Jast USA Memorial Collection

Relive three of the best Japanese love-sim games ever brought out for the English-speaking market, with the JAST USA Memorial Collection. A compilation of three of the best-selling games from JAST USA on one CD-ROM, you get Three Sisters’ Story, Season of the Sakura and Runaway City. All three games have been totally redesigned with a great new game engine that provides many new extras for bishoujo gaming fans.

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  1. I cannot open the setup program, tried mounting it on daemon as a last resort. First tried Applocale, and even read the forum but there are three downloads so I just tried each. What am I doing wrong?

  2. All three files have same files in them. And clicking setup.exe does nothing. I have windows 7. Tried compatibility mode and it does nothing. How do you install these games. Used power iso program to get files from the 3 iso files.

    1. I am using win7 64bit, no compatibility mode is required and I used daemon tools lite for the mounting, I can install and play the games no problem.

    1. These are classic VNs, There is no voice acting because this was published for DoS way back before anyone had voice acting in their games. You aren’t a real fan of VNs genre until you’ve played these games.

      1. well if i remember the first rayman game was released for DOS and i remember the opening seen have a full voice actor in it along with several lines with rayman if you stand still to long

  3. hey wernt these games originaly made on Win DOS?
    so my question is basicly are there any diffrences between this ver or is it the same as the DOS ver.
    and if there isnt why are files sizes so big cause i have a DOS ver of the games and its only a few MB each

  4. Dumb question #248912483214:

    Was there ever a “New Game Announcement” for this one? I only just spotted it on the download list. The earliest comment is dated September 21st, 2011 and I’ve been monitoring this site since prior to that.

    1. Yes, i added this one as a part of “fill the titles that are still missing” campaign. Those are not shown on front page.

      1. Thanks for the explanation.

        At some point when you get a decent quantity of these titles added, say 10+, could you add a post to the front page just listing the titles? I monitor the front page to determine when you add something new, so titles like this one would likely go unnoticed.

          1. I don’t have a twitter account or know how to use it, and I don’t have the slightest clue how to use an RSS feed, so that suggestion is kinda useless to me. ;-p

            I’m not asking you to explain how to do either, I could easily find out if I wasn’t a lazy bum, but I bet there are those who have the same problem. Hence my original suggestion of, once you get a goodly amount of these titles uploaded (the 10+ from earlier was semi-arbitrary, feel free to pick your own number), make a single post just listing the titles, no graphics or summaries. You don’t even have to make them into hyper links, we can go to the download page and find them ourselves.

            Last I’ll say on the subject, I won’t pester you again about it.

  5. Anyone play these games…tampered with by Jast at all. By the way that’s a question, just my key is broken XD

    1. That hosts have somehow strict copyright rules. Having to reupload 0,5TB of data and update 1700 links everytime i get account deleted sucks.
      This issue has been discussed few times already.

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