Prison Battleship

Prison Battleship

The next target of the captain of the battleship Jasant, Major. Donny Bohgan, is beautiful army officers Lieri Bishop and Naomi Evance who have an inordinate level of popularity among people, and also, are Donny’s hateful enemies he got hurt by.

Brainwash the two female officers in the space battleship and give them a hard time to change them into someone else.

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  1. Bobvader says:

    Is this game a sequel ?

  2. Galleon says:

    Anybody have the walkthrough for PB2 (Kangoku Senkan 2) can’t seem to find one online thanks

  3. kep says:

    Part 3 of the dowload doesnt seem to be working(says webpage not available after i clicl download). Is it just me or is there some problemo?

  4. Hoops says:

    For some reason I can get everything to launch and work fine, but after a minute or so this game always crashes.
    Any fixes for this or am I just doing something wrong??

    Any help would be appreciated.


  5. JAW says:

    oh goodness the animated series for this was fantastic

  6. Tim says:

    Anyone know where you can Download Prison Battle ship 2 game and that’s working?


  7. Jack says:

    Keeps sayin’ error message about data.xp3

  8. Rob says:

    Game doesnt want to save. how can i fix this?

  9. Morowyn says:

    OP has something for everyone’s tastes…

    I was interested in Prison Battleship, but I actually did not like it. But it caters to you if you are in the following:

    -High sexual content
    -No romance
    -Gang rape
    -Copious amounts of oral
    -Female… deification
    -Everybody is covered in fluids xD
    -Unrealistic situations and sexual content

    Yes, I did not like it, but I will give the game a few props. The graphics were well-done. It had a bit of a story-line. The setting was a futuristic environment that was captivating. Buuuuuut that wasn’t the important part. 🙂

  10. Nobody of importance says:

    I am just curious as to whether or not anyone has played Prison Battleship 2. The group that was doing the translation disbanded. It was the same group that translated this game. There translation is about 5% or the epilogue. I have the game, the partial patch and the completed game save file. I did not know if admin would want to include it on the partially translated games or not. Seeing that it is no longer being translated, I would bet no; however I usually lose bets I make

  11. Bill says:

    I’m new at this,
    can someone tell me how to run this game?
    when i run the .exe file the error message comes out (error msg is in jap so i have no idea what it says)

    • Anon4538 says:

      I haven’t downloaded it yet so i’m not sure; but in my experience, i guess you’d have to open the .exe file with Applocale or change the system to japanese locale.

  12. nero says:

    Is there a way to uncensor this? :/

  13. anonymous says:

    already in english?

  14. PaperHoodie says:

    is this in english?

  15. al13326 says:

    I just want to know if it’s uncensored or not?

  16. eith.for.hentai says:

    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a loooooooot Aaaadmiiiiiiiiiin

    DAMN!! Your the man!

    Your the king of eroge!!!

  17. tomtom says:

    euhm, any other recomendation if liking this? i tried conquer queen , and sure THIS ONE IS ALOT BETTER

  18. TimeDiver says:

    Admin do you know any lilith games that already english translated besides
    prison battle ship
    Anti demon ninjas- why dosent appear in this site ?
    Shion the cruel magical angel.


  19. anon says:

    I cant get this to install, do i need daemon tools for it?

  20. dog in real life says:

    i watched the OVA, nice:)

  21. Avenger says:

    I have one word for this game: Lilith.

  22. Dude says:

    it wouldnt up pack all the way idk whats wrong

  23. Traze says:


  24. Hidden Character says:

    hey where can i get PB2 in english patch?

    • Granten says:

      There isn’t one. The group that did this either crossed the line by asking for donations or got careless and shut down by a bot depending on who you ask (I have no idea). In any case they have largely disappeared and if they’re still active it’s very secret.

      • antonaqua says:

        you can, Sanity Ends! has made a patch for PB2, you only need to download the japanese version and insert the patch.

  25. croPath says:

    WARNING this game is 100% unlocked so if youre in it for collections & then dont waste youre time

    • The Krypt Angel says:

      if yer that hung up on collecting everything on yer own simply delete the contents of the saved data folder and wipe the slate clean

  26. croPath says:

    @sam just go to gamefaqs they have atleast one in 90% of cases

  27. Greg says:


  28. Sam says:

    Thanks! Any chance for a walkthrough on this one?

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