Amanatsu – Perfect Edition

Amanatsu - Perfect Edition

Haruto leaves the big city for a coastal town surrounded by blue sea and deep-green mountains. Hailing from the rat race of urban society, he half-expects another uphill challenge in a new battlefield.

…But nothing could be further from the truth.

Right from day one, he is befriended by new classmates and quickly learns to sit back and enjoy life―all while getting to know three very different girls who inspire in him another kind of sea change.

There’s Kazuha, the taciturn daughter of the family that takes him in, who’s lowkey the perfect host…

Kogane, the always sunny, high-energy first-year he meets through a sudden and dramatic encounter…

And Yashiro, a shrine-maiden third-year with a silly streak, who’s like nothing out of this world…

Here Haruto’s friendships and romance will interweave as a unique student love story unfolds. Over one dazzling summer, one girl’s affections will bloom from nascent butterflies into deepest love.

6 comments on “Amanatsu – Perfect Edition

  1. Welcome back admin~!
    Still waiting for these vns here:

    Animal Trail Girlish Square 1 & 2
    Destiny Star Girlfriend
    Secrat Agent

  2. I honestly don’t mind my man taking a while between the uploads
    I would assume it was a bit much to post so many games so quickly

    however welcome back though!

  3. Admin-Saaaaaannn~! Stop leaving usssss~!

    Welcome back, and keep up the good work for the selection of games! I come here for my fix and you always deliver the goods.

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