1. i think they just finished officially translated, hence (JAST), the older version is prob fan translated or something is what i would assume, and i think they’re both the same.

      1. That is correct. There are some minor differences, the biggest one being the hentai scenes got uncensored. Also, the translation quality is a bit better, or so I heard.

        1. Does this include the extra route where you are the revived general that got genderbendered? Pretty much the afterstory route.

          1. Are you talking about Kaigen Seito?

            I think it’s a separate release, so the answer to your question would be no.

            According to vndb
            “The sequel of an alternate/parallel ending of Hanachirasu.”

          2. Scratch that. I just downloaded the game and it’s included in the installer. “Kaigen’s Ambition”

    1. No, the protag looks feminine, but it’s not an Otome. It’s a pretty dark story if you’re familiar with other nitro plus titles.

      1. unneccesary reply, but they probably thought the player character might have been a love interest. there’s a fair number of (attractive) dudes on the cover and most VN for male audience have only one at most.

        anyways thanks for the upload Admin. I was interested in this and came across it when I was getting Full Metal Daemon Muramasa.

  5. Hell yeah, lots of good stuff. Still hope you’ll throw out the OreImo game, can’t find a full download of it anywhere.

  6. Well VN releases on this website is like the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” Thanks dude 🙂

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